Vitamix 5200 VS 5300 – Which One Should You Get

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Vitamix 5200 vs Vitamix 5300, confused about which model to buy?

Vitamix 5200 and Vitamix 5300 are blenders from Vitamix’s C-series. The C series is the classic series by Vitamix that offers several control options and a variety of container sizes coming with the classic Vitamix style body. After the Vitamix 5200 blender became a sensation in the blender market, Vitamix made a comeback with an upgraded version- Vitamix 5300.

But, what possibly could be upgraded from an already stable model?

Is there really any difference? Take a look into our detailed comparison between Vitamix 5200, and Vitamix 5300 to find out more!

But, before we jump straight into the comparison, let me introduce you to each of these models and their features in detail.

Vitamix 5200 – The OG

Well, to be exact, the actual OG of the C-series is Vitamix 5000. After the popularity of Vitamix 5000, Vitamix came out with a better, simpler, and upgraded model. That model is the Vitamix 5200. It became an instant hit!

Although the 5000 model was discontinued, Vitamix 5200 still carries its legacy.

The Vitamix 5200 blender is a simple and affordable blender from Vitamix. The blender has easy-to-use functions and durable body parts. It is perfect for beginners and amateurs and even works well for commercial use.


Weighing below 11 pounds and coming with hardened stainless steel blades, the Vitamix 5200 blenders are really well built— They’re quite sturdy.

  • Container size – 64-ounce container
  • Weight – 10.56 pounds
  • Vitamix 5200 accessories – a specialized tamper
  • Material of container – BPA free plastic
  • Material of blades – hardened stainless steel
  • Warranty – 7- year full warranty
  • Cord length – 6 ft.
  • Power and wattage of Vitamix 5200- 1380 watts or 2 horsepower
  • User Manual –  Included


The Vitamix 5200 blender has a heavy-duty and reliable design. It is built to last. And it does so with its well-made properties.

  • The 5200 model blends with a high-performance motor that ensures ideal speed for every blending session.
  • The blender has hardened stainless steel blades that can blend frozen, tough, and even the hardest ingredients.
  • The plastic container is BPA free to ensure a healthy and safe-blending.
  • The blender self-cleans. This property speaks for itself.
  • The blender features a radial cooling fan and the thermal cooling system which prevents overheating of the machine during a blending session. As such, the machine automatically shuts off if it detects a large rise in temperature.

Features and Functions:

Using the 5200 Vitamix blender couldn’t be easier. Although it has beginner level functions, it produces professional level outcomes.

Manual Switch and Variable Speed Control Dial:

Vitamix 5200 has manual switches for powering on the blender and for a high or variable feature. The on and off switch lets you turn the blender on or off. The high or variable feature lets you give a chunky texture to your recipes.

The variable speed control dial has 10 speeds that can either chop, grind, or fully liquidity your ingredients. The dial can be rotated anytime mid blending session so you can easily adjust the speed of the blades and get your desired texture.

Large Container:

Vitamix 5200 attaches a 64 ounce tank to its blender. This large container lets you blend batches of your required capacity.

Hot Soup Maker:

The blades in Vitamix 5200 can reach such high speed that it can create friction heat, which brings cold ingredients to steaming hot temperatures in around six minutes.

Self-cleaning Function:

This function makes cleaning the blender super easy. All you have to do is pour warm water with a bit of dish soap and let the machine blend in its highest speed for about a minute.

Vitamix 5300 – The Upgrade

After the success of Vitamix 5200, Vitamix came out with an updated, rebranded version labeled as the Vitamix 5300 blender. The original price of Vitamix 5300 is above $500, a price point way above being worth the bargain.

Which is why we will cover a reconditioned version of the Vitamix blender 5300. Let’s look into what this model has to offer.


The model of Vitamix 5300 is quite similar to its predecessor. Additionally, the renewed version has all the properties of the original 5300 intact. It comprises of-

  • Container size – 64-ounce container
  • Weight – 11.95 pounds
  • Vitamix 5300 accessories – the classic tamper
  • Material of container – BPA free plastic
  • Material of blades – aircraft-grade stainless steel blades
  • Warranty – 5- year full warranty (for refurbished) and 7-year warranty (for new)
  • Cord length – 6 ft.
  • Power/ Wattage of Vitamix 5300- 1640 watts or 2.2 horsepower
  • User Manual –  Included


Vitamix 5300 has similar properties as its forerunner, they include –

  • The high-performance motor. It ensures ideal speed for every blending session.
  • The hardened stainless steel blades that can blend even the hardest ingredients.
  • The plastic container is BPA free which certifies a healthy and safe-blending.
  • The self-cleaning property of the blender.
  • The radial cooling fan and thermal protection system. Both of these work hand in hand to ensure a long life span of the machine.

Features and Functions:

The updated Vitamix 5300 features a very simple design and very easy-to-use functions. Here’s a rundown-

Manual Switch and Variable Speed Control Dial:

Vitamix 5300 has one manual switch to power on the blender and another one for the pulse feature. The power switch lets you turn the blender on or off. The pulse feature lets you give a chunky and coarse texture to your recipes.

The variable speed control dial has 10 variable speeds. You can rotate the dial anytime while you’re blending to easily adjust the speed of the blades and get your desired texture.

Large Container:

The 64-ounce large tank lets you blend batches of your wanted capacity, all the while being manageable.

Can Make Hot Soup:

The powerful blades of Vitamix 5300 can reach a very high speed to create frictional heat. This heat can bring the coldest ingredients to steaming hot in around six minutes’ time.

Easy Self-cleaning Function:

Vitamix 5300 can self-clean within a minute due to this feature. On the addition of warm water and a pinch of dish soap in the tank, and turning on the blender at high speed, the blender self-cleans.

So far, we can see that both the models are quite similar with minute differences. In our next section, we will cover exactly that. The differences between the 5200 and 5300 model.

Vitamix 5200 VS Vitamix 5300, What Are the Differences?

In terms of overall quality, both the blenders are quite similar. They’re both quite powerful and give high performance while being low maintenance.  However, you can still pinpoint the differences between the two.

The Differences in the Models:

First, let’s address a few basic differences i.e the visual differences between the blenders –

Container Size and Storage Space:

The most obvious difference to spot between the two is the container sizes. Although both the blenders have a similar container capacity of 64 ounces, the 5200 Vitamix blender has a more upright container while the 5300 model has a more flattened, wide container.

  • Vitamix 5200 length – 20.50 inches
  • Vitamix 5300 length – 17.25 inches

If you have a restricted cabinet space or limited storage space on your shelves, then the high profile container of the 5200 might be a hassle to store. However, the low profile container of Vitamix 5300 won’t be a problem.

As we have abundant countertop space, we don’t mind using either. But in terms of ease-of-storage, Vitamix 5300 takes the crown.

Base Functions:

While the 5300 version comes with the pulse setting, the 5200 model comes with a high and variable setting. Both essentially are the same functions but work on different instructions.

With the high or variable speed setting in the 5200 model, you have to periodically turn the blender on and off to get the chunky texture. To assure ease of use, Vitamix updated the 5300 model and replaced the variable setting with the pulse function.

Both the models have the same 10-speed knob to alter the blending speed.

Color Options:

Vitamix blender 5200 comes in more color options than Vitamix blender 5300. In amazon, the 5200 Vitamix blender is available in black, red, and white colors. The 5300 model, however, is only available in black.

This availability of a wide range of color options to choose from gives you the liberty to choose a blender that matches well with the interior of your kitchen.


Between Vitamix 5200 vs 5300, the latter weighs around a pound more than the former.

Motor Base

Both the Vitamix blenders boast a high-performance motor. However, in numbers, the updated model is marginally ahead of the race with an extra 0.2 HP.

Horsepower of Vitamix:

  • Vitamix blender 5200 – 2 HP
  • Vitamix blender 5300 – 2.2 HP

This difference in peak horsepower can seem rather indistinct. But, it plays a very important role. See, with the 0.2 boost in horsepower in the 5300 model, the blender functions more quietly.

So while you’re blending the ingredients in the 5300 model, it will produce less noise than the 5200 counterparts.

However, in terms of performance, I’d like to quote Vitamix as they say, “We don’t aim to have the highest horsepower. You don’t need more horses; you need trained ones.”

So, you know, either machine works fine to give you efficient power for a supreme blend.

Wattage of Vitamix:

With the difference in HP, you can already conclude that the 5300 has slightly more wattage than 5200. To specify-

  • Vitamix 5200 watts – 1380
  • Vitamix 5300 watts – 1640

So, all in all, the revamped model beats its forerunner in terms of the noise of use and wattage.

Vitamix Blender Blades

Both models come with hardened stainless steel blades. The only difference is in their sizes.

The 5200 models have 3-inch blades whereas the 5300 models have 4-inch blades. This difference in blade sizes doesn’t have a life changing difference other than the extended cutting area for the 5300 model.

Blender Noise Levels

As stated above, the Vitamix 5300 works in a quieter manner than the 5200 model.

In high-speed settings, both the machines are loud enough to let your whole household know you’re whipping up something in your blender. But in the low-speed settings, you can clearly hear the difference in decibels between the two.

Price Points

Since the 5300 model is an upgraded version, it costs more. However, you can get the 5300 model at a substantially lower price point if you buy the refurbished version available on amazon.

Refurbished versions are as good as the new ones and they come with a 5-years warranty. They are also amazon tested so you really don’t have to worry about its quality.

Rundown – Vitamix 5200 VS 5300:

Both the Vitamix models are from the Vitamix C series. The C series boasts ease of use which is quite evident in both the models.

Therefore, if you’re someone for whom space and power are the main concerns for their ideal blender or someone who uses the pulse feature often, I’d invite you to try out the 5300 version.

And since we prefer buying the renewed version to save on some bucks, I’d recommend- 5300 refurbished.

But, if you want to go with an OG model which is equally as good and powerful, we’d suggest you check out Vitamix 5200.

Since both the Vitamix blenders work just fine to deliver you with a satisfactory blending performance, we’d like to hear from you, between Vitamix 5200 & Vitamix 5300, which one would you buy?

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