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When we are ill, we look for a doctor. When we need food, we visit the supermarket. When it comes to modern living, we need a sophisticated knowledge platform. Name it- food supplies, health drinks, quality coffee selection, kitchenware, cool appliances – we cover it all!

Backed by intense analysis of existing products and services, we present to you reviews and how-tos of modern life requirements that you can access easily anytime, anywhere. We do the hard work, so you can sit back, and scroll through a page that answers all your lifestyle questions. In fact, most of your queries will be answered in the form of extensive research which will take you less than five minutes to go through!

So, no more hours of straining self-research. Let us carry the burden for you. You just sit back and browse through our extensive list of life improvement articles on Boat Basic Café!

Our Writers

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Sumaita Islam
Health and Fitness Freak

I won’t lie. I’m one of those people who spend hours looking for the perfect, healthy diet to maintain the utmost fitness.

Don’t get me wrong though. I do have cheat days. In fact, lots of them!

But hey, why not use my passion to spread more awareness about a healthy lifestyle?

Undergraduate Degree
Human Resource Management

Honestly, I’m not much of a dreamer. I like to be grounded in reality, and be content with it. 🙂 

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Dr. Adhara
Kitchen Appliances Enthusiast

I just can’t seem to get enough of new kitchen-wares that come out from now and then.

Since I’m not one of those people who like to cook from scratch, I find it impossible to cook fast without much needed kitchen help!

Undergraduate Degree
Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery

I always felt I could express myself better through writing.

My comfort zone lies in non-fiction and information articles. I love writing about what I learned in medical school in an easier, more palatable style. I am also vocal about world politics, social science, human behavior, and psychology.

Getting a Ph.D. on Infectious Diseases
I dream of getting a Ph.D. on Infectious Diseases one day. I have been passionate about this for the last couple of years and now it looks like the world needs more people working in this field.

If I ever succeed to become an Infection Expert, I plan on teaching at a university. Also, I plan on creating easily understandable content on Infections to create mass awareness.

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Food & Drink
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Food & Drink
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