Best Selling Coffee Maker Review: Keurig K575

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The Keurig brand is a household name for coffee lovers across the world. It is known for its functional and affordable coffee makers.

Each new coffee maker model is an upgrade and the Keurig K575 Coffee Maker is no different. This machine is sleek and efficient and makes a killer cup of coffee!

Are you confused about why the K575 Keurig is so popular? We discuss why this coffee maker is so great and what makes it different from its sibling, the K525 coffee maker.

In addition, you’ll get to understand how some of the features work in the K575 Keurig review. We have a buying guide that tells you all the factors you need to keep an eye on. Keep reading and we’ll answer all your questions!

How is the Keurig K575 Different from the Keurig K525?

The Keurig K575 and Keurig K525 look exactly the same and have the same dimensions. They even function similarly. However, the two models have a few key differences.

Water Filter:

The Keurig coffee maker K575 is different because it comes with a water filter starter kit. The K525 doesn’t come with any water filters. The charcoal filters that come with the machine removes impurities and calcium from tap water.

These water filters are especially useful if you have hard water in your area. The limescale can build up in your coffee maker and shorten its lifespan. The water filters will thus keep your coffee maker working properly for much longer.

Besides that, the filters also improve the taste of your coffee. Each filter can be used for two months before being replaced.

Reusable My K-Cup:

The Keurig K525 has a reusable My K-Cup that comes with the coffee maker. The Keurig K575 is compatible with the reusable K-Cup, although you need to buy one separately to use with it.

This might make the Keurig K525 a little more convenient as you don’t have to buy a K-Cup just for a machine. The K-Cup is also reusable and you can use it for months on end.

Furthermore, the K525 coffee maker can brew 10 sizes of the K-Cup. On the other hand, the Keurig K575 is a little more adaptable. It can brew 11 sizes of the reusable My K-Cup.


The difference in prices is generally the deciding factor for most customers. The Keurig K575 single serve K-cup pod coffee maker has the same functions and appearance as the Keurig K525 coffee maker.

However, the K575 is a little more expensive than the K525. This is mainly because the Keurig K575 comes with the water filter starter kit. In short, the Keurig K575 coffee maker costs more because you are also paying for the water filters.

Why Do You Need a Keurig K575 Coffee Maker?

The Keurig K575 coffee maker has all kinds of amazing features that make it worth its price. We’ll get into all the details in the Keurig K575 coffee maker review section. Here are a few reasons why you need to get this coffee machine-

Great-Tasting Coffee:

A coffee maker’s number one job is making good coffee, right? Well, the Keurig K575 coffee maker definitely delivers that! It produces a steaming hot cup of coffee in just two minutes.

The coffee is reasonably strong, without tasting bitter. The coffee maker even has a ‘strong’ setting in case you want an even stronger coffee. The coffee tastes balanced and rich, and you can add milk or creamer if you wish.

Large Water Tank:

The reservoir for the K575 is pretty big- it can hold 80oz of water. You can brew up to 10 cups of coffee before needing to refill the tank.

The tank is also easy to remove for refilling or cleaning. It even has an inbuilt nightlight with different colors! Now you can make a midnight mug without alerting the whole house.

Different Size Options:

People love the Keurig K575 because you have the option to choose between five cup sizes based on your needs. These sizes range from a 4oz cup to a 12oz mug.

It gets even better. The coffee machine can also hold carafes up to 30oz. Perfect for people who love caffeine and long drives.

Automatic Programming:

The Keurig K575 single serve programmable K-cup coffee maker has a digital clock that allows you to auto-brew coffee at your desired schedule.

This means you can set your coffee maker to automatically start brewing coffee before you wake up. Your cup of joe will be ready before you are!

Keurig K575 Coffee Maker Platinum Review:

The Keurig K575 coffee maker is simple, no-nonsense and very functional. With a large water tank, programmable brew time and multiple cup sizes, you can understand why it is so popular.

However, that’s not all. It has an extra-large touch screen that is easy to navigate through. The display also has several fun wallpapers you can choose from. The night-light also makes it easy to use at night.

Although it is mostly made of plastic, the coffee maker has a platinum-gray appearance. It looks sleek and modern. Also, it will suit any kind of kitchen or office workspace.

The coffee maker needs Keurig K-pods to brew coffee. It has different K-pod brew sizes ranging from small cups to large mugs.

You can even control the temperature to your exact preference. This allows you to make your coffee as strong or mild as you want it to be.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 10.4 x 13.6 x 13.4 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Keurig


  • You can control both the strength and the temperature of your coffee.
  • Multiple sizes of coffee.
  • It can dispense hot water on its own.
  • Automatic brewing option.
  • Touchscreen display and digital clock.
  • Large water tank.


  • It doesn’t come with a reusable K-cup of carafe.
  • Noisy.
  • Large size.

Why We Recommend It:

The Keurig Coffee Maker K575 is perfect because it combines great taste, accessibility, and functionality. We especially love the programmable auto-brew feature that ensures a cup of love before you wake up. Or it will have a mug ready for you when you get home from work.

The coffee maker also dispenses hot water on its own. This makes it useful because you can even use it to make tea, cocoa or instant noodles.

The strength and temperature control settings also come in handy. If you like scalding hot coffee, you can choose the highest option. If you prefer it very warm; you can choose that too.

All in all, the K575 is ideal for those who like a good cup of coffee. It is a sophisticated coffee maker that is easy to use with lots of settings/options.

Buying Guides: What to Look for in the Keurig K575 Coffee Maker

Now that you’ve seen the Keurig 575 review, here are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for your coffee maker.


The Keurig K575 is a large and bulky machine. Although it looks sleek and expensive, it is not compact. Instead, it is very tall and takes up a lot of room.

This means the machine will only fit if you have a larger kitchen or plenty of counter space. If you have a very small kitchen, you might want a smaller model.


One of the reasons why people love this coffee maker so much is because it takes just a minute to brew coffee. This means almost no waiting time while your coffee brews.

Another benefit is that you can make coffee for a large group of people. Because of the quick brew time, everyone’s coffee will stay warm while you brew a new batch.


This coffee maker brews a good, strong cup of coffee. That being said, it isn’t like the fancy espressos from a coffee shop.

The machine was designed for home and office use. If you prefer gourmet coffee, then a coffee maker for commercial purposes would be more useful.

On the other hand, if you appreciate a cup of strong black coffee and aren’t too picky about the quality of the coffee, this machine is definitely for you.


Like any other coffee machine, the Keurig K575 also needs regular maintenance to keep it working properly.

To make sure your coffee maker has a nice, long lifespan, clean it when necessary. Descale the coffee maker every three months with equal parts vinegar and water. If you live somewhere with hard water, use the water filters that come with the coffee maker.

This will prevent the limescale buildup in your Keurig. Also, follow the instruction manual when brewing coffee. You should only use Keurig-approved coffee pods and filters with your coffee machine.

Simple Solutions to Spooky Keurig Problems & maintenance tips click here


This coffee maker can only brew coffee from Keurig K-Pods. The K-Pods are little capsules containing freshly ground coffee from various brands. These capsules are specially made to be compatible with Keurig devices.

The water from the reservoir is heated up and passes through the K-Pod, extracting all the flavor from the grounds. It is then filtered into your mug, cup or carafe. If you have used K-Pods in the past or don’t mind sticking to just K-Pods exclusively, you’ll be fine with the Keurig K575.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Do you still have questions about the Keurig coffee maker K575? We have the answers!

What Is The Keurig K575 Made Of?

Despite its platinum and chrome appearance, this coffee machine isn’t made of stainless steel. In fact, it is completely made from plastic. The external parts of the coffee maker are made from BPA-free plastic, whereas the internal part of the water tank is made from stainless steel.

Do I Need To Use Charcoal Filters With My Coffee Maker?

It is highly recommended that you use the water filter that is provided with the Keurig K575 coffee machine. This is especially true if you have hard water as the calcium in tap water will create a buildup of limescale in the coffee maker.

Limescale buildup can wreak havoc on your machine and shorten its working life. If you have soft water, you don’t have to use a filter. In any case, you should descale your coffee maker every couple of months to keep it working properly.

How Should I Clean My Keurig K575?

To clean your coffee maker, run a brew cycle with a mix of detergent, water, and vinegar. This will both clean your machine and help descale it.

After this, run another cycle until the water comes out clear, without the smell of vinegar or detergent. Also, remove your water tank and clean it out properly. The removable drip tray also needs to be cleaned from time to time.

Frequently cleaning your Keurig makes sure your machine works properly. It also makes sure that your coffee tastes perfect, as buildup can add odd smells to the coffee. It can even make your coffee taste different or interfere with the flavor of the coffee.

Can I Use Milk In The Keurig K575?

Bad idea. The Keurig K575 was designed to brew coffee using water.

The reservoir can hold water but is unable to store milk without the milk going bad. Heating the milk in the coffee maker might make the milk curdle and clog up the machine.

Instead, add milk to your drink after brewing your coffee. However, many people don’t want to because of the extra time it takes, while others think it will cool down their coffee. In that case, just add some
instant creamer.

Final Thoughts:

To sum things up, the Keurig K575 coffee maker is definitely worth its price. It allows you to customize your coffee according to your preferences.

The machine has an easy to use, touch-screen display that even novice coffee makers can easily use. If you are looking for something quick and easy to use, why not give this coffee maker a shot?

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