The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed

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Looking for the best possible roaster oven for your kitchen? Don’t worry. We have a round-up of the best roaster ovens for you to choose from in this article!

Best Roaster Oven
Best Roaster Oven

There’s a Thanksgiving dinner coming up, but you have nowhere to roast your turkey. Or maybe you have recipes that require some roasting, but you have nowhere to do that, either!

Now you’re on the hunt for the best roaster oven, but every article you’ve found says different things. What really is the best option out there for you?

Your search ends here. We have the top ten roasters, and we’ve added a buyer’s guide for you, too. Read on to find the best roaster oven for you!

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Our Top Roaster Ovens

With all the features and roaster oven reviews we’ve encountered, here are our top three best roaster ovens:

Oster is the most versatile and easy-to-use oven out there, with a self-basting lid as another perk! It takes our spot for the best electric roaster oven, and even if you’re not considering this brand, it should be at the top of your list, too.

Hamilton Beach provides the most value for your money with its versatility, capacity, and self-basting lid. You won’t go wrong with this choice, either!

For those on a budget, the Proctor-Silex is the one to go for. It’s cheaper, but doesn’t skimp on the features that you need to make a dish worth coming back to over and over!

The Top 10 Roaster Ovens

#1 Best Overall Pick: Oster Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

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  • Accommodates up to 26-lb of turkey
  • Comes with a self-basting lid
  • Removable stainless steel rack and pan
  • Bakes, slow-cooks, and roasts your favorite dishes

Is It For You?

The Oster roaster oven is quite a steal! The Oster roaster oven itself is easy to use, so you’ll have no problem starting out as a beginner cook for Thanksgiving dinner.

You can put the hand baster away, too — it’s an Oster roaster oven with self-basting lid. As a result, it recirculates moisture and leaves you with a moist, juicy turkey ripe for carving.

If a turkey roaster isn’t what you’re after, the Oster roaster oven offers so much more. You can do everything from baking to slow-cooking!

Plus, clean-up is easy with a removable rack and pan. It also comes with a high dome lid to accommodate turkeys of all sizes.

#2 Best Value: Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 2


  • Fits up to a 28-lb turkey
  • Has a capacity of 22 quarts
  • Enameled steel interior pan allows for easy cleaning
  • Comes with a lift-out rack
  • Comes with a removable pan and domed lid

Is It For You?

The Hamilton Beach Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid is a good investment. If you ever find yourself needing extra oven space, the Hamilton Beach oven is the one to pick.

As a 22-quart roaster oven with self-basting lid, it can fit up to a 28-lb turkey. Large meals are no longer a problem!

This electric oven is also quite versatile with its capacity to roast, bake, cook, and serve up warm dishes.

Everything about this appliance is thoughtfully designed, from the temperature range and removable rack. You can warm up dishes and roast turkeys with their 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (65 to 232 degree Celsius) range! Plus, clean-up is a breeze with easy-to-lift handles and removable pan.

#3 Best Budget Pick: Proctor-Silex 24-Pound Turkey Roaster Oven

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 3
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  • Comes with an 18-quart capacity
  • Bakes, roasts, slow-cooks, steams, and warms up dishes
  • Can fit up to a 24-lb turkey
  • With a removable pan
  • With a lift-out rack

Is It For You?

On a budget, but need the best roaster oven for Thanksgiving dinner? Look no further than the Proctor-Silex. For only $100, you get a large, versatile roasting oven for all your delicious dishes.

You can control the temperature range of this oven with a simple knob. The 125 to 450 degree Fahrenheit range allows you to cook everything, from turkey to cheesecake.

You can slow cook, bake, and steam with this oven, as well!

The included lift-out rack makes it easy to serve large dishes, including turkey and ham. After the celebrations are done, clean-up has never been easier with the removable pan.

#4 Nesco 6-Quart Porcelain Electric Roaster Oven

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 4
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  • Has a 750-watt heating element
  • Has a six-quart capacity that roasts, bakes, steams, slow-cooks, and serves
  • With side handles for safety and convenience
  • Removable roasting pan
  • Full-range temperature control at 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (93 to 230 degrees Celsius)

Is It For You?

Don’t need a turkey roaster? This six-quart electric roaster oven is perfect for mini-gatherings and your everyday dinners.

While it’s small, it’s enough to serve food up to six people — and it’s versatile, too! Who says you can only have versatility with a 22-quart roaster oven?

You can roast, bake, steam, slow-cook, and serve all kinds of food with the wide-range temperature control.

It’s also lightweight and portable, so you can easily transport it anywhere you’d like. The side handles also allow everything to be convenient!

No matter what happens, the Nesco Electric Roaster Oven will last long in your care. It has a durable porcelain finish that looks good and will protect it against everyday wear and tear.

If you have limited cooking space but want the best roast meat for your family still, this Nesco roaster oven is the one to pick!

#5 Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven with Viewing Lid

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 5
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  • Design includes a convenient, visible basting lid
  • Has a warm and defrost setting
  • Comes with an easy-to-lift rack and removable roaster pan
  • Roasts, bakes, slow-cooks and serves

Is It For You?

Are you tired of opening your roaster oven lid every now and then to check on your turkey? The Sunvivi Electric Roaster Oven solves that for you with a basting lid window for easy checking on your dishes! You don’t have to be scalded anymore — or delay the cooking time by periodic checking.

Another perk? Your whole turkey doesn’t have to take days to defrost! Simply place the turkey into the Sunvivi roaster oven and turn on the defrost setting. It’s an innovative addition that makes roasting and serving easier by keeping your food warm.

Plus, if you’ve got leftovers, you can always turn on the warm function, too.

The temperature range is from 150 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (65 to 232 degree Celsius) You can easily roast, bake, slow-cook, warm, and serve up dishes better than a conventional oven.

It’s also equipped with a liftable rack and an enamel-on-steel removable roasting pan. Clean-up will be quick and convenient!

#6 14-Quart Chefman Electric Roaster Oven with a High Dome, Self-Basting Lid

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 6
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  • Comes with a high-dome, self-basting lid
  • Removable rack and inner roasting pan
  • Dishwasher-safe for convenient clean-up
  • Can heat up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (230 degrees Celsius)
  • Can accommodate large meals and a 20-lb turkey

Is It For You?

The best ovens can be found at Chefman. This 14-quart electric roaster oven doubles your cooking efficiency with its high dome lid and temperature control range! Sure, electric roaster ovens are fast, but Chefman has been guaranteed to be 30% faster than your conventional oven, making meals easy to cook.

The high-dome, self-basting lid is an additional perk! Not only does the self-basting lid increase the capacity of the roaster oven, it also decreases your labor and circulates moisture and heat by itself.

After the meals and festivities, you usually worry about clean-up. That’s not the case with the Chefman roaster oven! The removable rack and inner roasting pan are all dishwasher-safe, so you can just pop it in and go about your day.

#7 EaZy BrandZ Oberdome Plus Electric Roaster Oven

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 7
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  • The heating element is encapsulated in the lid
  • Multi-functional and portable
  • Uses up to 1150 watts, with only six minutes needed to preheat
  • Comes with a removable steel rack
  • Has the capacity of a 22-quart roaster oven

Is It For You?

Innovation meets tradition with the EaZy BrandZ Oberdome Plus Electric Roaster Oven! It cooks, bakes, and roasts better than conventional ovens with the patented Oberdome. The heating element of the roaster oven is completely encapsulated in the lid, evenly heating and moisturizing your dishes.

You don’t have to wait long for this roaster oven to preheat or cook your meals, either. It has up to 1150 watts of power and is quick and convenient to use.

If you want something new and easy to use in your kitchen, the EaZy BrandZ Oberdome Plus electric roaster oven is the one to pick!

#8 HeyNemo Electric Roaster Oven with Self-Basting Lid

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 8
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  • A 22-quart roaster oven, with 18, 20, 24, and 26-quart capacities available
  • Has a warming setting for leftovers and hot dishes
  • With transparent top-dome lid and cool-touch handle
  • Comes with 1450 wattage and full-range temperature control
  • Has a removable steel rack

Is It For You?

Looking for variety with the best roaster ovens available? HeyNemo offers that and more. While we showcase the 22-quart roaster oven here, it has 18 to 26-quart capacities available! Along with the full-control temperature functions, it also has a warming setting to keep your food warm for hours.

The top-dome lid also allows you to have more space in your oven. You can cook turkey and other large dishes! The cool-touch handle makes sure you don’t accidentally burn or scald yourself while checking in on your food.

Meanwhile, the full-range temperature control allows you to have a fully customizable experience with roasting in comparison to a traditional oven. Slow-cooking, roasting, and baking is possible!

A removable stainless steel rack is also included. Many roaster ovens are hard to clean, but HeyNemo makes sure your clean-up is easier than ever.

#9 Nesco 18-Quart Roaster Oven

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 9
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  • 18-quart roaster oven with capacity for large turkeys and dishes
  • Comes with a removable enamel pan inside
  • With cool touch handles for your safety
  • Comes with an adjustable thermostat with temperature control of 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (93 to 230 degrees Celsius)

Is It For You?

The Nesco 18-quart roaster oven is the best roaster oven for beginners investing in the kitchen appliances for the first time! Among electric roasters, this electric turkey roaster is easy to use, easy to clean, versatile, and has all the functions you want in a regular oven and more.

Removable pans allow for easy clean-up, while the cool-touch handles make sure portability and safety isn’t a problem. The temperature range is between 200 to 450 degrees Fahrenheit (93 to 232 degrees Celsius), so you have a versatile range to work with your dishes!

It also has a stainless steel finish that looks aesthetically pleasing on any kitchen counter. Go ahead, check the Nesco roaster out — and buy it today!

#10 Sunvivi 30lb and 26-Quart Electric Roaster Oven

The Search for the Best Roaster Oven: Top 10 Roaster Ovens, Reviewed 10
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  • Large roaster oven that can fit a 30lb turkey at 26-quart capacity
  • Comes with a unique, visible basting lid for easy dish-viewing
  • Warms, defrosts, and serves food
  • Allows for easy clean-up with removable racks and roasting pan
  • Comes with 1450 wattage

Is It For You?

Need a large turkey roaster oven? Look no further than this Sunvivi electric oven! It comes with a unique viewing lid that lessens check-ups on your turkey, leaving it moist and juicy. You don’t have to risk burning or scalding yourself with steam anymore, either!

Along with the convenient visible basting lid design, this electric roaster oven fights for the best roaster oven spot with multi-function settings. Not only do you get to control temperature, it goes above and beyond what a conventional oven can do by incorporating warming and defrosting functions.

Clean-up has never been easier, either. The roasting pans are all removable, along with the steel rack.

Top 3 Additional Accessories You Can Buy With Your Roaster Oven

  1. PanSaver Electric Roaster Liners

These PanSaver Electric Roaster Liners are perfect for many dishes you want to make in your roaster oven! It comes with a patented contour fit that eliminates folds in the liners.

These liners are best for various dishes, but avoid using them for your turkeys! Use foil liners instead.

  1. Elite Platinum Oven Buffet Servers

Need the best equipment to serve and entertain your guests? The Elite Platinum Oven Buffet Server keeps everything from appetizers to main dishes warm. The clear, domed lids allows you to have a view of the food while giving them enough space.

The adjustable temperature settings give you full control, too!

  1. Proctor-Silex Food Server and WarmerFor the best gatherings and dinner parties, you can use the Proctor-Silex Food Server and Warmer! With three oven-safe chafing pans, you can keep your food warm and ready to serve. Enjoy convenience with adjustable heat and clear domed lids.

What to Look For In Roaster Ovens

Looking to buy a roaster oven, but not sure where to start? Worry no more. Follow this buying guide to compare and contrast one rival roaster oven from another, and make the best decision for your kitchen today:

  1. Size

Don’t deny it: you’re looking for a roaster oven that can fit a turkey.

Or, if you aren’t, you at least want a sizable roaster oven that can accommodate a variety of dishes.

This is why size is an important factor when weighing one roaster oven for another. However, you want to look at your intention when buying a roaster oven: what would you cook in this roaster oven in the future?

Generally, a 16 to 18-quart roaster oven can fit a turkey and be used for a variety of dishes.

If you want to make sure, however, we recommend going a size up to a 22-quart electric roaster oven. A more versatile roaster oven is often bigger in size!

We do understand that not everyone has the kitchen space — so it may be better to stick to the 16-quart or 18-quart electric roaster oven.

If you need something more compact, there are those that come in six quarts. A turkey is out of the question with that size, but soups and roasted dishes aren’t!

Whatever the case, the size of your roaster oven is up to you.

  1. Material

You want your purchase to last for the long-term. That being said, you should look into the material of your roaster oven and see if it’s durable!

Ideally, the material should be top-quality. You will be faced with two options: stainless steel or enameled steel.

It’s the general consensus that stainless steel products are more durable. However, there are other elements you should consider when looking into the oven material.


This factor can vary to your needs. Stainless steel is more lightweight, while enameled steel is slightly heavier. If you want something portable – in case you rent or move around your equipment a lot – stainless steel may be the better choice.

Heat Retention and Distribution

However, heat retention and distribution is better with enameled steel in comparison to stainless steel.

If you don’t mind possible regular upkeep and the slight heaviness, then go for enameled steel roaster ovens!

  1. Power

Look into the wattage of the electric roaster oven. If you want to bake a turkey with a nice crisp to its skin, go for a higher wattage! Smaller roaster ovens can get by with around 600 to 700 watts, while bigger ones will have their wattage around the 1000s.

  1. Design and Controls

Look into the design of the roaster oven. Beyond aesthetics, it’s also essential to make sure that your chosen roaster oven lends more functionality than the others.

The lid, for example, should always be looked into when buying a roaster oven. You want a dome-like structure for the lid to accommodate large birds.

Aside from that, it’s also a perk to have a self-basting lid included in your purchase. Spikes and ridges are crafted into the inside of the lid to drip down accumulated steam. Overall, a self-basting lid removes hours off of your cooking labor and keeps you safer!

A small window for you to peek into when your dish is cooking would be a nice bonus as well.

The controls and functions are also important. You want something that allows you to customize your cooking beyond a simple on/off button. An adjustable temperature range, a defrost setting and a keep warm setting are all functions you can look for in a roaster oven.

Look for a heat indicator light as well. It’s important to be able to tell if your roaster oven has become too hot! You don’t want your dishes to burn or dry out inside it.

A digital interface may be easier for some to navigate. Compare and contrast analog and digital interfaces when you buy a classic roaster oven.

  1. Cleaning and Maintenance Material

The most versatile roaster oven should also be easy to clean. Enameled steel is usually easier to clean, so you can factor that into your decision process when picking out the roaster oven material.

As much as possible, your purchase should have a removable pan that can be easy to clean. It’s also a plus if everything is dishwasher-safe!

Tips and Tricks for Using Your Roaster Oven

01 You Can Make the Perfect Desserts

The perfect desserts are possible with electric roaster ovens. For example, a cheesecake can be baked to perfection with the best roaster ovens. Remove the rack, insert some water into the pan, and cover the pan with aluminum foil.

After you bake your cheesecake for around an hour and a half, you’ll find that it comes out perfectly! Other cakes and pastries are also possible — conventional oven not needed.

02 Steam Vegetables Within 15 Minutes

Looking to have your side dishes ready quickly? Most electric roaster ovens can steam your chosen vegetables within fifteen minutes! Just put boiling water into the roasting pan and let them steam until they’re done.

03 Warm Your Dishes Efficiently

Even if your roaster oven doesn’t come with a warming setting, it’s still possible to warm your dishes up in the roasting rack! Just use the lowest setting for heating things up and your dishes will be warm and golden for the rest of the night.

04 Prep Your Roaster Oven First

A brand-new roaster oven shouldn’t be used as soon as it’s out of the box. Instead, you should take time to prepare it first.

Wash everything that can be safely washed with water. A removable roaster pan or rack should be set aside and washed, too. Use a damp cloth to wipe down the surfaces of all the components of the roaster oven before letting it dry.

Once dry, plug the roaster oven in and let it heat up for around fifteen minutes. Roasting ovens come with a whole host of chemicals on the surface, and heating it up will allow the best roaster oven to burn it all off.

Pop a window open — a slight odor will emanate from the roaster oven!

After you’re done heating it up, it’s now ready for use. Go get that turkey or vegetables and start roasting!

05 Roasting Varies for Different Dishes

Look into how to roast different kinds of dishes to get the most out of your roaster oven. For example, any kind of meat should always be placed on the roasting rack. It allows the meat to hold onto its natural juices.

Although those fat drippings could make for a good gravy later on!

Potatoes and other vegetables, on the other hand, must be roasted on a bed of aluminum foil with a drizzle of olive oil.

What’s the Difference Between a Convection Oven, Roaster Oven, and Dutch Oven?

There are so many different kinds of ovens out there, you may be wondering how one differs from the other. Don’t worry — we’ve outlined all the differences and similarities below:

Convection Oven

A convection oven differs from a conventional oven with its exhaust system and fan, which circulates heating differently than a conventional oven. If a part of the food is nearer to an active heating element, that’s the part that gets baked or cooked first!

The dry heat comes up quickly, and you don’t need to rotate dishes as much. Cooking time is also reduced. In many ways, a convection oven dish is similar to an air fry!

Roaster Oven

A roaster oven includes a roasting chamber instead of gas or coils. It’s smaller, uses heat better, and uses less energy as well. Aside from roasting dishes, it can also act as a slow-cooker and soup-maker. Plus, you can use it to warm, defrost, and serve your dishes hot.

Dutch Oven

It isn’t what you’d think! Instead of a shiny appliance, it typically takes the form of a heavy pot with a tight-fitting lid. As a result, the heat distributed remains constant throughout the pot, and can be used for deep frying and roasting, too!

If you’re already baking and roasting, you can put your Dutch to good use and save up on oven space. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Does a Roaster Cook Faster Than an Oven?

Technically, it does! Roaster ovens are kitchen appliances that cook food at higher temperatures in comparison to a traditional oven. Due to this heating element, food may cook faster.

Can You Use a Roaster Oven as a Slow Cooker?

Yes, you can use a roaster oven as a slow cooker! If you notice our recommendations above, some of the roaster ovens have slow-cook settings. As a result, yes, roaster ovens can act as big slow cookers.
The wider temperature range of roaster ovens allows for multiple cooking techniques.

What is a Roaster Oven Good For?

Roaster ovens are good for more than just roasting. It’s not just a turkey roaster — roaster ovens are also good for soups, steaming, baking, and slow-cooking.
If you don’t have the baking or slow-cooking space in your household, a roaster oven then comes in handy!
If you also happen to have a roaster oven with a defrost and warm function, you can easily defrost chilled food and warm up leftovers.

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