DeLonghi EC 155 Review: Is It Worth the Investment?

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delonghi espresso machine reviews

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for DeLonghi Espresso Machine reviews. Many of the best cappuccino and espresso machines come from De’Longhi, so we thought it’s time we talked about one of their most popular models: DeLonghi EC 155.

EC 155 is easily among the best DeLonghi espresso machines. It balances its features with its price, and it’s perfect for both budding and professional espresso and cappuccino machine enthusiasts.

Its simplistic design encourages beginners to give it a try, while its functional offerings call out to espresso and cappuccino machine veterans.

So, let’s discuss everything you need to know about DeLonghi EC 155. We’ll talk you through its features, design, pros, and cons, and show you how you can use it, clean it, and descale it.

De’Longhi EC 155 in Detail

Product Highlights

  • It features a 15-bar pump that coffee makers of the same price tag can’t offer.
  • It boasts a removable water tank with a large capacity.
  • It has a dual-action filter holder for pre-ground coffee beans or coffee pods.
  • Its dual thermostats separately regulate water and steam pressure for you.
  • Its self-priming system saves you from manually needing to prime it.
  • It comes with a manual milk frother, cups, cup warmer, and filter system.


  • Feature-packed
  • Extremely affordable
  • Highly durable
  • Compact and portable
  • Automatically primes
  • Has a water level indicator
  • Has a large water tank
  • Easy to operate and maintain


  • Short frothing wand
  • Not customizable

Appearance and Built

With a black plastic finish supporting a stainless steel core, De’Longhi EC 155 is a treat to look at. It can easily fit in most modern kitchens, and you can even stash it anywhere since it’s a compact espresso machine.

It features dimensions of just 12.2 x 19.3 x 15 inches, so it wouldn’t take up much space in your counter or storage space. Yet despite its size, it manages to fit in a 35-ounce removable water tank, so you’ll never have to wait long to refill your cup.

DeLonghi EC 155 feels sturdy to touch, though its huge 15 bar pump pressure does tend to take a toll on its metal parts. Then again, its single-dial feature makes everything simplistic and less complicated, so it encourages beginners to use it.


As we mentioned before, EC 155 is tiny but not to be belittled. It boasts an operating power of 1100 watts that generates 15 bars of professional pressure every time it brews. This much power is usually found in heavy-duty commercial espresso machines and not in budget-friendly ones like EC155.

Having many bars of pressure is important to create espressos. Instituto Nazionale Espresso Italiano, the Italian body that determines what espresso should be like, states that an espresso shot should be ideally brewed under 8 bars of pressure.

This is because if your espresso machine can’t create enough pressure, it’ll churn out a thin, brown liquid that doesn’t qualify as an espresso. DeLonghi packs a generous 15 bars in its EC 155, which is more than the ideal.

delonghi ec 155 features


Delonghi pump espresso machine EC 155 is a basic yet solid barista. It brews two sorts of well-enough authentic barista quality beverages: espresso and cappuccino, as suggested by its name.

Basically, it’s a point-and-shoot model designed for convenience, and hence, there isn’t much room for customization. After you hit the ‘on’ switch, it takes 45 seconds to heat up. Then, the indicator tells you that the unit is ready.

Following this, it’s simply a cycle of brew, froth, and repeat. 

You can use an easy-serve espresso pod or ground coffee on EC 155. However, note that espresso coffee beans would require grinding by a separate grinder. This DeLonghi Espresso Maker doesn’t come with an in-built one.

Besides this, DeLonghi EC 155 features a stainless steel boiler system with a dedicated thermostat to ensure you have precisely heated water when you brew espresso. This doesn’t guarantee that all shots will have the same temperature, though; if you don’t let the heating element prep itself for your subsequent cups, you’ll notice they’re colder than the first one.

And when it comes to frothing, you’ll enjoy having a separate thermostat to monitor the temperature of milk during frothing. This allows you to have rich, velvety and fulfilling resultant milk.

So, overall, EC 155’s 15 bar pump pressure, two separate thermostats to regulate water and steam pressure, and dual filtration system results in a rich and satisfactory high-quality espresso or cappuccino.

Considering De’Longhi EC 155’s price point, it’s a pretty good deal. Of course, it can’t produce highly authentic barista quality beverages like the more expensive and sophisticated espresso machines in the market, but it will produce great ones well enough to match those.


The DeLonghi EC 155 manual espresso machine is designed as a training wheel for beginners in the espresso game. It features just one control knob for everything and easy infographics at each station of the knob, allowing you to command the unit without trouble.

Moreover, EC 155 Espresso and Cappuccino Maker primes itself, relieving you of the stress and anxiety that can come with priming an espresso machine.

Its water reservoir also has a capacity of 35 ounces, which is quite commendable considering how compact the unit is. A single shot measures about 1 or 2 ounces, and you can have17 to 35 shots before needing to refill the tank.

Maintenance is fairly easy, too. EC 155 notifies you when it needs cleaning, and its drip tray and the water reservoir are dishwasher safe.

cappuccino made with love


DeLonghi EC 155 espresso-cappuccino barista has been around for years. This is a good thing, as the model has been perfected several times to have reached its current state. As a result, the EC155 has close to nil complaints regarding the reliability and durability of its parts.

Even then, the manufacturer offers a 1-year replacement warranty on this product for your comfort and peace of mind.


Even though this espresso and cappuccino maker packs a handful of sophisticated features that you get in the high-end spectrum of coffee machines, it still has its limitations. So, in this DeLonghi espresso machine review, we figured it’s best to list the features you won’t find in EC 155.

First, it’s not programmable. The only command that you can give the EC155 is via a simple knob. When it brews, you must be there to switch it off as soon as your cup fills up. This is as basic as it goes, so programmability isn’t an option.

So, if you’d like an alternative, try Magnifica ESAM 3300instead. It’s a highly programmable automatic espresso machine from the same manufacturer. That’s your best bet if programmability is your preference. 

Also, note that EC 155 is not super fast. Even though this unit primes itself and shows you the green ‘okay’ signal within minutes, some customers feel that it requires a bit of extra time to be actually ready to deliver to its optimum capacity.

how to use delonghi ec 155 espresso and cappucino machine

What the Users Say about the De’Longhi EC 155?

The De’Longhi EC 155 is a low-cost espresso machine that is ideal for individuals on a tight budget.
Several customers love its tiny size, which makes it ideal for small kitchens or apartments.

Customers believe the machine makes good espresso with a good crema, especially when freshly ground beans are used.

Some users have complained that the steam wand is fussy, making it difficult to generate a consistently smooth microfoam for latte art.

Overall, the De’Longhi EC 155 is a good option for people searching for a low-cost, entry-level espresso machine that delivers good espresso.

DeLonghi EC 155 vs. Breville BES870XL Barista Express

The Breville BES870XL Barista Express is another popular option for espresso enthusiasts. The machine has a built-in conical burr grinder, which means you can grind fresh coffee beans for each shot of espresso.

The Breville machine also has a steam wand for milk frothing and comes with several customizable settings to allow you to tailor your coffee to your exact preference. However, the Breville machine is significantly larger than the DeLonghi EC 155, which can be a disadvantage for those with limited counter space.

DeLonghi EC 155 vs. Gaggia Classic Pro

The Gaggia Classic Pro is a top-of-the-line espresso machine that is known for its high-quality espresso shots. The machine has a 3-way solenoid valve that helps regulate the water pressure and temperature, which results in a more consistent and flavorful espresso shot.

Additionally, the Gaggia Classic Pro has a commercial steam wand that allows for perfect milk frothing. However, the Gaggia Classic Pro is more expensive than the DeLonghi EC 155, making it less accessible to those on a budget.

DeLonghi EC 155 vs. Nespresso Essenza Mini

The Nespresso Essenza Mini is a pod-based espresso machine that is designed for convenience and ease of use. The machine uses Nespresso pods to create delicious espresso shots, and it has a compact design that makes it perfect for small kitchens or apartments.

Additionally, the Nespresso Essenza Mini heats up quickly, so you can have a cup of coffee in no time. However, the Nespresso pods can be expensive, and the machine does not offer the same level of control and customization as the DeLonghi EC 155.

How to Use a De’Longhi Espresso Machine

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine’s best selling point is the convenience that it offers. Everything about it is simple. With EC 155, you can easily brew, clean, maintain, and store your machine without trouble.

But before that, you need to know how to unbox and set it up. To do that, see this handy video:

And once you’re done with assembling DeLonghi EC 155, it’s time to brew your first cup of espresso. For that, here’s another handy video to guide you:

Maintaining Delonghi EC155

If the coffee shots get you energetic enough, you’ll be steadfast in maintaining your DeLonghi Espresso and Cappuccino Maker to reap the most out of it. However, if you’re as forgetful as we are, don’t worry: your EC155 will somehow let you know when it needs cleaning and descaling.

When to Clean Your DeLongi Espresso Machine

Generally, you need to clean De’Longhi EC 155 after every 200 shots that it delivers, if it stops working, and when espresso drips out of the filter holder. Then again, you’re also welcome to occasionally descale it and wash its parts even before that. Descaling a coffee maker works wonders and helps your unit perform at its best.

how to descale delonghi espresso machine

How to Descale DeLonghi Espresso Machine:

To descale your espresso and cappucino machine, you need to have a commercial descaling solution. Something like Essential Values Universal Descaling Solution is great.

Some people use DIY alternatives such as vinegar, too, but manufacturers don’t really recommend this. Ready-made formulations usually work best.

Anyway, to descale De’Longhi EC 155, follow these steps:

Step 1: Turn the machine on. Remove the water tank from the unit and empty it as the machine heats up.

Step 2: Pour 100 ml of descaling solution into the empty water tank, and fill the remainder of the tank with water.

Step 3: Let the descaling solution and water mix.

Step 4: Reinsert this water tank inside the unit.

Step 5: Place an empty container under the steam wand and boiler.

Step 6: Once you see the green ‘Okay’ light, turn the dial to the coffee/hot water option.

The descaling solution will now flow through the machine and come out through the boiler outlet, filling the empty container that you have placed beneath it.

Step 7: Let this go on for about 10 seconds.

Then, turn the steam dial on so that the solution flushes through the steam wand. Allow this to happen for another 10 seconds.

Step 8: Turn the dial off, and repeat this after an interval of 15 minutes until the water tank is emptied. You’re done once that happens.

Make sure that the descaling solution has flushed through the entire unit by repeating the steps again using just water this time around.

delonghi espresso and cappucino machine review

Where to Buy DeLonghi EC155 Espresso Maker

Of course, one place to buy an appliance is the website of the manufacturer itself.

However, purchasing EC 155 from DeLonghi’s website will cost you a tad bit more, and you can expect this pricepoint to remain fairly constant. Amazon sells DeLonghi EC 155 the cheapest, as far as we know.


Is DeLonghi a good brand?

The DeLonghi EC 155 espresso machine is made by a reputable company, DeLonghi. This brand has been making barista-quality coffee machines for many years, so it’s well-known for high-quality products at an affordable price. It manufactures all of its espresso machines in Italy, which means the De’Longhi EC155 Pump Espresso is reliable and built to last.

Is a DeLonghi espresso machine worth it?

With a variety of features to choose from, DeLonghi EC 155 gives you more than just the basics. Its frother makes it stand out – it doesn’t only create creamy froth milk; it also drips hot water for tea or instant coffee like a pro!

How long does a DeLonghi coffee machine last?

DeLonghi is a trusted name in the world of quality home appliances. The lifetime of DeLonghi appliances varies from one to another. A lot of it depends on the build quality of the device. While the super-automatic espresso machines last for 5 years or more, the durability of less expensive basic models is expected to be less.

The EC 155 and similar single boiler units last for an average of 2-3 years. This is pretty impressive compared to the price tag this product bears. Besides, chances are, by this time, you will decide to up your game and switch to more advanced espresso machines.

And even if you plan on sticking to this unit, a lifetime of 2-3 years is merely an average estimate. With thoughtful care and maintenance, you never know how long your DeLonghi EC155 will end up staying by your side.

delonghi ec 155 review

Why isn’t my DeLonghi EC155 working?

If your coffee maker isn’t working, your water reservoir could be empty or your device needs descaling. So, check your water tank to see if it’s full and if so, check your descaling unit or descale your device.

And if descaling still refuses to turn on your DeLonghi espresso machine, you may be suffering from a failing pump. Failing pumps aren’t uncommon. In fact ‘Delonghi EC 155 change water pump’ is a common query on the web.

If this happens within 12 months of your purchase, you’re covered by a replacement warranty. If this happens later, we suggest you contact Customer Service for a consultation.

Can you use regular coffee grounds in a cappuccino/espresso maker?

You can use regular coffee grounds in a cappuccino or espresso maker, but you won’t get the same aroma and taste that an espresso machine can brew out of espresso grounds. If you want suggestions, try Volcanica Coffee. It’s a decent, budget-friendly espresso ground that perfectly pairs with DeLonghi EC155.

I can’t get the filter handle to rotate easily. What should I do?

You’re not alone if you think rotating the filter handle is a hurdle. If you can turn the handle up to or just past the midpoint, it’s good enough. Forcing it to rotate past this point may break it.

Also, a simple way to get rid of this problem is to reduce the amount of coffee you pack into the filter. Your filter handle should rotate better.

How often do I need to descale a DeLonghi coffee machine?

You should descale your De’Longhi coffee machine every 3 months or after every 200 shots that it delivers. This is not a constant rule, though: it mostly depends on the hardness of the water in your locality. Higher mineral content in your water will require you to descale more often.

Can you make regular coffee with a DeLonghi espresso machine?

DeLonghi EC155 espresso machine isn’t just for making espresso. You can make regular coffee with this machine, too. You can use the same filter holder to make your regular brew, but you may need to rinse the filter holder after every cup of coffee made to remove any buildup.

EC 155 has a built-in milk frother, so it’s perfect if you’re looking for a home espresso maker that makes both regular and espresso coffee. Just be sure to clean the milk frother after each use with hot water.

Final Thoughts

DeLonghi EC155 Espresso and Cappuccino Machine strikes the perfect chord between affordability and functionality by offering the power and performance of a professional espresso machine at the price range of simple drip coffee makers.

So, if you think EC 155 will perfectly fit your lifestyle and coffee needs, we encourage you to try it and enjoy quality espresso and cappuccino every day.

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