How Much is Starbucks Venti: A Barista’s Guide to Prices, Hacks, and Hidden Gems

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Remember those late mornings at Boat Basin Cafe, staring down a Venti Caramel Macchiato with your stomach growling and wallet whimpering? I get it! So how much is Starbucks Venti?

As a former chef and barista there for over 10 years, I know the Starbucks menu – and the venti secrets – inside and out. I’m spilling the beans on insider tips, money-saving hacks, and even some hidden gems from my Boat Basin days to help you crack the venti code. Get ready to conquer the menu like a pro!

💲 Venti Breakdown: Sizes, Prices, and Volume

Before we dive into secret tricks, let’s break down the core venti menu. The Venti is Starbucks’ 20 oz large size, nestled between the Tall (12 oz small) and Trenta (30 oz extra large). Here’s a quick snapshot of popular venti drink sizes and prices:

DrinkSize (oz)Price
Hot Coffee20$2.65
Iced Coffee20$2.65
Cold Brew20$4.45

When it comes to espresso, you can customize the number of shots:

  • Single (1 shot): Classic flavor
  • Double (2 shots): Bold flavor
  • Triple (3 shots): Strongest flavor
  • Quad (4 shots): Espresso overload!

Go for an extra shot or two in that late afternoon pick-me-up. Or try my secret menu favorite – a Venti Vanilla Bean Frappuccino with an extra pump of toffee nut. Trust me, it’s life changing!

how much is a venti at starbucks
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💰 Money-Saving Tips: Customizations and Deals

Now for the good stuff – how to unlock venti savings! First, customizing your drink is a budget-friendly move. Here are my top ways to cut costs with custom orders:

Customization Hack Savings

Skip Whipped Cream$0.60
Ask for Light IceGet More Ounces!
Substitute Syrups$0.60 per pump
Use Milk AlternativesUsually Free
Request Fewer Pumps$0.60 per pump

For example, order a Venti Iced Coffee with soy milk, no whip, and 4 pumps of mocha. You’ll cut about $1 in customizations while still getting your perfect drink!

And here’s an insider trick: Skip the fancy syrups and try using flavored cold brew concentrate from the condiment bar for a cheaper, custom iced drink!

The Starbucks Rewards program also offers perks like free drinks, bonus stars, and exclusive deals. Keep reading to find out more!

During Happy Hour, which come on occasional Thursdays between 2-7pm: you buy one, get one free on almost all drinks! Its frequency is not high though, sometimes bi-weekly, sometimes less frequent. You’ll have a better chance during summer months and the holidays, so make sure you have the Starbucks app to be eligible and get notified! Not all stores participate though, so use the app to check just in case!

How Much is Starbucks Venti: A Barista's Guide to Prices, Hacks, and Hidden Gems 1

My personal secret drink

Alright, time to unlock a hidden gem that I make time to time – the Iced Guava Passionfruit drink! Here’s my off-menu creation based on a Starbucks drink:

  1. Start with a Venti Passion Tango iced tea
  2. Add 3 pumps of guava syrup
  3. Top with a splash of lemonade
  4. Finish with a colorful lime wedge garnish

It’s tropical, tart, and crazy refreshing – I swear it tastes like vacation! The passion tango and guava balance perfectly with that punch of lemon. A true Boat Basin original.

If you like more recipes like this, be sure to check my alternative way to make Starbucks’ Strawberry Coconut drink at home!

🔍Even More Money-Saving Hacks

Use free flavorsCinnamon, vanilla, chocolate powder
Reload gift cardsAdd as little as $5
Buy core coffee bagsPike Place, Veranda blends
Take part in holidaysFreebies on Unicorn Day, Cat Day!

I’ve still got plenty more ways to save on venti drinks! When it comes to coffee and espresso beverages, always take advantage of free flavor add-ons like cinnamon, vanilla, chocolate, or caramel powder. They make a tasty, no-cost substitute for sugary syrup pumps.

Got an old gift card with just a few dollars left? Use it up on a venti brewed coffee or tea – they ring in under $3. Or you can reload it with as little as $5 for future caffeine runs.

And if you’re stopping in during breakfast hours, use Stars rewards on food items which typically aren’t eligible. The sausage & cheddar classic breakfast sandwich is a solid $5 choice.

Starbucks sausage & cheddar classic breakfast sandwich
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🌟 Starbucks Rewards Program

Starbucks is stirring up excitement amongst coffee-lovers with their enticing Rewards program perks. Members can look forward to earning stars towards free crave-worthy rewards with every sip of their morning brew.

The more visits members make, the more stars they rack up for a plethora of tasty redemptions. After collecting just 25 stars, the freebies start flowing – think free add-ons like espresso shots and syrups to customize your drinks. Then, once you hit higher reward tiers, you can score free handcrafted drinks, sandwiches, protein boxes, and coffee bags.

Earning stars

Earning stars is easy! If you order from the app, you don’t need to do anything else. If you order in-store, simply scan your QR code from the app or the barcode on your physical Starbucks card when ordering.

However, the number of Rewards stars you earn is depends on how you spend:

⭐⭐ Earn 2 stars per $1 spent when you preload your Starbucks card in the app or a purchase a gift card ⭐⭐

⭐ Earn a star per $1 spent when you pay any other way

Always use your Starbucks Card when you make a purchase for maximum star gains. Also watch for double star days where you can earn twice as many stars on almost everything on the menu – this means you could earn up to 4 stars per $1 spent if you use the Starbucks card ⭐⭐⭐⭐

In the past, Chase offered a Starbucks Visa card that gave 3 stars per $1 spent in Starbucks. But tis offer is no longer available.


Not every reward requires stars. As long as you have a registered Starbucks card, you can receive the following rewards:

  • Free drink or food item of your choice on your birthday
  • Play member-only games for a chance to win exclusive prizes, free food and drinks

But of course, the rewards from stars are what you really want. Here’s what you can redeem using your stars:

  • 25 ⭐: Customize your drink – Need another shot of caffeine? Non-diary milk? Favorite syrup? Done.
  • 100 ⭐: Coffee or tea (brewed hot or cold), a bakery item, or a snack.
  • 200 ⭐: A handcrafted drink of your choice, or a breakfast sandwich or oatmeal.
  • 300 ⭐: A sandwich, protein box, or Starbucks beans for coffee at home.
  • 400 ⭐: Starbucks merch item up to $20 of value.

Personally, I go to Starbucks for the delicious handcrafted drinks on most occasions so the 200 star tier is my go-to choice.

So if haven’t joined the Starbucks Rewards program, what are you waiting for?! Join here.

Starbucks rewards for 200 stars

📚 Fun Facts and Starbucks History

Alright, let’s sweeten up your Starbucks knowledge with some fascinating facts! Did you know:

1971First Starbucks opens in Seattle
1995Frappuccinos debut in San Francisco
1993Cup sleeves introduced after complaints
  • The first-ever Starbucks opened in 1971 at Seattle’s Pike Place Market. It sold whole bean coffee, tea, and spices.
  • The company is named after the coffee-loving first mate Starbuck in the novel Moby Dick.
  • The first Starbucks to offer Frappuccinos opened in 1995 in San Francisco. Talk about refreshment game-changers!
  • Dark, rich espresso is touted as Starbucks’ signature brew. But back in my early Boat Basin days, lighter-roasted Pike Place was the bolder move!
  • The iconic green Siren logo is modeled after a twin-tailed mermaid from a 16th century Norse woodcut. But I just call her the Starbucks queen!
  • Starbucks introduced cup sleeves in 1993 after a customer complained about burnt fingers. Let’s hear it for simple innovations!

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