Bodum Bistro: A Brick by Brick Pour Over Coffee Maker Review

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America drinks 400 million cups of coffee every day, 79% of which are prepared at home!

And what’s more amusing is that more than half of us coffeeholics will rather skip a shower than our morning cuppa!

If you have done that at least once in your life, and don’t want to do it again, raise your hand. 

You can end your hectic morning rush for coffee for good. And that too, without turning away from drip coffee. 

It’s time to part with your mediocre drip coffee maker and turn to the automatic. 

And just when you start talking about an automatic pour-over coffee machine, Bodum Bistro enters the scene by default. 

Ergo, we decided to check it out and tell you everything we learned about the Bodum BISTRO Automatic Pour-over Coffee Maker.

Enough rambling. Let’s proceed with your very own Bodum Coffee Maker review.

Bodum Coffee Maker Review

Bodum Bistro is a mid-end, lightweight coffee maker that utilizes the pour-over coffee brewing technique. It promises a full-bodied, high-quality drip coffee drink, without you having to break any sweat.

So, does it really deliver what it promises? 

We are soon to find out. Let’s take it one step at a time.

How Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour-Over Works:

The mechanics of the Bodum electric coffee maker is simple. All you need to do is fill the water reservoir with clean cold water and the filter with ground beans. 

Once that part is done, switch the Bistro on and watch it in action. 

The water heater siphons water from the tank and heats it just below the boiling temperature. This is the adequate temperature for a great cup of coffee.

The hot water then travels through a glass tube to reach the showerhead.

The showerhead then pours water over the ground beans.

While the perfectly warm water passes through a bed of coffee grounds, it extracts the caffeine and aroma to the fullest and drops on your cup.

And that’s how magic is created. That took under 6 minutes.  

The Bricks of Bodum Bistro:

Bodum Bistro coffee maker reviews often chime about its intelligent parts. Every element of this coffee maker has been designed to deliver maximum efficiency.

The Powerful Spiral Heating Element:

Is made of Die-cast Aluminum and runs at 1450 Watts. This tremendous power quickly heats water to the optimum temperature.

The Tube:

that carry hot water to the showerhead is made of tempered glass. This construction is insulated, so that water doesn’t lose heat while it travels from the heater to the showerhead.

The Shower Head:

is the modern replacement of the traditional drip. It equally distributes hot water over your coffee grounds for maximum extraction. 

This showerhead ensures a uniform stream of water unlike many of its contemporaries with partial water distribution.  

The Stainless Steel Bodum Coffee Filter:

is permanent. Yes, you won’t have to invest in endless supplies of coffee filters anymore.

This steel filter is evenly meshed and ensures maximum extraction from your coffee beans. Moreover, it is designed in such a way that it doesn’t hold back essential oils.

This results in a rich and aromatic cup of coffee every time you brew with the Bistro. 

The Double Wall Thermal Carafe:

retains your coffee temperature for a long time. Doesn’t matter if you are a busy bee and often find yourself not being able to take a sip on time.

The Water Tank:

is made of clear plastic and is scored indicating how much water you have to fill it with in order to get your desired quantity of coffee. 

It is easily detachable so that you won’t need to move the entire unit to fill it. 

The Casing:

is stainless steel and comes in two elegant colors- black and white. 

Both the varieties impart a premium feel.

Brewing with Bodum Bistro: Thumbs Ups 

Now that we know Bodum Bistro inside out, we can move on to the more important things such as performance, ease of use, and the overall brewing experience.

Here are the things that we loved about the Bodum coffee machine.

Uses Fewer Beans:

The first thing that we noticed about the Bodum 12 cup coffee maker is that it utilizes fewer beans than most traditional drip coffee brewers. 

In fact, when you use it for the first time, you may end up pouring more coffee grounds on the filter than the amount actually required. Don’t worry you’ll get used to it.

Utilizing fewer beans doesn’t necessarily mean that your cuppa will turn out to be weak. Bodum Bistro is known for its strong flavorful coffee.

So, how does it do that?

We figured that the credit goes to the efficient showerhead and filter. 

Water drops on the coffee bed in a uniform stream and gets evenly distributed while the filter allows the essential oils to pass through to your cup or carafe. 

The result is strong coffee with minimum grounds.

Cuts Down Your Coffee Expenditure:

When you use less, you buy less.

You may not notice this at first, but soon you’ll realize that you are spending less on ground coffee.

Gives You Great Mileage:

Bodum Programmable coffee maker is a compact and sturdy unit. The individual parts are well built and users of this particular coffee maker have testified that it has been serving them for quite a while without any trouble.

When we tested the Bodum Bistro, the parts all felt solid. There wasn’t an atom of flimsiness in the device.

We can safely say that if your Bodum Coffee Maker arrives in pristine condition, it will last. 

Doesn’t Give You a Headache:

There are two ways in which Bodum Bistro saves you from the pain that its contenders often inflict you with. 

Numero uno, it is awfully quiet. 

You will only see this pour-over coffee tool at work. We guarantee that it won’t come with loud audio. The morning slumber of your partner will remain uninterrupted.

Number two, it relieves you from the burden of refilling paper filters. Bodum coffee filters are permanent. 

Yet again, Bistro saves you from an additional expenditure and an extra headache.  

Undemanding Maintenance:

Cleaning the Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine is easy. We’ll tell you exactly how to do that in the maintenance section that follows. 

Overall, the Bistro doesn’t demand that much of your time and effort. This is a solid selling point for this coffee maker. 

Pleasing to the Eyes:

This unit comes in two colors- black and white. The stainless steel body looks great in both colors. On top of it, the Bistro emits a shiny, sleek, and premium vibe. 

It looks more expensive than it actually is. The retro look isn’t too out of place. So you can count on it to complement any kitchen, office, or study decor. 

One user on Amazon mentions in her Bodum Bistro Coffee Maker review,

I adore the see-through areas on the side and back of the machine. I also really like the silhouette of the carafe and funnel inside the rectangle design.”

Makes a Full-Bodied Coffee:

Not a single part of Bodum Drip Coffee Maker holds back or interferes with the taste and aroma of your coffee. This becomes evident when a smaller amount of coffee grounds yields in 10 strong cups.

The primary quality that we look for in a coffee maker is its capability to produce a full-bodied drink, right?

Bodum will do it for you. 


Regular drip coffee makers waste paper filters. On the other hand, alternative pod brewers generate a lot of plastic capsules.

Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee maker does none of the above. Hence, you can enjoy a guilt-free cup of coffee as you start your day. 

Brewing With Bodum Bistro: Thumbs Downs

 No piece of machinery is ideal. There is always a little hitch or scopes for improvement. During our time with the Bodum Bistro, these are the things that noticed and felt worth warning you about.

Doesn’t Make 12 Cups:

Some Bodum Pour Over Coffee Maker Reviews may mention that it is a 12 cup coffee maker, but in reality, it brews about 40 fluid ounces at a time. 

That’s about 10 cups. The water reservoir is also scored up to the 10 cup capacity. 

This is good enough, even for a large family. Just keep in mind that when you are entertaining a generous group of people you’ll need to brew coffee in batches. 

The Filter isn’t Scored:

As we already mentioned that Bodum requires relatively little coffee to brew 10 strong cups, the steel filter is a bit smaller than expected. 

Often when a user tries Bodum Bistro for the first time, he/she ends up filling the filter with more coffee grounds than needed. When hot water passes through, the coffee swells and overflows, creating a mess. 

We fell for it ourselves. So, we think that the filter could have a coffee level marked on it.

But that’s not a daily problem. Once you figure out how much coffee to load the filter with, you’ll forget all about this hitch. 

The Carafe Needs to be Pulled out Gently:

When you pull the carafe out, do it gently. A sudden pull can get it stuck with the filter above it and the filter and funnel could come out with the carafe. 

Not for Gourmet Coffee:

Bodum Bistro is a sophisticated drip coffee maker designed to meet the needs of the 45% American coffee drinkers who start their day with a strong cuppa. This unit is not designed to produce gourmet coffee. 

Buying the Bodum Coffee Maker: What You Need to Know

Before investing in an automatic pour-over coffee maker, you have to take some factors into consideration. These include the dimensions, material, water tank capacity, and whatnot. 

Since you are eyeing the Bodum Bistro, let us help you figure this coffee maker out through this buying guide. 


How large or small you want your coffee maker to be, largely depends on how much counter space you are willing to spare. 

Bodum Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine is relatively small with dimensions of 8.80 x 12.30 x 15.80 inches. 

Ergo, it has a small footprint and easily fits inside the smallest kitchens or the most compact offices. 


The main unit is stainless steel with special parts built of different materials. 

The heating element is made of die-cast Aluminum. The process of die-casting makes a metal very strong and durable. 

The tubes are made of tempered glass. This makes it break-resistant.

The showerhead has a rubber covering that ensures a good stream of water. 

The carafe is double-layered steel. This not only thermally insulates the jug but makes it almost unbreakable. 


Weighing around 10 pounds, Bodum Automatic Coffee Maker is lightweight.  Ergo, it is highly portable. 

You can hit the roads with this coffee maker quite comfortably. Also, carrying it from one room to another shouldn’t be a problem. 

Temperature Control Mechanism:

The ideal temperature for pour-over coffee is between 195 and 205 ℉. The best pour-over coffee makers maintain this temperature. 

So, make sure that the coffee maker you are checking out does this too. 

Bodum has an efficient temperature control system to ensure this. 

Water Reservoir Capacity:

The water tank holds about 40 fluid ounces, sufficient for 10 cups of coffee, or about 4-5 mugs at a time.

Thermal Carafe vs. Hot Plate:

Quality coffee makers either come with an insulated carafe or a hot plate to keep your coffee warm. 

When it comes down between these two options, we prefer thermal carafes. 

Hot plates often fail to retain heat as efficiently as thermally insulated jugs. Also, some hot plates are not even made with spill-proof materials and add more mess. 

Thermally insulated jugs are efficient and portable. 


Bodum Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker may not be categorized as cheap, but it doesn’t break your bank either. 

In the long run, it is more affordable than its cheaper counterparts as it doesn’t utilize paper filters and is very low maintenance.

Overall, the Bodum Bistro Automatic is a cost-effective purchase. 

How to Use the Bodum Coffee Maker 

Using the Bodum Pour Over Machine is a cakewalk. There is no learning curve involved, no complicated control panel to decipher.

The entire chore is a single-button operated process and most of it is automatic. 

Follow these simple steps and your Bodum will churn out the perfect blend for you.

  1. Fill the reservoir with clean water.
  2. Add fresh ground coffee to the steel filter.
  3. Turn on the power button.
  4. Wait for 6 minutes.
  5. Enjoy!

Maintaining & Cleaning the Bodum Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

It’s amazing how a little care and maintenance enhances the performance and durability of a device. And when the said device is low maintenance, it doesn’t hurt to care, right?

Ideally, your Bodum should be cleaned after every use. Even if that doesn’t sound like a feasible option, cleaning it on a regular basis is something that you should never avoid. 

Cleaning the Bodum Automatic Pour Over Machine 

Cleaning the Bodum Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine is simple and it goes like this:

  • Disconnect the machine from the power outlet.
  • Give the housing a gentle wipe with a damp cloth.
  • Clean the dishwashable parts in the top rack of your dishwasher. Don’t know which ones are dishwashable?

Here, have this list:

  1. Water tank
  2. Coffee Filter
  3. Filter holder
  4. Dosage  lid
  5. Lid cap
  6. Coffee shower
  7. The large and the small stopper
  8. Measuring spoon
  • To clean the carafe, unscrew the dosage lid and rinse the jug thoroughly with warm water.

That’s it. You are all spick and span. 

Maintenance of the Bodum Automatic Pour Over Machine

How quickly lime-scale develops inside your unit largely depends on the hardness of your water. On average, the manufacturers recommend that you descale the Bodum Automatic Pour Over Machine after every 100 brew cycles. 

In case you have forgotten to descale in time and your machine gets saturated with scale, your device will automatically turn off and the on/off switch will turn red. That’s when you know that there’s no escape now!

Here’s how you descale your Bodum:

  • Fill the water tank with a descaling solution or a vinegar and water solution up to the MAX line.
  • Position the coffee shower, filter holder, empty coffee filter, and the thermos jug with the dosage lid in their designated places.
  • Run a rinse cycle.
  • Now run at least two rinse cycles with cold water.

Four simple steps and your Bodum is lime-free.

A Few Handy Tips for Cleaning and Maintenance

  • Never immerse your Bodum in water or else it will get damaged.
  • Always wash the dishwashable parts in the top compartment of a dishwasher.
  • For descaling, the unit either use a commercially available descaling solution or a DIY vinegar solution.
  • To make a DIY descaler, mix 20% vinegar and 80% water.

Where to Buy the New Bodum 10 Cup Coffee Maker 

Your new Bodum 10 Cup Coffee Machine can be easily bought from Amazon as your go-to for everyday shopping needs. 

Not only is your Bodum a few clicks away, but you are also guaranteed great deals and replacement schemes in case you end up with a defective unit. 

FAQs: Your Bodum Queries Solved

We are positive that after such a detailed account, you know your Bodum Automatic Pour Over by heart.

Even then, we have decided to answer these questions we are frequently asked about Bodum and Pour Over Coffee Makers.

Hope this helps!

01. How Much Coffee Grounds Should I Fill the Filter with?

In order to prevent overflow ( and the subsequent mess) while ensuring that your cuppa is strong enough, use precisely one Bodum scoop of coffee grounds. This is almost equal to 1 rounded tablespoon of coffee.

02. Which Type of Grind is Ideal for My Pour-Over Coffee?

A lightly roasted medium-coarse grind is ideal to produce the perfect cup of pour-over coffee. However, the coffee preference of every individual is unique, just like his fingerprints! 

So, it’s completely natural if you take a shine on darker French roasts and similar varieties in your drip coffee. 

03. Can I Use Pre-ground Coffee for Pour Over?

Yes, you can.

But let us remind you that for the best flavor and aroma, it’s always wiser to grind fresh beans just before brewing. You can pair a Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder with your Bodum Coffee Maker. You can use other brands as well.

And if you are a busy bee who rather prefers using pre-ground coffee varieties, we are not complaining.  

04. Is Pour-Over Better than Drip Coffee?

You could say that.

Although the basic mechanism is synonymous, the pour-over technique is better tasting than drip coffee. It is more vibrant and flavorful.

This is because, in the pour-over technique, water brings out the flavors and essential oils from the grounds more effectively. 

05. Are Bodum Products BPA free?


All Bodum products are made of BPA-free, food-safe materials. 

Final Verdict: Is Bodum Bistro Automatic Pour Over Coffee Machine Worth the Purchase?

While Bodum Automatic Pour-Over isn’t a fancy automatic espresso machine, it’s not a basic barista either. 

For fans of the drip and pour-over genre of coffee, this is nothing short of a wonder machine.

It is simple to use, quiet, prompt, and gets your brewing done in no time. 

Every part of this machine is intelligently designed and built whether it be the die-cast heating element, the tubes that don’t let water lose heat or the double-walled carafe that acts like a thermos jar. 

Premium performance is accompanied with an effortless maintenance scheme and an aristocratic look.

During our whole time with this Bodum, we didn’t find any major engineering issues to whine about and our research also couldn’t dig out any major drawbacks.

The price is certainly not cheap, but it doesn’t break your bank either. And when you factor in that it saves coffee grounds and relieves you from the burden of buying filters the price point seems worth it. 

Overall, this Bodum Coffee Maker review gives the Automatic Pour Over Machine a big thumbs up. 

So, what makes you have second thoughts?

Go ahead, and bring the best automatic pour-over coffee machine of 2020. The perfect morning cuppa awaits!

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