How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge?

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How long does soup last in the fridge and freezer, tips to store soup, freeze it correctly, thaw it, and reheat it well to enjoy it in the fall and winter.

How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge?
How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge

With the arrival of Fall and winter lurking right behind it, soup is on the top of our minds. 

Soup is one of the healthiest meals you can have. 

Moreover, it’s easy to make your own soup at home and store it. 

Many people believe that soup can last up to four days, while others say it can last for up to seven days.

Let’s find out the truth it!

How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge?

How Long Does Soup Last In The Fridge? 1
How Long Does Soup Last table

How long does soup last depends on the ingredients. 

Clear soups will be fresher for longer than those with milk or cream. 

When the cream is added to the soup and then frozen, the fat in the cream breaks away from the rest of the ingredients and forms a layer on top. 

Any cream soup is best consumed within a day or two after refrigeration. 

Any vegetable soup should be cooled down within two hours of cooking and stored in the fridge to make it last for three to four days

Frozen vegetable soup properly stored in freezer bags or airtight containers will last for four to six months.

Seafood soup lasts for a day.

How Long Does Chicken Soup Last?

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How Long Does Chicken Soup Last

Chicken soup will last for three to five days in the fridge.

The pre-cooked chicken added to the soup will not last beyond five days. 

In the freezer and if stored properly in an airtight freezer-safe container, soup with chicken will last for four to six months

Beyond this time, it will lose its top quality.  

How Long Does Potato Soup Last?

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How Long Does Potato Soup Last

Potato soup lasts for five days in the fridge if the temperature is 40𝆩F (4.4𝆩C) or below. 

The ingredients used in the potato soup will affect its shelf life. 

For example, a vegan potato soup that uses coconut milk, beans, chickpeas, and nuts as thickening agents will last longer without any dairy product added.

If you add meat to the potato soup, it will not last as long as plain potato soup. 

How Long Does Canned Potato Soup Last?

Canned potato soup will last between 3 to 5 years if left unopened

Always check the best before or best by date on the packaging. 

After opening, canned potato soup will last for up to three to five days if refrigerated properly. 

How Long Does Tomato Soup Last In The Fridge?

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How Long Does Tomato Soup Last In The Fridge

Homemade tomato soup will last in the fridge for four days if made with fresh tomatoes and stored in a sealed airtight container. 

The acidity in tomatoes keeps the soup from going bad sooner as it fights bacteria

If you’ve used canned tomatoes and kept the tomato soup in an open container in the fridge, it won’t last beyond two days

Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of Soup

Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of Soup
Factors That Affect The Shelf Life Of Soup

The shelf life of soup is affected by the following factors. 


The first rule of thumb is not to let the soup sit outside for more than two hours if the temperature that day is 90°F (32°C). 

That’s because it enters the danger zone where bacteria can grow and cause food poisoning. 

Having said that, it’s not a good idea to put away steaming soup in the fridge

This will cause the fridge temperature to increase and spoil other food items.

To store soup safely, either put warm soup in the fridge or after it has cooled down. 

The fridge temperature should be a constant 40°F or 4.4°C.

If you’re in a hurry, make an ice bath with ice and water and place the soup pot here to cool the soup faster. 


Use airtight containers to store leftover soup. 

It will prevent spills, keep away the smell of other foods from mixing with the soup, and also prevent air to come in contact and spoil the soup faster.

If you have a large pot of cooked vegetable soup or any soup, it’s best to divide it into portions and store it in smaller containers.

This will make it easier to take out only the amount you need from the fridge. 

Plastic or glass airtight containers are best for soups to be refrigerated. 


Keep soups toward the back of the fridge

If you store cooked vegetable soup or other soup containers in the door of the fridge, the opening and closing of the fridge door will cause temperature fluctuations and cause the soup to spoil earlier than expected. 


The ingredients in the soup will also affect the storage and shelf life. 

Anything with acidic content like tomatoes will last longer than a soup containing cream or dairy. 

Dairy or cream separates in cold temps, spoiling the soup’s texture and taste. 

You can either use a non-dairy alternative like coconut milk or add the milk or cream to the soup when you’re reheating it.

How To Freeze Soup?

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How To Freeze Soup

If you think that you won’t be able to consume the soup within four days, it’s best to freeze it. 

Follow these tips to freeze soup for the best results. 

  1. Let the cooked soup cool down to room temperature within two hours. 
  2. For a large batch of soup, divide it into portions and pour it into clean and dry airtight containers or freezer bags.
  3. Leave a half-inch space at the top of the container to allow the soup to expand when you defrost it later. 
  4. If storing in a freezer bag, write the date on the bag before pouring in the soup. 

💡Pro Tip: Using freezer bags is helpful as you can store these flat and save space. 

  1. Remember to push out all the air from the freezer bag before sealing. 
  2. As it is difficult to hold the shape of the soup in the freezer bag when you pour it in, use a food box. Keep the bag in the box and then pour in the soup. Stick it in the freezer and when the soup has held its shape in the bag, remove the box. 

Most frozen soups will keep for up to three months although vegan and dairy-free soups can keep in the freezer until six months.

How To Thaw And Reheat Frozen Soup

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How To Thaw And Reheat Frozen Soup

Before reheating soup from the freezer, it should be thawed for the best texture and quality. 

Stick your frozen bag or container of soup in the refrigerator for two days

While it’s thawing, it will keep cool without letting bacteria form. 

If you want to defrost soup faster, make a warm bath in the kitchen sink or bowl and put your soup pack there. 

You will need to change the water until the soup is completely thawed. 

Now, you need to reheat the thawed soup in the microwave oven or stovetop. 

How To Reheat Defrosted Soup In The Microwave Oven

  1. Pour the thawed soup into a microwave-safe dish and leave half an inch of space at the top.
  2. Cover the bowl or container and set the microwave on High for 30 seconds.
  3. Give the soup a stir. 
  4. Microwave on High for another 30 seconds. 
    1. Check if the temperature of the soup has reached 165°F (74°C) with a food thermometer

165°F is a safe temperature where all bacteria have been eliminated. 

Steps To Reheat Thawed Soup On The Stovetop

  1. In a large pot where you can stir without spilling, pour the defrosted soup. 
  2. Soups with rice or pasta or noodles will need a cup or 1½ cups of water to be added. 
  3. On medium heat, keep stirring the soup.
  4. If you have added frozen soup to the pot, add half or one cup of water and stir on low flame until completely thawed. Then turn up the heat to medium and stir continuously. 
  5. Bring the soup to a boil and keep the flame medium for about two minutes
  6. Simmer for a minute over a low flame and check the temperature for 165°F (74°C) before serving. 

Final Thoughts

How long does soup last in the fridge depends on the care you have taken to store soup safely and the ingredients you have used. 

In general, most soups last for 3 to 4 days in the fridge and up to 3 months in the freezer. 

Take note of the freezing date and follow the rules for proper defrosting and reheating to enjoy soups within the food safety zone. 


Is Week Old Soup Okay To Eat?

No, it’s not okay to eat week-old soup as it could give you food poisoning. 

Is Homemade Soup Good After 5 Days?

No, soup once refrigerated should be eaten within four days. 

How Do You Know When Soup Goes Bad?

Soup that has gone bad will give off an unpleasant and sour smell, will be discolored and have mold spots, and taste bad. 

Can You Eat Soup After 6 Days?

The refrigerated soup should be eaten within four days but if you keep the soup in the freezer, you can have it after 6 days.

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