Diet To Go Review: Healthy Meals for Busy Bees!

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Are you tired of cooking at home after a long day at work? Are you tired of planning new menus to lose weight or maintain your blood sugar level? 

Do you want to enjoy delicious, healthy food prepared by chefs delivered to your home? Then Diet-to-Go is perfect for you since the meal delivery service brings professional chef-made, delicious, and healthy foods to your door.

In this Diet-to-Go review, you will discover a variety of weight loss, diabetic-friendly, keto-friendly, and vegetarian menus! The service delivers food to your door weekly and that too, at any time convenient for you. 

These meals just need to be heated before they are ready to eat. This means that they are ready to serve in just 2 or 3 minutes! If you want to take a break from the service, just pause or cancel your orders anytime.

Food Safety and Quality

Diet to Go meal delivery
Diet to Go meal delivery

Diet-to-Go follows the highest food safety standards from food sourcing to meal delivery. You can confidently enjoy the clean and safe meal since the brand always ensures the strictest sanitation measures available.

The organization adopts a systematic preventive approach to food safety, which controls possible threats in food production. The Sanitation Standard Operating Procedures under the approach creates a very hygienic environment and ensures safe ingredient handling. These actions ensure scientifically fresh and hygienic food for you!

The Diet-to-Go team monitors and controls all the stages of food production to ensure hygiene and safe foods to clients.

It cleans, sanitizes, and examines all products that come into contact with food throughout the production process with cleansing and industrial-grade multi-purpose sanitizers.

Workers also wear clean lab coats, covering themselves from head to hands with hairnets, aprons, sleeve protectors, and gloves when working in the processing room. Besides this, they also wash their hands and change gloves between tasks in the kitchen. 

They cook and freeze all proteins by following government accepted times and temperatures to eradicate pathogen growth. Moreover, all walk-in chilling and freezer temperatures are expertly supervised to control the products’ cold chain.

As a result, you don’t have to worry about any hygiene issues; just relax and experience the professional chef-made delicious and healthy foods. All the meals are nutritionally balanced, precisely portioned, and ready to eat. Besides, the service also includes fruits, sides, and condiments so that you don’t have to shop, prepare, or add anything to your meals!

Available Menus

Different people choose different types of foods since their dietary needs and preferences  vary from one another. Some people want to lose weight, some want to control their blood sugar level, while others prefer keto meals and some may stick to a vegetarian diet. To make meal selections simpler, Diet to Go has four types of meal plans available. So sit back and select your preferred meals!

Balance Plan:

If you want to lose weight, the Balance Menu is the perfect one for you. The menu is also great for Pre-Diabetics and anyone who wants to pick up healthy eating habits. It provides 1200 calories per day for women and 1600 calories for men.

The menu provides you with meals that are dietitian-approved and well-proportioned and food with delicious and restaurant-quality flavors. If you want to meet your weight-loss target, you need to stick with the provided meals, without adding anything to your daily calorie intake.

The menu is also heart-healthy since carbohydrates, sodium, fat, and cholesterols are limited. You can choose your balanced meals from a large number of options.

Balance-Diabetic Plan:

Diet-to-Go’s Balance-Diabetic plan is the exact menu which all doctors want their patients to follow to prevent type 2 diabetes.

You will be able to control your blood sugar level naturally with the diabetic-friendly menu since all the meals of the menu are calorie-controlled, low in sugar, and nutritionally balanced.

The expert chefs prepare meals, which are rich in flavor, but limited in calories, fat, and carbohydrates. You don’t have to stick to bland, boring meals since you can select and include your favorite ones in your dietician-formulated plan from a wide range of options.

Each meal contains 45 grams of carbohydrates and more than 15 grams of protein, which keeps pre-diabetic and type 2 diabetes patients healthy.

KETO-Carb30 Plan:

The team works to make Keto-diet delicious for you since maintaining this diet plan is really challenging.

This is a carbohydrate-restricted plan, where carbohydrates are replaced with fat. Only 30 grams of net carbohydrates are allowed each day. 

You should not add any fruit, bread, sugar, or other carbohydrates if you want to get the best results with this plan. Keto diets use a ratio of 70% fats, 25% protein, and 5% carbohydrates.

You can consume meats, high-fat dairy, above-ground vegetables and leafy greens, nuts, seeds, sweeteners, fatty foods, and some fruits like avocados and berries under the keto diet plan.

The professional chefs use only those ingredients to your portion-controlled meals which will keep you in a state of ketosis, burning fat, and losing weight. At the same time, the service will deliver fresh, delicious, and ready to eat meals to your door.

Diet-to-Go makes keto eating easy, so the customers lose an average of 10 pounds in a month! The plan offers multiple numbers of delicious meals including meat, cheese, and eggs, which help to lose weight rapidly and efficiently.

Besides, if you want to take a break from the keto plan, then you can always customize your menu and treat yourself once in a while.

Vegetarian Plan:

The plan combines delicious and restaurant-quality flavors with dietitian-approved and well-proportioned food.

Calorie-controlled and nutritionally balanced food will help you to reach your weight-loss goals without any worries. The menu will also keep your heart healthy since all the meals are controlled for carbohydrates, sodium, fat, and cholesterol.

The dieticians include dairy, eggs, beans, and some soy as protein sources. As a result, you won’t miss out on any of the protein your body needs.

What the Meals are Like

Diet To Go
Diet To Go

Once you sign up with Diet-to-Go, you can choose which menu plan and which meals you want to receive. The experienced chefs use simple ingredients like chicken, vegetables, seafood and grains for all the dishes. But sometimes some flavor enhancers are used as different sauces.

The meals come to your door with plastic trays, which are ready to reheat and eat. Besides, the service also offers customers certified fitness coaches to meet their weight loss targets whenever it requires.

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Food Delivery Times

diet-to-go Food Delivery
diet to go Food Delivery

Diet-to-Go delivers food weekly at a convenient time. The service has options so that you can decide whether you want to receive meals five days or seven days per week. Besides, you can also choose whether you want to buy three meals per day (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) or two meals (lunch and dinner).

If you want to lose weight or stick to a low-carb plan, you need to decide how many calories and carbohydrates you want to consume. But you will always receive support from a dietician, a nutritionist, and a certified health coach to reach your target weight.

Satisfaction Guarantee

The Diet-to-Go team is confident that you will like the quality and the tastes of their meals because they use fresh, standard and high-quality ingredients. Since they want to make a long-lasting relationship with their clients, they never charge their customers with extra or hidden fees. Besides, you can always postpone or cancel your order. Moreover, if you are not satisfied with their service, they are always ready to refund your money.

Summing Up

To summarize this Diet-to-Go review, we are confident that you will love the delicious, healthy, and nutritionally-balanced and convenient meals they deliver. Trying them out just once will convert you to a long-time subscriber.

Compared to other meal delivery services, Diet-to-Go offers fresh, healthy, and delicious meals at a reasonable price. So now you can stop fretting over elaborate meal prep and wasting your time in groceries, preparing, cooking, and cleaning. Just concentrate on your health and wellness. Diet-to-Go will figure out the rest for you!

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