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One thing Vitamix blenders are well known for is their durability. Another thing they proudly boast is how long they have been in business.

Have a look at their promotional video. It will take you to the 1940s where you’ll find Papa Barnard explaining to you what blending machines are meant to do.

Yes! This is how ancient Vitamix is and if you didn’t realize this before today, join the club.

Even though the brand has been around forever it is now stronger than it ever has been with several lineages of blenders designed for a variety of customer base.

Now here comes the problem. With countless choices come countless confusions.

How do you know which Vitamix is for YOU?

Should you go for one of the members of the latest Ascent Series to match your modern kitchen? Or Should you opt for one of the celebrated Classic ones?

If a durable machine is what your heart desires, one of the best that awaits you is Vitamix G series 7500.

It is neither an old Vitamix nor a new one. It stands somewhere in the middle with a unique blend of just the right proportion of latest-ness and old school resilience.

Let us give you a crystal clear idea of what you are looking at here, with this Vitamix 7500 review.

So, here goes everything.

Product Features:

  • Ergonomic design
  • Sleek appearance
  • Professional Grade
  • 2.2 Horse Power motor
  • Aircraft-grade, laser-cut stainless steel blades
  • Variable speed controls
  • Pulse feature
  • 64 Oz clear container with prominent markings
  • Easy to operate toggle switches
  • Built-in noise dampening
  • Thermal protection feature
  • 7 years warranty

Thumbs Up Points:

  • Powerful
  • Works with both wet and dry type blades
  • Versatile Multitasker
  • Easy to operate
  • 10 Variable speed options
  • Relatively quiet for a blender
  • Easy to clean
  • Vitamix 7500 low profile yet spacious jug fits into any cabinet and adorns any countertop
  • Durable with a long warranty
  • Great value for money

Thumbs Down Points

  • Pricey
  • Does not come with programmable features


Ease of Use 5/5

Durability     4.8/5

Power          4.9/5

Noise           4.5/5

Versatility     4.7/5

Final Score 4.8/5

Unwrapping the Box of Vitamix 7500 Professional

Inside the package of Vitamix 7500 you’ll get:

  • A 2.2 HP worth Vitamix blender motor in a sturdy base unit.
  • A low profile jug made of BPA free materials.
  • A tamper for processing thick ingredients.
  • A professional recipe book.
  • 7 years warranty.
  • A getting started DVD.

7500: Classic is the Word

Classic is the one word that describes the 7500 model by Vitamix overall. It is one of the older machines by the manufacturer that is still available in the market. This is an advantage.

Firstly, instead of hard plastic, it has stainless steel parts around the dial and the casing. This is a prime reason why the older Vitamix machines are known to be more durable.

Furthermore, this model is intelligently designed with noise reduction in mind. Many newer models by the same manufacturer lack this.

To top it all, with an old-school guise, the unit will please your eyes Vitamix 7500 black stands out in our kitchen.

Why is it Highly Recommended

During our journey with the Vitamix 7500 blender, we tried to note down every detail that we liked about this device. The list goes like this:

Power and Performance:

vitamix 7500 blender

The motor is the most powerful by Vitamix. Imagine something mightier than the combined power of two horses, sitting on your countertop and saying, “Bring it on!”

The “bring it on” dialogue is the work of our imagination. The rest is not.

A 2.2 Horse Power motor is the most powerful you will get in a Vitamix to date.

There is a saying, “with great power comes great responsibility”. The 7500 abides by this rule. It blends almost everything.

Tough ingredients like nuts and seeds are crushed with ease by the aircraft-grade stainless steel blades.

Therefore, it goes without saying that preparing juices, soups, and salsas is as easy as it can get.  

There isn’t any pre-set program feature. With 7500, you will have to work manually. But that will not come in the way between you and your recipe.

Multiple variable speed controls and a pulse feature allow you to reach just the amount of consistency that you desire.

Variable Speed Control:

costco vitamix 7500

There are 10 plus speed options so that you can whirl your ingredients with precision.

The variable speed control also allows you to change the speed mid-blend. This particularly comes in handy when you are using a cocktail of ingredients, each with a different texture.

Use low-speed settings for chopping up ingredients and high speed for soups and smoothies.

Once your soups and smoothies are homogeneously blended at high speed, you can use the low-speed setting for the final fine-tuning, for instance removing the froth from smoothies and adding texture to soups.

Convenient Pulse Control:

Pulsing the ingredients is important for both the experienced chef and the amateur alike. It gives you control over the final texture of the blend.

We found this especially useful while grinding nuts. Pulsing nuts allowed us to pulverize them just right without turning them into a paste.

Built-in Noise and Vibration Dampening:

The 7500 model of Vitamix was built with the aim of reducing the noise its predecessors are infamous for. That is why this device is said to be 40% quieter than the past models.

It is remarkable how quiet it is for a 2.2 HP model.

One reviewer recorded a noise level of 41 dB during regular chores. You can compare it with the lowest level of urban ambient noise or a library if that helps you imagine it clearly.  

The noise level increases to 98 dB when it deals with hard ingredients such as ice or nuts. This is similar to the noise of a power mower.

Spacious Yet Low Profile:

vitamix 7500 blender super package

The container of Vitamix 7500 Professional is shorter and stouter than some other models including its predecessor, the Vitamix 5200. 

Hence, you will be able to slide it easily inside your kitchen cupboard or simply leave it on the countertop as we do.

The jug is both wide-bottomed and wide-topped. It is see-through with clear and prominent measurement marks. The handle is a soft grip.

It is made of co-polyester material that is completely BPA free. As opposed to glass it does not pose the hazard of breakage.

Don’t think it is not spacious enough. It can work on medium to large batches at a time and has a maximum capacity of 2000 ml.

Easy to Clean:

vitamix g series 7500

The container of Vitamix 7500 is not dishwasher safe. But who needs a dishwasher for a self-cleaning device?

One of the features of Vitamix 7500 that users unanimously praise is how easily it can be cleaned.

Just add a drop of liquid dish soap and some warm water. Run the blender for 30 seconds or so. Your blender is clean.

Versatile and Durable:

Is there anything Vitamix 7500 Professional cannot do?

The answer is NO.

From easy tasks such as smoothies and soups to tough ones such as frosted icing, crushed ice, nuts, and seeds it can handle everything.

The container that comes with the blender is a ‘wet-container’. But to be honest, you can grind dry ingredients with this same container without any issue.

Even then, adding an additional ‘dry’ container unlocks a new level of mixing and grinding for you. Make flours, grind coffee beans, everything is fun!

However, bear in mind that the process is strictly manual.

If you are new to the culinary arts, don’t let this discourage you. The simpler, the better, remember?

With easy toggle switches, speed control, and pulse options, your ingredients are in fine hands (or blades in the literal sense).

Regarding durability, all Vitamix products have a good reputation. The classic ones including the 7500 reign supreme in this aspect.

One way, the builders ensure the longevity of this device is by adding a thermal protection feature. This will turn the device off if it gets too hot.

Another reason why the classic models last long is the use of stainless steel parts which we have mentioned earlier.

However, no matter how sturdily it has been built, an electronic appliance always carries a risk of malfunction. Vitamix 7500 has you covered with a 7 years warranty.

Vitamix 7500: Things that You May Not Like

There are two things about Vitamix 7500 in particular that one might find disagreeable: the price and the lack of state of the art features.

Apparently, the price of this blender looks high, but many users and reviewers, including us, have come to the conclusion that with the power, performance, and a long duration of service, the device is worth every penny.

Coming to the second point, if you are a tech freak you will find the lack of programmable features annoying. You can check out the A2300 from the Ascent series. It is programmable. It is cheaper than the 7500, comes with a dishwasher safe container, and boasts a 10-year warranty.

Where to Buy Vitamix 7500

You can always buy a Vitamix from its website, but the price there remains constant. Amazon offers new and unbeatable deals on a regular basis, and that is why we clicked our way to our new and shiny Vitamix 7500.

We bought only the basic package but later pondered whether we should have gone for Vitamix 7500 Blender Super Package.

The Vitamix 7500 Blender Super Package with 2- 20oz to-go cups is a combo that is totally worth it. You won’t need to buy an extra dry container as this combo already contains one.

If you are an Amazon Prime member, chances are, you will get Vitamix 7500 best price deals irrespective of which package you want to go for.

Vitamix 7500 Costco prices are good but there is a chance you will land up with a custom-built mashup model. If your Costco Vitamix 7500 is a custom-built one, with different parts coming from different Vitamix lines, your device may be louder than expected.

Getting a Reconditioned Vitamix 7500

If you are short on budget then probably the best deal is to go for a certified reconditioned Vitamix 7500 for sale.

Vitamix 7500 refurbished machines are good as new and go through all quality checks before they are labeled “certified” in the Vitamix plant. You’ll cut down the price by 20-40% straight.

The Final Whirl

We hope this Vitamix 7500 review has given you a pretty clear idea of what to expect from a Vitamix 7500 and where to get one. Now that you have stuck till the tailpiece, it certainly seems that the 7500 has captured your attention.

Now that your kitchen may own one soon, let us end by suggesting a teeny-tiny, but an incredibly handy thing that is guaranteed to optimize your Vitamix experience.

The Vitamix Blade Scraper: The blade scraper designed for all Vitamix containers will reach all hard-to-reach areas including the undersurface of blades and scrape the last drop of your recipe.

Don’t like wastage?

You don’t have to!


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