Best Grill Tongs: These 14 are the Only Constants in the Chaotic World of BBQ

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The world of BBQ is chaotic.

Everything from the choice of meat and seasonings to the technique of heating and smoking varies across countries, cultures, and chefs.

The word itself is far from uncomplicated. Is it a cooking method? A grilling device? A style of food? Or the gathering where this style of food is served?

No one knows for sure.

Yet, it remains one of the most exciting parts of the culinary arts.

Grilling up a simmering and savory T-bone steak is worth a million bucks, only if grilling goes smooth. For that, you need a guide to peaceful grilling and the best accessories to facilitate your smooth journey.

Speaking of accessories, grilling tongs are a pivotal appendage when it comes to barbeques. Having a troublesome one can simply ruin your party.

So, in order to avoid the chaos and feel the peace and joy inside, DO NOT SETTLE FOR ANY GRILL TONG. The best grill tongs up for sale in 2020 awaits here with all their upsides and downsides.

Skim through and take your pick.

How to Find the Best Grill Tongs?

In a saturated market of kitchen appliances, quality is difficult to filter from endless quantities.

Since tongs aren’t only meant for your grilling weekends, rather they are your basic kitchen necessities, spending your money on a flimsy thing doesn’t sound too great.

These are like your heat-proof pair of hands, therefore, they must be versatile enough to act like one.

When venturing into the jungle for the best grilling tongs, you must be prepared. A little research that lets you land into a useful review article ( looks like you are on the right path ), is the first step.

Getting to understand the details comes next. Factor in the size of the tong, the design and the materials used to make the tips and the grip. We’ll talk about these intricate details in the buying guides.

Next, you have got to choose between the mechanisms of tongs. Some prefer the scissor style while others find the simple spring-loaded tongs more comfortable.

Last but not the least, look for the manufacturer’s reputation. Doesn’t matter if it’s a basic kitchen tool, for optimum performance, reputation matters!

Letting a 360 degree review to highlight the pros and cons of the top best units currently available and following along with the expert tips provided by a handy buying guide, is probably the easiest way to get to the best kitchen tongs.

Top 14 Best Grill Tongs Reviews

01. Grilling Tongs Heavy Duty 16 Inch by Grille Perfect – Overall Best

Grille Perfect thinks that their 16 inches grilling tongs is the perfect gear that can protect your grilling experience from a downward spiral.

From the user reviews on Amazon, it is quite clear that the consumers also feel this way. Praises are being thrown at this pair of tongs for being “terrific” and “good value for money.”

What do we think?

Well, we examined the elementals and observed this:

The handle is a silicone construct, meaning that it efficiently prevents heat from reaching your palms. This also gives you a non-slip and firm hold, no matter how greasy the hand-handle interface becomes.

The grippers on the other hand are made of heavy-duty stainless steel. When we say “heavy-duty” we mean it to the last “y”. So, you can safely expect this to be around for a long time.

The design of the grippers strikes a perfect balance between sturdy and delicate. This 12 oz unit is tough enough to lift large cuts of meat like a pro. Conversely, it is meticulous enough to handle the delicate fabric of seafood.

The scalloped edges provide a solid grip to your meat and burgers without tearing them apart. There is a close to nada chance that your meat slice will fall off from the strong grip of Grille Perfect grilling tongs.

These tongs provide a functional length of 16 inches. Ergo, your hands will be nowhere close to the scorching heat of your grilling surface be it your favorite Weber grill or the flat tops.

The tongs have a reliable and comfortable feel. There is a locking mechanism in place that molds it into a compact shape when not in use. It also has a hanging ring for easy storage and accessibility.  


  • Comfortable hold
  • Functional grippers
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Handles both heavy and delicate food with equal expertise
  • Possesses a hanging ring and locking mechanism
  • Great for amateurs and pros alike
  • Comes with a free Ebook containing tips and tricks of proficient grilling


  • Not aesthetically top-notch

Verdict on Grilling Tongs Heavy Duty 16 Inch by Grille Perfect:

The best thing about this grilling gear is the price point. You get strength, reliability, and ergonomic design, all at a very affordable price.

Ergo, this is a must-have among your kitchen supplies, and we cannot help but agree with the hype that surrounds this solid pair of kitchen tongs.

This is indeed the overall best.

02. Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove – Editor’s Pick

There’s a reason why this is our personal favorite. This may not be an extravagant grill tool-set but it contains the four precise tools that decide whether your BBQ turns out to be a smooth deal or a fussy one.

This set comes with :

  • 12” grill tongs
  • A wide grill spatula
  • A grilling fork and
  • A grill glove

Let’s elaborate on each of them starting with the tongs as this piece is the one you are looking for right now.

The tip of the curved tongs in the Cuisinart Grilling Tool-set is toothed. This makes it easier to hold and turn even the thickest steaks. Grabbing food is easy with this.

The handle is rubberized. It prevents heat from being emitted to your hands, as well as adds a colorful air to the appearance of the entire unit.

The spatula is wide and has a serrated edge for cutting meat. It also sports a handy bottle opener.

Then there is the grilling fork for you to jab at your food.

All three of these tools have elongated rubberized handles for a comfortable grip and keep you away from the flames as much as possible. These are stainless steel constructs with loops on each of them so that you can hang them up nearby.  

The oven mittens are an additional bonus.

The only downside is that it is not dishwasher proof. But then again, cleaning it by hand is no big deal, so you don’t really need to be bothered.


  • A compact and functional set
  • Solid stainless steel construct
  • Each component is highly functional, so there isn’t a redundant piece
  • The red rubberized handles add a zesty feel
  • Long handles to keep you away from heat


  • Not dishwasher proof

Verdict on Cuisinart Grilling Tool Set:

This grill tool-set is a good value for money and a great gift for any grilling aficionado. The zesty look makes it even more suitable as a gift option.

Even if you don’t need to surprise anybody now, simply give yourself a present with the best grill tongs set in 2020 – the Cuisinart Grilling Tool-set.

03. ChefGiant Tonglite Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Spatula & Retractable Tongs – The Most Capable Multitasker

This piece of machinery by ChefGiant is the most innovative thing you will see on the web today. This is the best multitasker in town with 6 different tools in one body.

This one is:

  • A Spatula
  • Tongs
  • A Knife
  • An Opener
  • A Grill Scraper with a
  • (Surprise, surprise!) in-built LED flashlight

The tong lite is not only about being fancy. Made of premium grade 430 stainless steel, this is a solid performer.

The extra-long retractable tongs grabs and flips steaks with prowess. It does not struggle with a heavy brisket.

When used as a spatula, it is quite wide and easily slips under your food.

This heavy-duty bbq grill gear has an equally great handle. Made of fiber-reinforced nylon, it can withstand up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit of temperature.

It will give you a solid and comfortable grip. This is a good thing, particularly for a beginner who may struggle with other grill gears.

This all-in-one grill tool is dishwasher safe. However, manufacturers recommend manual cleaning.


  • Innovative design
  • Sturdy and Efficient
  • High quality 430 stainless steel construction ensures heavy-duty performance and durability
  • Comfortable nylon handles
  • Contains an LED flashlight
  • Has hooks for easy storage
  • Dishwasher proof


  • A bit pricey

Verdict on ChefGiant Tonglite Heavy Duty BBQ Grilling Spatula & Retractable Tongs:

This is the epitome of innovative kitchen tools.

Often, a multifaceted tool like this one turns out to be uncomfortable. Rest assured this is not true for ChefGiant Tonglite.

This grill tongs with light is a handy must-have that you should not miss.

04. Rösle Stainless Steel Fine Tongs – The Finest of the Lot

The perfect grilling gear must never miss a slim pair of tongs. Otherwise, who would do the talking with those delicate pieces of bacon and seafood without damaging them?

Rösle Stainless Steel Fine Tongs was born for this business.

This is a 12.2 inches long stainless steel pair of tongs that lifts and turns the delicate items on your menu with ease.  It has skinny pointed tips that are scored in order to give you the best grip on your food.

However, it is not merely a grill gear. You can use it to extract items from jars and pin bones from fish.

The build material is high quality 18/10 stainless steel that gives the manufacturers enough confidence to offer a lifetime warranty.

Everything about these tongs is classy. It is sleek, looks great while at work, and boasts a polished hanging loop for storage convenience.

It is a bit on the pricey side but the feel and the service is worth it.


  • Ideal tongs for thin and delicate food
  • Ergonomically designed
  • Supreme performance
  • Has a great grip and feel
  • Excellently removes pin bones from fish
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • You must have a regular pair of tongs for the larger pieces

Verdict on Rösle Stainless Steel Fine Tongs:

This German engineered pair of fine tongs is supremely built and serves its purpose well.

If you have felt the ordeal of turning thin pieces of bacon or removing fish bones, this is an absolute necessity for you.

Overall, this is undoubtedly one of the best bbq tongs.

05. OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs -The Best Gripping Tongs

Get a grip with OXO Good Grips. This pair of metal tongs is quite a talk of the town and for good reasons. It boasts an ergonomic and thoughtful design from the base to the tip.

The gripper has a scalloped edge design. This allows you a firm grip on your food without piercing it.

In contrast to the firm tip, the cushioned handle is cozy and non-slip. So, you can expect comfortable grilling with OXO Good Grips beside.

The brushed stainless steel unit is 12 inches long, good enough to keep your hands safe from the cooking surface. Even then, if you want something longer, a 16’’ version is available.

This one performs proficiently. It is versatile enough to be able to flip the most greasy and heavy piece of meat and the tiniest spring of asparagus at the same time.

There is a metal pull-out lock in place.


  • Grips really well
  • Signature cushioned no-slip handle
  • Comfortable to hold and use
  • Good for flipping all sorts of food
  • Possesses the perfect spring tension, so your unit won’t feel too tight or too loose


  • It has a metal pull-out lock which is absolutely fine by us, but some users suggest a rubber lock instead.

Verdict on OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs:

The OXO Good Grips Stainless Steel tongs are premium quality tongs and are good enough to give our Overall Best a good fight for the post. 

So, we won’t shy away from calling it one of the best tongs for grilling. This one is highly recommended.

06. Rachael Ray Lil’ Huggers Dishwasher Safe Lazy Locking Cooking Tongs – Cooking Tongs that Look Great

We call it pretty because it actually is. Nonetheless, don’t let us give you the impression that it’s any less functional.

The Lil’ Huggers which is a part of Rachel Ray’s popular kitchenware line, is actually pretty impressive.  

It comes as a duo. The longer piece is 12 inches and the shorter one is 9 inches in length. Both the ends of these tongs are silicone made.

Although this silicone construct can withstand a temperature of up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, it’s not a good idea to expose it to the scorching flames. It works best for medium to low heat cooking.

This piece of kitchen tools is easy to use like most of Rachel Ray cutleries. It comes in three colors among which we like the aqua blue the most. The duo has a small footprint and gives you a great feel.

The reason they are named ‘little huggers’ is their locking mechanism. The flawless tabs lock them into compact units.

The overall performance is satisfactory. However, there are no gripping grooves on the tips. Hence, these tongs can struggle a bit when grasping heavier or greasy things.


  • One of Rachel Ray’s easy to use kitchenware
  • Looks and feels great
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Efficient locking mechanism
  • Different sized duo adds versatility
  • Ideal as a gift


  • Tips are not grooved, so may struggle with slippery food

Verdict on Rachael Ray Lil’ Huggers Dishwasher Safe Lazy Locking Cooking Tongs:

Great look, great feel, supreme performance. The Lil’ Huggers are really great. However, we advise you to keep them away from direct flames.

07. Grill Tongs – 20% THICKER STAINLESS STEEL, Cave Tools – The Sturdiest Grilling Tongs

This is the thickest stainless steel grill tongs that we have come across so far. How is this an advantage?

It increases durability several times.

The sturdy construction and large clamps make it a reliably strong one. No matter how heavy a brisket you are dealing with, you are guaranteed that it won’t bend or break.

This unit comes with a leather hanging strap and fits on any grill tool holder without any trouble. These open style tongs have a locking bracket to lock it shut.

Cleaning is extremely easy. It is dishwasher safe.

As a bonus, you get 25 professional BBQ recipes and a free download grilling journal for both IOS and Android.


  • Long life
  • Sturdy built
  • Great at doing its job
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Great value for money
  • Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee


  • Not the best cooking tongs but does its job pretty well

Verdict on Grill Tongs – 20% THICKER STAINLESS STEEL – Cave Tools:

This is a great no-bend, no-break, sturdy unit that sets out to do its job right. There is a close to zero chance that you will get disappointed with this purchase. Even if you do, there’s always a lifetime satisfaction guarantee!

08. Grill Tongs for Cooking BBQ- 12 & 16″ – Long Locking Stainless Steel Tongs for Kitchen & Barbecue – The Most Affordable

This is a sleek pair of tongs by the Mountain Grillers. Even then, this Gorilla is by no means flimsy. This unit is sturdy enough to grab hold of a chicken but handles lighter food better.

This is a duo of a 16’’ long handled tongs and an accessory 12’’ tongs. So, while you invest the bigger one in heavy-duty grilling, the smaller one can be used as a secondary.

This is a stainless steel spring unit. The textured, non-slip handles are comfortable and give you a satisfactory grip.

This unit is dishwashable and there are hanging loops. Ergo, cleaning, maintenance, and storage aren’t an issue.

The only minus is the durability. It may not last for years to come.


  • A pack of two comes at a great price
  • Long and sleek
  • Comfortable non-slip handles
  • Looks good, feels good
  • Satisfactory performance


  • Not the most durable tongs out there

Verdict on Grill Tongs for Cooking BBQ- 12 & 16″ – Long Locking Stainless Steel Tongs for Kitchen & Barbecue by Mountain Grillers:

The best thing about this unit is the price point.

Two pairs of quality tongs come at an extremely affordable price point. If using the same tongs for years to come isn’t a priority, then we recommend you go for these ones by the Mountain Grillers.

09. Grill Tongs – Heavy Duty Barbecue Grilling Tong w Red PVC Handle, Shark BBQ – The Best Stainless Steel Scissor Tongs

Scissor tongs are a result of some neat engineering. Many grillers prefer scissors style because they feel that this allows them more control.

For those of you who feel this way, these heavy-duty BBQ grilling tongs by Shark BBQ is good news because this is the best of the lot out there.

The body is made of steel and the handles are quality PVC. These long tongs for grilling are 17.5 inches in length. This incredible length and the scissor style construct gives you an extra effective reach.

The finger bows are quite grippy. They are comfortable and slip-proof no matter how greasy your hand gets.

Speaking of aesthetics, this one looks professional and gives you the vibe that it’s here for business. It’s dishwasher safe, in case you were wondering.


  • Provides extra effective reach
  • The edges are serrated and razor-sharp
  • Comfortable grip
  • Well constructed
  • Durable
  • Dishwashable


  • Pricey, just a bit.

Verdict on Grill Tongs – Heavy Duty Barbecue Grilling Tong w Red PVC Handle – Shark BBQ:

This is the best scissor grill tongs out there. So if scissor is your style, go for it without a speck of doubt in mind.

10. Grilljoy 24PCS BBQ Grill Tools Set with Meat Thermometer and Injector – The Best Grilling Tool Set

Before we review this tool-set, here’s what it contains:

  • Power Tongs
  • Spatula
  • Meat forks
  • Meat thermometer
  • Meat injector
  • Corn holders
  • Cleaning brush
  • Extra brush head
  • Salt and pepper shakers
  • Knife
  • BBQ skewers
  • Basking brush

Needless to say, this is a complete grill tool-set in the true sense of the word.

The best thing is the aluminum case that this lot comes in. Each and every piece of this set is securely strapped by velcro inside this lightweight yet sturdy case. Hence, this is an extremely portable tool-set for outdoor grilling events.

Grilling is a breeze with these extra thick stainless steel tools. Made of rust-resistant premium quality stainless steel, all the pieces are durable and robust. These have extended heat-proof handles to keep you far and safe from the heat.

The tongs included here are made of single piece metal. It does its job pretty well. Although, the set is not merely about the tongs as you may have noticed. It is a functional and portable set that comes at a reasonable price point.

The pieces are dishwashable. Storage is no-hassle. Simply strap them inside the case. The case has hanging hooks. So hang it anywhere you like and hit the roads with it anytime you want.


  • This all-in-one portable tool-set is great for outdoor grilling events like picnics and camping.
  • High quality, rust-resistant stainless steel construct
  • Contains a meat thermometer and injector as well
  • Extended handles
  • Lightweight and portable aluminum case
  • Easy to clean
  • Great as a gift
  • Reasonable price


  • The tongs aren’t the best of the lot. Consider them if you want the whole set.

Verdict on Grilljoy 24PCS BBQ Grill Tools Set with Meat Thermometer and Injector:

This quality built, highly portable, all-inclusive set comes at a reasonable price point.

Ergo, it’s great for your outdoor grilling ventures. This is also a supreme gift for your grilling aficionado friend.

11. Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs – German Engineered Tongs

Rosle has a reputation for building the best cooking tongs and gears. This pair is no different. These 16’’ locking tongs are sleek and good looking.

The most interesting feature of this German-engineered kitchen gear is the gravity-fed locking mechanism. Simply point the pincers down and give them a gentle squeeze. The system unlocks. Conversely, point the pincers up and the system locks itself.

The tongs are made of 18/10 heavy-duty stainless steel throughout. The handles aren’t rubberized making them a comfortable hold. The long length makes sure that you are pretty much away from the fire.

Coming to the performance, it is capable of handling bulky food well. This also does a great job with small, delicate items.

The manufacturers provide a lifetime warranty, although many users feel that Rosle has overall degraded the quality of their products compared to the past.


  • German engineered with innovative gravity-fed locking system
  • Premium 18/10 stainless steel construction
  • Convenient use and cleaning
  • Handles both bulky and light food well
  • Long 16 inches tongs
  • Sleek and Stylish
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty


  • Some users feel that the quality of Rosle products has degraded over time.

Verdict on Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs:

If you ask us, we would totally go for these stylish and functional grill tongs. Coupled with Rosle Stainless Steel Fine Tongs, this is all your kitchen needs. And for the Weber fans out there, this is one of the best tongs for Weber Gas Grill.

12. Cuisinart CIT-102 Locking Grill Tongs – The No-nonsense Grill Tongs

We love tongs that has a scalloped spoon. This ensures a good grip on your steak while not wounding it to the slightest.

When a reputable brand like Cuisinart offers a pair of tongs like that, you test it with a lot of skepticism. So, we did and here’s what we found.

The CIT-102 is 16 inches in length with brushed stainless steel built and silicone grips. The grips are comfort-cushioned, so the feel is great. The scalloped spooned grippers ensure a firm hold on the large meat cuts as well as the delicate veggies.

It is sturdy but  lightweight. You can expect this to serve you for a long time. There is a large D-ring for hanging it to your grill.

This one does not earn any points when it comes to appearance. It looks quite the average one, but rest assured, the functionality compensates for it.


  • Affordable
  • Ergonomic built
  • Long 16’’ shaft gives a good reach
  • Comfort cushioned handles
  • Sturdy stainless steel built
  • Scalloped spoon grips all kinds of food well


  • Not the most pretty

Verdict on Cuisinart CIT-102 Locking Grill Tongs:

Again, this is an ergonomic, functional and comfortable pair of tongs. As we said, we think the scalloped gripper makes it extremely efficient.

This is one of the most efficient no-nonsense tongs that made it into our list and we are proud of it.

13. Broil King 64012 Grill Tong – Ergonomically Yours

This is a quality tongs made of 1.8 mm high-grade stainless steel. The grippers are thoughtfully designed with one of the sides ridged and the other flat.

The flat side smoothly slips under the piece of meat while the ridged surface grabs a hold of it. This makes this pair of tongs by Broil King quite comfortable to use. The bakelite handle adds to your comfort.

This is a heavy-duty tongs. The extended reach and the overall construction make it suitable for any challenging task including arranging charcoal over a charcoal grill.

Superior quality rivets hold the halves of these tongs together and you can count it to last for a long time.

Cleaning and storage are easy. However, some users think that it would have been better if these tongs had a metal locking mechanism instead of a plastic one.

We think this isn’t really a problem. The only downside is it’s not lightweight.


  • Quality construction and sturdy built
  • Supreme performance
  • Ergonomic grippers are suitable for any heavy-duty task
  • Comfortable handles
  • Easy cleanup and storage


  • A bit heavy

Verdict on Broil King 64012 Grill Tong:

This is a heavy-duty pair of tongs that you can use on a regular basis for all your kitchen chores.

The heavy-duty construct has led it to be a bit on the heavier side, but if you love the performance, this will not feel like a problem at all.

14. DAILY KISN Premium Stainless-Steel Locking Grill Tongs – The Longest Tongs 

When it comes to length, Daily Kisn Tongs are unbeatable. This has a length of 17 inches.

This is not it’s only strength though. This one is almost unbreakable, making it one of the best grill tongs tools.

This is armed with a pull-out lock system. The pull ring and the handles are FDA approved silicone that can bear a maximum temperature of 480 degrees Fahrenheit.

The grippers and the shaft are high-grade stainless steel. These extra-long tongs have wide grippers so that you can easily grab your hamburger.

This unit is microwave and dishwasher compatible.


  • Safety grip
  • FDA approved silicone handles
  • Functional and strong
  • Compatible with microwave
  • Dishwashable
  • Reasonably priced
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Beware of the sharp edges

Verdict on DAILY KISN Premium Stainless-Steel Locking Grill Tongs:

Daily KISN premium tongs is a pair of decent stainless steel tongs that come at a very reasonable price point. This has won some hearts including ours and we don’t see why you shouldn’t go for it.

Buying Guide: Factors to Consider before Buying Grill Tongs

As we mentioned earlier, a perfectly planned BBQ party may spiral out of control if you don’t have a decent pair of tongs in hand. A burnt steak or a burnt hand isn’t going to make you feel the peace of a BBQ weekend. Add the frustration of a flimsy piece of tongs.

Ugh! Unimaginable.

Ergo, you need a solid plan for purchasing a solid tongs before you go on planning your party. This checklist will come handy.

The Tips:

The tips of the tongs you find for sale are either made of silicone or stainless steel. You may stumble upon one or two made of nylon.

Silicone tips are great because they don’t scratch the surface of non-stick cookware. So, units like the Rachael Ray Lil’ Huggers Dishwasher Safe Lazy Locking Cooking Tongs are more suited to your kitchen. Silicone can withstand high temperatures. Therefore, they are perfect for medium heat cooking.

For grilling though, stainless steel is a better match. Tongs made of stainless steel such as the Grilling Tongs Heavy Duty 16 Inch by Grille Perfect or the Cuisinart CGS-134 Grilling Tool Set with Grill Glove are sturdier and offer a greater hold.

Nylon tips are also great on non-stick cookware, but nylon isn’t that heat resistant. So, we guess you can safely cross them out of the list if grilling is on your mind.

The Grips:

The best grips or handles are made of silicone or rubberized stainless steel. These are cushioned up to a certain degree, therefore, feel comfortable. Made of FDA approved silicone, DAILY KISN Premium Stainless-Steel Locking Grill Tongs is a prime example of tongs with quality handles.

You must also look for units that promise non-slip handles, as the OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs does.

Grilling is a greasy business, you won’t want a slippery hold on your extended arm.

The Style:

This is another choice that you must make when you purchase grill tongs. There are simple tongs and scissor style tongs available out there.

Spring-loaded tongs are more easily maneuvered than scissors. Even then, some users feel that they get better control when they use X-shaped scissor style tongs.

If you feel the same way, check out the Grill Tongs – Heavy Duty Barbecue Grilling Tong w Red PVC Handle by Shark BBQ.

The Length:

Shorter tongs are well known for allowing more control to the user. However, these are only ideal for stove-top cooking. When it comes to grilling, saving yourself from the scorching heat of the grilling surface must be a priority.

Therefore, the longer the tongs the better.

A good enough length is 16 inches. Many great 16-inch tongs have made it to the list of our favorites. Grilling Tongs Heavy Duty 16 Inch by Grille Perfect  and Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs are a couple of them.

You can also go for tongs that are even longer such as the DAILY KISN Premium Stainless-Steel Locking Grill Tongs.

However, many users including us feel that a 12’’ tongs such as the OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs is good enough to keep you at a safe distance from the heat.

The Locking Mechanism and Spring Tension:

Lockable tongs mold into a compact form and make it easy for you to store them or simply hang them to your grill. Almost all decent tongs are lockable. The mechanism, however, varies across models.

Units such as DAILY KISN Premium Stainless-Steel Locking Grill Tongs offer a pull-out lock while units like Rosle Stainless Steel Lock and Release Click Tongs go a step further and offer gravity-fed locks. Rachael Ray Lil’ Huggers Dishwasher Safe Lazy Locking Cooking Tongs have flawless lock tabs in place.

The locking mechanism is all about preference. Opt for something that feels more convenient to you.

The spring tension is also a vital factor to take into consideration. This will determine how comfortable your tongs turn out to be.

If the spring tension is too high, it will feel rigid. On the other hand, if the spring tension is too low, it will feel loose and lax and struggle to give you a solid grip. OXO Good Grips 12-Inch Stainless-Steel Locking Tongs comes with the perfect spring tension. No wonder it is such a good grip.

Ease of Cleaning:

Almost all decent tongs are dishwashable. Check if yours is as well. This will take the burden of post-party cleaning away from your plate.

FAQs on Grill Tongs

Below, you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about grill tongs.

Are Tongs With Silicone Tips Safe?

Cooking tongs with silicone tips are safe for your health. Silicone does not leach into food, so there is no chance of your food being contaminated.

Can I Use Rubber Tongs For Grilling?

Yes, as long as the grippers are made of stainless steel.

Many quality tongs have rubberized handles to make it more comfortable to hold. As long as the tip or the grippers that come in contact with the cooking surface does not have rubber on it, there is no issue.

What Are The Different Types Of Tongs?

There are three basic types:
01. Salad tongs
02. Scissor tongs
03. Buffet serving tongs

Each type is constructed with their specific activity in mind. Grill tongs can resemble salad tongs or may adopt the scissor style. The main point is they should be sturdy enough for a grill gear.

Why Are They Called Tongs?

The name ‘tongs’ comes from the Old English word ‘tang’ which means ‘one that bites’! From how tongs work, we guess you can feel how appropriately this is named!

What Are The Tongs Used In The Kitchen?

Tongs are utensils that grip your food and lift or turn them instead of you holding food directly with your hands.

So, you can use them for a variety of purposes such as grilling, serving salad or spaghetti, or cooking over a heating surface. You can turn food with more precision with tongs than other utensils such as spoons.

Final Thoughts

Reading this absolutely detailed account on tongs may have made you realize that it’s not just the world of BBQs that’s chaotic. The world of tongs isn’t as small as the name! There are so many types and so much engineering involved!

Slacken your grip. It’s not that tough either. The ultimate goal is to decide what you want in your ideal kitchen gear.

Once you have decided on that and skimmed through the buying guide we prepared for you after a lot of testing and research, it’s now time for the purchase.

Bring home the best grill tongs and enjoy your BBQ outings for years to come.

Oh, and one more thing! Here are the 10 Best Grill Brush for post-party cleanup.


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