Starbucks Iced London Fog: Easy Copycat Recipe to Savor at Home

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I fell in love with a surreal beverage during my days working at the cherished, albeit now closed, Boat Basin Café in Downtown New York. A passionate tea enthusiast, I marvelled at Starbucks’ unique interpretation of tea, gripping the hearts and tastes of millions globally. I want to immerse you today in the mystic charm of Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte and its soothing lavender hues.

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Starbucks Iced London Fog Easy Copycat Recipe to Savor at Home

A Royal Sip: The London Fog Drink

A harmonious blend of distinctive flavors colludes to create London Fog Drink, an exquisite beverage. Think of a warm, creamy, sweetly soothing brew. A potent concoction of Earl Grey tea latte, subtly laced with aromatic traces of bergamot, graciously accented with a hint of vanilla and served with a froth of warm, luscious milk. This delightful beverage finds its noble roots entrenched in the regal corridors of Buckingham Palace. Learn to recreate this delight at home with just four essential ingredients – first-class Earl Grey tea, milk of your choice, enticing Vanilla syrup, and natural raw sugar.

Refreshing Iced London Fog Tea Latte Recipe: Detailed Steps and Tips

Creating an enchanting Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte at home can be a breeze. In simple steps, it’s as pleasing as a tranquil promenade in Hyde Park. Nina from Seattle raved, “I tried the recipe at home during the summer and it became an instant hit with my family!” Professional food critic Henry praised it saying, “John Bird’s recipe emulates the Starbucks magic and brings it to our kitchen. Magnificent!”

Gather the Four Essential Ingredients

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Essential Ingredients

The key players for our homemade Starbucks delight include Earl Grey tea, your choice of milk, delectable Vanilla syrup, and Raw Sugar. The choice of Earl Grey tea is pivotal for an authentic taste, while the milk can be personalized to your preference for the desired creamy texture. The vanilla syrup provides a delightful twist, and you can control the sweetness level with your desired amount of sugar.

Brewing Earl Grey Tea: An Art

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Brewing Earl Grey Tea An Art

Ignite a harmonious brew by boiling water, drop your Earl Grey tea bag and indulge it to brew for around 5-7 minutes. To ensure that the tea doesn’t get warm, an ice bath or simply refrigerating it for an hour will do the trick.

Mastering the Lavender Magic: Vanilla Syrup Twist

Vanilla Syrup lends the Iced London Fog its weight of whimsy. A freshly concocted syrup simply involves boiling equal parts water and raw sugar till they melt into each other, and adding some culinary lavender for an elegant touch. Ready-made syrup from stores can also be an easy alternative, though the homemade version promises an unparalleled flavor journey.

The Iced Ecstasy: Assembling the London Fog Tea Latte

Gather Essential IngredientsEarl Grey tea, Milk, Vanilla syrup, Raw Sugar
Brew Earl Grey TeaBoil water and immerse the tea bag, let it brew for 5-7 minutes, cool it down by refrigerating
Prepare Vanilla SyrupBoil equal parts of water and raw sugar until they combine, add culinary lavender for extra taste (You can also use store-bought syrup)
Assemble the LatteTo a glass filled with ice, add brewed tea, vanilla syrup, and a splash of milk, stir it well
VariationsExperiment with other teas like Jasmine, Oolong, Hibiscus. Use different sweeteners or non-dairy milks
Nutrition (Approx)140 Calories, 13g Sugar, 5g Fat, 7g Protein

Pour the brewed tea into your glass filled with ice. Add your desired amount of vanilla syrup and a hearty splash of milk. After a good stir, brace yourself to be transported to the realms of a refreshing, delightful, homemade Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte!

Vary and Experiment: Creative Twists to the Classic London Fog Recipe

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Starbucks Iced London Fog Easy Copycat

The real joy of brewing comes from the endless possibilities of experimenting with numerous ingredients and flavors. Serenades of Jasmine, Oolong, Hibiscus can all add an unforgettable edge to your latte. Different sweeteners like honey, agave nectar, or vegan alternatives may lend a unique sweetness to your homemade Iced London Fog.

Nutritional Insight and Healthy Variations

A serving of Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte contains approximately 140 calories, splitting into 13 grams of sugar, 5 grams of fat and 7 grams of protein.

As a healthy twist, using skimmed milk or non-dairy options like almond or oat milk can significantly cut down the calories and fats. Be mindful of the sugar content in your serving by controlling the amount of added sweeteners.

Presenting Your Drink with Elegance

The final sip of brewing delight emanates from the graceful presentation of the drink. Pour your tea, followed by the syrup and milk into a lofty, sophisticated glass. Stir them gently and watch as the magic blossoms in front of you. Your chilling Starbucks Iced London Fog Tea Latte is ready for consumption!


Does a London Fog have caffeine?

Indeed, the Earl Grey tea in it does contain caffeine, perfect for those mid-afternoon pick-me-ups.

What alternatives can I use if I don’t have Earl Grey tea?

Various other teas such as Lady Grey, Darjeeling, or Jasmine make excellent substitutes, introducing a novel whirl of flavors to your Iced tea latte.

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