Here are letters from recent satisfied Boat Basin Cafe clients.


Hi Michael,

Our event on Friday evening was a great success due largely to your incredibly delicious food and service. The staff was ready to accommodate our guests’ wishes and everyone was made to feel welcomed.

Throughout the evening guests came up to me and raved about the food. I received many compliments on the salads and the butternut squash compote with olives. The Rosy Sangria was also very popular. The buffet was beautiful and all the staff was excellent.

Thank you for a beautiful evening we look forward to have events at the Boat Basin Café again.


Jesse Y. Ramos
Chief Operation Officer
O: 212-870-3075
C: 646-239-0035

Riverside Park Conservancy
475 Riverside Drive, Suite 455
New York, NY 10115









We are finally back in VA and I wanted to tell you how VERY much we appreciated all that was done for us this past weekend to make Abby and Leslie’s wedding a wonderful experience.

Please tell Chef Michael that we heard again and again from our guests how wonderful the food was! He did such a delicious assortment of food choices and the gelato was such a hit! Your staff was cheerful and accommodating throughout the entire night.

But you, John, were remarkable! You had such a pleasant attitude and were SO flexible! Even in the midst of our disaster you kept trying to help us salvage the experience. You moved continuously with energy for the entire time we were preparing at the Boat Basin Cafe. The venue was beautiful, the food great and all of your staff was wonderful!

I would love to post a review of the Boat Basin Cafe on a site but wondered if there was a particular site you would like me to use. I know Chef Michael is hoping to book more weddings in the future and I would love to post about our wonderful experience.

Hope you have been able to catch up on much needed rest!

Becky and Eden Jackson
(Abby’s parents)


Dear Chef Michael, John, Koren, and Boat Basin Cafe Team—

Thank you all so much for the extraordinary service, care and heart you put into our wedding celebration on Saturday night.

We don’t know where to even begin heaping on the praise. Michael’s menu, Frank’s 7 Layer Cake hookup and grill expertise, John’s masterful management, Jake’s kickass bartending, Kristen’s amazing attention to detail…the entire staff going above our expectations and past our wildest dreams. Even when a guest took a tumble, you guys handled it with grace, humor and empathy.

It’s hard to think of a more important event in the lives of a couple and there is literally not one thing that we can think of that could have made the evening any better than it was, and that was thanks to you. You truly created a party for the ages. As we grow old together and look back at our party pictures, we will remember all that you did to make it the best night of our lives and we will forever be grateful.

Cheers to you, Steve Rosen and Jamie Wood.

PS. Sorry to ask, but did anyone find a woolen jacket (or anything else we might have left)? If so let me know and i can come by to pick up when it’s convenient for you. Also…if you happen to have the name of the place that made the 7 layer cakes would you please pass along the info. It was even better than we remembered.