Not Just a Juicer: Omega J8006 Ultimate Review

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If you are a fan of your fast and furious centrifugal juicer that fills your glass by chopping fruits mercilessly like a fruit ninja, brace yourself for a completely different deal with cold-press, masticating juicers.  

They don’t whirl. They literally masticate.

Omega 8006 juicer reviews on Amazon have been brimming with praise in recent times, making it the forerunner among this category of juice makers. What’s all the hype about anyway?

With this writeup, we aim to answer just that.

Furthermore, we tell you all there is to know about the Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer before you make the final call of appointing it as your official juice maker.

Centrifuged vs Cold Pressed Juice: Which is Better and Why?

Centrifugal juicers chop your ingredients while rotating them at a speed as high as 1000 rpm or more.

While the ingredients go through this process, heat is generated in the blades. This heat destroys perishable nutrients in your fruits and veggies such as healthy enzymes, vitamins, and antioxidants.

Furthermore, the ingredients are more exposed to oxidation.

The result?

Juice churned out of this type of juicers lose much of their nutrition and are prone to decomposing faster. You will not get 100% out of your ingredients.

On the other hand, cold-pressed juice making is a bladeless technique and involves rotating the ingredients at a slower speed. Your fruits and vegetables will be crushed and squeezed to get the juice out.

The Omega masticating juicer rotates ingredients at 80 rpm, slowly crushing and squeezing even the last drop of juice out of the ingredients and separating the pulps in a different chamber.

In the process, no heat is generated and no nutrient is lost.

The result?

This time, your juice is nutritionally intact and as healthy as it can get. Moreover, as the enzyme profile is preserved, the juice remains fresh for as long as 72 hours according to the manufacturer.

So what cold pressing needs a few extra minutes? It’s completely worth it.

Omega J8006 Nutrition Center: What are We Looking at Here?

A 4th generation cold-press juicer by Omega, the J8006 is a professional grade juicer that is well-liked by users especially because of its versatility and ease of use. Here is what it looks like:

The Pros:

  • Keeps nutrition in your juice intact
  • Dual extraction process ensures maximum extraction
  • Easy to Clean
  • Sincere multitasker; does much more than juicing
  • Works with anything including leafy greens
  • Sturdy unit with a reliable motor
  • Boasts a 15-year warranty

The Cons:

  • On the pricier side
  • Narrow feeding chute
  • Heavy


  • Juicing cone
  • Homogenizing cone
  • Juice container
  • Pulp container
  • Sieve
  • Cleaning brush
  • 5 specially designed nozzles

Built and Guise: Ergonomically Yours

Omega 8006 masticating juicer is a low profile sturdy machine with a chrome finish that fits any countertop with ease. However, it takes up a lot of horizontal space. There are a handful of accessories, so they will tend to scatter if you do not allocate a designated space for them.

There is a built-in ergonomic handle and the accessories are all useful. There isn’t a single redundant piece in this unit.

The look emits a positive vibe with a signal that it is here for some serious business, although we must confess that the appearance isn’t aesthetically top notch. This is why some tend to store it inside a pantry.

We, on the other hand, keep it on our countertop mainly because of how much and how frequently we tend to use it. Another reason why we prefer not to move it around that often is that it is rather heavy.

Steady and Mighty: The Science of Power Packed Juicing

J8006 by Omega boasts a motor of 2 horsepower (HP). We think this is pretty mighty for a machine that rotates at only 80 rpm. So, even at a slow and steady pace, your juice ingredients go through a mighty crush.

Furthermore, the motor is built in South Korea which has a reputation of being a boss at making quality juicer motors.

 Many users have corroborated the fact that with regular and prolonged use, the machine shows no sign of fatigue or malfunction.

Expect Zero Wastage and Maximum Yield: The Art of Efficient Juicing

Omega J8006 HDS utilizes a two-step extraction process: crush and squeeze.

This way, the produce is more than that you can expect from a centrifugal machine. One point to bear in mind is that the juice you get from the Omega masticator is pulpless. So, the volume that it churns out is pure juice.

One Omega 8006 review tested this device with 1lb of different ingredients separately. Some ingredients were soft produce such as oranges and grapes, whereas others were hard such as apples and carrots.

The reviewer then measured the after sieve juice yield and found that all the yields were impressive, but the 8006 excelled when dealing with hard ingredients like carrots and celery and leafy greens like spinach.

Generally, when we work with the Omega J8006 juice extractor, we unfailingly notice that the pulp that collects in the pulp container is really dry, indicating that there is no juice left to squeeze out.

No Froth on Your Juice

We were not only impressed by the dry pulp though. The minimum presence of foam in our juice felt delightful the first time we gave our Omega 8006 the go.

Nowadays, we are used to fresh, pulpless, and frothless juice straight outta the kitchen. And there is simply no settling for less.

Omega J8006 Nutrition System: So Much More than a Juicer

Omega 8006 low speed masticating juicer is not merely a juicer, but a multitasker in the true sense of the word.

With a versatile range of accessories, it can work on anything that goes down the chute.

It minces herbs, grinds coffee beans, makes nut butter, purees baby food, shapes dough for pasta, and much more. No wonder it is called a nutrition system.

If the kitchen is an active hub at your place, this device will surely take up the center stage.  

Morning Slumbers Will Remain Uninterrupted: 8006 is Quiet

The 8006 is active but not loud. It splendidly goes with our morning routine when one of us starts the day by crushing out some fresh juice while the others are still at slumber.

But it is not the quietest really. The work does generate a basal hum.

Long-Lasting Promise with a Mega Warranty

While many juicers won’t offer more than a year or so when it comes to warranty, the manufacturer boasts a mega 15-year warranty for the Omega model J8006.

The device is pretty durable with very few reports of malfunctions. This mega warranty further sweetens the deal.

Working with the 8006: Easy or Cumbersome?

We may be completely blown away by the power, performance, and versatility of Omega Juice Extractor 8006, but this Omega 8006 review will be incomplete if we don’t discuss what it is really like to work with this device.  

Assembling the Parts

After unboxing your J8006, there is a chance you will be taken aback by the number of parts and attachments that come with the unit.

Worry not!

Soon you’ll get the hang of it. Besides, there is a handy instruction manual to save your day anytime you feel lost.

8006 Nutrition System is easy to assemble. Here is a quick tutorial that shows you how:

Juicing with Omega 8006

Juicing with Omega Juice Extractor 8006 is fairly easy but requires some prepping from the user’s end.

The chute inlet is small, so you won’t be able to shove whole fruits or large chunks into the feeder. Your ingredients need to be chopped to 1 to 2-inch size or so before you can feed them to the 8006.

However, once an ingredient is fed to the device, it’s your turn to wait and see your Omega Nutrition center in action.

As we mentioned earlier, the process takes a few extra minutes, but a serving of the most nutritionally enriched juice is completely worth it.

Isn’t it?

The On/Off switch is placed on the back of the unit. There is also a Reverse switch that automatically unclogs the system if the ingredients are stuck somewhere. 

There are two outlets, one for the juice and one for the dry pulp. Pulp continuously collects in the pulp container while fresh juice fills your juice container. This allows uninterrupted juicing, as you won’t have to stop the device to empty any pulp bin.

For the other chores like grinding coffee beans and mincing herbs, the unit comes with specific attachments. During the initial days, you may tend to forget which does what. The detailed instruction manual will guide you through.

Once you get used to your Nutrition System, you won’t need the manual anymore.

Cleaning the J8006

Cleaning a horizontal juicer with so many detachable parts seems to be a cumbersome deal. At least that is what we expected at first. The J8006 surprisingly proved us wrong.

Cleaning J8006 is easy and is done in three short steps:

  • Disassemble
  • Rinse with soap and water
  • Wipe clean

The unit comes with a cleaning brush that resembles the toothbrush of a Yeti or Mr. Hulk in his green form. It is handy and looks cute.

The parts are dishwasher safe as well.

Never forget to unplug the unit before disassembling though.

The juice and pulp container tend to stain a bit, especially when we deal with highly pigmented fruits such as beets.

A word of advice; Clean the unit as soon as you are done working.

Talking about the Cons

Personally we sniffed out two cons of the entire unit: the chute inlet is small and the unit is heavy to move about.

A narrower chute means you will have to cut your fruits and veggies into small portions. A wider chute could have saved a minute or two from the preparation stage.

Another ‘nay’ point that many users and Omega J8006 juicer reviews point out is the price of this juicer. It is a bit on the upper side.

From our own experience though, we figured that if you can use the device to its full potential, and let it handle so many different kitchen-needs it is equipped for, it pays you back every penny.

The durability and mega warranty should be another incentive to go for this horizontal juicer by Omega.

Final Thoughts: So, Is Omega J8006 Overrated?

No, by no means, under no circumstances.

Omega Nutrition System J8006 is a multifunctional behemoth of a machine. It is heavily built, durable, and designed for convenience.

There is zero wastage and maximum extraction from your ingredients. It is reasonably quiet, easy to clean, and easy to store.

Overall, all Omega 8006 juicer reviews agree with our first-hand experience that this is a neat one in the world of cold press, bladeless juicers.

You can expect this horizontal juicer to stick around your kitchen, and if it doesn’t, a 15-year warranty has got you covered.

This is how this Omega J8006 Nutrition Center Juicer Review opines that it is an excellent pick for families that needs a lot of work done in the kitchen. It is an equally great buy for individuals that love healthy juicing.

Therefore, our verdict goes like this:

Ease of Use   4.6/5

Versatility       4.8/5

Power            4.8/5

Performance  4.8/5

Noise             4.5/5

Cleaning        4.7/5

Overall         4.7/5

The Tail of the Tale

Since you are looking at juicer reviews, it goes without saying that you take juicing seriously. We figured we should part ways with this sweet little healthy juicing guide that we love and figured you would as well.

The Juice Lover’s Big Book of Juices

So, until next time, Adios!

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