The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023

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Looking for the best smoker grill combination? We’ve got a whole list for you. Find the best equipment for you to smoke, grill, and more in this article!

The Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2022: Top 15 Picks for the Best Smoker Grills
The Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2022

Love smoking and grilling food? You’re not alone. That’s why a whole new piece of equipment was invented: the smoker grill combo.

But to those new to this kind of smoking equipment, it can get a little overwhelming. How do you start using it, and where do you even get the best one?

That’s where we come in. Today, we’re going to help you out in choosing the best possible smoker grill combo. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

What Is a Smoker Grill Combo?

A smoker grill combo is a type of multi-purpose cooker than can grill, bake, sear, smoke, and roast. Not familiar with the term? Well, a griller may know it as barrel smokers, horizontal smokers, or pipe smokers.

Our Top 15 Picks for the Best Smoker Grill Combos

01 Kamado Joe Big Joe III Smoker Grill Combo – Best Overall

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 1
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  • Built with ceramic and heavy-duty galvanized steel
  • Is a rolling smoker grill cart with locking wheels
  • Has a multi-level, half-moon design
  • Has a Kontrol Tower Top Vent for air maintenance
  • Comes with an air lift hinge

What We Love About It:

Cook with versatility with the Kamado Joe Smoker Grill Combo. It has three tiers for you to divide and conquer the food you want to smoke, grill, or sear. Cook them at various temperatures, all at once. You can have more food ready in no time at all with the best smoker grill combo!

And yup, we promise the best flavor possible, too. The Sloroller insert allows you to have rolling smoke across your food, perfect for low and slow cooking. Every bit of flavor is enhanced!

The ceramic grates and heavy-duty galvanized steel makes sure this product lasts long in your hands, no matter what. You can roll it around your backyard with no worries, too — it has locking wheels for your convenience.

Worried about usability? Cast those worries aside! The air lift hinge on the dome of this combo grill reduces the weight of what you would assume to be a heavy lid. Lift the lid with ease as you cook.

Plus, you don’t have to fret about airflow maintenance. There’s a Kontrol Tower Top Vent for the best possible temperature control.

There’s a removable charcoal basket in this grill and smoker combination, too. Clean-up will be a sure breeze!

02 PIT BOSS Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill – Best Value

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 2
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  • Supports wood pellet fuel and propane gas
  • Has a wide temperature range, from 150 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Eight-in-one versatility that can grill, smoke, roast, bake, braise, barbecue, char, and sear
  • Has a wide cooking space for all your food
  • Inclusive of two meat probes

What We Love About It:

With more than 1200 square inches of cooking space, you’ll never get bored of the PIT BOSS Wood Pellet and Gas Combo Grill. It’s an innovative piece of equipment that’s handy to have in your backyard!

Aside from the side burner, you have an easy-access handle for this BBQ grill, and three independent burners for the gas. There’s a built-in spice rack, two shelves, and removable tray. The wheels lock for your convenience, plus a solid bottom shelf for storage.

Slow-cook as much as you like with the wide temperature control, or grill your food fast and hot. You have the temperature range of 150 degrees to 480 degrees Fahrenheit! You can spread out all the food you need on the amount of cooking space PIT BOSS gives.

Smoke and grill at your own pace — or bake, braise, barbecue, char, and sear instead. There are two meat probes included as well so you can ensure proper internal temperature!

03 Traeger Grills Pro Series 22 – Wood Pellet Grill – Best Budget

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 3


  • Can accommodate 4 chickens, 5 rib racks, and 24 burgers
  • All-original wood pellet grill that ensures enhanced flavors
  • Comes with rugged all-terrain wheels for your backyard
  • With a Digital Pro Controller and Advanced Grilling Logic for guaranteed precision grilling
  • Boasts 6-in-1 versatility for cooking: it grills, smokes, bakes, roasts, braises, and barbecues everything to perfection

What We Love About It:

Looking for that good firewood-enhanced flavor in your food? Look no further than the Traeger Grills Pro Series 22, the wood pellet grill that meets all your needs.

It has enough space for about four whole chickens, five racks of ribs, and twenty-four burgers! You can grill, smoke, bake, roast, braise, and barbecue as much as you need. It’s not just grilling that this wood pellet grill can do.

However, we know that a lot of people have temperature concerns. Cast those worries away with this pellet smoker grill combo! They offer reliable, consistent results with the Digital Pro Controller. Adjust the temperature the way you want with this pellet grill smoker, and let the smoke flavor enhance your meats.

The entire pellet grill and smoker is user-friendly, too! There are dual meat probes to check for the internal temperature, and it has rugged wheels to adjust to your backyard terrain. The temperature is also versatile for both slow cooking and fast grilling!

Get your very own pellet grill smoker today with Taeger Grills. You won’t regret it!

04 Dyna-Glo Signature Series Heavy-Duty Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 4
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  • With five chrome-plated cooking grates
  • Has a total of 1382 square inches of cooking surface
  • Boasts a body made out of heavy-gauge steel
  • With cool-touch handles and spring lids for user-friendliness
  • With a stainless temperature gauge and oversized steel wheels

What We Love About It:

You can expand your culinary horizons with the Dyna-Glo Signature Series Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo. This charcoal grill will give you the best, classic smokehouse flavor! This multifunctional grill can handle all the meats you can handle, with five chrome-plated cooking grates.

While charcoal grilling coaxes out the best flavors in your chosen meats, you can smoke sausages with the pre-installed sausage hooks. Access your food safely with cool-touch handles and spring lids, too! The entire cooking experience is versatile and flexible for your convenience.

Aside from all these perks, clean-up is also a breeze. The removable offset charcoal grate and ash pan is easy to wash and put back. The analog temperature gauge has indicators for the best temperatures for grilling and smoking, too!

05 SUNLIFER Portable Charcoal BBQ Smoker Grill

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 5
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  • Space-saving compact and portable barbecue smoker and grill combo
  • Is multi-purpose and ideal for smoking, baking, braising, roasting, and searing
  • Comes with two barbecue grills for simultaneous grilling
  • With a water smoker and grill combo for moist, flavored meat
  • With two access panels to add wood pellets and wood chips

What We Love About It:

Need something you can transport anywhere, anytime? The SUNLIFER Portable Charcoal Grill fulfills just that. Its main perk is its’ space-saving, portable body that can easily fit in the trunk of your car!

However, don’t let its size fool you. You have a multi-purpose smoker and grill combo in your hands, with two barbecue grills that totals up to 453 square inches of cooking space. There’s an easy-to-use water smoker, too, with space for wood pellets and wood chips — for that enhanced smoky flavor we all love.

Plus, you can grill simultaneously, so this best smoker and grill combo doesn’t just save space, but time as well!

As a combination grill, the SUNLIFER is the one you want for your camping or picnic needs.

06 Masterbuilt Gravity Series Digital Charcoal Smoker Grill Combos

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 6
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  • Has fast heating with 700 degrees Fahrenheit reached in 14 minutes
  • With a flat-top griddle insert, cast-iron cooking grates, and two porcelain-coated cast-iron smoking racks
  • Comes with a DigitalFan to handle heat fluctuations
  • With a digital control panel that handles temperature and cooking time with a smart device control
  • Includes a built-in temperature gauge and meat probe thermometer for reliable, consistent results

What We Love About It:

If you want a charcoal grill that heats and cooks meat fast, this Masterbuilt Gravity Series Digital Charcoal Griddle is the one for you. It’s also our top pick if you want convenience in your hands!

In just eight minutes, you can reach up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit. So, if you want your meat to come off the grill gates quick, this is your the grill smoker combo that you should choose.

The griddle insert, cooking grates, and porcelain-coated cast-iron smoking racks sums up to 800 inches of cooking space. You’ll be able to cook, smoke, grill, and sear all the meats you want! It maintains temperature well with the DigitalFan, so there’s little to no fluctuations for your cooking.

At the same time, the digital control panel is there for your smart device. Control how you cook with WiFi or Bluetooth! The temperature and cook time is completely up to you, too.

In addition to all of that, a built-in temperature gauge and meat probe is there for you to retain the moisture and flavor of the meat. It’s one of the most innovative and convenient charcoal smoker and grill combos out there, so make sure to get one of your own!

07 Camp Chef Woodwind Pellet Smoker Grill Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 7


  • Automatically maintain your temperature with new WIFI and Bluetooth controls
  • Comes with four probe ports and four meat probes
  • Comes with temperatures ranging from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Includes a dial for smoke control and Slide and Grill technology
  • With a patented ash cleaning system

What We Love About It:

This Camp Chef Pellet Smoker Grill Combo is one of the best picks for convenience right in your backyard. Smoke and grill in one place with its wood pellet grills – and automatically control everything with WiFi and Bluetooth controls!

Aside from the new, innovative technology it employs, this grill and smoker combo unit doesn’t shy away from accessories. It comes with four probe ports and four meat probes, just to ensure that your meat is the juiciest, most flavorful one out there.

With the Camp Chef Smoker Grill Combo, the temperature ranges from 160 to 500 degrees Fahrenheit, but the Slide and Grill technology allows for direct flame cooking up to 650 degrees. There’s a dial for smoke control so the grill body is up to your customization, too!

Even with all these cooking innovations, there’s still more to this pellet grill smoker. There’s a patented ash cleaning system that makes clean-up easier for you, too. This combination grill is one of the best out there, so if a wood pellet smoker and grill combo is up your alley, this Camp Chef is the one to pick!

08 Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 8
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  • With porcelain-enameled steel wire cooking grates, chrome-plated warming rack, and offset smoker
  • Up to 811 square inches of cooking surface
  • With an offset smoker that circulates smoke around easily
  • Includes a two-level heigh-adjustable charcoal pan
  • Comes with a lid-mounted thermometer gauge, side burner, and tables for extra storage space

What We Love About It:

The best grilled and smoked meats are possible through the Royal Gourmet Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo. Grill, smoke, barbecue, and sear steaks easily! Each part of this smoker combo unit has high-quality material. Porcelain-enameled steel wire cooking grates and chrome-plated warming racks are part of this grill and smoker combo!

With up to 811 square inches of cooking surface, you can simultaneously grill and smoke as much meat as you want. The offset smoker allows you to circulate smoke easily, with an air vent that stokes the fire to your liking. Plus, a side door is there for you to scoop in charcoal easily and remove ash during clean-up.

Looking for better heat control? Look no further. The adjustable pans on this grill and smoker combo is here to help you out. Monitor your cooking temperature as much as you want with the lid-mounted thermometer gauge.

This charcoal grill is the go-to for those looking to have enough space as well! It has a bottom shelf and front and side tables for all your accessories, spices, and grilling tools.

09 Lifetime Gas Grill and Wood Pellet and Smoker Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 9


  • One-stack design fusion fuel for gas grilling or using wood pellets
  • Has convenient and innovative temperature control and monitoring through WiFi and Bluetooth
  • Has temperatures ranging from 180 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Comes with three meat probes, storage box, pellet hopper, grilling racks, and tank holder
  • Has an easy grease and ash pull-out cleaning system

What We Love About It:

Looking for a compact, powerful gas grill smoker combo? This pellet and gas BBQ grill is one of the best you can get! It features a one-stack design for the fusion fuel it boasts. Use it for gas grilling or with wood pellets — it’s all up to you.

The customization you get is top-notch as well. You can conveniently monitor and and control you temperature through Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. With the temperature ranging from 180 to 700 degrees Fahrenheit, you can either do slow-cooking or fast grilling with this grill and smoker combo.

Three meat probes allow you to have an accurate reading of internal temperature. You can store all your spices and seasonings with the storage box, too!

Clean up the best you can with the easy grease and ash pull-out cleaning system. The best smoker and grill combo has it all, and the Lifetime Gas Grill Smoker Combo fits the bill.

10 Wide Cooking Area: Cuisinart Vertical Propane Grill Smoker Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 10


  • Has a wide cooking area to accommodate everything from meats to vegetables
  • Has four dishwasher-safe, stainless steel cooking racks and porcelain-coated steel tray
  • With a built-in, easy-to-read thermometer
  • Includes an adjustable gas supply and smoke control
  • With a seal-tight twist lock door and handle for security

What We Love About It:

It’s time to get the Cuisinart Grill Smoker Combo! This vertical propane grill smoker combo is a compact but powerful unit for your backyard. Don’t be fooled by its compact size — it has a wide cooking area for everything you need grilled, from hot dogs to steaks.

You won’t have any problems in maintaining and regulating heat. There’s a built-in, easy-to-read thermometer for you to monitor and maintain the temperature to your needs, plus an adjustable gas supply for heating your grilling space the way you want it to.

With the smoker box, you have two doors and a rear vent to control the amount of heat and smoke. Close and open everything easily — you won’t have a problem with securing the doors with the seal-tight twist-lock door and handle.

Clean-up has never been easier with four dishwasher-safe steel cooking racks, either. No need for hand-washing on this one, unlike other smoker combos! Easily remove everything and pop them into the dishwasher.

11 Grills Wood: Z-Grills Pellet Grills with Auto Temperature Control

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 11
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  • An eight-in-one multipurpose best grill smoker combo
  • With PID technology for consistent temperature and results from the cooking chamber
  • Features 452 square inches of cooking area
  • Made with sturdy steel construction and high-temperature powder coating — making it built to last

What We Love About It:

The Z-Grills Wood Pellet Grill is the best smoker grill combo for small families or backyards without sacrificing power. It has eight purposes in one: with this grill and smoker, you can bake, roast, braise, sear, char-grill, barbecue, smoke, and grill all in one place!

Got a lot of meat? That should be no problem. The 572 square inches of cooking area is more than enough grilling space for everything you need to have cooked. Getting to grilling isn’t hard, either — this best smoker grill is easy to assemble and move around!

If you’re tired of getting inconsistent results with your meat, this is the best grill smoker combo to pick. It incorporates PID technology to keep you from the guesswork. Now, you can have accurate and consistent control over your temperature, and as a result, over your meat, too!

You can get accurate temperatures from 180 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, with a fire access door that allows direct flame to reach 750 degrees Fahrenheit. Z-Grills is convenient, too — you can get the wood fire flavor you crave while having the convenience of having a gas grill as well.

Another perk? Unlike other pellet grills, you know this unit is built to last. Just take a look at is heavy-duty steel construction!

The Z-Grills Wood Pellet Grill may be your go-to as the best possible BBQ grill and smoker on the market. Check it out today — you won’t regret it.

12 Big Bad Barrel Pit Drum 5-in-One Grill and Smoker

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 12
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  • Multi-functional and multi-purpose cooking chamber where you can grill and smoke meats simultaneously
  • Is portable and can be assembled and dismantled easily for easy storage and transport
  • Comes with six stainless steel hooks, three utensils, charcoal pit, grill grate, and grilling rack
  • Consistently uses up to 225 degrees Fahrenheit for smoking, with an adjustable vent
  • Made with durable materials, so you know this best smoker grill combo can last a while!

What We Love About It:

This pit barrel cooker stands out from the rest. With the size of the cooking area of the Big Bad Joe Pit Drum, you can grill just about everything.

But it’s not just grilling that we’ve got covered. This multi-function pit barrel can transform into a table, independent fire pit, barbecue pit and smoker box. It has the hooks you need to smoke anything you’d like!

With this two-piece pit barrel cooker, you can bring the party anywhere, anytime. It can easily be disassembled, assembled, and transported just about everywhere you’d like!

Another perk? This Big Bad Pit Barrel Cooker comes with all the accessories you could ever need from smoker combos. Enjoy cooking, grilling, and smoking with stainless steel hooks, utensils, and grilling racks, too.

You can smoke everything up to 225 degrees — just the right temperature that any pit barrel cooker has for smoking.

13 Captiva Designs 28-Inch Charcoal Grill and Smoker

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 13
81nCglIUfQL. AC SX679


  • With an offset smoker box seamlessly attached to the unit
  • Made with thick metal iron
  • With acid-proof, temperature-resistant enamel material
  • Includes an adjustable chimney and air vent
  • With detachable front frame for convenient grilling and smoking

What We Love About It:

If versatility is your priority, you won’t go wrong with the Captiva Designs Charcoal Grill and Smoker. The cooking surface is 512 square inches all in all, allowing you to have the flexibility you need to smoke and grill all your meats.

It also comes with all the bonus perks you’d ever want in any grill and smoker. It has an adjustable chimney and air vent so you can adjust the flow of smoke at any moment. You’ll have your desired flavor after grilling!

The durability is also something to boast in this grill and smoker combo. Everything from the grill grate and charcoal pan to the grill cover is made of acid-proof, temperature-resistant enamel. It can withstand general wear and tear and so much more — you know it’ll be in your care for a long time!

Looking for user-friendliness? We’ve got that, too. The front frame is detachable for your convenience. Clean-up is also easier with the grill cover!

14 Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 14
71+zXDgXepL. AC SX679


  • Multifunctional unit that allows you to smoke, roast and grill in one place
  • Comes with TRU-infrared technology that gives consistent, flavorful meat
  • Evenly cooks meat
  • Has a cooking surface of 180 square inches and 25 lbs of space for roasting
  • Includes a smoker box for added flavor

What We Love About It:

Need something you know you can rely on? It’s time to open up the grill grate of the Char-Broil The Big Easy TRU-Infrared Smoker, Roaster, and Grill. Reliability is the name of the game with its TRU-Infrared technology!

You can get the most consistent, flavorful meats with this unit. Cook as much as you like with a cooking surface of 180 square inches, and roast some meat with the 25 lbs of space. There’s an added smoker box for added flavor, too!

If you’re bored of the usual gas grill and need to change things up, this may be the smoker, grilling, and roaster for you.

15 PK Grills Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo

The 15 Best Smoker Grill Combo for 2023 15
81olWZiEFbL. AC SX679


  • Comes in a unique capsule-shaped construction with four vents
  • Construction makes it easy to slow-cook or do fast grilling
  • Includes rust-proof, durable, and lightweight aluminum grills and side burner
  • Has a cooking surface of 300 square inches for all the meat you’ve got
  • Is portable and can fold down easily for easy transportation

What We Love About It:

If you need something portable without sacrificing any of the features that the best smoker grill combo can have, you won’t go wrong with the PK Grills Charcoal BBQ Grill and Smoker Combo.

Let’s talk about the portability first. You want something that can grill beyond your backyard — you’ve got it with this unit. You don’t have to go through the hassle of assembling and disassembling everything, either. The PK Grills smoker grill combo is foldable and easy to transport!

We know, we know; it can get worrying when something’s foldable. How do you know it’s even durable? But that worry doesn’t matter with the PK Grills unit. It boasts rust-proof, durable, and lightweight aluminum grills!

Plus, the unique capsule construction is also there with four vents. You can control the airflow and cooking temperature as you like! With over 300 square inches for its cooking surface, you can cook as much as you want.

Slow-cook or do your grilling hot and fast. Whatever the case, you can rely on this grill and smoker to do the job!

Types of Smoker Grill Combinations

There are so many smoker grill combos out there that it can get confusing. We prepared a short guide for you to distinguish them from one another:

#1 Kamados

Kamado grills are distinct with their egg-shaped form and ceramic material. Due to the ceramic walls, these grill and smoker combo can hold heat well. It helps keep moisture in the meat, resulting in a juicier, richer flavor.

While kamado grills result in incredible food, there is a learning curve required in operating kamados. You have to adjust the vents every now and then of the cooking chamber. If you want a higher temperature, you have to open the vents to let more oxygen in, and partially close it if you want lower temperature control.

#2 Pellet Smoker Grill Combos

A pellet grill functions based on its name: wood pellets. A wood grill uses wood pellets and a system of fans to grill, smoke, braise, and bake food. Simply add the pellets to the pellet hopper and let the magic happen as your smoke your food.

The result is enjoyable food imbued with deep flavors. There’s no risk of fire flare-ups, so there’s no risk of blackened or burnt food, either!

#3 Gravity-Fed Charcoal Grill Smoker Combo

This smoker grill combo is quite new to the game, but it doesn’t make it any less impressive. It can be filled with either charcoal or pellets, and operates just like your typical pellet grill.

#4 Drum Smoker Grill Combo

These are simple smoker grills made from oil drums, with adjustable grates. This grill smoker combo is convenient and gives you great food in the end!

#5 Traditional Style Charcoal Gas Grills and Smokers

These barrel-shaped gas grill smoker combo can use either gas or fuel. They’re perfect for high heat grilling, with a firebox offset smoker that can smoke the food the way you want.

Types of Fuel Smoker Grill Combos Use

#1 Charcoal

Charcoal is the most popular fuel for smoking and grilling, and we understand why. It produces little smoke, and requires little to no preparation before use. Plus, you can even reuse it after you’re done smoking and grilling your food!

However, it is one of the messiest fuels, and requires some clean-up.

#2 Wood Pellets

These are clean to use fuel sources with the best flavors possible. There’s not as much clean-up in comparison to charcoal, but there would still be some ash leftover.

#3 Wood Logs

Wood logs are a little harder to control, but they also give great flavor to your food. They have a clean, authentic taste.

#4 Gas

Gas is another common type of fuel for smoking and grilling. Temperature control is much easier, along with clean-up. There’s practically no mess to deal with! However, it imparts no flavor at all, so you’ll have to rely on good meat and good seasoning.

#5 Electric

Just like gas, electric fuel allows you to have better temperature control, and easier clean-up. However, it doesn’t impart any flavor either, so you’d have to settle for the taste!

What to Look For in a Smoker Grill Combo

#1 Wide Temperature Range

You want something that doesn’t just smoke and grill, but can also sear your food. Plus, you’ll want something that grill your food fast! You want something that can cook your food fully, while giving it some time for slow, low cooking.

#2 Material and Durability

With the constant high temperatures, you want something that can withstand it as much as possible. You want something that won’t break easily, so make sure that the material can withstand general wear and tear as well — especially if you plan on leaving your smoker grill combo outside.

Get something that doesn’t easily rust or corrode, like heavy gauge steel.

Look for a stable base and sturdy wheels as well. You want something that can stand on its own in the long-term, and wheels that are stable to move around outdoors.

#3 Ease of Clean-up

You want something that’s easy to clean and maintain — especially if you’re going to be smoking and grilling food a lot. The constant use will get to the unit, so you want something that has grease management systems and removable, washable ash pans.

Remember to keep your smoke grill combo clean no matter what to avoid the build-up of bacteria!

#4 Value for Price

We all want something good, but we also have to count in the fact that our wallets aren’t endless. You want something that has value for its price!

Think of something good for the long-term and suits your needs the most.

#5 Stability

Aside from a wide temperature range, you want to be able to control heat properly. Maintaining heat is vital to the juiciness and flavor of the meat you’ve got!

With some smoker grill combos, you have to open and close multiple vents or adjust shelves. In contrast, electric and gas ones would only require a dial or a push of a button or two.

However, you’ll have to sacrifice some flavor for the convenience of temperature control. Look for additional accessories, such as ash catchers and drip pans. Thermometers, thermostats, and anything that adjusts the airflow and temperature are also good buys.

Benefits of a Smoker Grill Combo

  1. Save Cooking Space in Your Kitchen

Running out of indoor cooking surfaces? Combo grills can be the answer. Aside from saving on cooking space in your kitchen, the best smoker grill combo units can also save space outdoors.

Instead of having two different appliances for smoking and grilling, a smoker grill combo allows you to have a grill and smoker in one place. It has more versatility, too!

  1. Have Healthier Food

Now, we’re not health nuts, but we all know constantly frying your food is not good for your health.

Grilled food has less fat, and the way of cooking preserves the nutrients in the food. It brings you and the rest of the family outdoors, too! Bond with them while having the healthiest food possible.

  1. Save Electricity

Unless you’re using an electric smoker grill combo, you save more electricity in the long run. You have flavorful food without adding to your electricity bill!

Why Choose a Smoker Grill Combo?

Honestly, just look at the benefits we stated above. We believe it’s convincing enough!

But the versatility is one benefit we can’t exaggerate.

Grill food on one side, and smoke some on the other. Yes, that’s possible with a smoker grill combo! You can sear your food after, too.

All in all, you have a safe, space-saving, and healthier way to cook your food. Why should you not go for it?

Downsides of a Smoker Grill Combo

If there’s any downside, it’s the lack of enough temperature control for many units. A lot of them require adjustments in the vents and grates. Or maybe they don’t have the temperature range necessary to brown and caramelize your meats.

Whatever the case, there are downsides to getting grill smoker combos. Think about this before getting your own unit!

Grilling Accessories You Can Buy

#1 Camp Chef BBQ Grill Sear Box

The Camp Chef BBQ Grill Sear Box is a perfect accessory for everything you want grilled and smoked. Get that smoky flavor you want with this sear box!

With the sear box cooking surface at 180 square inches, it’s easy to cook just about anything on the grill grates. The sear box itself is made of stainless steel, with enamel-coated cast iron grill grates, heat diffuser plates, and drip tray.

Get the Camp Chef BBQ Grill Sear Box for the best possible convenience while grilling!

#2 Shizzo Grill Basket Value Set

Do you want all the accessories you could ever need for your grill smoker combo? The Shizzo Grill Basket Value Set is here for you. It includes a grill basket, basting brush, grilling gloves, and even a portable case! Yup, you can take these accessories with you if you’re traveling with your grilling unit.

Get perfectly grilled vegetables, meats, and fishes with the grill basket. We can guarantee you an even grill! Aside from an even grill, the grill basket also features a long handle for your convenience. Plus, it also has a secure locking mechanism that allows you to safely flip your grilled food — no food waste will happen here!

The large and deep grilling tray allows you to have all the food you’d like in one space. Grill different kinds of food at the same time! It saves space and time for you easily.

Plus, it’s lightweight, durable, and easy-to-clean. It’s made with the highest quality of stainless steel that won’t just last you long, but it’s also light and easy to handle. You don’t have to go through any kind of hassle to handle this basket value set.

It’s rust-free, too. In addition, it’s also dishwasher-safe! You don’t have to go through the hassle of hand-washing everything — you can just pop it in the dishwasher after use.

#3 Weber Rapidfire Charcoal Chimney Starter

Need hot coals for cooking? The Weber Rapidfire Chimney Starter has you covered. It’s durable, ergonomic, and comes with a specialized cone-shaped grate. Fill it in, light it up, and pour the hot coals into your grill.

The two-handle design allows you to have more control as you pour the hot coals. You don’t have to worry about the hassle of getting your coals hot enough! There’s also a large heat shield that protects you from the high temperatures.

Plus, it has a compact design. If you have smaller grills, it’ll be accommodated easily!

You can grill faster with Weber today.

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What is the best all-around grill and smoker?

Our top pick is a charcoal smoker: the Kamado Joe Big Joe III. Out of the list of the best smoker grill combos, this charcoal smoker ticked all of the boxes!

Can you still grill on a pellet smoker?

Yes, you can — if it’s a pellet smoker grill combo. A pellet grill and smoker can do a lot of functions at once!

What is the point of the best smoker grill combo?

The entire point of a smoker grill is to smoke and grill at the same time — letting the cooking process become more efficient and space-saving.

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