How Big is Starbucks Venti: Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained

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Learn how big is Starbucks venti and other coffee cup sizes in this iconic chain so that you know exactly what you’re ordering the next time you’re there.

How Big is Starbucks Venti: Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained
How Big is Starbucks Venti

Starbucks is a brand larger than life and so are its cup sizes! 

What passes as small, medium or large size in other coffee shops is considered Tall, Grande, and Venti in the largest coffeehouse chain in the world.

To dispel all the confusion about the Starbucks coffee sizes, we’re here with this article that explains all the sizes and easy ways to remember them.

Sit comfortably with a Tall or Venti caffe latte as we take you into the world of Starbucks cup sizes!

Why Aren’t Starbucks Cup Sizes The Same As In Other Coffeehouses?

It all goes back to 1982 when Howard Schultz was hired as the Head of Marketing at Starbucks. At that time the owners were Jerry Baldwin and Gordon Bowker. 

Fun Fact: The first Starbucks opened in 1971 near Pike Palace Market in Seattle.

How Big is Starbucks Venti: Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained 1
Starbucks opened in 1971

When Schultz was sent on a company trip to Milan in 1983, he was captivated by the Italian coffee bars and the sheer number of coffeehouses in a single city – 1500!

He wanted to expand the chain but the owners were not so open to his idea. 

This led to Schultz leaving the company in 1985 and starting his own coffee shop – Il Giornale – which became a roaring success. 

In 1987, the owners of Starbucks put it up for sale. With some financial backing, Schultz bought it and brought his Il Giornale chain under the Starbucks umbrella brand. 

Schultz seized this chance to emulate the business model that he saw in Milan. He wanted to infuse the exotic Italian coffee culture right in the US. 

As part of the cultural osmosis, he used Italian names for the cup sizes, which is why the cups’ capacity in Starbucks is different. For example, as Venti means “twenty” in Italian, this cup in Starbucks can hold 20 ounces of hot coffee. 

Similarly, “Trenta” is 30 in Italian and a Trenta drink from Starbucks holds 30 (31, in fact) ounces. 

Further, Schultz wanted to give the Starbucks hot and cold drinks Italian names to give the whole feel. Hence, we have macchiato, latte, and cappuccino.

How Big is Starbucks Venti? What Are The Starbucks Cup Sizes?

What Are The Starbucks Cup Sizes
Starbucks Cup Sizes

There are six different Starbucks cup sizes but seven if you count Venti Hot and Venti Cold separately. 

01. Demi

Demi is the smallest cup in Starbucks and holds only 3 ounces. This cup is used to serve only espresso shots. 

An espresso shot contains an ounce of coffee so the Demi size is perfect for it. 

Even if you order a doppio or double espresso shot, which is 2 ounces, the Demi size cup still holds it well. 

Fun Fact: Demi is French (not Italian!) for half-cup and is derived from the word “demitasse”. 

02. Short

Although Starbucks started off with just three sizes – Short, Tall, and Grande – the Short cup size isn’t as popular although you can still see it on some menus

The Starbucks Short cup holds 8 ounces of coffee and you can have only hot drinks in this size. 

The advantage of this cup is that you can have less caffeine than a Starbucks standard size of coffee as it has one espresso shot (except for flat whites). 

Plus, the Short cup is perfect if you want to order a hot drink for your kid. 

03. Tall

The standard menu at Starbucks starts with the Tall size as the smallest cup. And that’s where the confusion starts – Tall is the smallest size in Starbucks. 

It holds 12 ounces of either hot or cold drinks and contains one shot of espresso (except for Americano, flat white, and iced shaken espresso) – the same as in the Short cup.

The rest of the fluid consists of milk or other caffeine-free drinks. 

04. Grande

Grande is the medium or standard size in a Starbucks outlet although the term means “large” in Italian.  

With a capacity of 16 fluid ounces, you can have either hot beverages or iced espresso beverages in this cup size. 

In the Grande cup size, you get two shots of espresso (except for flat whites, iced shaken espressos, and Americanos).

Good to remember: Smoothies are served only in the Grande size.

05. Venti 

Another confusion arises regarding the size of Venti when you’re about to order in Starbucks.

Venti refers to a large size in Starbucks and contains 20 ounces of hot drinks. Venti means “twenty” in Italian, as mentioned earlier. 

You get two shots of espresso in the Venti hot cup, except for Americanos and flat whites.

On the other hand, a Venti cold holds 24 ounces of cold drinks. Why? Because you need room for ice in your cold drinks and you don’t want to pay the same price for more ice and less coffee. 

That’s why the Venti cold brew cup can hold 24 ounces of drink. 

In the Venti cold cup, there are three shots of espresso except for Americanos, shaken espressos, and flat whites.

06. Trenta

Trenta or “30” in Italian makes it easy for you to remember that this Starbucks size cup contains 30 ounces of coffee (psst! 31 ounces actually).

You can order only iced drinks like refreshers, cold brew, shaken iced tea lemonade, Teavana shaken iced tea, and iced coffee in this extra large size cup. 

You won’t get iced espresso drinks or frappuccinos in this XL size at Starbucks. 

The Trenta is a good size for someone for whom four cups of coffee in a single drink won’t cause any caffeine-related health issues. 

What’s The Amount Of Espresso Shots In Starbucks Drinks?

You may want to know how many shots of espresso there are in Starbucks coffee to track the amount of caffeine intake.

Cup SizeEspresso Shots
Demi1 or 2
Short1 (except for flat whites)
Tall1 (except for Americano, flat white, and iced shaken espresso)
Grande2 (except for flat whites, iced shaken espressos, and Americanos)
Venti (hot)2 (except for Americanos and flat whites)
Venti (cold)3 (except for Americanos, shaken espressos, and flat whites)

In this coffee shop, a shot of espresso has 75 mg of caffeine while the Pike Place medium-roast coffee has 155 mg of caffeine.

We are just mentioning the caffeine comparison in its simplest term as it’s not so simple in reality.

The caffeine content depends a lot on the type of coffee beans, how long they have been roasted, the method of brewing coffee, and other factors.

Anyway, let’s look at the espresso shot amount so that conscious coffee drinkers can gauge how much caffeine is in each Starbucks size.

01. Demi

In the demi size, the shots of espresso are either one or two. While a single espresso has just one shot, you get two shots if you order a double espresso or doppio. 

02. Short

You get one espresso shot in the 8-ounce Short cup. Remember that this size is for hot drinks only.

03. Tall

In the Tall cup size of 12 ounces, you get one espresso shot for espresso drinks and two shots of espresso if you order an iced shaken espresso or Americano or flat white

04. Grande

As for the Grande cup size of 16 ounces, you get two shots of espresso for espresso drinks and three shots for Americano or flat white or iced shaken espresso

05. Venti (hot)

In the 20-ounce Venti hot cup size, two espresso shots are added to any espresso beverage while three shots for a flat white and four shots for an Americano

06. Venti (cold)

As for the 24-ounce Venti cold size, three shots of espresso are added for an espresso drink and four shots if you’ve ordered a flat white or Americano or iced shaken espresso

07. Trenta

Espresso drinks are not offered in the extra large Trenta cup, so espresso shots are not applicable for this size. 

The Syrup Pump Sizes In Starbucks Drinks

If you’re calorie-conscious, you should know how much syrup and calories are going into your coveted Starbucks drink. 

Cup SizesSyrup Pump Sizes
Venti (hot)2
Venti (cold)3

There’s no syrup added to your Demi cup so no need to worry.

Two pumps of syrup are added in the Short cup, three pumps in the Tall, four pumps in the Grande, five pumps in Venti hot, six pumps in Venti cold, and seven pumps in Trenta. 

Number of Teabags In Starbucks Cups

How Big is Starbucks Venti: Starbucks Cup Sizes Explained 2
Number of Teabags In Starbucks Cups

Starbucks caters to a wider market by offering a range of tea drinks. 

In case you want to know how many teabags are in Starbucks sizes, here’s a breakdown.

Cup SizesTeabags
Venti (hot)2
Venti (cold)2

Final Thoughts

Armed with the information about all the Starbucks cup sizes, you’ll never be confused again about how big is a Starbucks Venti or Grande!

Next time you saunter into your favorite Starbucks café, you’ll be confident knowing exactly what you’ll order and the amount of espresso and/or syrup your drink will have. 

Before we sign off, we thought we would share a table with you for easy reference as to the names of the Starbucks sizes, the capacity of each, the number of espresso shots in iced coffee or hot coffee, the number of pumps of syrup or flavors added to each cup size, and the number of teabags you get in the various cup sizes.


Starbucks Cup NamesStarbucks Cup Sizes in OuncesAmount of Espresso shot(s) in Espresso DrinksAmount of Espresso Shot(s) in Other DrinksPunps of SyrupNumber of Teabags
Demi (only for espresso shots)31 in a single espresso
2 inn doppio or double espresso
Short (not popular but still available for hot drinks only)81N/A21
Tall (smallest size on standard menu, used for both hot and cold drinks)1212 shots for Americano, or iced shaken espresso31
Grande (standard or medium size for both hot and cold drinks, only size offered for smoothies)1623 shots for Americano, or iced shaken espresso42
Venti (hot) (large size)2023 shots for iced flat white, 4 shots for Americano52
Venti (cold) (large size)2434 shots for iced flat white or iced Americano or shaken espresso62
Trenta (extra large size for iced drinks only)31Espresso drinks not offered in this sizeN/A7N/A


Is The Venti Or Grande Bigger?

Both Venti hot and Venti cold are bigger than Grande. Grande contains 16 ounces of fluid while Venti Hot contains 20 ounces and Venti Cold contains 24 ounces. 

What Are The Starbucks Sizes?

The Starbucks drink sizes are Demi (3-0z), Short (8-oz), Tall (12-oz), Grande (16-oz), Venti hot (20-oz), Venti cold (24-oz), and Trenta (30-oz).

Why Is Venti Large At Starbucks?

The original sizes at Starbucks were Short (small at 8 ounces), Tall (medium at 12 ounces), and Grande (large at 16 ounces).
But when customers demanded a larger size than the Grande, Starbucks introduced the Venti size (20 ounces for hot drinks) and it became the new large size as the Short was removed from the menu. 
Therefore, the Tall became small, Grande became medium, and Venti became the large cup size. 

Is Grande A Large At Starbucks?

Originally, Grande was a large size but when Venti was introduced, it replaced Grande as the new large size.

How Long Is A Starbucks Venti Straw?

Originally, Grande was a large size but when Venti was introduced, it replaced Grande as the new large size.

How Big Is A Starbucks Venti UK?

A Starbucks Venti in the UK is the same size as 20 ounces of a hot drink in the USA.

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