Candy Club Review: The Perfect Yummy Treat for Your Sweet Tooth!

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Do you love candies more than real food? Does the thought of sour gummy worms, chocolate, red vines and cake make you feel like life is beautiful? In this Candy Club review, you will find out a way to indulge in this craving with a thoughtfully curated subscription box every month.

What Exactly is Candy Club?

If you are familiar with subscription services chances are you have probably stumbled across Candy Club a few times. It is the most popular candy subscription service in the world! They have recently become really popular due to their festive packs and gift boxes. 

If  you like candy and you like subscription boxes, you are going to love them. They send you a box filled with three or more jars of candy at the beginning of each month. The box gets delivered straight to your doorstep.

Each monthly box comes with three types of candy and a good amount of scattered toffees as extra treats. It is easy, fun and a surprise each month. Every month you get to try candies you have never tried before or probably wouldn’t have tried by yourself. 

Why Not Just Buy Candies from the Store?

The thing about store bought candy is, they are very generic. They are mass produced and do not taste very good. You end up feeling sick or nauseous after having a handful of them. 

Candy Club makes interesting and unexpected candies in fun shapes and colors. Once you try them you will realise why they are called premium in taste and flavour. 

Whoever says candies have a one dimensional favour has never tried Candy Club before. Each month they send you their top selected, yummiest candies that will make your mouth water. 

Candies are not a healthy snack and let’s be honest, no one is thinking about their health while munching on candies. But store bought candies in general have the highest amount of cheap colourings and flavours that can cause long term damage if you like to have them on a regular basis. 

If you really love candies then have only the premium ones. Having a monthly candy subscription not only will limit the amount you eat every month, but also will upgrade your tastebuds. You won’t be able to enjoy cheap candies once you try Candy Club. 

What Makes Candy Club So Special?

Candy Club does not just send you candies every month. Instead they have a team of people, dedicated to select the best candies for you. 

They have a well curated collection with sweet, rich, sour and chocolatey delights in fun textures, shapes, colors and flavours. 

They are chosen randomly based on your flavour profile every month. This means you get to try candies you have never tried before or never even thought existed!

They select the most deliciously unique and unexpected candies available. Each jar contains freshly made candies that are then shipped straight to you. There is no way to find them off the shelf. 

They have hundreds of different candies that rotate every month. Each box is perfect for smaller families, solo snacking or gifting. But for a candy lover, you know they will only last a few hours! 

That is the fun of trying something like Candy Club. You will never feel bored. 

Most Popular Candies of Candy Club

Candy Club carries hundreds of different flavours of candies straight to you. However, there are some flavours that are more loved than the others. Here are some of the most popular candies that you won’t be able to find anywhere else:

Blue Razz Sour Belts:

This one is their most popular candy of all time. It has a strong berry flavour with a balanced mixture of sweet and tart. The gummies are chewy with a sugar dust on top. It comes in this fun belt shape with a beautiful gradient of color. 

Strawberry Sour Belts:

These belts have a strong strawberry flavour that compliments the sourness. This is one of their most popular candies. Your mouth will water profusely after trying them for the first time. It’s a great balance between sweet and sourness.

Sour Grumpy Octopus:

These fun shaped octopuses have a distinct sour taste to them. They are chewy but not tough. The texture is really enjoyable with a softer texture than your average gummies. You will want to have more and more.

Cookies ‘N Cream Bites:

Whether you are a white chocolate lover or not, these sweet little bites will make you feel happy. The chocolate is really heavy and creamy. This means one jar will go muchlonge than other t candies. They melt in your mouth and leave a lingering taste that will force you to grab one after another.

Cupcake Bites:

They taste exactly how you image them to be. Rich, chocolaty, buttery and sweet. You can taste each individual ingredient and how good they are. They taste expensive and heavy. 

Pineapple Rings:

Deliciously fruity pineapple flavour gives a tropical feeling. It almost taste like pina colada if pina colada was a chewy sweet candy. This is a treat for your sweet tooth.

Watermelon Taffy:

Some compare it to fresh saltwater taffy with a strong yet light watermelon flavor. It is really soft and melts in your mouth after each bite. You won’t even notice when you have finished the full jar!

Candy Club Pricing and Subscription

Once you decide to subscribe to Candy Club, you will find they have two different subscription plans called:  Fun Box and Party Box.

Both of the boxes are slightly different from each other. 

  • Fun Box comes with six 6 oz of candy cups per month for $29.99 + shipping.
  • Party Box comes with six 13 oz of candy cups per month for 39.99 + shipping. 

After deciding on the type of subscription, you will get to the most interesting part, choosing the candy flavour! You will get two different flavour profile to select from:

  • Mostly Sour
  • Mostly Sweet

The rest is simple. You place an order and your candy arrives each month to your door without you having to worry about them.

Each month they choose six different types of candies for you based on your flavour profile. I think it’s fun to not know which surprise is waiting for you in the mailbox. Some customers exclaimed how this makes them feel like a kid who’s waiting for their christmas present. The whole experience makes the process much more enjoyable. 

You can also cancel anytime you want without any added cost. So they are very flexible in terms of customer care. 

Coupons and Deals

Candy Club constantly gives coupons and deals if you subscribe to their mailbox. 

Our tip would be to sign in with your mail on their website and wait for a week or so before placing an order. You will find they mail you different deals and coupons with discounts.

They also have special offers for different occasions like Valentine’s Day, Black Friday, christmas and Cyber Monday.  

The Pros:

  • Easy and fast process. 
  • Free shipping and quick delivery
  • Eye-catching packaging
  • Wide range of candies that rotate every month. 
  • Delicious and mouth watering. 
  • Sweet and sour options. 
  • A fun surprise every month. 

The Cons:

  • Some candies come in smaller quantities compared to the price. 
  • Not all flavours appeal to everyone. 
  • No option to choose individual candy flavours.


Candy Club is quite unconventional compared to our usual store bought candies. However they are a really fun way to try delicious, new and exciting candies every month without extra hassle. 

Not going to lie, $29.99 seems like a pretty pricey deal for some candies. But to be honest, we rarely spend some coins to buy something premium solely for ourselves. If you are constantly working and under pressure, you deserve to have a special candy treat for you every single month. 

In this Candy Club review you have seen how they can be a great gift for your friends or for childrens. You can imagine how much they love it. Candy Club also offers different gift boxes with fun decorations on them. 

Just try it one and then decide! I am sure you will regret not subscribing to Candy Club sooner!

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