Does Coffee Ice Creams Contain Caffeine?

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It’s 12.50 in the morning when you hear your stomach grumbling. You try to distract yourself by going through social media but the next thing you know is you are standing in front of your open fridge trying to find something to eat!

Hurriedly you grab a box of ice cream and dive right into it. But this one is coffee ice cream and you can not help but wonder whether eating a teensy bite will keep you up all night or not!

You keep wondering if they even have real coffee in it or is it just artificial flavoring. The mystery has to be solved.

Let’s find out everything there is to know!

How Much Caffeine Does a Cup of Coffee Contain?

To put things into perspective, we first need to know how much caffeine an average cup of coffee contains.

One shot of espresso has about 63 mg of caffeine. Any espresso-based drinks including lattes, cappuccinos, macchiatos, and Americanos contain the same amount of caffeine per shot.

So, one cup of brewed coffee (8 oz)  contains about 95 gm of caffeine on average.

Busting the Myth


busting the myt

This is one of those things people believe so deeply that they never pause to question it.

According to many sleep experts, you need to eat two full boxes of coffee ice cream in order to impact your quality of sleep. A small scoop of ice cream before bed is probably fine for most people.

Unless you are a binge eater, you have nothing to worry about.

How Much Caffeine is in My Favorite Ice Cream?

We have gathered some of our most beloved coffee ice cream brands to help you understand how much caffeine you might be getting without even realizing it!




Amount of Caffeine(In a Box)

Agave Dream “Cappucino”

Slightly grainy with real coffee grounds 45 mg

Ben & Jerry’s “Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!”

Smooth with chocolate-espresso flavored fudge


Haagen-Dazs “Coffee”



Breyer’s “Cappuccino” Gelato Indulgence

Smooth and airy with tiny chocolate chips on top


Baskin-Robbins “Jamoca”



Three Twins “Milk Coffee” Smooth and icy


Agave Dream “Cappuccino”


It has slight grains with real coffee grounds. The ice cream itself has a smoky aftertaste that reminds us of dark Italian or French roast.

It is really good and you won’t be able to stop yourself which is concerning because it contains 45 mg of caffeine! Even though the average serving is one scoop, we are afraid with its rich, vibrant taste, who would ever just have one scoop of it?!

Ben & Jerry “Coffee Coffee BuzzBuzzBuzz!”

This one consists of chocolate-espresso bean fudge chunks. Please have mercy! It has pronounced roasted coffee flavor and rich brown color.

After you have some of this, you will feel caffeinated and rightfully so as it contains 68 ml of caffeine per box. That is a lot of caffeine to absorb late at night! Maybe have just one scoop of it if you really feel like eating it.

Haagen-Dazs “Coffee”


Made from Brazillian coffee beans, Haagen-Dazs has a very mild flavor. One box contains 58 mg of caffeine, so if you finish the whole box you might get restless throughout the night.

Breyers “Cappuccino” Gelato Indulgence

This very light coffee-flavored ice cream has only 30 mg of caffeine in the whole box which is less than a shot of espresso. The coffee flavoring is artificial so there is no real coffee bean in it!

Baskin-Robbins “Jamoca”

This is a really good coffee-flavored ice cream. It is creamy, sweet, and smokey.

You can have as much as you want because it contains only 20 mg of caffeine! But maybe don’t because “Jamoca” is pretty sweet, maybe too sweet.

Having something so sweet late at night might clash with your sleep cycle.

So, Can I Have My Coffee Ice Cream?

Yes you can! Just not a full box of it maybe.

Late-night snacking is not good for your health or sleep cycle anyway. Eating a lot of dairy or sugar can have a drastic impact on your body.

So our advice would be to have some ice cream if you really want to, just be mindful about it.