How Many Cups Of Coffee In A Pound? Ground Coffee Vs Coffee Beans

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How many cups of coffee in a pound are explained along with how it varies depending on coffee strength, brewing method, cup size, and other factors. 

How Many Cups Of Coffee In A Pound? Ground Coffee Vs Coffee Beans
How Many Cups Of Coffee In A Pound

According to the National Coffee Association, 66% of Americans drink coffee every day and 84% of those who drink coffee have had a cup in the last 24 hours as per the Spring 2022 National Coffee Data Trends.

If you’re anything like me, you’d wonder how many cups of coffee in a pound to get every bang for your buck.

After all, coffee isn’t a cheap commodity, especially if you’re a gourmet and want to get the best quality.

In this post, we will cover how many cups of coffee per pound you get so that you can keep a tab on the budget. 

Basic Measurements

How many ounces of coffee in one lb?

How many grams are in a tablespoon?

What’s the standard size of a coffee cup?

Let’s get all these clear so that once we discuss the calculations and conversions, you can easily scroll up and do a quick check to get your math right!

1 pound16 ounces (454 grams)
1 ounce28 grams
2 Tablespoons10 Grams
One standard coffee cup8 ounces

How Many Cups Of Coffee In A Pound?

One pound of coffee makes how many cups?

There’s no straightforward answer to this question. 

It depends on the type of coffee you brew, the size of your cup, the brewing method you use, and most importantly, the coffee-to-water ratio.

Let’s look at how these factors matter. 

Factors Affecting How Many Cups Of Coffee Per Pound
Factors Affecting How Many Cups Of Coffee Per Pound

Brewing Method

The coffee to water ratio is intricately linked to the brewing method you use. 

01 Drip Coffee Maker

You could use a drip coffee maker, a French press, or a pour-over method to brew your morning cup of coffee.

If you’re using a drip coffee maker, you could use the most popular coffee to water ratio of 1:17, that is, one part of coffee to 17 parts of water. 

So, if one pound of coffee is 16 ounces, using the 1:17 ratio, you would need to use 17 parts of water for 16 ounces of coffee. 

This means 17 * 16 ounces or 1 pound coffee = 272 ounces coffee per pound. 

If your cup size is 8-oz, then using the drip coffee maker, you get 272/8= 34 cups of coffee.

However, drip coffee pot cup is 5 ounces.

So, you’re going to get less coffee per cup but more coffee per pound at 54.4 cups, or a little over 54 cups.

02 French Press

Using the same logic, if you are making French press coffee with coffee to water ratio of 1:12, that is, one part of coffee and 12 parts of water, you get 12*16 ounces or 192 ounces coffee per pound. 

For a cup size of eight ounces, you get 192/8=24 cups of coffee per pound. 

Of course, you can tweak the coffee to water ratio and find your way to the best ratio for French press to suit your taste. 

How much coffee you get from a one-pound bag depends on the size of your French press.

Per coffee cup, we usually use two tablespoons or 10 grams of coffee. 

Check this out for coffee calculations

As one pound equals 454 grams, if your French press is a single-serving size, you will get 45 cups of coffee. 

Now if your French press is one that can make 12 cups of coffee at one go, you won’t obviously get the same number of coffee cups from one pound. 

In this case, it will use 120 grams, or just over 1/4 pound of coffee.

Hence, you can make 12 cups of coffee almost 4 times (3.78 to be precise) before you need to buy coffee for your French press.

03 Pour-Over Brewer

How many servings in a pound of coffee if you’re using a pour-over brewer?

It’s the same as using a drip coffee maker, that is, with a 1:17 ratio, you get 34 cups of coffee from one pound of coffee grounds or beans.

04 Espresso Machine

Espresso requires a very high coffee to water ratio since it is a highly concentrated form of coffee with 1 part coffee and 2 parts water. 

One pound or 16 ounces of coffee with 32 ounces of water will yield 32 fluid ounces of espresso.

Per pound of coffee, that translates to 32 shots of espresso.

Cup Size

It takes all types of coffee lovers to make the world of coffee. 

Some like a huge mug like the 20-ounce Starbucks Venti size coffee every morning to give them a massive caffeine jolt while others like to take things easier and savor every sip from a 12-oz mug. 

The following table will give you a brief but solid idea of how much coffee you can get from a pound of coffee as per the cup size if we take the baseline of 2 tablespoons or 10g of coffee per 8-oz cup.

Cups Of Coffee Per Pound According To Cup Size

Mug Size (in ounces)Number of TablespoonsCoffee in gramsCups Of Coffee From One Pound (454 grams)

So if you were wondering how many 12 oz cups of coffee you can make from a pound of coffee, the standard answer is 30 cups. 

But this is not carved in stone as you will see in the next section how weak or strong coffee can give you varying cups from the same pound-bag of coffee. 

Type Of Coffee

What type of coffee you prefer will also have an influence on how much coffee you get from a pound. For example, if you like cold brew coffee, it’s usually made into a concentrate using a 1:5 coffee to water ratio. 

Therefore, for one pound or 16 ounces of coffee grounds, you will get 80 fluid ounces of cold brew. Taking the standard 8-oz coffee cup, that translates to 10 cups of cold brew coffee concentrate. 

Of course, you can dilute it to get more cups of coffee per pound. 

If you add a cup of water to every cup of cold brew concentrate, you will end up with 20 cups of coffee. 

If you want a strong coffee, you will either use more coffee grounds or less water. Taking the base of coffee to water ratio, if you want a stronger brew, you can go for a 1:10 ratio. 

In that case, for 16 ounces (1 pound) of coffee, you’ll get 160 fluid ounces of coffee. Divide this by your cup size to get the number of coffee cups per pound. 

If your cup size is 12 ounces, from one pound of coffee, you will get a total of 13 cups of stronger coffee.

On the flip side, if weaker coffee is what you prefer, you can either use less coffee grounds per cup or take the standard measurement of coffee and add more water to make it mellow. 

Suppose instead of the standard 1:12 ratio in a French press, you choose a 1:15 ratio for a weaker brewed coffee. 

Therefore, for 16 ounces or a pound of coffee, you will get 240 fluid ounces of coffee. Now divide this total by the mug size. 

If the mug size is 8 ounces, from every pound of coffee you get 30 cups of a weak brew. 

But if you drink from a larger mug, say a 12-oz one, then you’ll get 20 cups.

How Many Tablespoons Of Coffee In One Pound?

How Many Tablespoons Of Coffee In One Pound?
How Many Tablespoons Of Coffee In One Pound

Here, it’s important at the outset to get some clarity on tablespoons. 

Tablespoons measure coffee by volume while many coffee enthusiasts recommend that we measure coffee by weight using scales to get a consistently perfect cup. Every. Time. 

Having said that, some of you may be in a morning rush and don’t have the time to weigh out scoops of coffee carefully.

Instead, you grab a tablespoon and hope for the best. 

But did you know that you need to keep certain things in mind when measuring coffee with a tablespoon?

🥄Size Of Spoon

All tablespoons are not created in the same way. Even with standard measurements, a tablespoon can have a varied volume.

The size of the tablespoon differs by region. In the US, the tablespoon holds 14.8 ml, while the international metric tablespoon holds 15 ml. But wait, there’s more.

The Australian tablespoon holds 20 ml, so in order to get the same amount as one tablespoon with Australian spoons, you need 1 dessert spoon + 1 teaspoon.

It doesn’t stop at 3 sizes. The UK Victorian and Edwardian era tablespoons holds 25 ml or sometimes higher! Who would’ve thought the US measuring system made sense for once!

A tablespoon from a measuring set will not be the same as a real table or “soup” spoon if you’re using one.

Then there are the specialty tablespoons offered in gourmet shops and coffee houses; these are likewise quite variable.

Because of all of this, the quantity of ground coffee in a pound may differ significantly depending on the spoon you’re using.

Therefore, it’s necessary to either use the same spoon each time or switch to measuring by weight to get a better idea of how many cups of coffee you’re receiving in a pound.

Coming to the point, if one tablespoon is 5 grams and one pound is 454 grams,then a pound of coffee has 90 tablespoons.

☕️Type Of Roast

Whether your coffee is dark, medium or light roasted will have an impact on the weight of the coffee, and therefore, on how many tablespoons of coffee in one pound. 

When you roast green coffee beans, the oil and moisture inside the beans evaporate, leaving the coffee beans weighing less.

So, the more you roast your coffee beans, the darker and lighter in weight they will be.

Dark roast coffee packaging has a higher volume per weight since there are more individual beans present.

If you use light roast coffee, you will need fewer beans per tablespoon as they contain oil and other liquids, making them heavier.

Ground Or Whole Coffee Beans

Whether your bag of coffee contains whole or ground beans will greatly affect how many tablespoons there are in a pound of coffee.

It’s a no-brainer that ground beans occupy much less space than whole beans. As a result, compared to whole bean coffee, you can fit more coffee grounds in a typical one-pound container. Hence, for every pound of ground coffee, you will receive more tablespoons.

How Many Cups In A Pound Of Ground Coffee Vs Coffee Beans?

How Many Cups In A Pound Of Ground Coffee Vs Coffee Beans?
How Many Cups In A Pound Of Ground Coffee Vs Coffee Beans

How many cups of coffee per pound in beans is exactly the same as how many cups in a pound of ground coffee beans. 

When you grind whole beans, there is no loss when you get coffee grounds. 

There may be some residual coffee stuck in the coffee burr but that’s not a big deal and won’t make any difference to how much ground coffee you get from a pound of beans. 

Therefore, from 1 pound of coffee, whether it’s beans or grounds, you will get the same number of cups.

How Many 16 Oz Cups Of Coffee In A Pound?

For a 16 oz mug size, you need 4 tablespoons of coffee per cup. Why?

Remember that for standard 8-oz cup size, we usually use 2 tablespoons or 10g per cup?

So, deriving from this base, you will need to use 2/8 tablespoons for an ounce-size mug, and so, for a 16-ounce mug, it’s 2/8*16=4 tablespoons of coffee per cup.

Divide 454 grams (a pound) by 20 grams (4 tbsp), and you get the answer: 22 cups.

How Many Cups Of Coffee in a Pound
How Many Cups Of Coffee in a Pound table


How Many Cups Of Coffee Does A 16 Oz Bag Make?

A 16 oz bag is the same as a lb of coffee. 
On average, it makes 34 cups of coffee, but will differ slightly depending on the method of making coffee, strength of coffee, and cup size. 

How Many Cups Of Coffee In A 12 Oz Bag?

12 ounces means you have ¾ pounds of coffee, which makes about 25 and a half 8-oz cups of coffee.

How Many Scoops Of Coffee Is A Pound?

The size of a typical coffee scoop is two tablespoons or 10 grams approximately. 
So, there are 45 full scoops and some leftovers in one pound bag of coffee. 

How Many Cups Of Ground Coffee Are In A Pound?

A cup from a typical measuring set is equal to 250 grams. 
So, from a pound or 454 grams of ground coffee, you get 1.8 cups of dry ground coffee. 

How Many Oz Is A 1lb Bag Of Coffee?

A one pound bag of coffee is 16 ounces.

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