How to Clean Breville Espresso Machine – Tips and Precautions

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What’s the point of spending hundreds of dollars on a premium espresso machine like Breville only to have mediocre and bland coffee? 

The reason why you are having a hard time making great coffee is probably that your espresso machine is filthy! The problem with espresso machines is, you can not tell whether they need a thorough cleaning or not. So having a routine helps a lot. 

A proper process is also important to get the best cleaning result. In this article, we will discuss how to clean the Breville espresso machine the best way!

You will find an easy guide on how to clean breville espresso machines as well as some tips and tricks to maintain its quality over time!

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Best Way to Clean a Breville Espresso Machine

how to clean breville espresso machine
breville espresso cleaning

Descaling Breville Espresso Machine:

If you want to keep your Breville espresso machine in its best condition, descaling is essential. You have to descale once a month to get a steady water flow and tasty coffee.

You might be wondering what descaling is and how it’s different from regular cleaning. Regular cleaning removes dirt and grimes whereas descaling removes buildups. 

Whether you use tap water or filtered one, the water contains many minerals. Over time these minerals build up inside and create a thick, tough layer. Usually, it’s calcium and can be removed quite easily. Breville barista express manual is very helpful for this.  

All you need is vinegar and water. Keep in mind that vinegar can cause a bad smell that tends to linger for a few days. You can buy descaling solutions that do the same job without any bad odor. 

How to descal Breville espresso machine

  1. Set your Breville Espresso machine to “stand by” mode. Then unplug the machine from its electrical outlet. 
  2. The next thing you need to do is fill the water tank with water and your preferred descaling liquid. In our case- vinegar. Use a 50:50 ratio of water and vinegar if you have hard water.
  3. The next thing you have to do is place a container in the drip pan. This will catch any water and vinegar mix. 
  4. Plug your Breville espresso machine and turn it on. When you see the orange temperature light glowing, it’s time to brew. 
  5. Select the “Espresso” mode and let the machine run that vinegar-water mixture through its system. 
  6. Position the steam over your container and press the “Steam” option. At this point, the solution will start coming out of the wand. 
  7. As the liquid comes out, it will bring all the grimes and buildups with it. 
  8. Repeat this process a few times if you are not satisfied yet. Then run three to six more cycles with clean water to remove the vinegary smell. And that’s how you descale Breville espresso machine.

Regular Cleaning:

breville espresso machine cleaning
breville espresso machine cleaning

Remove Filter:

We all forget to do this everyday but we need to remove the filter holder right after brewing. Empty the used coffee grounds in the trash and then clean it under running water. Use a scrubbing brush if necessary. This takes only 2 minute but keeps your machine pristine for years. 

Brew Plain Water:

After you have put the empty filter in the machine, brew with pain water for ten to fifteen seconds. Then gently dispose of the hot water into the sink. This step helps to remove coffee residue from the brewer. 

Wash Froth Enhancer:

One of the appeal of a home espresso machine like Braville is its froth enhancer. You need to clean it regularly too. Always pull out the froth enhancer right after using it to clean. Use warm water to rinse it. 

Clean The Drip Tray:

Yes, you need to clean the drip tray regularly. Empathy it into the sink and give a gentle wash with warm water. If necessary, you can use dishwashing liquid too. Always let the tray dry completely before putting it back inside the Breville espresso machine. 

Wipe the Exterior:

Use a damp cloth or paper towel to wipe down the exterior. As you touch the espresso machine every day, dirt and bacteria sit on top of it. Each time you touch the machine, you get exposed to them. So wiping the machine every day keeps it clean and new. 

😷 Safety Precautions

  • Unplug the machine from the power source before cleaning.
  • Wear protective gear such as gloves, eye protection, and a dust mask.
  • Avoid using any harsh chemicals such as bleach or ammonia.
  • Use mild detergent solutions instead.
  • Keep the machine away from water to avoid any water damage.
  • Dry the machine completely after cleaning.

How Do You Make Coffee in a Breville Espresso Machine?

breville espresso cleaning instructions
breville espresso cleaning instructions

We could write dozens of different recipes you can do with your Breville Espresso machine. But for now, let’s stick to the basics. Here’s how you make a striking, sharp espresso with Breville Barista Express:

01. Select Coffee Beans:

No matter how fancy and expensive your espresso machine is, without good coffee beans, the whole effort is basically a waste of time. Don’t use basic options. Instead, go for Robusta beans in a blonde roast. You can use Arabica beans in a darker roast for a smooth and nutty flavor. 

There are honestly so many different coffee beans to choose from and each has its unique flavor profile. So pick something that you really love. 

02. Choose Grind Size:

Whether you want a fine grind or a coarse one, you need to decide first. Finer grind provides a more intense flavor with higher caffeine content whereas coarse grind is smoother. Ideally, you need a very finely ground to make a great espresso. For a single shot of espresso, you need between 7-9 grams of coffee. Everything is about weight and timing in espresso making.  

03. Bring out the Portafilter:

Fill the portafilter and level it gently with your hand. It should be evenly distributed. Then place it on a countertop and apply even pressure with your tamper. This is one of the most satisfying steps of espresso making.

04. Start the Brew:

Now it’s time to make the espresso. Run the machine without the portafilter to purge the group head. Then lock it in place and start the brew. You might not get it on the first try but the more you do, the better you get at it. The first shot usually looks light caramel brown. It should look viscous and voluminous. Taste it to see if it’s sour or not. If the shot tastes a bit sour, grind the beans for next time. 

And that’s it! Your single-shot espresso is ready to enjoy!

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Breville Espresso Machine Maintenance Tips

Some routine upkeep might prevent problems with your Breville espresso machine. Be cautious to descale the equipment on a regular basis to avoid mineral buildup. Use a microfiber cloth to wipe off the steam wand and other moving parts.

If you don’t use a filter on your Breville espresso machine, it will have heavy calcium and magnesium buildup from your water. 

Most of our tap water is actually hard water with a high acidic level and is filled with many minerals. These miners can create a layer inside the machine causing it to get clogged. 

Adding a filter slows down that process. With a filter, you will have to descale your Breville Barista Express once a month. But without it, you might have to do that 2-3 times a month. That’s just a lot of work for something that can be fixed easily. 

To flush your Breville espresso machine, all you have to do is press the 2 CUP button. This will run hot water through the group head for 30-35 seconds. Then activate the steam for 10 seconds. 

Repeat this cycle a few more times until the water tank is totally empty. Your Breville machine will be properly flushed. 


How Often Should I Clean My Breville Espresso Machine?

If you drink coffee every single day, you should clean your Breville espresso machine once every three weeks. If you drink coffee more than once a day, you need to clean more frequently. 
The calculation is simple. The more you use your espresso machine, the more you have to clean it. Breville espresso machine cleaning should be a regular thing and not something you only do when it’s malfunctioning. If you drink coffee sparsely then clean your Breville espresso machine once a month.

How Long Do Breville Espresso Machines Last?

Breville is known for its premium quality construction and durable materials. Each of their espresso machines and Barista Coffee maker is built to survive years and years of abuse. If you take care of your Breville espresso machine and clean it on a routine basis, it can serve you easily for more than 6-10 years! Breville is a reliable brand for passionate coffee lovers. They don’t create disposable products. 

How Do You Flush A Breville Coffee Machine?

To flush your Breville espresso machine, all you have to do is press the 2 CUP button. This will run hot water through the group head for 30-35 seconds. Then activate the steam for 10 seconds. 
Repeat this cycle a few more times until the water tank is totally empty. Your Breville machine will be properly flushed. 

Why Is My Breville Espresso Not Working?  

There can be many reasons why your Breville espresso machine is not working properly. One of the most common reasons is a blockage in the water reservoir. When the water can not travel properly in front of the reservoir to the espresso machine, it does not work. 
This can happen due to not cleaning the machine on a regular basis. Sometimes air bubbles get stuck and cause a disruption in the water flow. 
To avoid this from happening, always let the machine rest for 15-20 minutes after each use. Remove old water and add clean, filtered water every day. You can try back-flushing the machine to remove any blockage. 

How Do I Descale My Breville Grind Control? 

One of the many unique things about the Breville espresso machine is its grind control system. With this, you can adjust the grinding size depending on your preference. The customizable grind size and coffee volume are ideal to suit anybody’s taste. 
When it’s time to descale your machine the message, “dESC ” appears on the LCD screen. It’s ideal to descale as soon as you see that message. 
To descale all you have to do is press the carafe button and select a strength level. Use a pre-ground level for the best result. 
Use a mixture of vinegar water and pour it into the water tank. The display usually says “4 CUPS”. Then press the carafe button and rotate the dial to 12 cups. 
Press the “Strength” button until the descaling process begins. When the process completes, the screen will send a message saying “READY”. This is how you know your Breville Grind Control has been cleaned thoroughly. 


If your espresso machine is dirty, there is no chance of making a single cup of good coffee in it. The Breville espresso machine is not a simple kitchen gadget. It’s a commitment for the most passionate coffee enthusiasts. To them, cleaning and maintaining this beast of a machine is a part of the joy. 

As espresso machines like Breville are made to last you years after years, taking care of it is an investment in itself. Hopefully, with our easy guide, you now know how to clean breville espresso machine properly

Have some tips for us? Let us know in the comments down below!

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