Step-by-step Guide: Ordering Water at Starbucks In-store & on the App

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Can one actually order water at Starbucks? and secondly, Can one order through the Starbucks mobile app? If you are grappling with these questions, you have landed at the right place! Both answers are a resounding, “Absolutely!” I would be delighted to share my handy guide on how to order water on the Starbucks app and in-store as well. Hold on though… why would we want to order water through an app? Let’s delve into that first.

how to order water at starbucks
Discover How to Master the Art of Ordering Hydrating Water at Starbucks In Store or Via Their App

The Complete Guide to Ordering Water at Starbucks

You may wonder why ordering water at Starbucks might be an important topic to master. Think of those scorching summer days when you urgently need a hydration boost, or perhaps you’ve just completed a punishing gym session and Starbucks is the closest place for you to replenish. Ordering water through the app can significantly cut down on waiting time on such occasions. On top of that, the quality and safety of Starbucks’ water makes it worth the effort.

Starbucks uses a high-grade triple filtration system to eliminate chlorine and other impurities found in tap water, creating a pure and fresh taste that Starbucks customers have come to value. This filtration system is recognized for maintaining the taste, reducing environmental impact by using tap water, and ensuring water safety. If you’re interested in the details, Starbucks’ water filtration involves a technologically advanced process that I encourage you to look up on the official Starbucks resources.

While ordering water through the app is pretty straightforward, there can be hitches. If you’re having trouble, I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app or updating it to its latest version. If issues persist, Starbucks’ customer service is just a call away, ready to resolve any app-related problems you might be facing.

Now that we have that covered, let’s look at how to order water using the Starbucks mobile app:

Ordering water in Starbucks stores also has its charm. You may wonder how to tell if the water you’re being served is of the quality Starbucks advertises. Here’s a tip: Starbucks water should be clear, without any turbidity, and it should not have any off-putting smell. As for the taste, it should be refreshing and free from any strong flavors usually associated with unfiltered tap water. If your water meets these criteria, you’ve got genuine Starbucks quality water in your hands!

Remember, whether you are using the Starbucks drive-thru water service or ordering in-store, convenience and hydration go hand in hand at Starbucks.

Simple Steps to Order Water on the Starbucks App

Step-by-step Guide: Ordering Water at Starbucks In-store & on the App 1
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The process of ordering water through the Starbucks mobile app is a breeze. You’ll need a smartphone and an account on the app.

Step 1: Start up the Starbucks app on your phone. For newcomers, create an account to avail all the perks of Starbucks rewards.

Step 2: After logging in, hit the ‘Order’ tab placed conveniently at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: You’ll see a range of Starbucks beverages on display here. Water isn’t apparent initially, but it’s there!

Step 4: Scroll to the “All drinks” option at the end. Tap on it.

Step 5: Now you’ll see an alphabetical listing of all Starbucks offers. Spot the “Waters” segment. Find it and tap.

Step 6: Voila! There are the water options. “Water” can be tap water served in a glass. Fear not! Starbucks’ water undergoes a premium filtration process, making it safe and tasty.

Step 7: Click on the “Water” option. Specify your cup size preference and any other customizations (like ice). An attractive point here is that Starbucks’ water service is absolutely free!

And there you have it, you can now proceed to choose your preferred pickup location. Starbucks drive-thru water supply makes hydration on the go ever so convenient!

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Tips, Hacks and More for In-Store Water Ordering

Coming from a background of having worked at the actual Boat Basin Cafe Downtown New York years ago, I am familiar with the appeal of traditional in-store ordering. Here are some quick tips and hacks when you’re at Starbucks:

Asking for Water: At the counter, simply ask the barista for a cup of water. You can specify your desired size – Tall, Grande or Venti. Also you can ask for it to be either hot or cold, and whether you want it with or without ice. This element of Starbucks water customization is truly awesome!

Pro-tip: Even though water is usually served in a Tall cup, don’t hesitate to ask for a larger serving if you’re more thirsty. At Starbucks, free water refills are always available thanks to their stellar Starbucks rewards!

Timing: I recommend ordering water along with your paid drinks. This will save you time, especially during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Sustainable Choices: You can bring your own Starbucks refillable cup water order. This helps save the environment by reducing the use of disposable cups. Plus, if you provide your own cup, you might even get a bit of extra water!

Experimentation: Have a go at adding flavors to your Starbucks water. With a variety of options like fresh lemon juice, a dash of vegan milk, or a sprig of mint, let your creative side out and find your perfect blend!

Perks of Using the Starbucks App for Water Orders

Starbucks’ reward system is super helpful and offers you stars every time you make a purchase through the app. The Starbucks mobile app also lets you select and personalize every drink on their vast menu. Adding a bunch of choices like extra shots of coffee, various flavored syrups, and different types of milk has never been so easy! Do keep in mind that unlike water, customizations for other drinks might increase the total cost.


What is in Starbucks water?

It’s purified tap water. Starbucks uses a high-grade triple filtration system to purify the tap water and offer you a fresh, clean taste.

Does Starbucks charge for water?

No, Starbucks offers complimentary filtered water, both in-store and via the app. However, If you prefer bottled water, Starbucks does sell Ethos® water bottles at a minimal cost.

Can you add flavors to Starbucks water?

Absolutely! You can customize it with a choice of add-ins like lemon, mint, or even a shot of fruity syrup to make it flavorful. Extra charges may apply.

Does Starbucks give water in bottles?

Yes, Starbucks does sell Ethos® bottled water. For each bottle sold, Starbucks contributes to water, sanitation, and hygiene education programs in water-stressed countries.

With this handy guide to ordering water from Starbucks at your disposal, you are all set to quench your thirst, hassle-free! Remember, staying hydrated on a busy day couldn’t be easier or more affordable!

Running Into a Hiccup with Starbucks App Water Order?

If you encounter any difficulty with your online Starbucks water order, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Starbucks Customer Service. They’re always ready to assist and ensure that your experience is smooth and satisfying!

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