Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine Review: Premium Coffee At The Push Of A Button!

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With the rapidly progressing workflow and pressure, we are literally living off of coffee at this point. If you are a coffee fanatic like me you’d know how it feels to start your day with a badly made cup of coffee. 

If going to the café every morning is not convenient for you, you might be planning to buy your own coffee machine. 

Everyone knows when it comes to coffee machines, Jura is the most reliable place to go to. In this review I will talk about the new Jura A1 automatic coffee machine, a well designed equipment developed for  the modern coffee obsessives like us.

Let’s check out some of the features that makes Jura A1 so popular and unique. 

Features of Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura A1 has a reputation for its convenient features and automatic control panel. Some of the features of Jura A1 can only be found in biggere, more industrial coffee machines. In this part of the review I will discuss the core of Jura A1 and how it works.

Pulse Extraction Process:

Jura A1 does not only brew your coffee, it extracts the last remaining flavour form the grounds.

Jura A1 achieves that by using a process they call pulse extraction, which means instead of a constant flow, it brews coffee in short intervals. 

This method helps to intensify the aroma and flavour of your desired shot. You will get your espresso in just under 30 seconds. So it is time efficient as well.

Visible Bean Container:

Jura A1 Super Automatic Coffee Machine comes with a visible bean container which is a really practical feature to have. It’s surprising why other brands don’t have this feature that much. 

If you are a forgetful person like I am, you will probably forget to refill the container until it’s too late and you desperately need a cup of coffee. 

It is also quite big with its 4.4 ounce bean container. This means you don’t have to refill every other day.

Intuitive Symbol Control Panel:

This is a new and advanced addition to the Jura coffee machines. The intuitive touchscreen control panel in Jura A1 is customizable and very detail oriented. This is something that only a massive coffee lover will be able to appreciate. 

It has illuminated icons for different cup sizes. The water tank symbol lights up if you forget to fill your water tank. It has three different settings for volume which includes ristretto, espresso and large coffee drinks. 

You can also adjust the intensity and strength level of your coffee. So you can understand the many ways you can customise the dosage and style of your personal cup each morning. 

Thermoblock Heating System:

As the ideal temperature for perfect espresso is 185° F to 194° F, you might want to look more into the heating system of your coffee machine to understand how it works. 

There are many different types of coffee machines like manual, automatic, pods or capsules. All of them come in either a boiler or thermoblock system.  

Thermablock is the best option for coffee lovers as it heats the water in real time. Jura A1 has its unique thermoblock heating system that  makes it possible to get a rich, freshly grind espresso in just under 30 seconds. 

Aroma Preservation:

Jura A1 has this specially designed aroma G3 grinder that cuts down grinding time in half. You might be wondering what this has to do with the aroma preservation. 

Well, if it takes longer to grind, the coffee beans get exposed to air and heat for longer. This reduces the quality of the beans and the scent loses its intensity a little bit. 

The aroma preservation seal allows you to keep the grinded bean there for days without having to expose it to air. So you do not need another jar to store your remaining beans. 

CLEARYL Blue Filter:

Every Jura coffee machine comes with their personally customized Clearyl Blue Filter. This filter has the capacity to reduce water hardness up to 75%. It also removes different harmful minerals like chlorines, lead, copper and aluminum from your water.  

Having a water filter in your coffee machine not only ensures clean water but also increases the taste of your coffee beans. The hard tap water can decrease the intensity and pleasure of your coffee experience. This filter is also a vital element in preventing the need for descaling. 

Auto Shut Off Program:

Let’s be honest, none of us have time to turn off our coffee machine in the morning. We always forget and in the long run, it is a massive energy loss. It also causes a toll on the machine itself. 

One of my favourite things about Jura A1 is its auto shut-off program. Not using it for five minute will cause it to go into this energy-saving mode. If you forget to plug it out in the morning, there is nothing to worry as it will automatically turn off after two hours of inactivity. Very eco-friendly and efficiently built. 

My Personal Ratings

There’s no doubt that Jura A1 is one of the best automatic coffee machines in the market. However, there are some positive and negative aspects of this. In this part of the Jura A1 coffee machine review, I have added my personal ratings of different aspects of this espresso maker.

Design ⅘:

The new and advanced Jura A1 has a sleek exterior that can fit into any kitchen without taking too much counter space. The machine measures in 20.5 inches high x 12.7 inches wide x 18.6 inches deep. 

If you are looking for an automatic coffee machine that can grind, brew and preserve coffee beans while having a pre-set water filter and tank, you cannot find anything more compact than Jura A1. 

Jura A1 comes in classic Piano Black and Piano White. The timeless design with its minimal color palette gives it a premium feel. 

Flavour 5/5:

Jura A1 comes with its aroma preservation system that can maximize the quality of your coffee by maintaining its aroma and flavour in an airtight seal. 

Most coffee machines have an extreme high heat that overtoasts the coffee beans and you end up with burnt, tasteless espresso. Jura A1 maintains a consistent heating system with its thermoblock technology that creates perfect espresso shots every single time. 

Easy To Clean 5/5: 

One of the things I hate about automatic espresso machines is the hassle of cleaning them every week. It takes so long to properly clean one. With Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine, your cleaning process is going to be really effortless and fun.

I will discuss in detail on how to maintain and clean your Jura A1 properly in a short while. But for now I would just say this, it alerts you when it needs cleaning and when it’s time to empty the baskets. It is super easy to do. 

Grinding Power 5/5:  

Most automatic coffee machines do not come with a grinder let alone something as powerful as the one in Jura A1. 

Jura A1 Aroma G3 grinder has seven different grinding settings! You can get a coarser grind to very fine coffee grounds. 

The grinding process is comparatively quieter than other automatic coffee machines. It is super fast, as in you can make a cup of coffee from grinding to brewing in just 30 seconds. 

The time also depends on your grinding option. Different grinding options require different extraction time. You can customise what you like and get the coffee you love. 

Easy To Use 5/5:

Being fully automatic, it is a delight to use every morning. You can customise the settings according to your need and this way you do not even have to press more than one button every time you want a cup of coffee. 

The manual describes everything you need in very easy steps. To be quite honest, you do not even need a manual. This machine is pretty self-explanatory. 

Affordability 3.5/5:

This is not an affordable coffee machine. It comes with a big price tag which I think is well justified by the functionality of it. It is so versatile and efficient at what it does, making coffee feels like an experience with this automatic coffee machine. 

If you are looking for a durable, effective and premium quality coffee machine that does-it-all, then Jura A1 is a great value for money. 

Buying the Jura A1 Coffee Machine: What You Need to Know

There are a few things you need to know before you decide to buy Jura A1. This automatic coffee machine is designed for coffee lovers and junkies who take their coffee seriously. So here are some things you need to consider before deciding on Jura A1 Automatic:

No Milk on Jura A1: 

If you like milk and extra froth in your coffee, Jura A1 is not for you. Jura A1 is not suitable to make frothy drinks like cappuccino, latte and other milk based options. If you want a milk based option you can upgrade to other Jura machines. They have other options like Giga 5 and Impressa E8. Alternatively, you can buy a frother separately for your Jura A1. 

Only for Coffee Purists:

Jura A1 is designed for all the coffee purists out there. When I say coffee purists, I mean those who only take espresso, ristretto and long shots. The Jura A1 does not spit out hot water. It uses the infamous pulse extraction process to make the sharpest, and strongest coffee out of your coffee beans.

If you are a semi-purist, as in an americano drinker, you will be disappointed. It does not do americano as well. 

How To Use Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine

Jura A1 Coffee machine comes with a user manual that talks in detail about the process of using it and many trips and tricks directly from the manufacturers. They even include a whole chapter dedicated for first time Jura users. 

In this part of the review I will share some of the steps I like to follow while using Jura A1 as my go to coffee machine. 

Setting up the machine:

Place the machine on a horizontal surface. The surface should be water-resistant. Due to the compact size, you can put it wherever you want . Just make sure that area has enough ventilation for the machine. This helps it from overheating. 

FIlling the Bean Container:

Use untreated, roasted coffee beans to refill the bean container. If you use beans that have been treated with additives like sugar, it won’t work on Jura A1. Even ground coffee or freeze-dried coffee can damage the grinder. 

Filling the Water Tank:

You can fill the water tank with fresh, cold water every morning for perfect coffee. Adding tap water is totally okay as Jura A1 has its own Clearyl Blue filter. Do not use milk, sparkling water or other liquids as it can damage the water tank or the machine. 

Adjusting the Grinder:

You can adjust your grinder according to your needs. Jura A1 has a varied range from coarse grinding to thin, fine blend. Only adjust the grinder when it is running. If you adjust it while it’s not operating, the grinding wheel can be damaged. They provide seven different grinding options for you to choose from. You will definitely find something you love. 

Make Your Espresso

Here are some simple steps I personally follow in order to make the perfect espresso shot every time:

  • Place your cup under the coffee spout and adjust the height according to your cup.
  • Touch the espresso symbol on the control panel to start the preparation.
  • The espresso symbol and the coffee strength symbol will flash to show the present amount of water that’s flowing into the cup.
  • Your espresso is now ready to enjoy!

Maintenance & Cleaning Tips For a Jura A1 Machine

Jura A1 is a very easy coffee machine to maintain due to its compact size and clever construction. To ensure that you get the most out of this super automated coffee machine, there are some daily maintenance you should take care of:

  • Remove the drip tray every morning. 
  • Empty the coffee grounds container and rinse it with warm water to clean. Clean the drip tray as well.
  • Reinsert the drip tray and coffee grounds container into the machine. 
  • Rinse the water tank with clean, lukewarm water. 
  • To clean the surface of the machine, use a damp cloth or napkin; preferably a microfiber towel. 

Tips: Always empty the coffee grounds container when the machine is switched on. According to Jura A1 manual, this is the only way to reset the coffee grounds counter to zero. 

Where to Buy your new Jura A1 Automatic Coffee Machine?

You can buy Jura A1 at any of your nearest shopping malls. It is available everywhere. However, if you want to buy it without the hassle of physically going outside, just order from amazon

If you are looking for a Jura coffee machine with milk frother, check out the Jura Impressa F8 with fine foam technology for all of your delicious milky beverages from classic café crème or trendy latte macchiato. 

The Pros:  

  • Takes only 30 seconds from grinding to espresso. 
  • Powerful grinder with different grinding options. 
  • Simple and compact design, saves countertop.
  • Delivers rich, quality espresso, ristretto and long coffee. 
  • Fully automatic and comes with a touchscreen control panel. 
  • Height-adjustable coffee spout.
  • Comes with automatic shut-off mode and energy saving mode.

The Cons:

  • Makes one coffee at a time. 
  • You can not use milk in this machine. 

Frequently Asked Questions about Jura A1 Coffee Machine (FAQs)

Is Jura A1 coffee machine worth the money?

Yes, Jura A1 is definitely a great option for at home barista-style drinks. The machine makes coffee always at the perfect temperature while retaining the optimum heat level. It extracts the maximum flavour out of your coffee beans to make a delicious shot. The machine automatically goes to energy saving mode after making a cup for you. 

The Jura A1 is conscious of the environment and your energy bills. It also has auto-clean features. It’s an ideal companion for all the coffee purists out there who are willing to spend some for the best coffee experience. 

Which Jura Coffee machine is the best?

It solely depends on what you are looking for. Jura has different sizes and types of machines for people with different needs. If you are looking for a compact coffee machine for at-home purposes, Jura A1 and Jura A1 Ultra are great options to choose from. 

Jura Impressa F8 is another great option with a built-in milk frother. This one is ideal for all the cappuccino and latte lovers. If you want something bigger that can make two or more beverages at the same time, try Jura Giga 5. So you see, they have something for everybody. 

How long does Jura A1 coffee machine last?

Jura A1 machine has been designed to last you for a long time. It is an investment for a coffee lover. Each of the Jura coffee machines are manufactured to last at least 7-10 years. They are sturdy, and solidly built in switzerland. If you are a coffee fanatic like me you know the reputation of Jura and how they have created a place in the coffee industry with quality. 

How often should I clean my Jura A1 coffee machine?

Most Jura machines including A1 will alert you to clean after 180 brewing cycles or 80 on/off cycles. You can wait for the alert or clean weekly depending on your preference. But to make your Jura A1 perform at the optimum level, it is better to at least lightly clean twice a week. 

Jura provides cleaning tablets for your machine that you can use to deeply clean after the brewing cycle ends. 

Can I make cappuccino with Jura A1?

No, you can’t. Most jura machines come with a built-in milk frother. However, Jura A1 does not have any milk frothing options in it. You can only make espresso, ristretto and tall coffee. This version is specifically designed for the black coffee lovers. You can buy an extra milk frother for your Jura A1, or you can try other Jura options to pick one for you. 

The Final Verdict:

Jura A1 is the perfect coffee machine if you love to wake up with a hot cup of espresso. It makes life easier and faster. This beautiful, premium, piano black Espresso machine is all you need to make barista-style coffee just at the press of a button. A perfect companion that deserves to be on the countertop of all the coffee purists out there.

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