Capt N Cook Grill Review: For the Snazziest Grilling Experience Possible

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Picture this: warm balmy weather, the sound of laughter, and the smell of sizzling meat. Sounds like the perfect barbeque or cookout, right? 

The perfect cookout can be the best event of your summer when done right. After all, there are few things in life better than a juicy grilled burger paired with an icy cold drink, especially when surrounded by friends and neighbors.

The Capt N Cook grill is easy to fire up and will give you the most scrumptious sausages, burger patties, ribs, and grilled seafood you can possibly imagine!

But that’s not all. These grills aren’t overly expensive, look great, and work very well. Best of all, it is very efficient as it has a high-intensity flame while using less fuel.

Want to know everything there is to know about this Capt’ N Cook Grill? Keep reading to find out more!

Capt N Cook Grill Review

This section will look at what the grill looks like, how it performs, and what it can do for your grilling needs.

What the Capt N Cook Grill is Really Like:

In this section, we are going to get an in-depth view of the grill and how it works. We will also talk about how you can use the Captain Cook grill and you can maintain and keep it clean.

Design and Appearance:

The Captain Cook BBQ grill is a sleek and modern-looking burner that is spacious but not overly bulky. Besides regular grilling, it also has a side burner that gives you extra space for cooking. 

This gives the grill lots of cooking efficiency as you can roast, grill, or barbecue lots of things at the same time. All in all, it features 4 main burners, a sizzle burner, a side burner, and a stainless-steel ignition system.

This grill has 725 square feet of cooking area, which is quite spacious. However, it is also pretty lightweight as the grill is meant to be portable. 

The different parts are made from 304-grade stainless steel. It also includes the following accessories for cooking and grilling:

  • Cast iron cooking grates
  • Propane tank storage
  • Durable locking casters
  • Double-wall hood
  • A Cover

Grilling Performance:

The cooking appliance has 62,000 BTUs and uses Italian burners for an intense flame. Besides grilling meat and patties, this makes it great for searing steaks and slow cooking ribs and larger cuts of meat. Also, the side burners are great for whipping up pan sauces while your meat cooks.

The grill is pretty versatile and lets you cook all kinds of stuff without any extra trouble. Besides regular meat, it is great for grilling seafood, especially if you dislike how cooking fish can leave your house a little smelly.

Also, you can use it to grill fresh veggies like corn, carrots, and even things like brussels sprouts or potatoes. If you want a lighter dessert after a heavy meal, you can use it to grill fresh stone-fruit like mangoes and peaches. 

In other words, you can use the Capt N Cook grill to cook your main, sides, and dessert during a cookout or garden party.

Because of the large surface area, the grill can heat up pretty quickly. It cooks the meat to your desired level of doneness and because of the short cooking time, you won’t end up with a dry slab of grey meat at the end. Also, the grill grates heat evenly, so your meat will cook evenly as well.

Moreover, it is easy to set up and clean. Assembly is pretty straightforward and you won’t need to spend ages trying to get the fire started. 

And the efficient cooking method means that it won’t use up too much of the propane, saving precious fuel in the long run. In short, the grilling performance is great and you are guaranteed to enjoy using this grill.

Cook Time:

The 725 sq feet cooking space and 62,000 total BTU cooking power means that the grill can cook a number of dishes in a relatively short amount of time. It is also multi-functional and pretty versatile so you can use the main grill for your meat, the sizzling burner for searing steaks or vegetables, and the side burner for sauces and gravy. 

This makes it a great time-saver, especially if you’re low on time and have a lot of mouths to feed.

Product Information:

  • Dimensions: 64” (W) x 23” (D) x 49.5” (H)
  • Weight: 180 pounds
  • Manufacturer: Capt N Cook

The Pros:

  • Easy to use. The grill is comparatively simple to assemble and take apart, and using it to cook is pretty straightforward, making it a good choice for novice cooks and those new to grilling.
  • Good value for money. Considering all that it does, the burner doesn’t cost much.
  • Lots of grilling space. The 725 square feet surface is large enough to get lots of cooking done.
  • Multiple burners let you cook multiple things at once. Thanks to the side burners, you can cook and grill at the same time.
  • Comes with all the necessary Capt N Cook grill parts, so you won’t have to go out and buy additional accessories.
  • Portable and easy to move around during assembly as it is not too heavy. This makes it great for use in your backyard or patio and when storing in your garage or home.
  • Efficient use of fuel. The grill produces a lot of heat without using a lot of propane.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.

The Cons:

  • The design could be a little sturdier.
  • Getting the propane refilled can be annoying.

Why We Recommend It:

If you’ve been looking for a propane grill that you can easily use in your backyard, the Capt N Cook grill is the one for you. 

One of the best things about this is that assembly is pretty easy and doesn’t take too much time to put together. Besides this, it has a lot of space, heats up evenly, and can grill the most succulent cuts of meat.

The addition of a sizzling burner and a dedicated side burner makes the grill extremely convenient to cook with as you can juggle multiple entrees and sides at the same time. 

Because the grill heats up evenly, and this will ensure a nice caramelized sear on your grilled goodies. 

Moreover, it comes with all sorts of useful add-ons like a cover and cooking grate that any grill needs to have as well. All in all, you are bound to love this grill and will enjoy using it.

Buying the Capt N Cook Grill: What You Need to Know

Even if you’re all set to buy this grill, there are a few things you need to consider in advance. This will make sure that the grill matches your cooking needs and will give you the most pleasant grilling experience.

Burner Numbers:

Some grills have 2 burners or 3 burners. Others have 4. But this particular grill has 5 burners altogether. There are 4 grilling burners and a dedicated side burner which makes sure you can grill and cook at the same time. 

While this sounds like a great idea, especially if you need to grill a lot of meat or vegetables at the same time. However, if you only need to grill for a few people, you might prefer a grill with fewer burners.


Not all grills require the same amount of time required for assembly. Some take a long time to put together, which in turn means that they take longer to take apart again after grilling. 

However, the Capt N Cook grill is pretty easy to assemble. It takes about an hour to put together, so you won’t have to spend ages putting it together before your cookout.


Nothing is worse than dealing with a grill that doesn’t come with all the necessary parts. Who wants to order the cooking grates separately? Furthermore, generic grill covers don’t always fit the grill properly. 

On the other hand, everything you will possibly need for this grill to work is included with it. This makes the grill incredibly convenient to use.

Cook Time and Performance:

This grill has a comparatively short cook time, which means you won’t have to spend hours sweating behind the grill during your BBQ parties. Because it heats up quickly and evenly, you will be done grilling in no time at all. 

Moreover, because there are multiple burners, you can cook different dishes at the same time, which makes multitasking very easy. It grills evenly and cooks through large cuts of meat, without drying out or overcooking them.


Worried about the price tag on this grill? While reliable grills are often on the more expensive side, the Capt N Cook grill has a mid-range price. This is great because it won’t burn through your budget. 

It balances great quality and performance at a reasonably affordable price. This also makes it a great option if you’re new to grilling and want to experiment with one.

Cleaning and Maintaining Your Capt N Cook Grill

Your grill is only as good as how well you treat it. Maintenance can keep your grill looking and working great for years to come. This grill is easy to clean so you can take care of it without much effort. Here’s what you have to do:

Check Your Propane Tank:

Every month, run some soapy water along the gas line and its connections. Do this with the propane tank turned on. 

If you see bubbles form along the line or connections, you will know there’s a leak. This means you have to tighten the line or replace it altogether.

Keep Your Grill Covered:

When not in use, keep your Capt N Cook grill covered to prevent exposure to the elements. This can prevent it from getting dirty. 

A grill left in a garage or outside without a cover can get rusted very quickly, ruining the finish and making it unsafe for cooking.

Clean Your Grill after Every Use:

Once your grill has cooled down, you have to spot clean it after each use. Besides this, your grill needs to be deep cleaned every few months. 

Wipe down the exterior of the grill and clean the grates with some grill cleaner and a brush to get rid of any debris or burnt bits from cooking.

You can also fire up your grill to the max for around 15 minutes and let it burn off the extra gunk. Then once the grill has cooled back down, you can brush off the ashes and get rid of all the grime that accumulates.

Where to Buy Your New Capt N Cook Grill

This grill isn’t very elusive so you can easily find it on Amazon and order it without any difficulty. You can also find it on Costco.

Moreover, the Capt N Cook 5-burner grill Costco review can help you figure out how the grill functions and whether it will suit your cooking needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions about the Capt N Cook grill? We’ll answer questions about the product and grilling in general here.

01. Is the Capt N Cook Grill Difficult to Assemble?

The grill is pretty easy to use and assemble so it isn’t difficult to put it together. In fact, it takes just around an hour to get the grill up and running.

02. Can I Connect the Capt N Cook Grill to a Gas Line?

You can’t connect the grill to another gas line as the jets are fixed. This means it will only work with propane tanks.

03. How Much Propane Will a Grill Use Per Hour?

On average, a grill will use around 1.5 pounds of propane an hour when you grill on medium heat. This can differ based on the intensity of the flame and the surface area of your grill.

04. How Many BTUs Do I Need?

A British Thermal Unit or BTU measures the amount of heat produced by a grill. A grill with the highest BTUs may seem like the best at first, After all, the greater the BTU, the hotter the grill, right? However, this isn’t how it always works.

When you buy a grill, compare the BTUs to the usable cooking surface area. It should have 80-100BTU for every square inch of cooking space. The more BTUs a model has, the faster it will burn up your fuel. Instead, get just enough BTUs to get the grilling job done.

05. Is a Side Burner Necessary?

In all honesty, side burners aren’t 100% necessary. But if you’re a BBQ and grill aficionado, you are going to need a side burner to whip up sauces, marinades, and basting liquids. 

However, there are also issues as the side burner isn’t very useful for heavy-duty cooking. Still, it is pretty helpful to have a burner within reach to make sauces as you grill your meat.

06. What is the Sizzle Burner Used for?

The sizzle burner is a great way to get a beautiful sear on steaks and other cuts of meat. The surface area of this burner is great because it results in a lot of surface browning which makes the meat intensely flavorful. 

It is also great for grilling meats that have been marinated, particularly sticky marinades with things like soy or brown sugar. Besides this, you can also use it to make thick sauces and glazes and infuse them with a smokey flavor.

To Summarize

Warm weather is almost synonymous with grilling and barbecues with friends. And a good grill can make or break your grilling experience. The Capt N Cook grill review goes into how this grill works and what you can expect from it. 

It will allow you to grill multiple items at one go, cook sauces, and even roast vegetables along with your meat. On top of that, it is easy to use, effortless to maintain, and lasts for years without damage. 

Needless to say, this grill will be your faithful companion for many summers to come!

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