Discover the Magic of Low-Calorie Matcha at Starbucks: A Healthy Indulgence

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Matcha has recently experienced a surge in popularity that has crowned it a key player in the world of beverages. A vibrant, creamy elixir that originates from far-East Japan, matcha enjoys a revered status even among the globally consumed beverages at Starbucks.

Serving as a resident barista at the Boat Basin Cafe Downtown in New York, I’ve witnessed the rising consumer demand for matcha-based beverages, be it hot for comfort or iced for a refreshing kick. Today, I’m excited to guide you through the alluring world of low calorie matcha offerings at Starbucks and show you how to make them healthier with your preferred customization.

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Discover the Magic of Low Calorie Matcha at Starbucks A Healthy Indulgence

Embracing Matcha: A Strategic Step for Starbucks Coffee Lovers

Imagine a beverage that oozes exotic charm while ensuring familiarity with the coffee audience. Backed by Japanese heritage, matcha emerges as a perfect candidate. As a former Starbucks barista, I can confirm that the introduction of matcha was neither random nor purely experimental. It was a deliberate attempt to fulfill evolving customer preferences for more natural, health-enriching ingredients.

In a landscape where coffee consumption is declining owing to its high caffeine content, matcha shines as a beneficial yet tasty trend. Loaded with antioxidants, matcha also enhances mood, aids concentration, and whispers a story of the exotic in every sip, thereby ensuring a delightful experience for both adventurers and wellness-seekers.

Why Low-Calorie Matcha from Starbucks?

Matcha, beyond doubt, is a powerhouse of health benefits. But here’s the twist – not all green-colored beverages are inherently healthy. Imagine a cup of matcha loaded with sugar or whole milk. The health benefits you expect from matcha would indeed be overshadowed by excessive caloric intake. This is where Starbucks paves the way for a healthier indulgence with low-calorie matcha options.

Starbucks Matcha DrinkModificationsCalories (Original)Calories (Modified)
Matcha Green Tea LatteSubstitute 2% milk with almond milk or non-fat milk240205 / 190
Iced Matcha Green Tea LatteSubstitute 2% milk with almond milk or non-fat milk200170 / 160
Both the above (requesting “less sweet”)Reduce sugar contentOriginalCalorie count further reduced

Low-Calorie Matcha Green Tea Latte

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Classic, creamy, and popular among the patrons, the Matcha Green Tea Latte served hot is a gentle departure from heavily caffeinated beverages. A “grande” made with normal 2% milk comes with about 240 calories. But fear not! By merely substitifying the 2% milk with almond milk or non-fat milk, you can bring down the calorie content to 205 and 190 respectively. Let your barista know your preference for “less sweet”, and you can cut down the calorie count further.

Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte

In case you’re looking for a chilled take on matcha, order the Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte. A “grande” portion has about 200 calories when made with 2% milk, which can be reduced to 170 or 160 if almond milk or non-fat milk, respectively, is used in place of 2% milk. Again, if you’re keen to trim down the calorie count, just request for less sugar.

These are just some options from Starbucks’ exciting low-calorie matcha menu. The real beauty is that Starbucks, being a champion of personalization, encourages you to customize each drink according to your dietary preference.

Dabble in DIY: Customizing Your Matcha at Starbucks

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Matcha Drinks Starbucks

Starbucks empowers you with the opportunity of customization, making the low-calorie experience truly yours. Here’s how you can cut down the calories for your matcha drink:

  1. Less Sweet: Standard matcha drinks at Starbucks contain sugar. To cut down the caloric value, ask for less sweetness.
  2. Milk Alternatives: Opt for non-dairy alternatives like almond, soy, or coconut milk to reduce the number of calories.
  3. Ditch the Whipped Cream: While whipped cream is delicious, it increases the calorie count significantly.

With Starbucks, you have the reins – tweak and twist till you find your signature low-calorie matcha latte.

Starbucks vs. Other Brands: Where Does Matcha Stand?

Brand NameComparison to Starbucks
Peet’s CoffeeHigh sugar content, less health benefits
Coffee Bean and Tea LeafSimilar taste but difficult to customize to reduce calories
Matcha BarReady-to-drink but contains 350 calories
Trader Joe’sFor DIYers, economical but challenging to adjust sweetness
TeavanaExotic take with a high calorie count of 350

While enjoying your low-calorie matcha at Starbucks, have you ever wondered how it compares with matcha offerings from other brands? Let’s have a look at a quick comparison:

  1. Peet’s Coffee: Their Matcha Green Tea Latte is roughly 200 calories. However, the health benefits get buried under the high sugar content.
  2. Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf: Their Matcha Latte tastes very similar to what Starbucks offers, but it offers fewer customization options, making it harder to reduce calorie content.
  3. Matcha Bar: If you’re a fan of ready-to-drink bottled beverages, Matcha Bar’s Matcha Latte might appeal, but beware – it comes loaded with 350 calories.
  4. Trader Joe’s: For DIYers, Trader Joe’s Matcha Green Tea Powder is quite economical, but getting the right sweetness can be challenging.
  5. Teavana: For an exotic take, Teavana’s Jade Citrus Mint Tea is a good choice, but it also packs a calorie count of 350.

Based on the above, it’s clear that in terms of quality, versatility, and the ability to reduce calorie content, Starbucks outshines these alternatives.

Your Tailored Starbucks Experience

Discover the Magic of Low-Calorie Matcha at Starbucks: A Healthy Indulgence 3
Starbucks Gluten Free Food A Comprehensive List

Choosing to opt for Starbucks’ low-calorie variants is a step towards a healthier daily routine. It’s possible to maintain the balance between enjoying delicious drinks and managing one’s dietary preferences at Starbucks. Remember the following when ordering:

  1. Mind The Sweetness: Opt for sugar-free syrups or sweeteners.
  2. Choose Your Milk Wisely: Experiment with various types of milk till you find your perfect match.
  3. Unite with Fellow Matcha-Aficionados: Don’t hesitate to seek recommendations from the baristas or matcha-lovers you encounter at Starbucks.

Remember, Starbucks is all about creating memorable experiences for everyone. With healthier and appetizing low-calorie matcha options, you can now enjoy your favorite drink, guilt-free, while achieving your wellness goals!


Does Starbucks’ matcha have sugar in it?

Yes, Starbucks’ matcha powder has added sugar. However, you can always request your barista for less sweetness to reduce the sugar content.

Can I get a vegan matcha at Starbucks?

Yes, by choosing a non-dairy milk alternative, you can have your Starbucks’ matcha latte vegan.

What is the caffeine content in a serving of Starbucks Matcha Green Tea Latte?

A “grande” serving of Matcha Green Tea Latte carries 80mg of caffeine.

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