How to Use Masterbuilt Electric Smoker: The Ultimate Guide for Novice Users

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If you’ve given in to the hype and got yourself a Masterbuilt smoker, congratulations! This is one of the best and easiest smokers out there to use and is extremely convenient for smoking meats and cheeses.

Like other smokers, those in the Masterbuilt signature series have their own quirks and personality traits. If you haven’t used a smoker before, or you aren’t used to using a Masterbuilt electric digital smoker, this guide will be useful for you.

In this article, we shall discuss how to use a Masterbuilt electric smoker. In case the Masterbuilt smoker instructions are unclear, you can refer to this guide instead. We also dish out some of the most useful Masterbuilt electric smoker tips and tricks, so keep reading!

Masterbuilt Smoker Parts

Masterbuilt Smoker Parts

Before we get started, getting to know the different parts of the Masterbuilt signature series electric smoker is a good idea. According to the Masterbuilt electric smokehouse manual, these parts of the smoker are replaceable.

Smoking Chamber:

This is the largest and most important part of your smoker as it is where smoking occurs. The electric smoker chamber is made from highly insulating materials and has well-fitted doors. This prevents the heat and smoke from escaping during the smoking process.

Heating Element:

The electric heating element is the heat source of your smoker. They are generally placed at the bottom of the smoker, but some have them surrounding the smoking chamber. Your smoker may have one or two heating elements.

This can determine the Masterbuilt smoker cooking times and some come with a thermostat or temperature control unit. These can be replaced if your Masterbuilt electric smoker temperature problem starts acting up.

Wood Chip Tray:

Every smoker tends to come with a tray that holds your wood chips. The electric smoker wood chips are what infuse your meat with that special smoky flavor. 

You can find it above the heating element and under the smoker racks. The size of the tray depends on the size of your smoker and too many chips can over-smoke your food.

Water Pan:

A water pan in Masterbuilt electric smoker looks pretty nondescript, but it goes a long way in improving the flavor of your meat.

It is a good idea to have a removable and dishwasher safe smoker water pan as this makes it easier to clean. If your pan gets busted up, a Masterbuilt smoker water pan replacement is easy to find.

Drip Pan:

This item has a simple premise- it collects the grease that drips down during the smoking process. Not every smoker comes with a drip pan, but we strongly recommend using one to reduce the mess on your deck or patio.

Using a Masterbuilt Smoker: Everything You Need to Know

Masterbuilt Smoker

These steps will show you how to get the hang of your smoker.

Season Your Smoker:

Before your smoker is ready for use, you have to season it. This makes sure that any oil, dust, or other substances present on the smoker are burnt off, cleaning and seasoning the electric smoker.

  • Make sure that all your smoker’s equipment is in the right place. Make sure that the water pan is empty.
  • Plug the electric smoker into a power source and press the power button to switch it on.
  • Set the temperature to 275F.
  • Then, set the timer to three hours or 180 minutes.
  • Next, add half a cup of wood chips to the tray in the final 45 minutes to wrap up the smoker’s pre-seasoning procedure.
  •  After 3 hours, turn off the smoker and let it cool down.
  •   Once cooled, your smoker is ready to be used.

Prepare Your Meat:

The way you prepare your meat is determined by the recipe you want to follow. Different recipes require different spices and herbs for seasoning and different marinating times.

Regardless of the recipe you follow, allow the meat to marinate for a couple of hours to allow the flavors to permeate the meat and soften in the marinade.

Turn the Smoker On to Preheat It:

Follow these steps to properly preheat your smoker.

  •  Place the wood chips in the cold smoker before you turn it on.
  • Preheat the smoker for 45 minutes before you add the meat or veggies.
  • Add half a cup of wood chips in increments.
  • Add in the other half cup after the first batch stops creating smoke.

Set the Ideal Cooking Temperature:

The Masterbuilt smoker temperature range is around 100 to 275 degrees Fahrenheit. The precise temperature to get perfect results, especially smoking meat and fish is 225F.

Add More Wood Chips and Refill the Smoker’s Water Pan:

When the first batch of wood chips has stopped making smoke, add more to the tray. Make sure you add just half a cup at a time. Using too many wood chips can alter the flavor of the food giving it an overwhelming smoky taste.

Based on the instruction manual, follow the steps, and refill the water pan whenever it empties. The water in the pan turns to steam and this keeps the meat tender and juicy as it gets smoked.

Add the Meat to the Smoker:

Once you think that there is enough smoke, you can add the meat to your smoker. You need to place the meat on top of the grill trays that come with the smoker.

Keep the Meat Moist:

For a Masterbuilt electric smokehouse, the cooking time of the meat depends on three factors- the size, thickness, and the temperature needed to cook it. To keep your meat moist and soft, you have to baste your meat after around two-thirds of the cooking time. This also gives it an amazing flavor boost as well.

Add More Wood Chips During the Smoking Process:

To get the best results, we suggest you keep a check on the wood chips.Like we mentioned previously, be careful to add just half a cup at a time. Keep note of how much smoke is being produced and if you think it isn’t sufficient, just add more wood chips.

Unless you’re dealing with Masterbuilt smoker thermostat problems, don’t worry if there is an increase in temperature after adding more wood chips. The temperature drops back down by itself and you don’t have to do anything.

Add Sauce for Final Touches:

Adding a layer of sauce gives your smoked meat an extra dose of flavor. You can brush on some barbecue sauce or any other sauce of your own choice 45 minutes before removing the meat from your smoker. Besides enhancing the taste of your food, your meat will be ready to eat once out of the smoker.

Take the Meat Out of the Smoker and Dig In:

After the designated amount of time, your meat is smoked and ready to eat. Remove it from the smoker, let the meat rest a little, and then cut yourself a sizeable piece. Pairing it with some fresh crusty bread, cheese, and a green salad will enhance your culinary experience.

Turn Off Your Smoker:

After you are done smoking your food, turn off the smoker. Then allow it to cool down to room temperature, which makes it safe to clean and dismantle.

Clean Up the Smoker:

Although the smoking is done, you still have work to do. Putting off the cleaning process just makes it harder when you do get around to doing it. Cleaning your smoker also keeps it working properly for much longer.

Wait for your smoker to cool, clean the smoking chamber, grills, and various pans, get rid of any ash and remaining wood chips. Then, pack it away for the next time.

Masterbuilt Electric Smoker Tips

Masterbuilt Electric Smokers

First time using a smoker? Follow these useful tricks for a smooth smoking experience.

  • Use a meat probe to keep track of the temperature of your meat.
  • Adding foil on the drip pan and heat deflector makes cleanup much easier. However, do not add foil on the grills as this prevents proper heat circulation.
  • Make your Masterbuilt electric smoker sturdier by storing it indoors and covered with a plastic bag.
  • Clean your smokers regularly. This will prevent bits of meat and grease from hardening on the grill.
  • Get a Masterbuilt electric smoker stand for easier and more convenient use of your smoker.
  • You can use this appliance to cold smoke cheeses and cured meats. You can use a Masterbuilt electric smoke generator kit for cold smoking.
  • Resolve any issues your smoker faces and get replacements as soon as needed to prevent even more trouble in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here we answer questions you might have about your Masterbuilt electric smoker.

01. How Do You Season a Masterbuilt Electric Smoker?

Assemble the smoker, but leave the water pan empty. Set smoker temperature to 275F and let the unit run for three whole hours. In the final 45 minutes of smoking, add half a cup of wood chips in the wood chip loader to finish the pre-seasoning process.

02. Do I Leave the Masterbuilt Smoker Vent Open or Closed?

It is best to leave the vents open to prevent smoke from building up in the grilling chamber and saturating the flavor of your meat.

03. Why is My Masterbuilt Smoker Not Heating?

This may be because the heating element isn’t working properly. Check the heating element, as well as the power cord to make sure they work properly.


Using an electric smoker is the easiest way to smoke meat and fish. You can even use them to cold smoke cheeses and even spices like paprika. 

Figuring out how to use a Masterbuilt electric smoker will make sure you can smoke your meat right on your front porch or deck. Since you know what to do, what’s stopping you from smoking some delicious slabs of meat?

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