Krups GX5000 Review: Is It as Good as They Claim?

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If you’ve got a long and horrible day ahead, chances are you need a big cup of coffee to give yourself the strength to pull through. 

And while hitting up your local Starbucks or artisanal coffee shop every morning may have become your daily routine, did you know that brewing your own coffee from scratch can be super therapeutic?

But that’s not all! Making your own coffee means that your drink will taste much better and will get rid of an unnecessary expense. A good cup of coffee is the culmination of several things working together perfectly. 

These are the right coffee beans that have been ground to perfection, water at the perfect temperature, and a coffee maker that extracts every ounce of flavor from the beans.

In this Krups GX5000 review, we will examine this extremely popular coffee grinder in a lot of detail. We will also talk about the pros and cons of using this Krups burr grinder. Besides reviewing the appliance, we will also talk about what makes it special and who will prefer using it.

If you want to know more about how you should use and maintain the Krups grinder, as well as what you need to know before purchasing it, keep reading!

Krups GX5000: Introduces Itself!

In this section, we are going to analyze the Krups GX5000 burr coffee grinder and its performance. We will talk about the unit’s design, how it works, and what we liked about it. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive into this coffee grinder and see how it works!


This electric grinder has a sleek, modern appearance. At the same time, it isn’t exactly overwhelming and won’t clash with your kitchen décor. 

It is actually pretty understated as it is black with stainless steel accents. We found that it goes particularly well with coffeemakers like Bunn or Cuisinart in terms of aesthetics.

Moreover, it includes a dark, tinted 15-ounce container for you to store your ground coffee. 

The dark and secure container keeps the coffee grounds fresh for a couple of days by limiting exposure to sunlight and oxygen. There is also a clear 7-ounce container for your coffee beans.


The Krups coffee grinder works as a flat burr grinder. This means that it uses oscillating blades that crush and grind the coffee beans without cutting or slicing through them. 

We really liked the grinder because it gave you a choice on how fine or coarse you want your coffee beans to be ground.

What makes it special is that you grind the beans exactly how you want them while preserving the aroma, flavor, and intensity of the coffee. This will make the coffee extracted during the brewing process taste strong and rich.

Burr grinders like this one are extremely popular because they give your coffee drinks the most flavor. 

Moreover, the Krups professional burr grinder works relatively quickly and quietly to grind up your beans, so your morning cup of joe won’t wake the entire household.

As the device is automatic, you won’t have to hold down the button. Instead, just switch on the grind setting and go do your own thing. 

When the beans have been ground to the right texture and consistency, the machine will stop on its own. Although its performance seems pretty simple and basic, it gets the job done properly in a short amount of time.

Settings and Options:

We really like how this grinder gave us plenty of options when it came to ground texture and serving sizes. 

The Krups burr grinder settings let you choose the fineness level for any kind of coffee beans through 9 main grind settings and 5 intermediary steps. This means that you end up with 45 different fineness options for your coffee!

But that’s not all. It also grinds coffee based on the kind of beverage you want. You can adjust the grind settings for making a range of French press, drip, cold brew, espresso, and pour over coffee grinds.

However, the one thing that you can’t make with the grinder is Turkish coffee. This is because this kind of coffee needs very finely ground, almost milled coffee beans that the Krups grinder cannot produce. 

But it is great at grinding coffee to the right coarseness for cold brews, espressos and almost every other conventional type of coffee.

Another thing we found interesting was that you don’t need to sweat over the number of spoons of coffee needed when using the grinder. 

Instead, it lets you grind enough coffee beans for making anywhere from 2 to 12 cups of coffee. This removes the need to do the math as the machine lets you know how much ground coffee you will need for different servings.


Worried about safety concerns when operating a grinder? Have no fear, because the electric grinder by Krups is designed to be extremely with no hazards. First of all, the machine won’t turn on unless the lid is securely shut. 

This makes sure that the coffee grounds won’t go flying out in case the lid isn’t secure, which in turn will make sure you don’t end up with stray, sharp coffee grounds in your eyes.

Next, the grinder shuts off automatically if the motor starts overheating. Because of this, you don’t have to worry about the device exploding or starting a fire. 

And in case it turns off by itself, wait thirty minutes before restarting the unit.


This electric coffee grinder was meant for heavy-duty home use and the design certainly reflects its purpose. The unit is sturdy and will last for ages without needing repairs or replacement. 

The two flat burrs grind beans consistently, no matter what setting you choose. They are also very firm, easy to remove for cleaning, and secure when the unit is on.

The Krups adjustable burr grinder is also designed to be easy to use, especially for people who are new to brewing coffee from scratch. 

Between choosing the fineness of your coffee grounds and selecting how many cups of coffee you want to make; the unit gives you a lot of freedom to customize your drink. 

At the same time, the auto-stop design makes the grinder both safe and convenient.

Product Details:

  • Dimensions: 4.29 x 7.24 x 10.4 inches
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Power: 110 W
  • Manufacturer: Krups USA


  • Sturdy and durable design. The unit is meant to last you for a very long time.
  • Great performance.
  • Pretty affordable.
  • It lets you customize the fineness of the grounds and serving size.
  • Easy to clean and low maintenance.
  • Modern and sophisticated design.
  • Easy to use and store.


  • It can’t supergrind coffee beans to an extremely fine powder.
  • The flat burr grinder uses up more power comparatively.

Why We Recommend It:

The Krups GX5000 professional electric coffee burr grinder is a great little device for people who prefer making their coffee at home from whole roasted beans. 

Besides looking nice and stylish, the unit is also pretty small and lightweight, making it easy to store or keep on your kitchen counter. As far as performance goes, you will love that you can use this one unit to grind coffee that can make a variety of drinks. 

Furthermore, it lets you grind enough coffee at a time to make between 2 and 12 cups of coffee, which is pretty convenient and saves a lot of time!

What You Need to Know Before Getting the Krups Gx5000 Burr Coffee Grinder

There’s a pretty good chance that you’re already sold on this coffee grinder and all it can do. But before you take the plunge and buy the Krups unit, here are a couple of things you need to consider.

Coffee Ground Fineness:

Krups GX5000 Review: Is It as Good as They Claim? 1

This burr coffee grinder is great because of how well it grinds coffee and how fine the coffee grounds end up being. With that in mind, we must say that it cannot process coffee beans into an ultra-fine grind that is needed for Turkish coffee. 

If you drink Turkish coffee regularly, you’re going to be disappointed with this unit. However, the grounds are fine enough for almost every other sort of coffee under the sun.

Burr Grinder Type:

When it comes to coffee grinders, they usually have two kinds of burrs or blades. One sort is flat burrs, while the other uses conical burrs. 

The main difference between the two is that flat burrs have horizontal blades while cone burrs have conical blades that point upward and downward.

Some people do think that conical burr grinders do a better job of grinding coffee beans to a fine powder. However, it is also true that flat burr grinders work just as well. 

The Krups grinder has flat burrs, and so they use more energy and produce a little more heat than a grinder with a conical burr. If this is an issue for you, you might want to look for a different sort of coffee grinder.

Brew Size:

As mentioned earlier, this Krups coffee grinder can produce enough ground coffee for anywhere from 2 to 12 cups at a time. This is great for small families and if you have to entertain guests. 

However, if you live alone and drink coffee infrequently, you may prefer something that grinds just enough coffee for one person so that the grounds don’t go to waste.


Although the unit is pretty heavy-duty, it is strictly meant for use at home. This means that it can’t be used to make more ground coffee than is enough for 12 servings. 

Moreover, when used very frequently, the unit can heat up very quickly and turn itself off. This can damage your coffee grinder in the long run, so do not get this particular model for commercial purposes.


One of the best things about this unit is how affordable it is. Whether you are on a tight budget and just started venturing into brewing at home, or you’re a coffee connoisseur who loves investing in coffee-related appliances, this coffee grinder will be extremely useful for you. The fact that it is inexpensive and accessible makes it all the more special.

Using the Krups GX5000 Coffee Burr Grinder

Never used an automatic coffee grinder before? We’ll show you how it’s done!

  • Before starting, ensure that the coffee grinder is unplugged. Fit the ground coffee holder and the lid in their correct positions. All the different parts should be assembled together correctly.
  • Open the lid of the coffee bean hopper and fill it to the desired level. This will depend on how many servings of coffee you want to brew.

    Make sure that you don’t fill above the “max” level. Then, shut the lid so that the coffee beans are secure.
  • Set the amount of ground coffee by choosing the number of cups selector according to the desired quantity.
  • Choose the ground coffee fineness level by selecting the ground coffee fineness setting to the texture and consistency you want.
  • After customizing the settings to your desire, plug the unit into an electrical socket.
  • Switch the ON/OFF button to start the appliance.
  • After the selected quantity has been ground, the Krups coffee grinder will stop running by itself. In case you want to stop the appliance before the grinding process has finished, press the ON/OFF button.
  • Remove the coffee grounds from the container and transfer the amount needed to your coffee maker’s brewer basket.

Maintaining & Cleaning Tips for the Krups Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder

Getting and using a coffee grinder isn’t the end of dealing with this unit. Keeping your coffee grinder clean will make it safe to use and increase its lifespan.

It will also save money by preventing the need for frequent repairs. In the long run, this will help in the smooth functioning of the coffee grinder.

Not sure about this whole Krups coffee grinder cleaning thing? Lucky for you, the unit comes with a special brush that makes cleaning really easy, and we’ll talk you through all the steps!

  1. Before cleaning the coffee grinder, make sure that the unit is switched off and unplugged from the power socket.
  2. After that, discard any remaining coffee from the coffee holder. This makes sure that your ground coffee tastes and smells great and no residue will make your coffee smell funky.
  3. Then, adjust the fineness selector to the fine option. You can remove the upper burr by grasping the winglets on the top mill with your fingers and then turning clockwise and lifting it vertically.
  4. The cleaning brush included can be used to clean the top burr while a damp cloth and a little dish detergent are great for cleaning the inside of the coffee bean hopper.
  5.  Also, the wet cloth can also be used to clean the ground coffee dispenser as well as the exterior of the coffee grinder.
  6. If you’re using a mild soap or detergent, make sure that you use a damp cloth or sponge to make sure there’s no residue left. Do not use any harsh cleaning chemicals as it can damage the grinder.
  7. Next, adjust the fineness selector to the coarse mode. Replace the upper burr to its original position and then turn it anti-clockwise to lock it in place.
  8. Make sure you let the coffee grinder dry completely before using it again.

Have Other Questions?

In this part of the article, we’ll answer questions people often have about their Krups automatic coffee grinder.

01. How Do I Clean My Krups Coffee Grinder?

To clean your coffee grinder, unplug it, and separate the different components. Use a mild detergent and brush or cloth to clean the different parts. 

Do not use strong chemicals or abrasive objects like steel wool to clean the coffee grinder.

02. How Often Should I Clean My Coffee Grinder?

It is best to clean your coffee grinder after every use, especially if you tend to use it very frequently. This can prevent buildup and residue and prevent mold and bacteria from taking over your appliance. Also, it will make sure that your coffee will always taste perfect.

03. What Do I Need to Do If My Coffee Grinder Won’t Start Working?

Follow the instructions provided in the manual to set up your coffee grinder. Make sure that it is plugged into an active socket as well. 

If it still does not work, do not try to take the grinder apart or repair the appliance yourself. Instead, contact customer service or take it to an approved repair center.

04. What Should I Do if the Appliance Won’t Start?

If you can’t seem to get your coffee grinder to start working, first make sure the lid is secured properly. The machine won’t work if the lid isn’t fastened properly. You also have to check to make sure that the unit is plugged into a suitable power socket.

05. How Do I Fix a Jammed Coffee Grinder?

A coffee grinder can get stuck if the beans get jammed in the blades or other parts of the machine. 

To fix this, you can remove the beans manually from between the blades. Or, press the grind button or turn the grinder on to start the grinding process and all the coffee that is jammed inside will be free to come out.

Gradually fine your grind and press the grind button if you think beans are still in there. Continue to do this until you reach the finest setting and this will get rid of any stranded coffee beans.

06. Can I Grind Other Things with My Coffee Grinder?

As long as you maintain your coffee grinder properly, you can use it to grind other things as well without damaging your unit. For example, you can use it to grind a variety of nuts and whole spices. However, this only works if your grinder has factory mounted blades.

Besides this, you can grind bits of toasted bread to make bread crumbs, dried herbs for tea, and even caster sugar for making powdered sugar. If you don’t have a zester, you can also use your grinder to grate bits of fruit peels for infusions and garnishes.

07. How Long Can I Store Ground Coffee?

While you can store whole coffee beans for months in dry conditions, the same cannot be said about ground coffee. Once they are exposed to air and sunlight, they begin to break down, losing their smell and flavor. 

However, you can store ground coffee in an air-tight container for 7-10 days in a dark cupboard without any change in the flavor profile.


Grinding and brewing your coffee will take your coffee-drinking habits to the next level. You can make all sorts of coffees at home, experiment with different brews, strengths, and flavors, even becoming an amateur barista in the process. 

Devices like brewers and grinders will reveal a new side to coffee that will be an exhilarating sensory experience. Once you get a taste for home brewed coffee, you’ll never go back to instant or store bought ones again!

This Krups GX5000 review has talked about all the different aspects of the appliance and how you should use it for the best results. Once you get your hands on it, you will realize how much better your coffee tastes when it is made at home with some extra love and care. 

So why not boost your coffee-making skills and become a pro at brewing coffee at home?

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