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Grocery planning, shopping, cooking, and cleaning up are especially difficult after a busy day at work. But did you know you can get Freshly to do this for you instead? This meal-delivery service will bring you healthy, ready to eat meals so you can catch a break.

In this Freshly review, you will discover how easily you can switch to chef cooked, delicious, fresh, and nutritious meals, which are ready to serve in 3 minutes. You just need to select your weekly meals from more than 30 options of pre-cooked dishes. You have an option to repeat the order, skip a week, or cancel it at any time.

Freshly Meal Portions


All the meals are single servings and meant for adults. Each of the meals sizes up to about 13 ounces and the amount is definitely larger than those of any other meal services. They contain an average of 500 calories and can range from 300 to 650 calories.

It’s very convenient to choose from 4, 6, 9, or 12 meal options per week. The meal delivery service has an easy option to change the number of meals with every order.

If you have a larger family, a 12 meal per week subscription is recommended since the larger the number of meals, the more reasonable the prices. Moreover, you always have an option to order multiple meal plans per week.

The service delivers your meals to your door every week during your preferred time.

Freshly Menus

Freshly categorizes its delicious and healthy menus in Feel-Better Food, Home Bistro, One-Bowl Nourishers, Takeout Twists, and Whole Comfort.

Different menus with chicken, seafood, vegetables, beef, pork, and other grilled and roasted meals are available in the Feel-Better Food category.

Home Bistro categorizes meals with fresh vegetables, seafood, white meat, pork, lentil, sausage, salt, and different herbs. 

Then comes One-Bowl Nourishers. This category includes delicious dishes prepared with chicken, coconut, almond, and ginger. 

You can enjoy delicious Indian meals like Biryani under the category of Takeout Twists. Many other meals are prepared with vegetables, chicken, brown rice, tangy fruits, bell pepper, water chestnuts, and various sauces under this category.

The last Freshly Menu is Whole Comfort. You can choose hearty and filling meals made with sausage, buffalo, chicken, turkey, rice, cheese, almonds, beans, cream sauces, and different seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Freshly Meals: What Do They Have to Offer?

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Freshly meal delivery service mainly provides healthy and gluten-free meals that are tasty and filling

Delicious Gluten-Free Meals:

Gluten-free meals are a pain to cook since the ingredients aren’t always available. Similarly, not all meal subscriptions can guarantee a gluten-free menu. Freshly, on the other is completely gluten-free and their meals are free from barley, wheat, rye, and soy ingredients or their by-products.

Smart Nutrition:

The experienced chefs at Freshly create splendid meals with unexpected twists that will delight your palate. Every meal is calculated and planned; balancing healthy nutrition and an excellent taste.

The secret of the delicious meals lies in the sauces which bring the whole dish together. The chefs mix nutrient-packed powerhouses and superfoods to prepare delicious sauces. Instead of using heavy cream, they use squash or cauliflower to create delicate sauces. They use nut butters to thicken things up rather than flour. Moreover, honey is used instead of grain syrup or artificial sweeteners.

They make Marinara without any added sugar, Teriyaki Sauce with less sodium & no MSG, and gravy without the thickeners & artificial colors. The meat and poultry are organic and fed real food, thus ensuring they are good for you to eat.

How to Heat Freshly Meals

You should keep the Freshly meals in your fridge since these are delivered fresh and never frozen. You can easily heat your meal up in the microwave, the skillet, or the oven.

In the Microwave:

After removing the cardboard sleeve and peeling back a corner of the cover, heat for three minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Then, let it cool down for a little bit. Finally, remove the meal from the microwave, peel off the cover, and enjoy your delicious meal.

In a Skillet:

If your meal contains protein, add a tablespoon of medium heated oil with it and cook for 5 minutes or until the internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Flip it halfway through and add vegetables on the remaining sides. Stir them occasionally until the meal warms thoroughly.

In the Oven:

Transfer the food to an oven-safe dish after preheating the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Heat the food for 25-30 minutes or until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit. Then remove it from the oven and let it sit for 3-5 minutes and enjoy the food.

How to Change Your Meals

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Freshly always tries to come up with new dishes and craft new meals almost every week. You can always edit your diet chart since it’s very easy and there is something new for everyone!

From Your Laptop:

If you want to change the menu using your laptop, first you need to log into your Freshly account. Click ‘Change Meals’ and take out the meals you want to switch. Scan the menu and add new meals. When you are done with the procedure, click ‘Save’ and confirm the changes.

From Your Phone:

If you want to change the menu chart using your phone, at first open the app. Under the delivery you would like to change, tap ‘Change Meals’ and remove the meals you want to switch. Tap the ‘On The Menu’ tab at the top of the screen. Check the menu and add new dishes. If you want to learn more about any meal, just tap on it!

Tap the ‘+’ to add to your order and ‘Save’ once you complete the procedure and confirm the changes. Then wait for the service to deliver delicious meals to your door!

How to Recycle Freshly Packages

If you like taking care of the planet, you will want to recycle your Freshly packages. All of the Freshly’s packaging is non-toxic and recyclable, reusable, or eco-friendly. So you can recycle the package after heating up your meal.

You can reprocess both the delivery box and the individual meal sleeves. Then recycle the black plastic plates. Cutting the insulator open, throw out the eco-friendly denim seclusion, and recycle the plastic bag.

You should also open the frost packs. Then scrape the non-toxic and water-soluble gel into the trash, and recycle the plastic bag!

Management of Dietary Preferences

Freshly puts up with a variety of dietary preferences. It always offers a completely gluten-free and peanut-free menu. But you can always set your own dietary priorities and find out the meals which always work for you! You don’t have to let your dietary restrictions prevent you from having a great meal!

If you have any specific concerns, you can also scan the individual ingredient lists for each dish. If you are unable to find your prioritized dishes, you can scan later since Freshly always adds new dishes.

The meal delivery service rotates more than 30 dishes weekly on average. The dishes include more than 20 meals with less than 500 calories, 8-10 meals with less than 35 grams of carbohydrates, and 8-10 dairy-free meals.

Reasons to Choose Freshly

The food delivery service offers convenient, nutritious, and delicious foods.

  • Freshly always saves your time at home since you just need to heat and eat your meal. You need not spend your time cooking or cleaning.
  • All the meals are very nutritious since the service uses lean proteins, seasonal vegetables, and whole-grain starches to prepare the food.
  • The meals always come packaged in eco-friendly boxes, insulation, and freezer packs. You will not waste any food since the meals are well-proportioned.
  • The expert team of nutrition experts ensures easy and delicious meals without any artificial sugar and processed ingredients.

Wrapping Up:

In this Freshly review, we have focused all about the meal delivery service, including its meal portions, characteristics, menus, how to heat meals, change the weekly meal chart, and managing dietary preferences.

Hopefully, you now know where you can find delicious, fresh, and healthy meals and have them delivered to your door- all at an affordable price point.

Subscribe to Freshly and enjoy your new easy life with fresh, healthy, and nutritious meals!

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