Straight Outta Box: 20 Best Food Subscription Boxes (2021 Update)

Who would have imagined that our apocalypse guise would resemble the Bananas in Pajamas more than Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator?

Then again who would have known, that to save mother Earth, all we would need to do is simply stay home and keep everyone safe?

From time immemorial humankind has imagined all the unimaginable things that can grip the world and equally unimaginable ways in which we would emerge, saving the day.

The only picture that wasn’t on our plate was – today.

No matter how bizarre the time is, and how much things around us have changed since the beginning of 2020, one aspect of our life has to stay constant – food on our table.

Now that the grocery store isn’t the wisest place to be, and spending a long time cooking every meal every day isn’t exactly the wisest thing to do, we bet you would love it if appetizing meals walked into your home instead.

So here we are, laying the table for the best food subscription boxes for you to choose from.

Pick the best food subscription box for your home, or several if you can’t decide on one, and simply eat the apocalypse away!

Top 20 Best Meal Subscription Boxes in 2020

The process of choosing a convenient service should not be inconvenient.

Hence, we have grouped the best meal subscription services into several categories so that you get a clear idea about what to expect from each of them.

Some of our top picks are vegetarians’ paradise while others are for more versatile eaters. Similarly, some are for fitness junkies while others are for couch potatoes just like us.

Kids need to eat too, remember?

So, if you have rays of sunshine giggling and running all around you, worry not! We have a category that prepares food just for them.

We have some great snacking options too!

Most services here provide ready to eat food. Open up and start munching right away or give it only a few minutes inside the oven or on the pan.

Some, however, provide recipes with all the ingredients correctly proportioned. The good news is, all these are quick recipes, and complying with them is extremely easy.

So, without much talk, here we are with our top 20 best meal subscription services.

Editor’s Pick

Sun Basket:

Sun Basket is a weekly meal kit subscription box that brings healthy yet delicious meals at your doorsteps.

What makes it the editor’s pick?

Several things.

With an all-round performance, Sun Basket wins the race in several of our categories including- Very Versatile, Delicious DIne, Healthy Bites, and Fitness Club.

Let’s elaborate.

All Sun Basket meals are clean and healthy and made with USDA organic ingredients. The calorie profile of all their dishes is surprisingly low.

This does not get in the way of taste though. Sun Basket recipes are supreme and delicious. They don’t taste like healthy food at all.

Moving on to versatility, Sun Basket caters to all sorts of eaters with as much as 10 diet plans including paleo, lean and clean, gluten-free, and vegetarian.  If you are not that picky or don’t have specific dietary restrictions, try their Classic Family Plan.

There are about 18 recipes to choose from every week. Depending on your plan, Sun Basket will serve you 2 to 4 meals for four people weekly.

While other meal kits have their recipe manuals in the form of recipe cards, Sun Basket takes the task to an aesthetic level by providing a beautiful magazine inside every box.

You will find your weekly recipes here along with some enlightening articles and handy tips on healthy eating.

The recipes are fairly easy, quick and taste delicious.

Don’t be fooled when they don’t taste ‘healthy’ at all. These are low-calorie meals with a perfect balance of macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals.

The low-calorie content of Sun Basket’s meals makes it an ideal food subscription box for people looking to shed some extra pounds.

Certain other details will steal your heart.

For example, Sun Basket provides an egg when their recipes call for one. This is very thoughtful and we know only one other meal kit service that does this.

Sun Basket also offers grocery add-ons if you want. So, this is like a two-in-one food subscription service and a grocery store. You won’t get this perk anywhere else.

With everything we have told you so far, it goes without saying that Sun Basket is indeed the best of the bests.

What’s in the box:

Healthy and tasty gourmet meal kits with pre-portioned, quality ingredients along with a recipe magazine.

Yum Points:

  • All meals are designed by an award-winning Chef.
  • USDA Organic.
  • Low carb meals.
  • Diabetes-friendly.
  • Quick and easy recipes.
  • Lots of plans and meals to choose from.
  • A long pescatarian menu.
  • All meals are under 700 calories.
  • Lets you preview meals before you subscribe.
  • Lets you skip weeks.

Flat Points:

  • The recipes are often hard to find in the magazine among all the extra blogs.

Favorite Meal:

Chicken Tagine with Currant, Spinach, and Artichokes: This Mediterranean dish is carb-conscious, dairy-free, gluten-free, paleo, and diabetes-friendly.

This easy one-pan chicken dish took us about 40 minutes to cook. The layers of flavor blew our minds away. We were more delighted when we realized it gave us only about 410 calories to burn.


Starts from $10.99 per serving.

Best For:

Anyone looking for an all-round food subscription box for the entire family.

Very Versatile

Home Chef:

Home Chef is highly customizable. This makes it the most versatile on our list.

In order to get started, you’ll have to set up your Home Chef taste profile. Once you are done, you’ll have more than 26 mix-and-match meal choices every week. You can choose your desired plan and ask for one of the  2, 4, or 6 serving options.

The meals are easily made and come with really comprehensive recipe cards. With your first delivery, you’ll get a handy binder so that you can keep all the recipes together.

If you don’t want to lift a pan, choose from “Fresh & Easy”, a line of tasty oven-ready and grill-ready meals from Home Chef.  This service will send you everything along, including the cooking trays, so that you wouldn’t need to worry about cleaning up afterward.

What’s in the box:

Highly customizable, easy to prepare weekly meal kits or oven-ready pre-cooked meals if you choose from the “Fresh & Easy” category.

Yum Points:

  • A versatile menu to choose from.
  • It provides the greatest room for customization without changing the meal plan.
  • Meals are suitable for the entire family.
  • The recipes are easy to prepare; take 30 minutes tops.
  • They send a handy binder to keep the recipes together.
  • Fresh & Easy saves you the hassle before and after meals.

Flat Points:

  • The Fresh & Easy line by Home Chef is still being developed, so the menu is rather short.

Favorite meal:

Chicken Parmesan Penne: We absolutely loved the Chicken Parmesan Penne. It is a penne noodle topped with mozzarella cheese, a delicious sauce, and sliced onions with boneless, skinless chicken breasts coated with panko breadcrumb.



Starts from $20 per week.

Best for:

Anyone who has a lot to say while choosing meals.

Martha and Marley Spoon:

Martha and Marley spoon is brought to you by Martha Stewart, the publisher of Martha Stewart Living Magazine, and the person behind the celebrated Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia.

This meal subscription box sends you pre-portioned meal kits on a weekly basis. You will get more than 20 recipes to choose from, every week.

There are two meal plans: for 2 people and 4 people. Once you’ve got that sorted out, you can choose from a minimum of 2 meals and a maximum of 6 meals per week.

The service accommodates a variety of special diets including vegan, dairy-free, and low carb.

What’s in the box:

Pre-portioned meal kits comprising healthy and fresh ingredients with 6 step easy instructions.

Yum Points:

  • Delicious recipes.
  • Accommodates a wide range of dietary preferences.
  • 6 step easy instructions with handy tips.
  • The cooking time is less than 30 minutes.
  • Some recipes come directly from Martha Stewart’s cookbook.
  • Family-friendly meals.

Flat Points:

  • Expect a sink full of utensils to clean afterward.

Favorite meal:

Japanese BBQ Salmon with Rice, Garlicky Snap Peas and Peppers: The Japanese BBQ Salmon with rice, garlicky snap peas and peppers is our favorite.

The roasted salmon fillets coated with a special sauce is the best part of this Japanese Pescatarian cuisine. As for sides, you’ll get jasmine rice, sweet bell peppers, and snap peas. A sprinkle of sesame seeds adds just the right crunch to this work of culinary art.


Starts from $49.9 per week.

Best For:

Health-conscious souls who don’t mind a little cooking time in their schedule.

Delicious Dine

Factor 75:

Pre-made meals cannot get tastier.

Factor 75 is guaranteed to serve you with delicacies your taste buds will find hard to forget.

All the meals of Factor 75 are ready to eat. There is absolutely zero prep involved.

“Heat, Eat and Enjoy!” is what this food subscription service is all about.

You can choose any one of 4 meals/week, 8 meals/week, 12 meals/week, or 18 meals/week boxes. They don’t ask for any commitment from you. You can change the meal plan, pause it, or unsubscribe any time you want.

They have keto-friendly, low carb, vegetarian, dairy-free, and paleo meals. You can choose every single meal or let them craft one up according to your taste preferences and meal history.

What’s in the box:

Pre-made, oven-ready meals. Nothing else.

Yum Points:

  • The tastiest food subscription box among the top best 20 food subscription boxes of 2020.
  • You don’t have to cook or do anything.
  • Gluten-free, soy-free ingredients.
  • Antibiotic-free meat comes from grass-fed, pasture-raised cattle.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • No refined sugars.
  • First-time subscribers get a 20-minutes free consultation with a nutritionist.

Flat Points:

  • Pricey

Favorite meal:

Spicy Turkey Poblano Bowl: This is a Latin American dish that will leave you craving for more.

It is ground turkey cooked with jalapenos and poblano peppers. The main side dish is low carb riced broccoli. To end it on a perfect note, there is a side of sour cream. The combination is simply unearthly.


Starts from $60 per week.

Best for:

Anyone who doesn’t want to get involved with cooking at the slightest but crave for tasty meals several times a day.

Veggie Treats



Look no further.

Crowned the Best Meal Delivery by VegNews, Veestro serves plant-based, ready to eat culinary delights. For strict vegetarians, they have all-veggie meals available.

If you are not one, and simply want to increase your vegetable intake and cut down on red meat while keeping a portion of poultry on your plate, Veestro has great options for you too.

There are three meal plans to choose from: A La Carte, Chef’s Choice, and Weight Loss. You can pick either of the 5-day or 7-day meal plans. They serve 3 meals per day.

A La Carte lets you pick all the meals in your food subscription box. In Chef’s Choice, however, the Chefs of Veestro choose your meals based on your preference. Hence, there is always an element of surprise there.

The Weight Loss plan isn’t extreme but is pretty effective.

All their meals are satisfying to the taste buds and ready to eat in 5 minutes.

What’s in the box:

3 gourmet, plant-based, oven-ready meals every day for 5 days or 7 days a week depending on your chosen plan.

Yum Points:

  • Mostly vegetarian.
  • Just heat and eat.
  • Surprisingly tasty.
  • Affordable.
  • Organic ingredients.
  • Packed with dry ice, the meals reach your doorstep in pristine condition.
  • The Weight Loss meal plan is pretty effective.
  • Free shipping on subscription.
  • You can pause or change your plan whenever you want.

Flat Points:

  • One time order is expensive with an added shipping charge.

Favorite meal:

Moroccan Melange: We enjoyed the Moroccan Melange by Veestro which is an African inspired dish. It comprises fresh veggies, potatoes, and quinoa topped with a really spicy sauce.


Starts from $12 per serving.

Best for:

Vegans, vegetarians, and people who want to lose weight.

Purple Carrot:

Purple Carrot is one of the rare vegan meal kit subscription boxes. A select few can create vegan delicacies like the Purple Carrot.

It is a complete meal plan consisting of breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack options. All meals are high on protein and low on carbs.

Macronutrient and micronutrient balanced recipes and fresh correctly portioned ingredients make Purple Carrot one of the best food subscription boxes for health-conscious souls.

What’s in the box:

Two or four servings of vegan plant-based breakfast, lunch, and dinner. You can add snacks too.

Yum Points:

  • Easy and quick recipes.
  • 100% vegan.
  • Pre-portioned fresh ingredients.
  • Food tastes great.
  • High protein, low carbs healthy meals.
  • They watch your calories for you.
  • Great for weight loss.

Flat Points:

  • Not for a versatile group of eaters.

Favorite meal:

Almond Butter Tofu Bowl with Charred Zucchini and Bok Choy: We found the almond butter tofu bowl absolutely ravishing. This is a symphony of vegetables, rice, and of course, tofu!

It is a macronutrient balanced, 30-minute easy recipe. The best part of this dish is its calorie content, though.


Starts from $10 per serving.

 Best For:

Vegans, people who want to go vegan, and people who want to lose weight.

Healthy Bites


With tasty and healthy gourmet meals prepared by a panel of expert chefs, Freshly has earned a lot of praise.

For us, it is the fact that all Freshly meals are prepared meals, makes it a winner.

Most contenders occupying the list of top gourmet meal subscription boxes provide meals in the form of pre-portioned ingredients and step by step recipes.

Freshly provides gastronomes of the same caliber completely prepared and ready to be served.

Choose from over 30 all-natural meals every week, at least 20 of which are low on calories. Moreover, you will get 8-10 dairy-free and low carb options on the weekly menu.

With Freshly, you can count on eating healthy without lifting a pan, ever.

What’s in the box:

4 to 12 prepared gourmet meals a week depending on your chosen plan.

Yum Points:

  • Delicious and healthy.
  • Ready to eat.
  • Zero sugar.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Accommodates various dietary preferences.

Flat Points:

  • There are a few reported cases of misdeliveries.

Favorite meal:

Sicilian Style Chicken Parm: This chicken parm is oven fried, lean chicken breast coated in almond flour and served over a simple marinara. A side of broccoli with parmesan cheese compliments the chicken.

We have only one word to describe this dish- squisito.


Starts from $49.99 per week.

Best for:

Healthy eaters who do not want to go through any cooking themselves.

Blue Apron:

Blue Apron is the pioneer of the currently booming food subscription service industry. Undoubtedly, it is here to stay.

Blue Apron is well known for its appropriately portioned healthy recipes. The ingredients are all products of sustainable farming practices and are non-GMO.

The meal kits are designed by Blue Apron’s very own culinary team. Sometimes they invite celebrated chefs to prepare specialty dishes.

The unique feature of Blue Apron is that they will slip one or more unexpected ingredients in even the most ordinary recipes.

It is this off-beat ingredient or two that adds the extra punch to the dish, making all the difference in terms of taste and flavor.

There are three meal plans. Signature and Vegetarian are meal plans for two people whereas Signature for 4 is for a group of four (duh!)

What’s in the box:

2-3 meal kits per week in the Signature and Vegetarian meal plan and up to 4 recipes per week in the Signature for 4 meal plan, along with easy to follow directions.

Yum Points:

  • Food tastes really good.
  • Appropriate serving sizes.
  • Plenty of their meals are Weight Watchers approved.
  • Responsibly sourced ingredients.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • Easy to follow directions.
  • Great protein portions.
  • A wide range of pescatarian dishes on the menu.
  • Packed with recyclable ice packs.
  • Helpful Customer Service.
  • You can skip or cancel meals without a hassle.

Flat Points:

  • Lots of prep work involved.
  • Lots of utensils to clean after dinner.
  • Cooking time is sometimes longer than that stated.
  • The meals are slightly starch heavy and vegetable deficient.

Favorite meal:

Seared Chicken and Goat Cheese Sauce: This is a Weight Watcher’s approved treat for your taste buds. The seared chicken is served with sweet peppers and carrots cooked with vinegar, honey, and golden raisins with a side of mashed potatoes.


Starts from $7.49 per serving.

Best for:

Anyone who’s looking forward to some experimenting with unusual ingredients in these homebound days.

It is also recommended for meat and fish lovers.

Hello Fresh:

Hello Fresh lets you choose from more than 20 meals from three different meal plans. It is a weekly meal kit subscription box that proudly flaunts its easy and tasty recipes.

Hello Fresh meals are quite popular for their unique flavor profile.

There are two things in particular that are praiseworthy. Firstly, all meal options include breakfast. We think this is quite insightful.

In the second place, they include eggs whenever their recipe needs one, instead of asking you to procure one from your refrigerator.

This meal subscription box is really friendly to your wallet. But that also implies that there might be a catch.

Rest assured, there isn’t any.

The only thing you may find bothersome is that it is less accommodating to people with specific dietary requirements.

What’s in the Box:

Healthy recipes with pre-measured ingredients and well-designed recipe cards.

Yum Points:

  • Affordable.
  • High quality, fresh ingredients.
  • Instructions are easy to follow.
  • Tasty meals.
  • All meal options include breakfast.
  • They send eggs!

Flat Points:

  • Meal plans aren’t that flexible.
  • The website is not user friendly.
  • The same meals tend to recur frequently.

Favorite meal:

Crushed Peppercorn Steak with Creamed Kale and Potato Wedges: This is one of the simplest yet yummiest recipes from Hello Fresh.

This will turn your kitchen into your favorite steakhouse. The combination of creamed kale and potato wedges with steak prepared with hand-crushed peppercorns taste delightful.


Starts from $ 6.60 per meal.

Best For:

The ones who would love to eat healthy meals but don’t really have a care in the world for special diet plans.


Sakara is not merely a food subscription service, believe us when we say this, it’s a lifestyle.

With an assortment of whole-food plant-based prepared meals, detox tea, and probiotics, Sakara vows to serve a box of wellness.

The Signature Organic Meal Delivery Program can be taken on a trial basis before subscription. In addition, they offer a Detox Program every month and a special 20-day Bridal Package for the ones awaiting their big day.

What’s in the Box:

3 prepared meals per day (may vary depending on your location) for 3 or 5 days a week along with a pack of non-caffeinated detox tea and 5 days worth supply of probiotics with occasional extra treats.

Yum Points:

  • No cooking required.
  • Chef crafted clean meals.
  • Plant-based.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Dairy-free.
  • Non-GMO ingredients.
  • No refined sugar.
  • Excellent for weight loss.
  • Trial available.

Flat Points:

  • Expensive.
  • Not recommended for all members of the family alike.

Favorite meal:

Sakara Life Red Beet Burger: To be honest, Sakara meals aren’t the best in terms of taste. These are healthy foods that taste reasonably well.

We liked the Sakara Life Red Beet Burger. It was massive and tasted great.


Starts from $32 per day.

Best For:

The ones looking for the best lifestyle meal plan.

Fitness Club


“Eat Like You Train” is Trifecta’s message for its customers. Needless to say, this meal subscription box is prepared for fitness enthusiasts by fitness enthusiasts.

The meals are a perfect balance of lean protein, veggies, and complex carbs. There is a wide range of diets to pick from- keto, vegan, clean, paleo, vegetarian, classic, you name it.

Moreover, this weekly food subscription box has got you covered all day long with an adequate breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snack serving every day.

Macro Counter, Keto, Paleo, Clean, Vegan, and A La Carte are the six meal plans offered by Trifecta.

Once you subscribe, you get access to its mobile app that lets you keep track of your food intake and provides daily workout tutorials.

The meals are pre-cooked and oven ready.

What’s in the Box:

A weekly supply of healthy and delicious macro balanced meals and snacks prepared by in house chefs and nutrition experts.

Yum Points:

  • Pre-cooked, oven-ready.
  • Accommodates all sorts of diet plans.
  • Delicious diet food.
  • USDA Organic ingredients.
  • Prepared meals come in vacuum-sealed trays for convenient storage and refrigeration.
  • Great for weight loss.
  • Mobile app with helpful features and workouts.
  • An all-round food subscription box containing all meals of the day.
  • Includes snacks.

Flat Points:

  • There have been a few reports of delayed delivery.

Favorite meal:

Ginger Glazed Salmon & Spinach: This one belongs to the keto menu and we enjoyed it.

The vivid presence of ginger could be felt in the zesty taste profile of the salmon. A side of spinach made the experience more refreshing.

We were half expecting to grow some biceps right away just like Popeye, but that didn’t happen.

Never mind.

Trifecta does promise some degree of physical transformation to its subscribers though.

So, instead of checking our biceps every time we swallow some spinach, we guess we’ll have to stick to the subscription to find out how much Trifecta meals can do to us.


Starts from $109 per week.

Best For:

Anyone planning on taking up diet food without compromising the taste. It is great for people looking forward to shedding some extra pounds.

Fit Snack:

Make your endless snacking habit guilt-free with a subscription of Fit Snack. This monthly food box is an assortment of the best healthy snacks collected from all over the world.

As far as monthly food subscription boxes go, only a few can beat Fit Snack. Personally curated by a trainer, Fit Snack brings the best brands of no-junk, no-nonsense snacks in one box.

Weight loss becomes a lot easier once you surround yourself with the right packs of snacks. This monthly food subscription service does just that.

What’s in the Box:

An assortment of chips, snack bars, granola, no-junk jerky, health drinks, and innovative snacks with workouts and nutrition tips.

Yum Points:

  • Non-GMO
  • High in protein.
  • Low in sugar.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Organic.
  • Donates free healthy snacks to kids in need every time you purchase.
  • Free shipping.

Flat Points:

  • These are snacks, not meals.
  • There are few reports of delivery inconveniences.

Favorite Snack:

Try gulping down the Salad Power Drinks. They are awesome.

Who knew salads were that powerful?


Starts from $ 26.50 per month.

Best For:

Anyone looking to lose weight while munching on.

For the Li’l Ones

Little Spoon:

Let’s start with the tiniest eaters first. Little Spoon has your back from the first bite of your baby through her/his toddler years.

It prepares plant-based organic baby food keeping in mind all the macro and micronutrients your baby needs for growth and development.

This food box comes with baby blends formulated with over 80 organic ingredients.

In addition to meeting your toddler’s nutritional needs, these baby blends are immunity boosters and mood lifters. Don’t be surprised if your child seems happier and more playful after settling in on this diet.

The baby blends by Little Spoon are better than the regular brands available in stores in several ways.

Baby foods in grocery stores often have a longer shelf life due to added preservatives. The ones from Little Spoon are preservative-free, sugar-free, and produced from non-GMO crops.

What’s in the Box:

A weeklong supply of 3 baby blends a day.

Yum Points:

  • 80+ Organic ingredients.
  • No preservatives.
  • No extreme heat processing.
  • Rich in Calcium, Beta Carotene, Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Iron.
  • A perfect balance of macronutrients.
  • Non-GMO Project verified.

Flat Points:

  • Your baby may take a while to get used to the taste and flavor.

Favorite meal:

We couldn’t choose a winner as all the consumers of this particular product line usually speak alien. We were halfway through tasting the blends ourselves though, but then we called it quits.


Starts from $ 47.50 per week.

Best For:

Babies from their first bite up to their toddler years.


Yumble is a meal subscription plan for kids of all ages. In fact, Yumble meals can serve the whole family.

Spend more time with your kids instead of laboring away in the kitchen. With specially designed meals for children knocking at your door every day, you can rest assured that your kid’s nutritional needs are covered.

All the meals are prepared, so there is absolutely no effort required from your end.

What’s in the Box:

A box of Yumble contains 6, 8, or 12  kid-friendly meals per week depending on your plan. There are additional activities and sticker sheets for your kids as well!

Yum Points:

  • All-natural meals for kids.
  • Tasty meals your kids will love.
  • No cooking required.
  • Flexible plans.
  • You can pause or change your plan anytime.
  • Antibiotic-free meat.
  • Quality ingredients.
  • They tag their gluten-free, dairy-free and soy-free meals on the menu so that it’s easier to choose.
  • Free shipping.
  • Suitable for all members of the family.

Flat Points:

  • No trial option.

Favorite meal:

Bowl of Yays Pasta: This is Bolognese pasta with added veggies. Served over a bed of gluten-free pasta, we got no-antibiotic-ever beef and lentils, topped with chef special tomato sauce made from organic tomatoes.

It was a ‘yay!’ for us. It’s definitely going to be a ‘yay’ for your little ones.


Starts from $ 47.94 for 6 meals a week.

Best For:

Pre-school and school goers.

Munchers’ Den


With up to 25 premium hand-picked snacks in a monthly box, Bokksu is so far one of the best rated Japanese monthly food subscription boxes. Your Bokksu goodies are directly sourced from artisan snack makers in Japan and taste delightfully great.

Bokksu isn’t merely a snack box, it’s the supreme quality we are talking about.

You can subscribe to them for 1 month, 3 months or for a year. We recommend that you try the 1-month subscription first, and find out if you want to continue with it for a longer-term.

What’s in the Box:

An assortment of 20 or more handpicked snacks, candies, and treats. The number of snack-packs depends on the size of your chosen subscription box.

Yum Points:

  • Premium quality, tasty snacks.
  • Trial boxes available.
  • Free shipment on subscription.
  • Top-rated snacking option.

Flat Points:

  • Pricey

Favorite Snacks:

White Bean Paste, Cashews and Many More: There are several varieties of snacks in this snack crate that pleased our taste buds.

In the white bean paste, the bread is soft and smooth with a piece of chestnut hidden inside the core. It is sweet.

On the other hand, the cashews give a spicy vibe with the classic Asian curry-flavored coating.


Starts from $39.99 per month.

Best For:

Passionate munchers who want to switch to healthier munching options.


MunchPak is an affordable snack crate that brings you the best of snacks from all over the world.

No two MunchPak deliveries are identical. They’ll keep supplying new and different snacks every time so there is always an element of surprise.

Their assortment is, however, a balanced blend of all flavor profiles- spicy, sweet, sour, and everything else we can taste but cannot put into words.

What’s in the Box:

5-20 full-sized snacks collected from around the globe. Plus a travel guide that tells you from which parts of the world your snacks came from before making their way to your doorstep.

Yum Points:

  • Affordable
  • Tasty snacks
  • You can add a soda to your box.
  • Good for the office (or your work-from-home work desk).

Flat Points:

  • Not the best option for fitness junkies.
  • You don’t get to handpick your snacks and the assortment keeps changing every time.

Favorite Snack:

Rap Snack: We found a pack of Rap Snack in the box and we loved munching on it.


Starts from $ 9.95 per month.

Best For:

Munchers who cannot settle with anything but tasty.

For the Grown-Up Hansels and Grettels

Candy Club:

Love for sweet, sour, tangy, and toothsome candies transgresses age boundaries.

You don’t have to be the little Hansel or the little Grettel to be tempted by a house made of all sorts of candies. You can be you and be tempted all the same.

If you are one such soul, Candy Club is the food subscription service for you.

You get started by choosing your preferred taste profile. There are two available options- ‘Mostly Sweet’ and ‘Mostly Sour’. Once you let your preference known, they pack a delightful assortment for you every month.

There are two box sizes. The smaller box is called the Fun Box and the larger one the Party Box. But to devour up the entire Party Box, we bet you don’t need to invite an entire party. One month is enough time for a sweet tooth to finish it all up.

What’s in the Box:

A variety of toothsome candies including gummy lambs, sour straws, and chocolate maple clusters.

Yum Points:

  • An assortment of candies simply cannot taste and look better than this.
  • 15% off on the first box.
  • Fast shipping.
  • Attractive packaging.
  • Great as gifts.

Flat Points:

  • Pricey considering the number of candies per box.

Favorite Candy:

Gummy Volcanoes: The Gummy Volcanoes stole our hearts. They are just the right amount of sweet and tarty. They look great as well.

Try decorating your candy crafts with these colorful volcanoes. You are guaranteed to feel satisfied.


Starts from $19.99 per month.

Best For:

Candy lovers of all age groups.

Jeni’s Pint Club:

Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams have a reputation for being the best tasting ice creams on Earth.

Although we won’t be able to testify to that, we can surely say Jeni Britton Bauer and her team surely knows a great deal of ice cream artistry.

The idea of getting new flavors of Jeni’s ice cream at your doorstep even before they hit the Splendid stores, sounds like music to the ears, doesn’t it?

If it does, then we recommend that you subscribe to Jeni’s Pint Club right away.

This is a quarterly subscription box. Two weeks before their box reaches you, they’ll notify you via email, so that you know when you can expect the ice-cold goodies.

They pack their ice creams inside an insulated box so that they remain unaltered outside the refrigerator until the evening of the delivery date. However, we suggest you open your box right after you get hold of it and refrigerate the contents.

What’s in the Box:

4 pints of ice cream, sorbets or frozen yogurt delivered to you 4 times a year.

Yum Points:

  • Yummilicious
  • Dairy-free options are available.

Flat Points:

  • Someone needs to be home or get back home before they melt.

Favorite Pint:

Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks: Salted Peanut Butter with Chocolate Flecks is our favorite. It features salted and roasted peanuts and Belgian dark chocolate chips. This one is a treat for all chocolate lovers out there.


Starts from $200 per box.

Best For:

Anyone who fancies premium quality ice creams delivered at their front porch every once in a while.

Jerky Hunters’ Box


Jerky isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. Or should we say jerky isn’t for everyone’s plate?

However we put this, you get what we mean, right?

If you aren’t a jerky person, you probably have skipped this section of our listicle.

The ones still reading can check out this monthly subscription box of quality beef jerkies.

SumoJerky collects the best brands of jerkies in the US, tastes them to check if they are of supreme quality, and if they are satisfied, packs them for you. SumoJerky is a fun way of exploring the world of jerkies.

What’s in the Box:

A monthly food box of beef jerkies from various brands. You may find one or more occasional chicken, salmon, or pork jerkies.

Yum Points:

  • Hard-to-find, flavorful jerkies.
  • You can select your bag size.
  • Offers a money-back guarantee.

Flat Points:

  • They charge you for shipping.

Favorite Jerky:

Chops Red Chili Pepper Beef Jerky: This beef jerky is really tender and gives your taste buds a spicy kick. You can literally see the chili pepper on the jerky, so you know that this is the real thing and not merely a flavor.


Starts from $ 29 per month.

Best For:

Anyone up for exploring the world of artisan-made premium jerkies.

Food in a Gulp


For all the busy bees who don’t have time for eating, let alone preparing meals, Soylent is a grab and go solution to your dietary needs.

Named after a term coined in a fictional novel, this meal replacement drink brand aims to be the next generation of food for humans. It is available in different flavors.

Soylent is packed with good fats and protein. Each drink provides 400 calories of energy and meets almost all of your macronutrient needs and 20% of micronutrient requirements.

Each serving also contains 3 grams of healthy fibers that make you feel full and content.

In short, with Soylent, you can gulp down all your dietary needs instead of chewing.

The subscription is on a monthly basis. You can expect a crate full of Soylent drinks on a fixed date every month. You get to decide how much you want. They will pack your box accordingly.

The subscription is pretty flexible. You can pause it for as long as 8 weeks.

What’s in the Box:

Soylent drinks in numbers you decide.

Yum Points:

  • A quick solution to skipped meals.
  • A complete meal in a bottle.
  • Zero sugar.
  • High in good fats and proteins.

Flat Points:

  • It contains more fat than you actually need.
  • How ‘healthy’ Soylent actually is, is a matter of debate.
  • Not ideal for weight loss.

Favorite Flavor:

Soylent Cacao: The velvety texture of Soylent Cacao is what we liked best among the Soylent varieties. However, we feel meal replacement drinks could taste better.


Starts from $32.30 per month.

Best For:

Busy bees who skip meals often due to a lack of time and energy.

It’s Time for the Dessert

Having reached the dessert of this full course listicle on the best food subscription boxes of 2020, we have a few words of advice.

In order to meet the nutritional needs of your entire family, it is best to choose either of a pre-cooked meal subscription or a meal kit subscription, whichever is more convenient. Choosing both is unnecessary.

After getting that settled, it is highly recommended that you subscribe to a snack box, a candy box, and an ice cream box. That way, you’ll never feel bored or feel as if you are munching on the same thing forever.

Reap the benefits of a wide array of food subscription services ready to deliver at your front porch. Above all, in these uncertain times, stay home and keep your loved ones nutritionally covered.

Until next time, addio!