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The Best Coffee Percolator Filters And How to Use a Percolator

Last updated: May 28, 2020

Can you absolutely not function without coffee? While we’re sure your regular coffee brewing session is fully suitable, coffee percolator can make your life a lot simpler. You can improve the taste of your coffee, and make it stronger by using a coffee percolator.

Choosing a coffee percolator can also be confusing, right? After all, there are so many of them! There are electric percolators, stovetop percolators, glass percolators, camping percolators, and a few others.

You may also be wondering if you need a filter for the percolator or not. If so, what could be the best percolator coffee filters?

Fear not! We understand that using a percolator can be one of the things you really wanna do to make your life easier, but it is also quite confusing to use a new appliance. Hence, in addition to discussing the top 8 best cone coffee filters of 2020, we’ll also cover a guide on how to use a percolator.

What is a Percolator?

Percolators gained popularity in the early 1970s but were soon replaced by drip coffee makers. The percolator essentially looks like an electric kettle but they function differently.

It has two parts- a bottom part where the water is kept and a basket on top where the coffee grounds are brewed. They bring out the best flavor of your coffee and take out any harmful chemicals as well.

There are two types of percolators- Electric and Stove Top. The electric percolator is way easier to use! This operates on a timer and a keep warm mode and thus does not require much looking after.

Honestly, given our busy schedules, electric percolators are the best ones to go for! The Cuisinart Classic 12-Cup Percolator has to be our favorite among the rest.

On the other hand, if you’re someone who likes having control over how your coffee has to be brewed, this is the one for you. We’ve discussed more on how to use the stovetop percolator later in the article.

Regardless, before moving on to everything else, let’s answer some basic questions about coffee percolators.

How Much Coffee Should I Use in a Percolator?

Always remember to use double the amount of coffee than your number of cups. For example, if you’re making 5 cups of coffee, use 10 tablespoons of coffee and 40 oz water.

Also, different people have different preferences with the strength of their caffeine. So it’s always best to experiment with the coffee to water ratio in order to get the taste you like the most.

Is Percolated Coffee Better Than Drip Coffee?

Yes, and no. Honestly, it depends on the strength and flavor of the coffee you prefer.

Percolated coffee gives a more strong and bold flavor, and the coffee flavor won’t have much depth. On the other hand, drip coffee gives a more light and subtle flavor of coffee.

Does Percolated Coffee Have More Caffeine?

The percolator coffee runs through the coffee grounds a lot of times. This gives the coffee a stronger flavor than others. This can mean that yes, percolated coffee does have more caffeine since the coffee grounds go through a strong extraction process.

How Do I Use a Percolator to Make Coffee?

Using a percolator can get confusing at first, but once you have the hang of it, it’s super easy! Here re a few steps to guide you through the process-

Clean All the Parts:

It is always important to clean all the parts of the percolator thoroughly before getting on with brewing coffee.

Add Water in the Tank:

Open the lid of the water reservoir and add the required amount of water in it. The amount of water is determined by how much coffee grounds you would be brewing.

Add Coffee Grounds to the Basket:

Percolators have a separate chamber for putting in the coffee grounds. So take out the basket and put in a sufficient amount of coffee grounds.

Assemble the Tube and Adjust the Chamber in Place:

The basket containing the coffee grounds should be placed above the water reservoir. There is a tube connecting the basket to the water above.

This tube basically moves the water to the coffee grounds in order to start brewing. This cycle is repeated quite a few times until the coffee reaches perfection.

Place the Percolator above a Heat Source:

The tube will only start doing its work when the percolator is placed above heat. The heat will boil water which will mix with the coffee grounds.

The higher the boiling point, the stronger the coffee. Once you see steam coming out, it’s time to reduce the heat to medium or low.

Observe the Pot:

Percolators usually have a see-through glass or knob through which you can see the water bubbling up. The faster the bubbles form up, the stronger will be the coffee mix. So it’s important to keep track of the bubbles since they will determine your coffee flavor.

Percolate According to Preferred Strength and Serve:

If you want a strong flavored coffee, it is best to keep it brewing for 10 minutes. However, if you like it weak, it is best to adjust the timing accordingly. Once the percolating is done, remove it from the heat source, take out the filter basket and then serve your delicious coffee!

How to Use a Stovetop Percolator?

Stovetop percolators are known to be the best kind of coffee percolators in order to get that original coffee flavor. It is also best used for when you’re away from home and still need that percolated coffee.

However, it can be a little difficult to use for the first time. Here are the steps to follow.

Measure Your Coffee:

The best way to get your coffee right is to get the right amount of coffee and water ratio. If you like your coffee stronger, use more coffee beans than water and vice versa. Honestly, just start by experimenting with your coffee: water ratio and you’ll find the right mix.

Choose the Right Size of Beans:

Big sized beans will not give you the most flavor, while small-sized ones are capable of making a very strong coffee. Therefore, it is best to have medium-coarse beans.

Fill up the Percolator:

The easiest step! Add cold water in the bottom chamber of the percolator according to the amount of coffee beans you ground.

Assemble the Stovetop Percolator:

Refer to the manufacturer’s instructions in order to set up your percolator in the correct way. Ensure that you do it correctly in order to avoid any hazards.

Add Coffee Grounds:

Measure the coffee grounds, then add them to the basket. Remember that stovetop percolators already make quite the strong coffee so it’s better to add less to stay on the safe side.

Turn up the Heat:

Next, turn the heat to low or medium. It is advised that percolator coffee is better when it goes through a slow heating process.


If bubbles are forming a few seconds apart, that’s the correct heat needed. However, if the water is continuously bubbling or not bubbling often, adjust your heat accordingly.


Once it is done, open the percolator and leave the bottom chamber aside. Add some milk or sugar to taste!

The Farberware Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator is one of our top picks for stovetop percolators. It is an 8-cup percolator made of heavy-duty stainless steel and a clear knob to let you see when the brewing begins.

It is dishwasher safe and thus, does not require the extra effort of hand cleaning. With a price of $17.34, it’s a must-buy!

Are Camping Percolators Useful?

Yes! If you’re someone who loves going outdoors, then get a camping percolator.

Camping percolators are usually small in size and thus, easy to carry around. They are also super easy to use and are a must-have to keep you energized throughout the trip!

The Coletti “Bozeman” Percolator Coffee Pot is our top pick for camping. It is a 9-cup percolator at the price of $28.49. The price might seem high but we assure you this one is worth it!

You can find a list of other camping percolators by clicking here.

Why Would I Use a Glass Percolator?

Glass percolators are great when you want to keep an eye on every step of the coffee brewing process. You can watch the machine work miracles through a crystal clear glass screen.

Do Percolators Need Filters?

Most percolators usually have in-built filter baskets that filter out the coffee grounds for you. However, the grounds sometimes make their way through the holes of the basket and that is a common criticism faced by percolators. The external filters ensure that only the smooth texture of coffee passes through.

Without further ado, we have listed some of the best coffee filters for percolator down below.

8 Best Cone Coffee Filters of 2020

You do need a coffee filter for percolator and it’s best to get it in a cone-shape. Why a cone coffee filter? Well, it has been known to have more benefits than the flat bottom ones.

01. Melitta Cone Coffee Filters

Melitta #4 Cone Coffee Filters, Natural Brown, 100...
  • CONE COFFEE FILTERS: These super premium Melitta cone coffee filters will fit all 8 to 12 cup drip coffee makers that have a conical shaped filter basket - as well as most pour-over coffeemakers calling for a #4 cone coffee filter like Melitta’s new Signature and Heritage Series. Our filters trap more bitter oils & impurities for a better cup of coffee.
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: Our coffee filters feature Microfine Flavor Enhancing perforations that allow the full coffee flavor to filter through & a double crimped filter design to help protect against bursting.

Looking for a durable coffee filter that leaves no additional taste in your coffee and does not make a mess?

The Melitta cone coffee filters are made of all-natural brown paper. To ensure that you do not make a mess while brewing coffee, it has a double crimped filter! These filters give you the full flavor of your favorite coffee.

It does not only retain the original flavor, but it also gets rid of any unpleasant odor. Moreover, the cafestol present in coffee which produces bad cholesterol also gets filtered out.


  • Double-corrugated, large, and strong seam that never bursts open.
  • Unbleached filter paper.
  • Made of all-natural brown paper.
  • Designed with a second safety crimp for strength and durability.
  • Low price compared to the quantity.


  • Seam might be a little large for some coffee percolators.
  • Sometimes leaves residue from brown paper.

Why We Recommend It:

With a price of $18.97, a pack of 6 with 100 coffee filters, seems like a steal! Moreover, Melitta has served the coffee industry for centuries and thus you can be sure that quality hasn’t been compromised.

Oftentimes, coffee filters can cause a mess and not serve the purpose. With Melitta cone coffee filters, nothing of that sort will happen.


02. Barista Warrior Pour-Over Filter

Barista Warrior Pour Over Coffee Filters -...
  • COMPATIBLE WITH MOST COFFEE MAKER: This pour over coffee filter size was designed to fit Chemex coffee makers (6, 8, 10 cup) and Hario V60 02 and 03. Made from stainless steel, this pour over filter will also fit most coffee drippers.
  • REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER: No more disposable paper filters since it inhibits the brewing process by blocking the majority of coffee’s natural oils and nutrients. Our permanent cones coffee filter is more economical and eco-friendly, holds its shape despite the bulk number of uses.

Want something permanent as a coffee filter? This metal filter has a dual filtration system.

This ensures that only the nutrients of the coffee pass through and it blocks harmful ingredients from entering your coffee. Moreover, this is also a more eco-friendly option than paper filters.


  • Two-step filtration system.
  • Reusable.
  • Expensive.
  • Fast filtering.
  • Not too hot to touch after filtering.


  • Difficult cleaning process.

Why We Recommend It:

Don’t let the price throw you off! We guarantee that once you have this in your kitchen, you will not look back.

If you want an economical and eco-friendly filter that acts as an obstacle against harmful ingredients of coffee beans, leaving you with a nutritious flavorful coffee, then you should definitely go for this.


03. Melitta Bamboo Filters #4

Melitta #4 Cone Coffee Filters, Bamboo, 80 Count...
  • CONE COFFEE FILTERS: These super premium Melitta cone coffee filters will fit all 8 to 12 cup drip coffee makers that have a conical shaped filter basket - as well as most pour-over coffeemakers calling for a #4 cone coffee filter like Melitta’s new Signature and Heritage Series. Our filters trap more bitter oils & impurities for a better cup of coffee. Made with 40% bamboo, a naturally renewing resource
  • ADVANCED DESIGN: Our coffee filters feature Microfine Flavor Enhancing perforations that allow the full coffee flavor to filter through & a double crimped filter design to help protect against bursting.

Are you someone who’s concerned about the environment? Then, you might have guessed from the name that these bamboo filters from Melitta are something you might like.

These are made from 60% bamboo and are thus renewable, unlike standard paper. It also has a double crimped seal, so you can be assured that it filters your coffee beans in a way that exudes the best flavor.


  • Renewable.
  • Double crimped.
  • Doesn’t taste weird.
  • Tall, so grounds don’t fall over the side.


  • It can alter the taste a little.

Why We Recommend It:

This filter reduces the taste of paper in your coffee since it is 60% bamboo. You can rinse it before using it, but it is not necessary.

An environmentally friendly option for filtering your coffee is always better right? Also at a price of $20.04, these filters sure do provide a lot of benefits.


04. Rockline Basket Coffee Filter

  • Fits : Mr Coffee, Proctor-Silex, Black And Decker, and other coffee makers requiring 8-12 cup basket fillers
  • 700 Filters

This filter is super thin to the touch. However, these stay put and do not let your grounds spill over the sides. It does not affect the taste of the coffee and is great for making multiple pots of coffee every day!


  • Affordable price.
  • Thin but works well.
  • It does not tear easily.
  • It does not alter the taste of the coffee.


  • Might not be able to filter the cafestol.

Why We Recommend It:

A pack of 700 filters at such a cheap price is definitely a must-buy. The papers are super thin but that doesn’t stop it from perfectly filtering your coffee grounds. You can make multiple cups of coffee every day since they are cheap and come in a bulk.


05. Chemex Classic Coffee Filters

CHEMEX Pour-Over Glass Coffeemaker - Classic...
  • CHEMEX - simple, easy to use with timeless, elegant design
  • All CHEMEX Coffeemakers are made of the highest quality, non-porous Borosilicate glass which will not absorb odors or chemical residues

Chemex has given us a reason to look forward to mornings. Their coffee filters separate unwanted sediments, oil, and other bitter elements, leaving just used coffee grounds.

They come in two colors, brown and white which indicates bleached and unbleached filters respectively. The brown coffee filters are oxygen bleached, unlike other chlorine-bleached brands which are good for health and promote great flavor.

Moreover, Chemex Classic Coffee filters come pre-folded for convenience because no one likes to fold their filters first thing in the morning.


  • Strong filters.
  • Enriched flavor.
  • Thicker paper.
  • Pre-folded for ease.
  • Oxygen bleached brown filters are healthy.


  • The white unbleached paper is slightly thinner.
  • Expensive.

Why We Recommend It:

The first word that pops up about this filter is convenience. Folding a coffee filter paper can be a hassle for many people and thus this is the perfect solution.

Additionally, the health benefits are an added bonus. It is a little too expensive, unlike others but it’s a good price to pay for the benefits.


06. Hario V-60 paper coffee filters

Hario V60 Paper Coffee Filters, Size 02, Natural,...
  • Hario V60 cone shaped disposable paper filters for pour-over brewers
  • Each filter is for single time use

When it comes to having a great cup of coffee, Hario’s V60 paper coffee filters dominate the market with their outstanding quality and flavor retention.

Their cone shape makes it ideal for pour-over coffees. It does not leave a papery aftertaste, unlike other coffee filters.

They are pretty simple, easy to use and are disposable. Moreover, they do not disintegrate easily and their unbleached finish prevents any kind of surplus chemicals from mixing with the coffee.


  • Easy to use.
  • Budget-friendly.
  • Filters unsoil quickly.
  • It does not alter the flavor.
  • Disposable.
  • No paper aftertaste.


  • It only works with pour-over coffee makers.

Why We Recommend It:

Although on the expensive side, it is worth more than what you pay. Hario V60 paper coffee filters don’t disintegrate easily which is what you will appreciate the most early in the morning.


07. Eco-Sopure Cone Coffee Filter

Eco-Sopure #2 Reusable Permanent Cone Coffee...
  • ★ 【Serves You The Superior Flaver Coffee】: Upgrade stainless steel reusable cone coffer filter 2#, makes you healthier and it is durable for years, unlike other plastics, it produce Hazardous Materials when brewing and have the plastic tasting;
  • ★ 【Save Money and Eco-Friendly Coffee Filters 2】:The stainless steel Reusable #2 Cone Permanent Coffee Filter serve the original coffee to You, use your own fresh coffee , save money and reduce cone disposable paper filter waste, enjoy your favorite coffee, excellent for your personal enjoyment;

This cone coffee filter is made of stainless steel and not of paper or plastic. This feature also makes it reusable and does not leave you with an aftertaste of paper. This filter is a size 4 and thus fits into standard eight to twelve cup coffee makers and any pour-over makers.

It’s super easy to clean and use! After all, who likes cleaning right? You can just put these in the dishwasher or even under running water to get that super clean filter after use.

Moreover, with a price of $10.99, it won’t fall heavy on your wallet. It will also help you keep your environment clean.


  • Affordable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Top handle makes carrying easy.
  • Reusable.


  • Not suitable for every coffee maker.

Why We Recommend It:

A reusable cone coffee filter at this price is surely something to be attracted to. This filter does not leave any taste of paper in the coffee!

Moreover, the coffee filter does not clog and is very sturdy. We’ve been using the same one for almost three months and it still serves the same purpose as it did initially.


08. ​Bolio Organic Hemp Cone Coffee Filter

Bolio Organic Hemp Cone Coffee Filter – Reusable...
  • ECO-FRIENDLY COFFEE FILTERS: The Bolio 100% organic hemp coffee cone filters are designed for durability and can be used hundreds of times. Hemp is quickly becoming recognized as the most ideal eco-friendly coffee filter material. It requires less water to grow and is stronger then cotton.
  • REUSABLE COFFEE FILTER: Hemp is naturally mildew and bacteria resistant, making it the ideal choice as a reusable coffee filter. It is also very easy to clean and reuse. After each use, simply rinse it with hot water and hang it to be dried.

This cone coffee filter is made of hemp which makes it a reusable and a healthy option. If you’re looking for a filter that you can use several times and one which also fits in your budget, this filter by Bolio is surely the best option. Hemp also filters your coffee in a way that only the essential coffee oils remain while the rest harmful ingredients are filtered out.


  • Eco-friendly.
  • Easy to clean.
  • It can be used over and over again.
  • Bacteria resistant.


  • It can sometimes make inconsistent and weak coffee.

Why We Recommend It:

This one is priced at only $10.95 and is also eco-friendly. Moreover, the filters are super easy to clean and fill.

It is also bacteria and mildew resistant and can be used hundreds of times. If you’re looking for a reusable cone coffee filter well within your budget then this should definitely be on your list.


Wrapping Up:

Coffee percolators are an easy way to brew up coffee at any time of the day. The different types of coffee percolators ensure that you can use them for different occasions.

Also, while coffee percolators have a filtration system, it is always best to use filter papers in order to filter out any grounds.

We hope this article gave you a proper idea about how to use percolators for your coffee.

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