How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar? Different Types of Coffee Explained

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Wondering how many calories are in your coffee? We’ve got you covered! Find out the calorie count for coffee with milk and sugar here.

How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar
How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar

According to a press release by National Coffee Association, coffee consumption by Americans is at a two-decade high. Many Americans consume a cup of coffee daily. However, very few Americans know how many calories a cup of coffee contains.

The post below answers this question and states the importance of keeping track of these calories.

Why should you opt for a coffee with low calories?

Two essential reasons highlight why it is best to go with a low-calorie coffee type.

01. Avoid diet sabotage

I’m also guilty of consuming coffee daily, sometimes even 2 cups. The problem is that the calories quickly add up, and they can sabotage your daily diet. Sticking to low-calorie coffee types helps you get rid of this problem.

02. Eliminate unintended consumption of extras

Low-calorie coffee types do not consist of extras like cream (check out calories in a coffee with cream by clicking here), which further help you stick to a healthy daily diet.

How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar?

A regular cup of coffee with milk and sugar consists of 30 calories. Plain coffee, on the other hand, consists of almost no calories since it does not have sugar or milk and merely consists of water with the flavor of coffee beans.

Calories in different types of coffee

Of course, plain coffee isn’t the only coffee type you can consume. Depending on the milk and sugar variants, coffee types can vary. I will cover most of them below to help you understand how many calories you consume if you go with any of these coffee types.

Types of coffeeCalories
Coffee with milk and two teaspoons sugar105
Large coffee with double milk and double sugar160
Iced coffee with skimmed milk and sugar70
Instant coffee with milk and one sugar30
Adding two teaspoons of sugar, will result in 3 extra calories taking the total to 33 cal.
Coffee with milk and sugar small32

01. Coffee with milk and two teaspoons sugar

If you go with the large coffee consisting of milk and two teaspoons of sugar, it roughly contains 105 cal.

02. Large coffee with double milk and double sugar

This coffee roughly consists of 160 cal. Added sugar also means extra calories.

03. Iced coffee with skimmed milk and sugar

Iced coffee with skim milk and sugar contains 70 cal.

04. Instant coffee with milk and one sugar

Instant coffee with milk and a single teaspoon of sugar consists of approximately 30 cal. Adding two teaspoons of sugar, will result in 3 extra calories taking the total to 33 cal.

05. Coffee with milk and sugar small

Roughly, the calories in such a coffee are around 32.

06. Cappuccino

A small cappuccino with milk and sugar consists of approximately 70 cal (Starbucks). As the size increases, the calories will increase as well.

For example, Starbucks Venti (Size) cappuccino with milk and sugar contains 200 cal.

07. Mocha

A tall glass of Mocha Coffee contains around 290 cal.

Which coffee type has the lowest calories?

How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar? Different Types of Coffee Explained 1
black coffee

The type of coffee which has the lowest calories is black coffee. A cup of black coffee has around 3 cal. The reason is that it is devoid of milk and sugar.

If you want to know which milk or coffee with sugar has the lowest calories, it is instant coffee without any cream.

What is the best time in the day to consume coffee with milk and sugar?

How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar? Different Types of Coffee Explained 2
consume coffee

Cortisol hormone in our body is responsible for focus and alertness. According to this study, since our cortisol level is lowest between 9:30 to 11:30 am or around 3 to 4 hours after waking up, that is when you should consume coffee. Sticking to this time frame ensures that drinking coffee maximizes your alertness.

Suppose you consume coffee when your cortisol levels are already high. In that case, your alertness or focusing power will not increase much since your body already has a high level of alertness and focus.

How many times in a day can I have coffee with milk and sugar?

As per this study, you can safely consume around 400 mg of caffeine daily. This translates into a maximum of four medium cups of coffee in a day. However, increasing consumption gradually is a good idea even if you want to drink that much coffee daily.

If you do not want to consume that much coffee, it is best to consume it during the recommended time (covered above). It will help you extract the maximum benefit from caffeine, so you will not have to drink it in larger quantities.

How to make your coffee healthy?

How many calories in a coffee with milk and sugar? Different Types of Coffee Explained 3
making coffee

After looking at the number of calories in most coffee types, you might wonder if there is a way to reduce those calories and still have the same amount of coffee. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do about this.

01. Choose a smaller serving size

The most obvious step is to go with the smaller serving size. Sure enough, the amount of caffeine might reduce but so will the calories. In most cases, our caffeine addiction fuels coffee consumption rather than needing better-focusing power or alertness. That is why you aren’t likely to notice the difference even if you choose a smaller serving size.

02. Go with skimmed milk

The best way to make your coffee healthier is to switch to skimmed milk. As per this report, an 8-ounce serving of skim milk has 83 calories, whereas whole milk has 149 calories. It means that if you’re consuming coffee with skimmed milk, you can reduce calorie consumption.

03. Avoid the extras

If you have been to Starbucks or any other coffee chain, you will know that in addition to coffee, most coffee drinks consist of ample quantities of sugar, cream, and other additives. The problem is that these additives also add extra calories to your coffee drinks.

Another effective way to make coffee drinks healthier is to avoid all the extras. As highlighted above, coffee without any cream consists of around 33 calories. That is why, if you stick to the same, you can consume coffee daily without consuming more calories. You can either stick to instant coffee or plain brewed coffee served by various coffee houses.

04. Add cinnamon to your coffee

Can adding a single ingredient to your coffee make it healthier?

The answer is yes, it can!

The ingredient is cinnamon. According to a study, cinnamon can help you lower blood sugar levels. Apart from that, it can reduce the amount of cholesterol in your blood vessels. All these benefits are retained when you add a dash of cinnamon to your coffee. Surprisingly, the flavor of cinnamon goes pretty well with coffee. Because of the same, it is a good idea to add something like Ceylon cinnamon to not only get all the benefits but also enhance the flavor of your coffee.

05. Use a paper filter to brew coffee

I like to brew my coffee at home whenever possible. Over the years, I have researched ways to make coffee healthier. One tip which I found was using paper filters.

A coffee maker, which consists of a paper filter, does not let most of the cafestol pass through. Cafestol is a compound in coffee that increases cholesterol levels in your body (research report). Thus, by using a paper filter to brew your coffee, you reduce the rate of cholesterol deposition in your body, thereby making coffee healthier.

06. Replace sugar with low-calorie natural sweeteners

This one is the most obvious step you need to follow. Cut out sugar entirely. If you need a sweet flavor, substitute sugar with low-calorie natural sweeteners. I use WHOLE EARTH 100% Zero Calorie Sugar Alternative; it downright eliminates the sugar calories to 0.

When you’re at home, you can easily add such sweeteners to your coffee instead of sugar. While ordering coffee from outside, you can buy it without sugar and carry small packets of natural sweeteners to add to your coffee.

Even though there are few artificial sweeteners which have low calories as well but in the longer run they aren’t beneficial.

Another approach is to eliminate sugar (not perfect for your taste buds) altogether as calories in a coffee with milk only are much lesser.


Thus, before you head to your favorite coffee shop to enjoy coffee, it is better to remember the number of calories that coffee contains. Using my guide above, you can reduce your calorie intake by choosing the low-calorie coffee type and make your existing cup of coffee even healthier.


Is coffee with milk and sugar healthy?

In moderation, coffee with milk and sugar is healthy for you and can increase your focus power and alertness level.
However, if you simply want to go with the healthiest option, you should switch to Black coffee. Firstly, black coffee has almost no calories. Secondly, the effect of caffeine is more pronounced when it is not accompanied by milk, sugar, or any high-calorie additives. Moreover, when you switch over to Black coffee, you can consume it up to 3 times a day as long as you can handle that much caffeine.

Is coffee good for weight loss?

Yes, in the proper form, coffee is good for weight loss. That is because caffeine can increase your metabolic activity and help your body burn more fat. However, to gain these benefits, consume black coffee. 

What can I put in my coffee to lose weight?

Black coffee in its purest form can help you with weight loss. However, if you want to add something to it to make it more flavorful, a few drops of lemon juice is more than enough. Lemon juice can also help your metabolic activity, and therefore it aids the weight loss process.

Which coffee is good for a flat tummy?

It is best to stick to black coffee to lose weight or maintain your flat tummy. A single serving of black coffee consists of only 3 cal and has enhanced caffeine effects. 

What is the best time to have coffee for weight loss?

To integrate coffee into your weight loss regime, have a cup of coffee 30 minutes before the workout. That will help your metabolic activity and give you the energy to complete your workout.

Calories in coffee with milk and 2 sugars?

About 105 calories.

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