Free Advice on Easy Blending: The Complete Review to Vitamix S50

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Did you know?

Blenders were invented in 1992.

We know what you’re thinking:

“Damn, life must have been hard before that.”

We had the exact thought! Yet, many blenders today don’t really amp up the textures, do they?

Then you surely haven’t come across the right one!

Let’s talk about the Vitamix S50 Professional-grade Personal Blender today that’ll change your mind. From smoothies to batters, this one has perfected the consistency of all mixtures!

Want to if it’s worth all the hype we’re creating?

Read through!

Vitamix S50 Personal Blender: At A Glance

The Vitamix S50 is a small-sized blender that’s as powerful as the deluxe-sized ones. It uses its superior power and variable settings to give you a smooth consistency in whatever you blend! Built in Cleveland, Ohio, every single Vitamix product is made with ultimate care and guaranteed to last.

What are Its Features?

  • A mighty motor of 790-watt.
  • Laser-cut stainless steel blades that work more on speed rather than sharpness.
  • Two containers of 40 oz & 20 oz, made with BPA-free plastic.
  • One blade base for both containers.
  • Ten variable speed settings for different textures.
  • 2 pre-programmed settings for your ease.
  • A tamper for easy chopping.
  • Auto shut-off.

Automated Settings:

vitamix s series

Vitamix S50 High-Performance Personal Blender comes with 10-speed settings to choose from. Twist the dial to the preferred speed and let the blender do its magic on your fresh goodies!

Not sure what speed rating your smoothies require?

Turn to the 2 pre-programmed settings of Smoothies & Power Blend. The latter is ideal for not over-blending your leafy greens, giving you a nutritious green smoothie! While the Smoothies option is for…you guessed it:


From frozen fruits to freshly cut fruits, it’ll mix all the ingredients with the utmost care, pouring you a glass of smooth and healthy drink!

Blending power:

You might have looked at other blenders with 1500W or 1200W motors, but this 790W powerhouse is no less than those! Even with a low power rating, the Vitamix Professional Blender evenly churns all kinds of ingredients.

Made of stainless steel, the blades aren’t meant to cut your hand. They’re not that sharp and rely on the awesome power of the motor for the blending!

Two containers with different capacity:

vitamix s50 personal blender

Vitamix gives you the option of serving a large portion of smoothie or just a cup all to yourself. The 40-ounce carafe is great for some hot soups or sauces, & frozen desserts for the entire fam! While the 20 oz. cup acts as a travel cup and can also be used for dressings, beverages, & any other small food preps.

The cups are made from plastic, yet they won’t harm you cause they’re BPA-free. Safe to say, they’re not only handy but also healthy.

Tamper Tool:

Tamper Tools

One of the main tools any blender needs is a tamper tool. You know how those stubborn ingredients will not go down till the blade? You can’t possibly put your hands in during blending, can you?

For those moments, the tamper comes into play to give them a little push from a safe distance. With this, the goods inside the blender are properly mixed within a faster time.


  • Unlike many blenders, this one allows you to make food mixtures just for yourself.
  • It can blend frozen fruits.
  • Lets you do your own work, thanks to the scheduled settings.
  • Tamper tool relieves you of much prep.
  • You can refrigerate leftover smoothie in the 20-ounce container.
  • One blade base can be used for both containers.
  • Perfect size for storing under countertops.
  • Easy cleanup.


  • Vibration: The powerful motor makes the unit vibrate and it sometimes moves from its position. Like with all blenders, it’s advisable to hold it down while in high settings.
  • Gasket needs to be adjusted: The blade base might be the same but the gasket needs a little adjustment for the different sized containers. If not, it’s likely to leak from the top.

Once you get used to shifting the rubber, this won’t be a drawback anymore!

Overall, the minor flaws Vitamix S50 Professional-Grade Blender has are easily overlooked when you realize what an efficient performer it is! Its blades blend just about anything, giving you the smooth texture you’ve been dying to have at home.

Additionally, the tamper tool and the powerful 790W motor leaves you with minimum prep work for the raw goods.

Don’t wait up! Grab yours today!

Vitamix S50 Review: What are Its Benefits?

Now that you know the features and their uses, what exactly are the advantages to it? Why should you get it? Let’s find out!

Insulated Cups:

Remember the 40 oz and 20 oz jugs that come with the Vitamix S50 Personal Blender? Not only are they great for the various amounts of mixtures, but they have another specialty to them.

You get out in the morning with a fresh cup of smoothie and it turns warm by the time you sip on it. A total turn off!  To save you from that misery, these two cups have double-insulated walls to keep your cool drinks at the same temperature.

Besides, this feature is also great for when you make hot soups and would rather have them later than instantly. The carafes never let the concoction inside lose its freshness! Moreover, the 40 oz. pitcher has a vent on top, making it ideal for hot liquids.

To add to its benefits, the smaller cup has a flip top that you can open and easily sip from. No more spilling your drinks on a bumpy car ride!

Auto Shutoff:

Who here has the time to constantly check up on their blender while it’s in use? We’re busy people with a lot of work and that’s when the risk of over blending comes into play. Not to mention, the watery taste of extra blended smoothies is not something we dig.

Thankfully, the Vitamix S50 high-performance personal blender has an auto-shutoff feature. Switch on the pre-programmed settings, go do your work, & it’ll shut off on its own once it’s done. Such a good boy isn’t it?!

This not only saves your mixtures from getting a bad texture but also conserves electricity and energy!

Little Prep Time:

The tamper tool that we talked about is obviously great for speeding up the blending. It also works well to slice up the ingredients.

Then there’s also the PULSE button that frees up some of your time too. It’s great for manual blending and quickly chops up the raw produces inside.

With the Vitamix S50, all you really have to do is wash your fresh goods. Other than that, a little cut in the middle for the big fruits and no cut on the small-sized fruits is all it takes for them to blend.

Interlocking Safety System: 

Worried if the lid is securely placed? What if it spills?

To end our constant worrying about affixing the lid before blending, Vitamix S50 Professional Blender comes with an interlocking safety system. This refrains the motor from getting geared until you mount the entire unit in the proper way.

Also, in case the container is moved from the unit, this system automatically stops the motor.

Pretty smart, right?


All everyone talks about is how the S50 Vitamix makes smoothies, frozen desserts, & hot soups. We didn’t wanna stop at that. We went out-of-the-box and mixed up more ingredients in it!

Two of our favorites were the steak sauce and salad dressing. The consistency was spectacular and it definitely made us reach out for more!

Other than that, it efficiently whipped up butter, puree, pancake batter, and even dips. It also does the hectic work of chopping vegetables and herbs in an instant!

There’s really no challenge that the S50 S-series Professional Blender by Vitamix turned its face from.

Good Looker- A Bonus:

At first glance, this beautiful blender will remind you of a striking ruby sitting in the shop. With the dimensions of 5.90 x 7.25 x 16.50 inches, it’s small in size and fits in anywhere.

Even the dial is in a shape of a water drop, making it look spectacular and not old-fashioned like some of the other blenders. Besides, if the red color doesn’t match with your kitchen aesthetics, there’s the black beauty to sweep you off your feet!

Not What You’re Looking for?

We understand. Not all blenders are for everyone. Don’t worry cause there’s one more for you, that might tingle your fancy!

If you’re not comfortable with the moving around of your blender, check out the Ninja Mega Kitchen System 1500W. This sturdy blender has a lever lock system that securely places the foot on the counter, holding it while it blends. With the base pacifiers, you can sit back knowing this baby isn’t going anywhere!

It might not be as good looking as the Vitamix S-series blender, but it’s nothing less in terms of performance. The versatility, easy assemblage, & power is what makes its users fall in love with it!

Before You Leave

To sum up our Vitamix S50 review:

This blender is one hell of a charmer with the perfect combination of versatility, durability, & convenience. It’s very easy to store, given its small size, but if you keep it on top of the countertop, it adds up as an amazing accessory for the kitchen.

The smart blades on this aren’t sharp, but rather rely on the speed and power of the motor. It’s “smart” because there’s no chance of the blades becoming dull, giving you all the more time with it!

Have any queries about this beauty?

Perhaps we missed out on your favorite trait?

Let us know in the comments!

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