Yumble Review: Nutritious & Delicious Meals for Your Kids

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It’s not easy for any parent to be perfect, especially when it comes to their kids’ meals. Still many parents, even the busy ones, put themselves under pressure and spend hours planning, shopping, preparing and making kid’s meals. 

It would be really great for all parents if they find a meal delivery service which will take off their mealtime stresses and offer tasty, healthy and ready-to-heat foods. So, we are here to help you take that pressure off of your shoulder! 

Yumble is a weekly food delivery service which offers ready, balanced and tasty meals to the doorsteps of busy parents. It prepares and cooks every menu by keeping the children’s specific tastes and nutritional requirements in mind.

Although the service offers meals for all ages, it designs meals intended specially for children from twelve months to twelve years of age. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Choose Yumble

Yumble 1

Parents have several reasons to choose Yumble for their children. But we are now going to point out some important reasons why you should choose this over any other similar services.

Enjoy More Family Time:

You will find it really tough to spend quality family time now-a-days. But Yumble lets you spend more time with your family and less time worrying about preparing meals. It believes in developing healthy and happy eating.

Top Quality Ingredients:

Yumble always sources the top quality seasonal, fresh and regional fruits and vegetables. It delivers fresh meals in a refrigerated box! Besides, all of its meals are perfectly balanced and nutritionist-approved. 

Select Your Meals Easily:

You can select your meals weekly from more than twenty different options. You may also choose a default box in case you forget to make your selections! All the meals are nutritionist-designed.

Besides, the service always rotates the menus every 6-8 weeks, with the exception of some basic meals. Hence, your kids never get bored of eating the same food over and over again. 

Delivered Weekly & Ready-to-Eat:

All the meals are fully cooked and ready to heat in the microwave. Just heat the dishes for two minutes or less and serve mouth-watering delicious meals to the kids! The meals are also great for school lunches, convenient weeknight dinners or even for snack time! 

Health Snacks:

Snacks are very important for kids to ensure their proper growth as their small tummies need more frequent meals. Parents can easily select nutritious and delicious snacks for their kids’ rapidly growing bodies and minds.

More Than the Meals:

On top of that, if you are not happy with the service, Yumble is always willing to work with you to make it perfect! 

You can always text the nutritionist, live chat with the chef and send a note to the founder. They all will respond with ideas considering your family requirements.

Save up to 25% Money Weekly:

The more dishes you buy, the more affordable the prices. If you buy 8 meals per week, it will save you 15% of cash. But, you can save 25% money per week if you order 12 meals instead of 6!

Free Shipment:

You need not worry about the shipment cost since it’s always free. Besides, the meal delivery service sends new activities like sticker sheets and a deck of table topics with each box which make the mealtime more convenient for you and joy for them!

Flexible Subscription:

The subscription is very flexible as life is really unpredictable. You can skip a week, pause your subscription or cancel it anytime. Moreover, the service always allows you to change your plan size.

Options for Allergies & Dietary Restriction:

The culinary team designs a menu by keeping allergy and dietary restrictions in mind so that families can select meals from an adequate amount of varieties each week.

The service tags vegetarian meals as well as meals free from milk, soy, eggs and gluten. Although the kitchen is not free from nuts, chefs do not apply peanuts or tree nuts while preparing meals, instead they use coconut.

Select Meals

yumble kids meals
yumble kids meals

The food delivery service processes the orders at 11:59pm EST on your weekly cut-off day. So you can select the favorite meals for your kids from the available weekly menus and place them on your upcoming orders page.

The service will deliver your meals to your door on the date between 8am to 9pm. It will email you the tracking number by the morning of the delivery date.

It’s very important for you to know that you can’t modify, skip or cancel your order once the meals are processed. The meals will be shipped and sent to your door on time, that’s for sure.

The fresh meals are delivered to your door since these are shipped in an insulated box with an adequate amount of frozen gel packs to ensure a safe temperature.

If you are receiving your first delivery, Yumble will send you a welcome pack which includes some information about your subscription. It will have detailed information about some additional things you can assume to get in your first deliveries.

In case if you want to skip a week, just log into your account and select ‘skip’ from your upcoming order page before the cut-off time.

If you need to change any personal information like billing information and shipping address to your account, simply go to your account setting to change the information before the weekly cut-off time. In case you miss the deadline, contact the concerned people of the service right away since they will try their level best to apply your modifications!

You may also want to cancel your subscription. In that case, you can withdraw it from the My Plan page on your account. Otherwise, you can email or text the meal delivery service.

Yumble always suggests you to create a default box at the time of a new menu change. Because if you ever forget to make your meal selections, the box will remind you to order meals which your kids enjoy.

The meal delivery service distributes foods to the East coast and also part of the midWest. But it has more plans to expand its facilities.

Storing the Meals

You should store the meals in the refrigerator and enjoy the dishes within the written expiration date. But feed your kids the meals within seven days of receipt if you want to offer them maximum freshness.

Yumble does not appreciate freezing meals since the service wants the customers to have the prepared meals as they are. It does not offer reheating instructions for frozen meals either. Still it provides freezer safe meal trays in case you want to freeze and warm the meals.

The prepared meals are safe to have cold, or at room temperature or warmed up! But if you are willing to warm your meals in the oven, you can warm it up in an oven safe dish at 350 degree Fahrenheit for 8-15 minutes.

Recyclable Shipping Materials

The meal boxes, which are made of recycled paper fibers, are completely recyclable. These boxes are developing substitute to previous foam cool boxes. These sustainable options are very simple and appropriate to dispose of and reprocess.

The trays are made of Polypropylene, which are free of phthalates and BPA. Along with the paper sleeves, these can also be reprocessed. 

Also, you should throw away the gel packs. But if they are cleaned from non-toxic inner gels, they may be reused.


Yumble works to relieve parents from mealtime stress by offering nutritious, healthy and delicious meals for their kids. This Yumble review has shown how conveniently and efficiently the service delivers nutritious meals to your door for your children. The delicious foods turn your kids’ mealtime into a fun time. 

The meal delivery service for kids ensures 100% guarantee to the meals it offers. So enjoy more family time without worrying about the mealtimes!

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