Strong Coffee Starbucks: 20 Strongest Coffee Drinks At Starbucks

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Find out the strong coffee drinks Starbucks offers so that you can try the coffee with the maximum caffeine level or dial down for a more mellow cup.

Strong Coffee Starbucks: 20 Strongest Coffee Drinks At Starbucks
Strong Coffee Starbucks 20 Strongest Coffee Drinks At Starbucks

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and need extra fuel to make it through the day? If so, you’re not alone. For many of us, coffee is a source of comfort and energy. Starbucks has always been one of the most popular coffee chains, offering a wide variety of flavors and brewing techniques. With its strong coffee flavors, Starbucks is the perfect place to kick your morning into high gear or to perk up your afternoon. From bold espresso blends to dark roast blends, our favorite coffee chain has plenty of caffeinated drinks.

Let’s find out the strong coffee Starbucks drinks to rev up your mornings!

How Much Caffeine Is Okay For You?

To put things in perspective, let’s look at the number of mg of caffeine an adult can take daily. Once you know the limit, you can decide which Starbucks blend has the most caffeine and whether you should have a second cup. According to Mayo Clinic, 400 milligrams of caffeine is the safe limit for an average and healthy adult. That’s equivalent to about 4 cups of brewed coffee, 10 cola cans, or 2 shots of energy drinks. 

Heavy caffeine consumption can have undesirable side effects, even in adults. Additionally, those who are extremely sensitive to caffeine’s effects or who take specific medication may want to avoid it.

What Is Starbucks Clover Brewing System?

The Clover brewing system is a revolutionary way of brewing coffee that enhances and unlocks the distinctive flavor characteristics of specialty coffees. The system combines the best aspects of the vacuum pot and coffee press processes. The result is individual cups of the freshest coffee served to the customer in the shortest time. The company behind this innovation was bought by Starbucks in 2008 and that’s why you can’t buy Clover coffee machines. Besides Clover, other coffee machines in Starbucks are also used. 

NO.Starbucks CoffeeGrande (16-oz)
1Veranda Blend Brewed Coffee360
2Clover Brewed® Gold Coast Blend®380
3Iced Clover Brewed® Gold Coast Blend®380
4Espresso Roast Clover®380
5Iced Espresso Roast Clover®380
6Italian Roast Clover®380
7Iced Clover Brewed® Italian Roast380
8Komodo Dragon Clover®380
9Iced Komodo Dragon Clover®380
10Sumatra Clover®380
11Iced Sumatra Clover®190
12Clover Brewed® Pike Place® Roast375
13Iced Pike Place® Roast Clover®375
14Organic Yukon Blend® Clover®375
15Iced Organic Yukon Blend® Clover®375
16Caffé Verona® Clover®375
17Iced Caffé Verona® Clover®190
18Veranda Blend Clover340
19Iced Veranda Blend® Clover®340
20Featured Medium Roast – Pike Place® Roast310
21Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso255
22Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee205
23Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee with Milk205
24Iced Caffè Americano225
25Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew185
26Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew185
27Chocolate Cream Cold Brew185
28Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew280
29Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew265

01 Veranda Blend Brewed Coffee

What’s Starbucks strongest coffee you ask? Well, with 475 milligrams of caffeine in a Venti (20-ounce) cup size and 360 milligrams in a Grande (16-ounce) cup, Veranda Blend is the strongest Starbucks brewed coffee in the Hot Coffees selection. Made from the best Latin American beans grown on family-owned farms, the Veranda Blend is a light roast full of flavor with a mellow, soft taste. 

You can also order it in smaller Starbucks cup sizes of Tall (12 ounces) or Short (8 ounces) if you want to get the flavor and taste without going OTT on the caffeine intake. 

02 Clover Brewed® Gold Coast Blend® 

Next on the list of the strongest Starbucks coffee beans is the Clover Brewed Coast Blend. It’s a tribute to Chicago, where it all began in 1987. Carefully curated coffee beans from Latin America and Indonesia are blended with the sweetness of the dark Italian roast to create a coffee with a big, robust, sweet, and sophisticated profile. The Venti size coffee made from this blend contains 470 milligrams of caffeine while the Grande has 380 milligrams. It’s also available in shorter cup sizes on the Starbucks menu if you want to limit your caffeine intake. 

And if you want an iced coffee with the same blend, choose from either a Venti or a Grande size and they contain the same caffeine amount as their hot counterparts, making it the strongest coffee at Starbucks. 

03 Espresso Roast Clover®

Another choice of the strongest coffee at Starbucks with 470 milligrams of caffeine per Venti serving is the Espresso Roast Clover coffee. The superb combination of caramel and molasses notes can take you to a different world of decadence. You can take it black to sample the strongest Starbucks ground coffee or with steamed milk. Or, to take things slowly, order a Grande size containing 380 milligrams of caffeine. And if you’re not too sure, start by ordering a Short or Tall size. 

You can have the iced coffee version of this blend – Iced Espresso Roast Clover. It’s available in Venti, Grande, and Tall sizes and contains 470, 380, and 280 milligrams of caffeine, respectively. 

04 Italian Roast Clover®

Do you want a hint of s’more in your coffee? If yes, then Italian roast brewed coffee is the best choice for you as it not only has the notes of the most indulgent duo of dark cocoa and roasted marshmallows but is also a strong cup made from Starbucks strongest coffee beans. The Venti size has 470 milligrams of caffeine while the Grande size has 380. Also available in Short and Tall cups, the Italian Roast Clover coffee can satisfy your campfire cravings without going overboard on the caffeine.

For an iced coffee made from this strong Starbucks blend, choose the Iced Clover Brewed® Italian Roast in either Venti, Grande, or Tall size. The caffeine content in these sizes is 470, 380, and 280 milligrams per serving, respectively. 

05 Komodo Dragon Clover®

Komodo dragon is the national animal of Indonesia, and you have probably guessed by now that the Komodo Dragon Clover coffee is a blend of coffee beans from Indonesia. The earthy tones are accentuated with a lingering aroma of spice and fresh herbs to make this an excellent coffee to start your day with a cup made from some of the strongest Starbucks ground coffee.

With 470 milligrams of caffeine in a Venti serving and 380 milligrams of caffeine in a Grande cup, you will be able to feel the energy. The Short and Tall sizes are also available. You can get the same blend in a Starbucks iced coffee form. Three sizes are available – Venti, Grande, and Tall – with the caffeine content of 470, 380, and 280 milligrams per serving according to the cup size.  

06 Sumatra Clover®

The Sumatra Clover is also made from Indonesian beans so it’s no surprise that this blend of Clover brewed coffee can produce the darkest coffee at Starbucks. With earthy notes of dried herbs and fresh earth and a full-bodied texture and smooth mouthfeel, the Venti size packs in 470 milligrams of caffeine while the Grande size contains 380 milligrams. You can also ask the barista to serve either a Short or Tall size of this brewed coffee. 

Try the iced Sumatra Clover if you’re in the mood for something cold. It’s available in Venti, Grande, and Tall cup size. The caffeine content as per the cup sizes are 275, 190, and 140 milligrams per serving. 

07 Clover Brewed® Pike Place® Roast

From the moment Starbucks opened its doors in Seattle’s Pike Place Market to the moment it opened coffee shops around the globe, customers asked for a cup of freshly brewed coffee they could sip throughout the day. So in 2008, the master roasters and blenders at Starbucks made a blend that is so consistent and well-balanced that no one characteristic takes center stage or vanishes altogether. 

It is the ideal daily Clover medium roast brewed coffee because it is a smooth, well-balanced blend of coffees from Latin America with rich, subtle flavors of cocoa and toasted almonds. The Venti size coffee made from this contains 445 milligrams of caffeine while the Grande cup is packed with 375 milligrams. Sometimes we can get confused between Starbucks Tall Vs Grande and wonder which one is the best.

Try the Iced Pike Place® Roast Clover® for a cold treat. Available in Venti, Grande, and Tall cups, each packs in the same caffeine content as the hot coffee version, creating the strongest coffee at Starbucks for you. 

08 Organic Yukon Blend® Clover®

A wonderful blend of Indonesian and Latin American beans has resulted in the Organic Yukon Blend Clover. Every cup of the darkest coffee at Starbucks is vibrant and deep with earthy notes and liveliness you can’t miss. The Venti cup of this Clover brewed coffee contains 445 milligrams of caffeine and the Grande size contains 375 milligrams. You can also order this brewed coffee in smaller sizes Short and Tall. 

Order Iced Organic Yukon Blend® Clover® in a Venti, Grande, or Tall cup for a strong cold brew coffee from this blend. They have the same caffeine content as brewed coffee. 

09 Caffé Verona® Clover®

The cocoa and caramelized sugar flavor profile of the Caffe Verona Clover dark roast brewed coffee is exquisitely dark, deep, and sweet. This is best paired with dark chocolate to bring out the sweetness. Each Venti cup of this Clover brewed coffee from Starbucks contains 445 milligrams of caffeine and the Grande size contains 375 milligrams. Also available in Short and Tall sizes for a lower caffeine intake but the same rich experience. 

To take it to another level, try the cold brew coffee from this blend – Iced Caffé Verona® Clover®. Choose from Venti, Grande, or Tall cup sizes. The caffeine content in order of the sizes is 275, 190, and 140 milligrams per cup. 

10 Veranda Blend Clover

If you want to step down a bit on the caffeine ladder, choose a lightly roasted Latin American coffee in the form of Veranda Blend Clover with a flavor profile of milk chocolate and toasted malt. The Venti cup of Veranda Blend Clover has 425 milligrams of caffeine and its Grande cup has 340 milligrams. If you’re looking for a lower amount of caffeine, then choose either the Short (8-ounce) or Tall (12-ounce) cup. 

A cold brew coffee crafted from the same blend is the Iced Veranda Blend® Clover® in cup sizes Venti, Grande, and Tall. The caffeine content is the same as in the hot brewed version. 

11 Featured Medium Roast – Pike Place® Roast

The coffee with the lowest caffeine content in the Hot Coffees selection but still within the vicinity of 400 milligrams per Venti cup is the Featured Medium Roast – Pike Place® Roast with 410 milligrams of caffeine in the Venti size and 310 milligrams in the Grande cup. This is brewed fresh for you and served in a cup.

For a less intense caffeine kick, you can also order this in a Short or Tall size. To get the best flavor and aroma from the medium roast Pike Place Roast coffee, avoid adding toppings, sweeteners, and creamers. For me, these add-ins spoil the true essence of coffee but of course, you can add them if you like.

12 Iced Toasted Vanilla Oatmilk Shaken Espresso

An invigorating treat to start your day off right is Starbucks® Blonde iced shaken espresso mixed with hints of caramelized vanilla and shaken together, then topped with oatmilk. The iced toasted vanilla oatmilk shaken espresso is available in Venti, Grande, and Tall size cups with per serving caffeine content of 340, 255, and 170 milligrams per cup, respectively.

13 Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee

Clocking at 360 milligrams of caffeine in the Trenta or the tallest size cup at Starbucks, the Starbucks cold brew is special. It’s made from a house blend that can withstand steeping in cold water temperatures for 20 hours for the maximum flavor extraction. The smooth and bold flavor is fresh as the brew is made in small batches. 

You can also order this cold brew in sizes Venti, Grande, and Tall. Each of these has a caffeine content per serving of 310, 205, and 155 milligrams. 

14 Starbucks® Cold Brew Coffee with Milk

Another cold brew variation of the above is the Starbucks Cold Brew coffee with milk. It contains the same caffeine amount as the one sans milk – 360 milligrams in the Trenta cup. The only difference between the two cold brews is the addition of milk for a richer mouthfeel. 

15 Iced Caffè Americano

A choice of Starbucks iced coffee with a high caffeine content is the iced caffe Americano. Espresso shots are served over ice after being topped with cold water to create a thin layer of crema. As a result, the beverage is rich, complex, and delicious. The Venti size has 300 milligrams of caffeine, while the Grande and Tall sizes have 225 and 150 milligrams of caffeine respectively.

16 Salted Caramel Cream Cold Brew

Salted caramel is the perfect combo of sweet and salty. And if you get this flavor in a cup of cold brew coffee, nothing like it! That’s why, at Starbucks, you can order the Salted Caramel Cream cold brew for a smooth coffee experience with the right sweetness from caramel that’s set off by the thick, salted cold foam. With caffeine content of 320, 275, 185, and 145 milligrams per Trenta, Venti, Grande, and Tall cup, you are bound to get a nice caffeine high. 

17 Vanilla Sweet Cream Cold Brew

Another cold brew with a relatively high caffeine content is the vanilla sweet cream cold brew. Vanilla is added to the slow-brewed, special Starbucks® Cold Brew coffee mix, and a delicate float of homemade vanilla sweet cream is added as a topping for the ultimate sweet luxury. This Starbucks cold brew packs in a caffeine content of 315 milligrams in the biggest size – Trenta – and 275, 185, and 145 milligrams in Venti, Grande, and Tall sizes, respectively. 

18 Chocolate Crème Cold Brew

The chocolate cream cold brew coffee has one of the highest caffeine contents in the Cold Coffees selection with 315 milligrams of caffeine in the Trenta or 30-ounce cup size, 275 milligrams in the Venti cup, 185 milligrams in the Grande size, and 145 milligrams in the Tall size. It’s not available in the Short cup size. 

It’s one of the best Starbucks brewed coffee with vanilla syrup and topped with a creamy and chocolatey cold foam.

19 Starbucks Nitro Cold Brew

The nitro cold brew is a special Starbucks drink that has nitrogen infused in it for a fuller body, a cascade of froth, and crema. It is poured from a keg to produce a beautiful and thick head. The nitro cold brew looks much like beer and is offered in only two sizes – Grande and Tall. The Venti or any larger size cup is not offered as in a larger cup, you won’t see the same cascading effect of foam caused by the nitrogen addition in the nitro cold brew. 

The Grande size has a lower caffeine content than other strong coffee at Starbucks but still, it contains 280 milligrams in Grande and 215 milligrams in the Tall size. So, if you order the Starbucks Nitro cold Brew in the Grande size which is 16-ounce, you are going to fulfill 2 8-ounce cups of caffeine quota for the day. 

20 Vanilla Sweet Cream Nitro Cold Brew

Following close on the heels of the Starbucks nitro cold brew is the Vanilla sweet cream variation. As you have guessed, it is a Nitro Cold Brew but with a sweet house-made vanilla cream floating on top. It is offered in the same two sizes as the Nitro Cold Brew and the caffeine content in the vanilla sweet cream nitro cold brew is 265 milligrams in Grande and 200 milligrams in the Tall size.

Other Starbucks strong drinks with a medium to high caffeine content include:

Iced caramel macchiato with 225 milligrams of caffeine in the Venti cup;

Starbucks Blonde Vanilla Latte with two espresso shots in the Venti cup packed with 170 mg of caffeine; 

Iced Caffè Mocha with the Venti size containing 265 mg of caffeine. 

If you’re not up for these moderate to high caffeinated drinks, there are at least 30 Starbucks low caffeine drinks that can make your day. 

Which Starbucks Ground Coffee Has The Most Caffeine?

If you’re wondering which Starbucks blend has the most caffeine, there are a few, not just any single blend. The Veranda Blend ground coffee from which the Veranda blend coffee is brewed is the strongest Starbucks coffee but only if you order a Venti or 20-ounce cup size. This size contains 475 milligrams of caffeine and the Grande cup (16-ounce) has 360 milligrams. But compared to other ground coffee from Starbucks, the Veranda blend contains less caffeine in the Grande cup size. 

Ground coffee with a higher caffeine content in the Grande size at 380 milligrams per serving includes: 

Clover Brewed® Gold Coast Blend® 

Espresso Roast Clover®

Italian Roast Clover®

Komodo Dragon Clover®

Sumatra Clover®

Incidentally, the iced coffee versions of all the above-mentioned ground coffee contain the same amount of caffeine except Sumatra Clover – iced coffee made from Sumatra Clover contains 190 milligrams of caffeine.

Top 3 Tips To Maximize The Caffeine In Starbucks Coffee

Strong Coffee Starbucks: 20 Strongest Coffee Drinks At Starbucks 1
Top 3 Tips To Maximize Caffeine Content

Follow these tips to maximize the caffeine content in your Starbucks drinks to get a stronger kick. 

01 Black coffee without any toppings and add-ins is the strongest as it has only coffee packed with caffeine and nothing else to lessen the effect. Try any of the Starbucks blends with the highest caffeine content.

02 You can add an additional espresso shot to any espresso-based coffee drink, such as a Caffe Americano or latte, to enhance the caffeine. One espresso shot has 75mg of caffeine, therefore adding more caffeine is really simple.

03 You don’t truly get 16 ounces of coffee when you order a Grande iced coffee. You are probably receiving approximately half of that. Ask for less ice to increase the amount of coffee you receive! By doing this, you get additional caffeine to keep your day going.


Which Starbucks Coffee Is The Strongest?

Veranda Blend brewed coffee is the strongest coffee at Starbucks with 475 milligrams of caffeine in the Venti or 20-ounce cup.

Why Is Starbucks Coffee So Strong?

The method Starbucks roasts its coffee beans is the primary distinction between its product and competing brands. They roast the coffee very slowly, which brings out a more nuanced flavor. Starbucks coffee often has a significantly finer grind than other brands, which gives it a richer flavor.

Who Has Stronger Coffee Dunkin Or Starbucks?

Dunkin’s coffee has 220 milligrams of caffeine per cup on average, compared to an average of 267 milligrams in a cup of Starbucks coffee, making Starbucks coffees stronger. 

Can Strong Coffee Cause Stomach Pain?

As a stimulant, caffeine can increase the amount of hydrochloric acid secreted by the stomach, which can be uncomfortable or painful. Other components in the coffee may be the source of these negative effects. For instance, because milk-based coffees contain lactose, persons who are lactose intolerant frequently experience pain or difficulty with strong coffee.

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