Vitamix 6300 Review: Why You Should Forget Store Smoothies

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Are you someone who always wants to try out new smoothie flavors? Or perhaps you’re just in the mood to spoil yourself with some soup and frozen desserts?  

The first step to perfecting all of the above is having the ideal blender at home! Today, we talk about one such Blender that pumps up your smoothies with the ultimate blend: The Vitamix 6300.

If you’re in the market looking for a blender that doesn’t disappoint, check out our Vitamix 6300 reviews to know if this is the one for you.

Let’s get started!

Vitamix Blender 6300- An Overview

Coming from the awesome series of Vitamix blenders, the 6300 is a premium pick for anyone who wants a long-term investment. It easily makes smoothies, desserts, and soups, as smooth as silk. Users go head over heels with this because of its variable settings, easy cleanup, and powerful blades!

Product Specs:

Dimensions 17 x 13 x 13 inches
Weight 11 pounds
Motor power 1470 watts
Capacity of jar 64 ounces
Blade Thick hammer stainless steel blades
Color Silver, white, red, black
Vitamix warranty claim 7 years

What All Vitamix Reviews Say about It

  • Durability: It’s made of the finest materials to make it look and feel strong. Don’t drop it right away to test but we believe that it’ll last through its first fall without a scratch!
  • Effectiveness: With three separate Vitamix settings, you’ll get the perfect blend for your preferred mix. Its final outcome will have you reaching for healthier alternatives all the time!
  • Easy Cleanup: We discuss more on cleaning the machine later. For now, know that it doesn’t require manual assistance and only needs water and soap!
  • Recipe book: You can always stir up your own recipes of desserts and smoothies. Nevertheless, if you run out of ideas, reach out for the cookbook to get inspiration!

The Pros:

  • Smooth drinks: Blends up ideally smooth drinks every time, without caring for what you put in.  
  • Less products needed: Uses fewer products for juicing than most blenders or juicers.
  • No preparation: Requires zero prep!
  • Pre-programmed settings:  For all you busy bees, this is a real time saver! Just press on the settings and move on with your work.
  • Tamper tool: There are not many Vitamin 6300 accessories to look for if one does all the work! This tool contributes to the “zero prep” feature by slicing the products inside.
  • Sturdy build: It won’t break down on you and could go on for hours!
  • High power: Whatever you throw in it, the turbulent power of the Vitamix C Series 6300 will smash.
  • Effortless cleanup: Don’t be afraid of cleaning appliances anymore because this one requires no work!
  • Cookbook: Find some interesting and unique recipes to try out.

The Cons:

  • Noisy: Like all machines, this too makes its presence felt. Although, with the amount of power it uses, we wouldn’t complain about the sound since it gets the work done.
  • Big for storing: With a height of 17 inches, the Vitamix Model 6300 is not something you’d wanna store under your counter. It gets difficult to tug it out. However, with a blender that looks as elite as that, why would you need to hide it?
  • Ingredients heat up: Many users complained that the Vitamix 6300 Container heats up whatever it blends and we believe that’s not ideal for what it stands for. The problem begins with its powerfulness that can warm up the inside. To avoid this, always use ice with your smoothies to keep the drink cool!

Overall, we wouldn’t suggest turning away from this expensive piece because of the minor drawbacks. Its over-the-top performance is more than enough to make up for them and definitely makes it worth your money.

Don’t wander around the juice bar thinking what to get. Create your own drink with your very own favorite ingredients with the Vitamix Professional Series 6300!

Note: If you’re getting a Vitamix 6300 refurbished, you’ll get a reconditioned motor. It works pretty well but you’ll be disappointed if you expect the same performance as a new motor!

What We Absolutely Love about Vitamix 6300

There are features of the Vitamix that stand out from the rest of the crowd. Check out what they are below!

All The Settings:

Vitamix 6300

We’ll not stop praising the three pre-settings! Although, let’s get into the deets now.

To start off, it has the option of choosing from smoothies, frozen desserts, or hot soups. Turn the dial towards your desired taste and the two of you can go separate ways doing your own work!

To top that all off, comes the ten-speed settings. Whether you want your fruits to be squashed to the T or want small pulps in your smoothie, these will get it done for you. Besides, the pulse setting on the side lets you mash the products manually.

Thick but Not Sharp Blades:

Vitamix uses thick hammer stainless steel blades for the ultimate result. The awesome part is that they don’t operate on the basis of how sharp the blades are, but rather on the speed and power of the machine.

Why, you ask?

If you own a razor, you’ll notice how quickly it dulls up! In the same way, sharp-edged blades in a blender will eventually become blunt, becoming practically useless.

Building blades as smooth as a butter knife seems pretty smart now doesn’t it? It’ll never lose its integrity, giving you superior output every single time!

Save Time & Money:

Remember the Tamper tool we talked about? What does that do?

It gives you the benefit of lazing out on the pre-blending preps. Simply put whole raw produce into the blender, insert the Vitamix Tamper through the hole on top, and push to slice those up into tiny pieces.

The best part is, you get only the fresh taste of fruits because Vitamix 6300 doesn’t even need water. It’s like Hulk smashing’ down every last bit of life from the fruits to get all the juice out! Also, it takes only about a minute to make your smoothie, saving you heaps of time in the morning.

Coming to the save money part:

Due to the ability to mash the fruits to the last bit, you’ll require less raw goods as compared to manual juicing. Ergo, your visits to the grocery store will be lessened!

Note: Vitamix 6300 blender isn’t smart enough to wash your raw produce, so you gotta do that yourself.

Safe & Sound Cleanup:

We wouldn’t recommend sticking your hands in the blades to get the cleaning done. While most blenders need that, the Vitamix 6300 container along with everything inside follows a shielded method:

  1. Pour two cups of water inside the jug.
  2. Add in one drop of liquid dish soap.
  3. Move the dial to the highest speed (10).
  4. Watch the Vitamix C 6300 bathe itself.

Pro tip:  If you choose to air dry the Vitamix jug, it starts to get murky after a few months. To avoid this, rub it dry with a cloth.

Serves a Variety of Recipes:

They say it’s only for smoothies, frozen desserts, and soups, but with the right setting adjustment, you can do more than that! We’ve tried out nut milks and dressings in it as well and they turned out just as delicious.

Throw in some bananas and berries to serve yourself some delicious and healthy drinks. Additionally, you can put in the necessities of a mouthwatering soup and let the Vitamix 6300 C Series Blender do its magic.

Varieties in the World of Blenders

If the cons of the Vitamix 6300 are not something that appeals to you, check out the Ninja Nutripro Compact Blender. It’s small in size, easy to store, and doesn’t heat up the ingredients. Lingering on the last pointer, it’s not as powerful as the Vitamix but has all the other aspects that you can expect from a kitchen blender.

Its blades are sharp enough to crush all the seeds in any fruit, meaning you don’t have to take the seeds out beforehand. Cut the fruits up and cram them into the blender to get smooth drinks within seconds! The best part is that you only need a small storage space for this compact Ninja Personal Blender.

Last Few Words:

Don’t be thrown off by the price tag that attaches itself to the Vitamix 6300 Professional Blender because it’s worth every single penny you spend. The amazing features and the versatility of it makes it one of the best blenders in the market!

If you have any thoughts that you picked up from our Vitamix 6300 review, be sure to leave us a comment below!

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