Best Canned Oysters in 2020? – The Ultimate Guide & Reviews

Need some help finding the best canned oysters? Check out our reviews and buying guides before making decisions!

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Are you as crazy about oysters as we are?

Oysters are a delicacy that has been used in various recipes for many generations. In addition to their delectable flavor, they are packed with essential nutrients, such as protein, vitamins, minerals, and omega-3 fatty acids.

But would you rather have oysters prepared for you, than make it yourself? Fortunately, our life has become easier since we found canned oysters!

An added advantage of consuming canned oysters is that they come in all forms! There are smoked and boiled oysters, some are preserved in oil while others in the water.

But with all the options in the market, you might be wondering which one would be the best and what to look for while buying these canned delicacies…

This review answers these questions, and more about the top 10 best canned oysters, their pros, cons and a useful buying guide.

10 Best Canned Oysters Comparison Chart

ImageName and FeaturesPrice
Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters In Pure Olive Oil - 3 oz - 3 Pack

  • Crown Prince Smoked Oysters in Pure Olive Oil
  • The Seas Finest, Natural Source Omega-3
Ekone Oyster Company, Gourmet Oysters, BBQ Smoked Oysters, 3 Ounces

Reese Medium Smoked Oysters, 3.7-Ounces (Pack of 10)
  • Cherrywood smoked in cotton seed oil
  • Rich source of heart healthy Omega-3
Crown Prince Whole Boiled Oysters, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
  • Case of twelve, 8-ounce cans with pull-top lids (total of 96 ounces)
  • Packed in water; Non-GMO Project Verified; Certified Paleo
Crown Prince Natural Whole Boiled Oysters, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
  • Case of twelve, 8-ounce cans with pull-top lids (total of 96 ounces)
  • Packed in water; Non-GMO Project Verified; Certified Paleo
Roland Oysters, Medium Smoked, 3 Ounce (Pack of 5)
  • Roland Smoked Oysters are carefully harvested from pacific waters. They are cherrywood smoked and packed without shells. They have a dark brown color, mild flavor and firm (not chewy) texture
  • Made ready to eat, Roland Smoked Oysters are convenient for eating out of the tin. Their pleasing taste and overall apperance will delight the senses
Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters with Red Chili Pepper, 3-Ounce Cans
  • Case of eighteen, 3-ounce cans with pull-top lids (total of 54 ounces)
  • Naturally wood smoked; hand packed in pure cold pressed olive oil with red chili pepper
BRUNSWICK Fancy Smoked Oysters, 3 Ounce Can (Pack of 12), Oysters Canned, High...
  • BRUNSWICK CANNED OYSTERS: Our flavorful BRUNSWICK Fancy Smoked Oysters are steamed, shucked by hand, graded, and then smoked for added flavor
  • QUALITY IN EVERY CAN: Pack of 12, 3-ounce cans of fancy smoked oysters—each can is packed by hand, filled with oil and sealed air-tight
Ocean Prince Boiled Oysters, 8-Ounce Cans (Pack of 12)
  • Case of twelve, 8-ounce cans (total of 96 ounces)
  • Packed in water; Non-GMO Project Verified
Geisha Fancy Smoked Oysters In Cottonseed Oil 3.75 Oz Cans
  • Easy Open Cans
  • Fancy Smoked

A Few Facts

It can get confusing as to which brands of canned oysters to choose from. You might also be wondering what kind of oysters you prefer having and what you can do with them.

Moreover, the concerns of safety issues should not be a factor as well since most of the canned oysters meet the safety standards and do not use chemicals that are harmful to humans or animals.

Brands like Crown Prince, Roland and Reese have been in the market for a long time and are a trusted brand for providing you with the best canned oysters. However, if you do not prefer Chinese brands, there’s also USA based brands like Ekone whose canned oysters are very flavorful as well.

Besides, if you do not want to spend much on canned oysters, brands like Brunswick, Ocean Prince and Chicken of the Sea give you the best canned smoked oysters within a budget.

The specialty about the canned oysters mentioned in this review is that most of them are gluten-free and do not contain trans-fat. You will be delighted to know that all kinds of harmful pathogens are destroyed during their canning process.

Below is a list of canned oysters that you should try out right now!

All Time 10 Best Canned Oysters of 2020

Here are the reviews for the top 10 best canned oysters and everything you need to know about them!

01. Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters in Pure Olive Oil

Crown Prince has been a front-runner when it comes to canned oysters and their natural smoked oysters in pure olive oil lives up to that expectation! These oysters are harvested in managed fisheries and packed carefully for safe consumption.

Furthermore, packing them in olive oil also ensures that they are plump and last longer. We like to eat it directly from the can with a bit of balsamic vinegar on it to enhance its taste!

Besides its amazing taste, these natural smoked oysters come in a ring-pull can. Consequently, you do not need the extra hassle of using a can opener or knife. Just pull the ring and start gobble down the fresh smoked oysters!


  • Non-GMO.
  • BPA & gluten-free.
  • Preserved in olive oil.
  • Natural taste.
  • Easy to open.


  • Expensive.
  • Not pulpy enough.

Why You Should Try It:

Apart from the price and taste, these oysters are also rich in iron and protein and act as a source of Omega-3.

Moreover, its versatility with dishes is commendable. It can be used as a topping for pizza, in a sauce, stir fry and what not!

All of these features make it the best canned smoked oysters of 2020!

02. Ekone Oyster Company Smoked Oysters

Not keen on having oysters from China? Or want oysters that are grown and packed in an eco-friendly manner?

The Ekone Oyster Company is a company from the USA and is the largest company that makes smoked oysters. Their canned oysters do not contain any chemicals or preservatives but are rather grown, smoked and canned in a healthy and sustainable way.

That’s not it! It is also made up of all-natural ingredients and is a low-calorie, gluten-free delicacy ready to be savored!

Apart from being perfectly delicious on their own, these oysters can be used in sandwiches and as a tasty topping on top of pizzas!


  • Excellent source of protein, zinc, and iron.
  • Omega 3-fatty acids.
  • No chemicals or preservatives.
  • Longline grown.
  • Almost no oil in the can.
  • Made with all-natural ingredients.


  • Premium price.
  • Not suitable for people on a keto diet.
  • Dried-out, rubbery texture.

Why You Should Try It:

This brand of canned smoked oysters does not contain oil in the can but are rather tightly packed without oil. So if you like a firmer texture in oysters and not a slimy one, this is the one you should go for.

The price might seem high but these mouth-watering special treats will have you buying more once you’re done with the first can!

03. Reese Medium Smoked Oysters

Looking for oysters that won’t take much time to cook? Then the medium smoked oysters by Reese is the one you will love. They are packed in cottonseed oil to preserve their freshness and make them last longer.

These cherrywood smoked oysters are small in size, so it does not take much time to cook and Its texture does not overpower your dish but rather accentuates it with a sweet or salty flavor. Moreover, there are no issues with fragmentation and cracking either.

They taste the best in stew or pasta. Our personal favorite is adding them to soups! Honestly, these medium smoked oysters will give you the best-canned oyster stew you can prepare!


  • Rich source of Omega-3.
  • Perfect for quick-cooking.
  • High lifespan.
  • It does not overpower the dish.
  • Easy to open.


  • Quite dry.
  • To a few people, it’s over-smoked.

Why You Should Try It:

Reese has been in the food processing industry for around 30 years and hence, a trusted name.

These oysters will add just the perfect touch to your food and win you over with its amazing hit of flavors. You can have a taste of overseas food within the comfort of your home!

04. Crown Prince Whole Boiled Oysters

You might have heard of Crown Prince products before whose expertise is quality and taste. Well here is yet another amazing product from them- whole boiled oysters!

Sounds ordinary, doesn’t it? Wait till you hear about their specialties.

These boiled oysters are stuffed with nutrition which is mainly protein and iron along with others. They are well cooked and salted and many prefer to eat it right away. However, it can also be great with soups, sauces, and stews!

As assured, Crown Prince products are BPA-free and gluten-free. Moreover, because of their sustainable source and thoughtful can selection i.e. ring pull cans, you won’t struggle to open it!


  • Low fat.
  • Packed in water to preserve quality and taste.
  • Abundance of nutrients.
  • Healthy and safe.
  • Non-GMO.
  • BPA-free; Gluten-free.


  • May contain shell fragments.
  • Spongy feel, might not suit a certain palette.
  • Inconsistent oyster size.

Why You Should Try It:

I would say, this is one of the best commercial brands of canned boiled oysters in the market right now. In spite of the price, you can certainly rely on Crown Prince to provide you with good quality canned oysters. The pros certainly outweigh the cons.

05. Crown Prince Natural Whole Boiled Oysters

You could be wondering about the distinction between the whole boiled oysters of this brand compared to other brands. To be frank, Crown Prince whole boiled oysters have a bit more freshness to them. As the name suggests, they are naturally preserved and full of taste.

Only full of flavors? Nope!

Apart from being super tasty, they are also rich in protein, iron and other essential vitamins. These are produced in sustainably managed fisheries and are non-GMO project verified.

Moreover, these whole boiled oysters are great for savoring directly from the can. If not, you can use them in many recipes to add a touch of fresh oysters!


  • GMO-free.
  • All-natural.
  • Rich in protein, iron and other essential vitamins.
  • Ring-pull cans.
  • Whole oysters.


  • May contain shell fragments.
  • A little expensive.

Why You Should Try  It:

For those of you who do not like oil in canned food, this product is your holy grail! You can savor the oysters directly from the can on-the-go or mix them with food.

These are known to be one of the best canned whole oysters in the market, so the price makes sense as well! Even though the price is higher than its competitors, its taste is totally worth it!

06. Roland Oysters, Medium smoked

Oyster shells causing too much trouble? Want oysters without the hassle of removing shells?

The shells in this product are removed beforehand and are ready to eat right away!

Besides, these oysters are picked up fresh from the waters of the Pacific Ocean and are packed with flavor! Their smoky flavor comes from the aromatic wood chips in which they are smoked.

These oysters have a dark brown color with a mild flavor and firm texture. Their mild flavor ensures that your dish is not overpowered with the taste of the oyster. They are perfect for eating with fresh raw vegetables, pasta or over bread.


  • Mild flavor.
  • No additives.
  • gluten-free.
  • Free of trans fats.
  • Affordable price.
  • Firm to eat.


  • Prone to being overcooked.
  • Not ideal for people who want a chewy texture.
  • It can be mushier than other smoked oysters.
  • Weak pull-top cans.

Why You Should Try  It:

The fact they are free of shells makes them easier to eat straight out of the can. To get the most out of these oysters, it is best to eat them at room temperature.

Roland Food has served its customers with gourmet food for 79 years and its long-term existence makes it trustworthy and safe for consumption.

07. Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters with Red Chilli Pepper

Tired of having normal oysters? Want a bit of spice to go with your canned oysters?

These naturally smoked oysters are packed with chili pepper and has a little bit of added seasoning. Moreover, they are packed in olive oil which enhances their lifespan and retains their freshness.

Besides, the oysters are sustainably harvested, non-GMO and are an excellent source of protein, iron, and omega-3. They go perfectly well in a rice or pasta dish and adds an extra kick of spice when you eat it with bread or hummus.


  • Free of GMO, BPA and any other artificial preservatives.
  • It contains 1,305 mg of omega-3.
  • Good source of protein and iron.
  • It can be used in different recipes to add extra flavor.
  • Spicy, but not too much!


  • Can be mushier.

Why You Should Try It:

Crown Prince has proved to be one of the best brand canned oysters in the market and they produce a variety of it. Their customer base and a guarantee of health and safety standards is proof of their good quality.

08. Brunswick Smoked Oysters

These are quality grade oysters that are steamed, shucked by hand and smoked to make your taste buds tingle with flavor. Moreover, these oysters are gluten-free, rich in protein and can be a great choice as a snack or an appetizer.

In addition, they are also FDA approved assuring health safety. Brunswick packs their smoked oysters in cottonseed oil so as to preserve them without altering the flavor and seal them air-tight to ensure authentic packaging.


  • Keto-friendly.
  • Gluten-free.
  • Rich in protein.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Healthy.
  • Easy to prepare as snacks or party food.
  • Ready to eat.
  • Ring pulled cans for easy opening.


  • Small oysters the size of crackers.
  • Might lack flavor.

Why You Should Try It:

Brunswick canned oysters can act as a quick healthy snack or a great addition to your lunch and dinner. With its mild flavor, these oysters fall right at the sweet spot between raw and smoked oysters making them one of the perfect dishes for a seafood enthusiast!

09. Ocean Prince Cocktail Smoked Oysters in Cottonseed Oil

Cocktail-sized oysters, full of flavors and a little savory to amp up your appetite. The cocktail smoked oysters in cottonseed oil by Ocean Prince covers all three features and more!

These are naturally wood smoked and taken from fisheries in China and act as a good source of protein. They are also low fat which makes them perfect for health-conscious individuals.

The oysters might not be large in size but their flavors sure are! These smoked oysters are tender and perfect for using in soups, stew, pasta and of course with your cocktails.

Our personal favorite?

Put them in your Ramen and see how it changes the whole taste without any additional items!


  • Has nutritional value.
  • Ring-pull cans.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Rich in iron and protein.
  • No BPAs.
  • Gluten and GMO-free.


  • Shell fragments are sometimes found.
  • The sizes of oysters differ.

Why You Should Try It:

Given their small sizes, these smoked oysters are a perfect addition to your food. The best part is that you can devour these delicious smoked oysters without spending too much. While they are versatile with dishes, they can also be used as an appetite cleanser before the main course.

10. Geisha Fancy Smoked Oysters In Cottonseed Oil

The perfect balance between taste and smoked delight is what these oysters by Geisha provide you with. They are smoked to excellence and are firm and plump to devour!

They are naturally smoked canned oysters and the only additives in them are salt, and as the name suggests, cottonseed oil. Both of which only act as flavor enhancements and preservation purposes.

The easy-to-open can makes it easy to use. Try them on top of crackers and frozen pizza- you’ll love it!


  • Smoked flavor.
  • Plump.
  • Good for varieties of recipes.
  • Budget-friendly.


  • Might be too oily.

Why You Should Try It:

With a modest price, this absolute blend of oysters in oil is one of the best quality canned oysters. Indeed, the best companion for brunch and other snack times!

Buying Guides: What Properties Does the Best Canned Oysters Have in Common?

Still, confused about which one of these canned oysters you should choose? Fear not! Here are some general guidelines to help you through it.

Type of Oysters:

There are smoked oysters, medium smoked oysters and boiled oysters. If you are someone who likes smoky flavors, then smoked oysters are the ones you should go for. No, the smoky taste will not overpower the dish but will definitely satisfy your tastebuds!

On the other hand, if you want a more natural flavor, then boiled oysters are the ones you are looking for. These are preserved in a way so as to retain their freshness and deliver the raw oyster flavor.

Quick suggestions:

Best canned smoked oysters: Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters in Pure Olive Oil

Best canned medium smoked oysters: Roland Oysters, Medium smoked

Best canned boiled oysters: Crown Prince Whole Boiled Oysters


Canned oysters come in different sizes. Some are whole oysters while others are medium or cocktail-sized. Before purchasing, always make sure to look at the packaging to know what size you are getting.

Whole and medium-sized oysters are great for that full burst of oyster flavor. Medium-sized oysters take comparatively less time to cook than whole oysters. If you want medium-sized oysters that cook up fast then opt for Reese Medium Smoked Oysters.

Crown Prince has been a front runner when it comes to oysters and their Natural Whole Boiled Oysters is our second recommendation.

However, if you’re looking for small snacks or quick-cooking, pick smaller sized oysters. The Ocean Prince Cocktail Smoked Oysters in Cottonseed Oil are one the best cocktail-sized oysters to go for.

Type of Oil:

Some oysters are packed in cottonseed oil while others are packed in olive oil. Both the oils are good at lowering bad cholesterol. They also work well to preserve the oysters for a good amount of time.

The slight difference these provide is that olive oil is slightly healthier than cottonseed oil. Also, olive oil helps to hold on to the freshness of the sea creatures better. Crown Prince has two such canned oysters which are preserved in olive oil: Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters in Pure Olive Oil & Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters with Red Chilli Pepper.

Although if you prefer cottonseed oil then go for Brunswick Smoked Oysters. The Reese Medium Smoked Oyster comes close as a runner-up.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Discover what others are enquiring about canned oysters.

Are Canned Oysters Safe For Consumption?

Canned oysters provide nutrients like vitamin C which is absent in fresh oysters. The risks that come from eating fresh oysters are also eliminated. The canning process destroys the Vibrio bacteria along with other pathogens.

Besides, the manufacturers mentioned in this review do not use any preservatives or chemical substances in their canned oysters. They increase the lifespan of these oysters by storing them in either water or oil.

Therefore, yes, while some processed foods can be harmful, be assured that these canned oysters are safe and healthy!

How To Store Canned Oysters?

Canned oysters can be stored on the shelf as well as the refrigerator. If the can is unopened, you can store them for one to three years since the date of purchase. Unopened cans do not necessarily need to be refrigerated.

However, once opened, they need to be stored in the refrigerator. The time span of them lasting will depend on the conditions. It is advisable to keep in a cool and dry area.

For storing them, keep them in glass or plastic containers inside the fridge. Honestly, the storage method for canned oysters is the same as any other fresh fish.

What Is The Shelf Life Of Canned Oysters?

If the can is not open, it is safe to keep them for another year or so starting from the day you purchased it. Once opened, store it in the refrigerator and eat them within two to three days at max.

Can Pets Have Oysters?

We haven’t come across any labels that pronounce it to be harmful for pets. However, some oysters eat toxic plants that are not only harmful to animals but to humans as well.

On the other hand, most experts claim these toxins are killed once the oysters are cooked but we would suggest taking extra caution when feeding pets.

Are Canned Oysters Cooked?

No, they are not cooked per se. However, canned oysters are smoked or boiled and are ready to eat directly from the can.

Nevertheless, they can be used as an ingredient in dips, stuffing, soup, stir-fries, etc.

How To Tell If A Canned Oyster Is Spoiled?

If the color of the canned oysters change or they don’t look fresh, it is likely that they have gone bad. Similarly, if the oysters give out a foul smell or are dry and shriveled, it’s best not to eat them.

What Is The Best Way To Eat Canned Oysters?

The best part about canned oysters is that they can be eaten in many different ways. They can be eaten directly from the can when you don’t have the time or energy to make anything.

Canned oysters taste excellent with soup, pasta, and fried rice. You can also make a stir fry or seafood salad with them. We love to have them with hummus!

What Are The Best Quality Canned Oysters?

All the brands of canned oysters above will give you the best quality guaranteed.

But we get it, you need the best of the best.

For us, the best quality canned oysters have to be Crown Prince Natural Smoked Oysters in Olive Oil. Starting from its perseverance technique to the fresh oyster taste it bombards you with, it is among the top picks.

Go through our review to know more!

Which Is The Best Commercial Brand Of Canned Smoked Oysters?

Brunswick is known to be the best commercial brand of canned smoked oysters. They not only give you delicious smoked oysters but take extra care in packing them.

These smoked oysters are hand-packed with complete care and preserved in cottonseed oil.

Check out our review of the Brunswick Smoked Oysters.

What Is The Best Way To Eat Smoked Canned Oysters?

Devour them raw! Yes, the smoked oysters are canned in a way so that they are just as good without putting them in fancy recipes.

But, for that extra oomph, try them on top of crackers with cream cheese. This gives you that crackling sound while you chew on them.

Also, if we’re talking about going all fancy with them, then let’s say buttoned mushrooms stuffed with smoked oysters. Let the oysters rest in a bowl of mayonnaise and wasabi for half an hour or more. Then stuff them inside the mushrooms and broil it together.

Are There Any Benefits To Eating Canned Oysters?

Lots and lots of them!

Canned oysters contain high amounts of vitamin C and Zinc which are known as a libido booster.

They also contain Omega-3 which is a fatty acid that our body cannot produce on its own. Omega-3 prevents heart disease and can reduce blood pressure as well.

The bacteria in canned oysters are killed during the canning process which makes them safer to eat than fresh oysters.

To Finish Off

Canned food has been a savior to many people in this era of busy schedules. Oysters can be a handful to prepare and cook and that’s where canned oysters come in handy.

The benefits of oysters are a prime reason to stock up on these canned delicacies, whether in smoked or boiled form. You can always go for the higher priced ones when you have the option. But the budget-friendly canned oysters are no less in terms of taste.

Therefore, whether you want oysters on-the-go or in your favorite recipes, grab any canned oysters from the list above and you’re good to go!

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