Starbucks’ Secret Menu Highlight: The Delectable S’mores Latte

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Get ready to explore a new Starbucks hack that is sure to warm your heart and tantalize your taste buds! Unveiling the little-known gem from the Starbucks secret menu – the S’mores Latte. A delightful fusion of classic latte with the sweet touch of marshmallows and graham crackers, this treat promises to take your regular coffee experience to the next level.

Created by a passionate ex-barista, this secret menu superstar is already winning hearts and taste buds alike. So brace yourself, because we’re about to reveal how you can order this divine drink, and why it’s becoming a new fan favorite.

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Starbucks Secret Menu Highlight The Delectable Smores Latte

Introducing the Starbucks’ S’mores Latte: A Secret Menu Masterpiece

DetailsS’mores Latte
Secret Menu CreatorNaja Rayne
Base DrinkCaffe Latte
Special Additions1 pump each of Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker syrups + 2 shots of espresso
Optional Luxury1 pump of fudge syrup
Alternative Milk OptionsAlmond Milk (Lower Calorie), Oat Milk(Vegan)
Taste ProfileA perfect blend of marshmallow, graham cracker, and coffee
Customer ReviewsPositive (Loved for its comforting blend of flavors)
DIY VersionYes

The Starbucks secret menu is a goldmine for cheerful combinations and flavors. Nestled in this treasure trove is the S’mores Latte, a cozy, warming delight to excite coffee aficionados. This exclusive drink, not officially on the menu, is all the fuss within insider circles. If you’re a fan of Starbucks’ famous S’mores Frappuccino, wait till you discover its warm, sophisticated sibling.

Created by Naja Rayne, a former barista, the S’mores Latte at Starbucks has quickly become a favorite. Naja’s innovative brewing techniques and passion for coffee led to the creation of this comforting beverage.

How to Order a S’mores Latte: Unveiling Starbucks’ Secret Menu

  1. Order a classic Caffe Latte
  2. Request the addition of one pump each of Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker flavored syrup
  3. Request two shots of espresso

By following these steps, you will transform your Caffe Latte into a S’mores Latte.

What Goes Into a Starbucks’ S’mores Latte?

The S’mores Latte starts with your classic Caffe Latte base. The essential ingredients to transform it into a S’mores Latte are:

  • One pump of Toasted Marshmallow syrup
  • One pump of Graham Cracker syrup
  • Two shots of espresso

For a rich twist, consider one pump of fudge syrup. Remember, this treat is customizable to your preference and dietary needs.

Customer Reviews

  • Brenda, Los Angeles: “The S’mores Latte is my new Starbucks favorite! Can’t start my day without it now!”
  • Jackson, New York: “It’s a tasteful mix of sweet and savory – a welcome change from my regular latte.”
  • Melissa, Chicago: “Surprisingly, it’s the perfect balance of sweetness and coffee.”

Crafting Your S’mores Latte – A step-by-step guide

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To initiate your heavenly journey, begin by ordering a simple Caffe Latte from your closest Starbucks. The Caffe Latte, with its subtle espresso notes, smooth steamed milk, and light layer of foam, forms the perfect earthy base for your S’mores Latte recipe.

Once you have your latte base, the exciting flavor twist begins. To imbibe the distinct S’mores taste, specify the addition of one pump each of Toasted Marshmallow and Graham Cracker flavored syrups to your barista. The blend of these syrups imparts a soulful, gooey warmth that is reminiscent of your favorite outdoorsy treat.

Your S’mores Latte comes to life with two shots of espresso stowed into the enriched mix. And there you have your Starbucks secret menu masterpiece!

Pro-tip for a gala coffee experience

Although the S’mores Latte is a sensation in itself, you can enhance the warmth further with a little lush touch. Try adding a pump of fudge syrup to elevate your coffee from a humble brew to a truly decadent affair. Although this addition may slightly up the calorie count, it is well worth an occasional indulgence.

A nutritional breakdown of your S’mores Latte

In the domain of nutrition, the S’mores Latte does carry some heft owing to the specialty syrups and milk base. However, it can be easily tailored to suit various dietary preferences. For a lower calorie option, consider substituting full-fat milk with almond milk, which imparts a nutty undertone and cuts back on fats.

Vegan enthusiasts can enjoy the S’mores Latte too; simply opt for oat milk and replace the marshmallow syrup with a vegan-friendly sweetener. Enjoy the thrill of a Starbucks secret menu item without straying from your desirable dietary preferences!

Striking a balance between S’mores Frappuccino and S’mores Latte

Starbucks' Secret Menu Highlight: The Delectable S'mores Latte 2
Frappuccino Blended Drinks

While the S’mores Frappuccino is a gloriously chilled dessert-like beverage, the S’mores Latte offers a warm, comforting experience. Each carries the core S’mores elements – marshmallows and graham crackers, but imparts distinguishable feelings due to their temperature differences. For frosty days, the S’mores Latte remains a favorite, whereas sunny days call for the refreshing Frappuccino!


It’s important to note that the exact S’mores Latte price may vary depending on location and specific customizations. While the addition of special syrups and extra espresso shots might slightly tip the bill, the unique, flavor-packed experience of a S’mores Latte is worth every penny.

Concluding thoughts

Whether you’re ordering from a Starbucks counter or attempting the S’mores Latte behind your kitchen top, it’s all about having fun with flavors. So, go ahead, indulge in the Starbucks secret menu, make your very own S’mores Latte, and enjoy the art of coffee brewing! Don’t forget to memorialize your cozy moments and share your latte art with us!

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