Examining Microwave Safety of Starbucks Cups

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Starbucks is known worldwide for its wide array of coffee concoctions, brewed up and conveniently served in signature paper cups for your on-the-go needs. But what happens when your freshly bought latte or macchiato cools down before you’ve had a chance to relish it? Can you reheat it in that very cup using your microwave?

Perhaps you’ve been doing it without giving it much heed. The question is, should you? In this article, we aim to shed light on the potential risks involved in microwaving disposable Starbucks cups, and also explore safe reheating methods and Starbucks sustainability initiatives.

can you microwave starbucks paper cups
Examining Microwave Safety of Starbucks Cups

Starbucks Paper Cups: More Than Just Paper

If you’ve ever held a steaming hot Starbucks drink, you know how surprisingly resilient the paper cup is. So, what’s the secret? How does the paper cup manage to hold your hot beverage without disintegrating into a wet mess?

The answer lies in the multiple layers and coatings of the cup. Starbucks paper cups are primarily made of sustainability-sourced paper, secure enough to hold your coffee or iced tea. But, the mainstay of these cups is a thin plastic or wax liner encasing the inside of the cup. This liner prevents the cup from becoming water-logged, maintaining its form and preventing leaks.

But, the fact that the cups contain plastic makes them only partially compostable. On the brighter side, Starbucks is continuously working on improving the sustainability of their cups, with efforts geared towards reducing single-use cups. The coffee giant actively encourages customers to bring their own reusable coffee cups, rewarding them with small discounts, and even trialing fully compostable cups to reduce the environmental impact.

Inside a Microwave: How Does It Work?

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How To Reheat Smoked Chicken In The Microwave

Before delving into the implications of microwaving Starbucks cups, let’s get a quick understanding of the mechanics of a microwave.

A microwave oven heats food using a process of electromagnetic radiation appropriately referred to as “microwaves.” Microwaves excite water molecules in your food or drink, causing them to vibrate and generate heat. Materials like water, fats, and sugars are excellent absorbers of this radiation, heating more quickly as a result.

However, crucial to the operation of a microwave is the distinction between which substances absorb microwaves and which do not. Safe containers that don’t absorb microwaves allow them to penetrate through, heating only the food or beverage inside. Contrarily, materials that can absorb microwaves—and should not be used in a microwave—include certain metals and plastics.

Dangers of Microwaving Plastic Lined Paper Cups

Among the non-microwave-safe materials, plastic is a name that often pops up. Microwaving certain plastics can cause them to warp or melt and release harmful compounds into your food or beverage – a potential concern with the plastic lining in Starbucks cups.

The adhesive that keeps the unit together also rings alarm bells. High microwave energy can break down the adhesive, releasing substances that could make their way into your coffee or soup. Add to this, the risk of fire hazard due to the paper becoming overheated or catching fire. Clearly, there are potential dangers tied to microwaving a Starbucks cup.

Is It Safe to Microwave Starbucks Paper Cups?

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Microwave Starbucks Paper Cups

So, can you microwave your Starbucks paper cup? The short answer is, you probably shouldn’t. Starbucks themselves have issued guidelines stating that their paper cups should not be microwaved, mainly due to the risk of the plastic lining and the adhesive causing problems when subjected to high microwave energy.

When you microwave a Starbucks cup, the heat can potentially melt the plastic liner, which can then leach into your beverage. Also, the wax coating and adhesive components of the cup could have negative reactions to the radiation waves. As a side effect, the paper might get soggy, lessen the structural integrity of the cup and create a potential hazard of the hot beverage spilling, leading to burns.

Apart from health risks, you could also be putting your microwave oven at risk. Microwaving paper products carries a fire hazard, increasing the chances of a disastrous result.

Guidelines from Different Brands

Interestingly, other popular coffee chains also recommend against microwaving their disposable cups. McDonald’s, Dunkin’ Donuts, Costa Coffee and Peet’s Coffee, like Starbucks, advise staying clear of microwaving their to-go cups due to the having similar concerns – likely melting of plastic liner, potential of adhesives breaking down, and fire risks.

Cup materials, in general, do vary across these brands. The basic paper component remains constant but the thickness, liners, coatings, layers and adhesives can differ. Yet, despite these disparities, the common guideline remains – coffee to-go cups and microwaves don’t play well together.

Safe Alternatives to Reheat Your Starbucks Drinks

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glass coffee

If you find your Starbucks beverage cold while still in the cup, don’t reach out for the microwave just yet. Instead, consider pouring it into a glass or ceramic mug labeled as microwave-safe. These are designed to resist microwave energy, allowing your beverage to heat without the risk of harmful chemical leaching or structural breakdown.

Another device to consider is an immersion beverage warmer. These appliances are dropped into your drink and heat the beverage directly, avoiding the need for a microwave altogether.

When reheating your drink, stirring is advised. Stirring helps distribute the heat uniformly throughout the beverage. The highest heat settings may not be necessary; a medium setting on your microwave will likely suffice to warm up your cold drink. If you’re using an immersion warmer, ensure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid overheating or accidents.

Starbucks’ Efforts Towards Sustainability

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Over the years, Starbucks has demonstrated its dedication towards eco-friendly coffee solutions. As a responsible corporate, Starbucks is putting in continuous efforts towards the goal of reducing environmental impact.

Starbucks encourages customers to bring their own reusable mugs, providing incentives like a small discount for doing so. This not only minimizes the use of single-use cups but also reduces waste generation.

Starbucks has undertaken trials for fully compostable and recyclable coffee cups. These cups, if successful, will greatly reduce the company’s environmental footprint by providing a greener alternative to the current one-time-use cups. The shift to more sustainable cups is a part of Starbucks’ commitment to becoming a more environment-friendly brand.


To sum up, while it may seem obvious, or even a daily routine, to reheat your Starbucks coffee in its cup, it’s a practice you might want to rethink. By making sure you are using safe containers for microwaving your beverages, you’re taking care of not just your health but also contributing to environmental preservation. Remember that being aware of safety protocols and ensuring you abide by them is as essential as savoring that flavorful cup of coffee. The choice of safe reheating means a small step forward is a giant leap towards a sustainable tomorrow.


Can all paper cups be microwaved?

Most paper cups are lined with plastic or wax, and hence are not safe for microwaving. Always check with the manufacturer for clear guidelines.

What will happen if you microwave a Starbucks paper cup?

Microwaving a Starbucks paper cup can potentially melt the plastic lining, causing harmful substances to leach into your beverage. Paper can catch fire, becoming a potential fire hazard.

What is the best way to reheat Starbucks beverages safely?

Pour your drink into a microwave-safe glass or ceramic container, and heat at a sensible setting. Alternatively, use an immersion beverage warmer.

Are Starbucks cups recyclable?

Starbucks cups are primarily made of paper, which is recyclable. However, the thin plastic liner makes it difficult to recycle these cups. Starbucks is currently researching and trialing fully recyclable and compostable cups.


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