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Top 14 Best Ravioli Makers of 2021: The Secret Formulae to Perfect Ravioli

Top 14 Best Ravioli Makers of 2021: The Secret Formulae to Perfect Ravioli 1
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Skim through this all-round review to find out everything about the best ravioli making tools of 2021

ravioli makers

“And it’s yellow. The way pale yellow should look, like sunshine and butter, mixed with hope and cream”. – Katherine Reay

We know your grocery store ravioli doesn’t look like sunshine and doesn’t bring much of a hope. The holiest ravioli are made at home, with love, granny’s tips, and the right set of tools. 

While love and granny’s tips are priceless, ravioli makers are to be purchased. 

And for you to land up with the best ravioli maker there is, we ventured into the savory world of ravioli and compiled an all-embracing list of the best ravioli making tools of 2021.  

On top of that, in case you find it difficult to decide which one of these 14 fantabulous units is best suited to your kitchen, we always have our buying guide to give you a gentle nudge in the right direction. 

So, what’s the wait for?

Let’s begin!

What is Ravioli?

Ravioli are dumplings typically stuffed with ricotta, cheese, meat, and veggies. 

This 14th Century ancient Italian Cuisine is popular worldwide, especially in the United States mainly for its unique shape and taste profile.

Usually, these are square, round, or half-moon shaped. The filling is sealed between two thin layers of egg pasta dough and classically served with tomato or pasta sauce. 

One bite and you are bound to find yourself lost in the savory taste of its creamy fillings. 

Deep-fried and baked servings of ravioli are also quite the craze these days. 

Even though they are good enough to constitute the main course, you can also serve them as appetizers or side dishes.   

Top 14 Best Ravioli Makers — An Overview

Ravioli are holy. 

However, making them at home comes with a lot of pitfalls. 

Ravioli pieces may simply break open in the middle of your cooking; You may end up with inconsistently sized pieces; You may have a hard time sealing them properly; Or simply, your homemade ravioli may not look as fancy as you would have liked.

To avoid disasters like these and to make your ravioli making sessions fun-filled, you need the best ravioli maker, be it an automatic ravioli maker or a manual one. 

Here, we bring you the best of all categories of ravioli makers so that you get a head start on what you are looking for.

Imperia Pasta Machine

What’s in the Box?

  • Imperia SP150 Pasta Maker
  • One large ravioli mold
Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • Ravioli Tablet Tray
  • Roller Pin
Russian Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • One Aluminum Ravioli Tray
CucinaPro Pasta Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • Pasta Maker
  • 3 attachments
  • Table clamp
  • Hand crank
  • Pasta Cutter
Norpro 3 Piece Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray
  • A wooden rolling pin
Fantes Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray
Fox Run Jumbo Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray
Eppicotispai Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • One ravioli mold tray
  • One beechwood rolling pin
MASTER FENG Ravioli Stamp Set

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 round and 1 square ravioli stamps
  • 1 cutter roll
Nuvantee Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • One Detachable Ravioli Cutter Attachment


O’Creme Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • One cutting tray
  • One denting tray


Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • Metal Cutter
  • Plastic Denting tray


Weston Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • 5 different kinds of pasta molds


Palmer Large Ravioli Mold

What’s in the Box?

  • One molding tray
  • One cutting frame

Our Reviews of the
14 Best Ravioli Makers

01. Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Set

What’s in the Box?

  • Imperia SP150 Pasta Maker
  • One large ravioli mold

Why We Recommend Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Set:

This duo is our top pick for many reasons.

For starters, the SP150 pasta machine shines at its merit. 

The handle mechanism and the rollers of this sturdy machine work smoothly to give you a thinner and finer pasta sheet at every passing. 

Secondly, there is this amazing ravioli mold. 

This ravioli press shapes and cuts 10 ravioli at a time with ease. The resulting 2.5 inches ravioli pieces are properly sealed and shaped into perfect squares. 

The brand reputation is something that we didn’t overlook as well. Afterall, reliance matters. 

Imperia is an age-old Italian manufacturer and the biggest exporter of Italian Pasta machines in the US. Needless to say, you are assured a premium quality built over here that will last a lifetime.

Cleaning and maintenance are fairly easy. 

All you gotta do is scrub the rollers and the ravioli mold gently with a dry kitchen brush and wipe the body of the pasta maker with a dry cloth. You should be covered.

The instruction manual is a bit hard-to-grasp and some users think that using this unit involves a steep learning curve, but we felt that a couple of youtube tutorials were good enough to get us on our feet.

All in all, this is a complete ravioli maker at a great price point. Coming from a reliable manufacturer, this unit is sturdy, durable and makes great ravioli with the minimum effort from your end.

This is the best ravioli maker of 2020, and we bet it will serve you well for years to come.

Pro-Tip: Never wash Imperia Pasta Machine as this will make it rust. Also, applying a drop or two of mineral oil once every 6 months keeps it in great condition.


02. Marcato Design Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • Ravioli Tablet Tray
  • Roller Pin

Why We Recommend Marcato Design Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker:

The Marcato Ravioli Tablet is a ravioli maker built for newbies and pros alike. 

Made of anodized Aluminum alloy, this unit makes the art of ravioli making seem like a cakewalk. Ergo, you can expect ravioli for dinner regularly once you bring it home. 

Simply roll out a sheet of dough, place it on the base, add your desired filling, cover it with another sheet. The last step is to gently roll the pin over the cutter lid.

Voila, you get 10 pieces of perfectly square ravioli. Yes, the deal is as simple as that.

Moreover, a rubberized base prevents it from sliding over your table. This makes using this unit even more convenient. 

The quality of the ravioli pieces is great. They are adequately sealed and won’t break open. 

Fans of overly stuffed fat ravioli feel that the pieces made out of this device don’t have sufficient stuffing. On the other hand, many others feel that the wells are deep enough and the amount of stuffing is just right.  

Ease of use is not the only strong suit of this ravioli maker. This is one efficient unit that cuts down your dough wastage.  

Cleaning is no-fuss. Wipe it clean with a dry brush or cloth. Don’t put it inside a dishwasher. 

Speaking of aesthetics, the Marcato Design Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker comes in several attractive colors. We loved the Italian Blue the most. It surely adds a zesty vibe to your ravioli sessions. 

In short, we think that this deserves a top spot among the best ravioli makers in the market at present. 

It is super easy to use, well-built, looks and feels durable, and attractive enough for your kitchen. Oh, and it looks great as a gift too!


03. Russian Ravioli Maker Dumplings Mold

Russian Ravioli Maker

The Most User Friendly

What’s in the Box?

  • One Aluminum Ravioli Tray

Why We Recommend Russian Ravioli Maker Dumplings Mold:

This Pelmeni style ravioli maker is a budget option that is extremely fun and easy to work with. This hexagonal Aluminum tray comes with 37 holes on it.

Ergo, in one go, you get 37 pieces of ravioli. So, it’s like a super-fast ravioli generator. Each well is just more than an inch deep.  So you can expect around 1 inch of filling inside each piece.

Using it is very easy and Amazon user reviews are all about how fun this device is to work with. You simply lay a pasta sheet on this tray, fill the pits with your favorite filling, cover it with another sheet, and run a roller on it.

The only thing we didn’t like is that this tray comes alone. A roller isn’t included in the unit, so you will have to own one. 

However, we must confess that the low price point pretty much compensates for the lack of a roller pin. 

Working with this is not messy. The ravioli comes off from the tray relatively smoothly. 

You can wash this Aluminum tray warm soapy water and hang it anywhere nearby. Therefore, cleaning and storage aren’t an issue. 

Overall, this budget piece is an amazing ravioli maker to work with. Many users don’t shy away from comparing it to a high-end model.  

We were fully satisfied and felt the fun most users talk about. 

Pro Tip: Keep dusting the Russian Ravioli Maker Dumpling Mold so that ravioli does not stick to the tray and comes off smoothly.


04. CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set

What’s in the Box?

  • Pasta Maker
  • 3 attachments
  • Table clamp
  • Hand crank
  • Pasta Cutter

Why We Recommend CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set:

The Cucina Pro is a complete pasta toolset ideal for people thrilled about Italian cooking. It is a set of 5 with a pasta maker and various attachments. 

There are three attachments for spaghetti, lasagna, and ravioli. The third attachment is entirely dedicated to ravioli and we found it to be a cool piece of machinery. 

The entire unit is chrome coated stainless steel which is strong, sturdy, and durable.

Considering the premium look, great feel, and reasonable price point, we feel that it is a great gift for your loved ones. 

We didn’t find any flaw here. Only that it does not come with explicit instructions.

If you don’t yet own a pasta maker this fairly priced multipurpose unit is highly recommended.


05. Norpro 3 Piece Ravioli Maker and Press Set with Rolling Pin

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray
  • A wooden rolling pin

Why We Recommend Norpro 3 Piece Ravioli Maker and Press Set with Rolling Pin:

This ravioli making machine by Norpro is a three-piece set, ideal for those who are looking forward to the pleasure of making ravioli at home the old-fashioned way.  

You won’t need a pasta maker. Simply work the rolling pin to get your dough sheets. Don’t worry, there’s a comprehensive recipe book that tells you exactly how it is done. 

Apart from the rolling pin, this unit comes with a plastic and a metal tray. 

The plastic tray is there to dent your dough sheet into ideal wells for your fillings. The metal tray cuts and molds your ravioli uniformly into 1.5 inches square pieces. 

Each time, this device generates 12 pieces of identically filled and shaped ravioli. However, there is one catch. Up to an extent, the performance will depend on how well you prepare the dough. 

This doesn’t mean that the new chefs need to get discouraged. Many first-time ravioli makers have given it a go and loved it. Besides, as we already said, they provide you with a comprehensive stepwise recipe guide and tell you what to do. 

This ravioli maker is also great for making all sorts of dumplings even manti and jiaozi. You can also make stuffed pies and cookies with it.  

Cleaning and maintenance are fairly easy. This unit, like most ravioli makers, is not dishwasher safe. But you can hand wash it under running water without any effort. The price point is also reasonable. 

The bottom line is, Norpro 3 piece ravioli maker is great for you if you are looking for a ravioli adventure. 

It teaches you how to make the best ravioli the old fashioned way and if you love experimenting in your kitchen, this is a great choice.  

Pro Tip: Oil your Norpro Ravioli Press sufficiently for great performance.


06. Fantes Grandpa Dante’s Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray

Why We Recommend Fantes Grandpa Dante’s Ravioli Maker:

There’s no doubt that the Fantes Grandpa Dante’s Ravioli Maker curves you the most authentic Italian Ravioli.

Every time you get a dozen 2-inch perfectly packed homemade ravioli dumplings with fluted edges.

The Fantes is well known for its line of Authentic Italian Kitchen appliances and Grandpa Dante’s Ravioli Maker lives up to the family’s name.

This Italian Grandma Approved Ravioli Maker is a 2-piece set consisting of a plastic dimple tray and a metal mold. As you may have already noticed, this doesn’t come with a rolling pin.  The aluminum frame has skid-proof rubber feet so that it remains rooted to its spot when you work with it.

Both the trays are made of BPA free FDA approved materials, so it has a crucial advantage over its contenders- food safety.

Working with this unit is uncomplicated. Plus you get instructions from the complimentary Fante’s Recipe Book. So, your venture is less likely to go wrong.

Even then, keep in mind that this unit needs some getting used to, and mastering the art of ravioli making may need a few attempts.

This tray doesn’t need too much flouring. The ravioli come off without any trouble.

This is a relatively compact tray that should not consume much of your kitchen. You can easily hand wash it with warm soapy water.

Summarizing the performance as a whole, we think that it is quite a quick ravioli generator. Curving out 12 dumplings every time means that the tray generates a good number of ravioli pieces in little to no time.

Moreover, the pieces are accurately square and contain a generous amount of filling. Good news for ravioli lovers who love their dumplings rich and fat.


07. Fox Run Jumbo Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • A plastic dimple tray
  • A metal cutting press tray

Why We Recommend Fox Run Jumbo Ravioli Maker:

Fancy some big fat ravioli dumplings? Then the Fox Run Jumbo is for you.

This aluminum, stainless steel, and plastic made ravioli maker is a great budget choice. If you don’t want to break a bank over ravioli but would love to cook, bake or deep fry giant-sized ravioli at home, the Fox Run Jumbo could be an ideal pick.

The plastic tray is there to create the perfect dents on your pasta dough. 

The stainless steel lined aluminum frame does the rest of the job. 

This tray not only molds your ravioli into a uniform shape but seals them effectively as well. So, forget the days when you had to pinch ravioli by hand to make sure they don’t break open.

This frame may be compact and easy to store, but it surprisingly molds out 10 large dumplings at one go. Ergo, fans of large ravioli out there, do check this out.

This ravioli maker is hand washable and low maintenance. 

Overall, the Fox Run Jumbo Ravioli Maker is a no-fuss, compact ravioli mold that curves out big dumplings impressively. The only downside is that it feels a little flimsy. However, considering the price point, it’s a winner.


08. Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker with Rolling Pin

What’s in the Box?

  • One ravioli mold tray
  • One beechwood rolling pin

Why We Recommend Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker:

The Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli tray has 24 small ravioli slots, which means you get a handful of ravioli from the very first run.

Hats off to this device, the filling quantity of these small dumplings is perfectly proportioned.

In a market saturated with all sorts of ravioli makers, one that knows exactly how much to fill a ravioli with is a rare find. This is reason enough to love this unit, but there are more!

The finished ravioli are also the ideal squares and are cut out with zero to little mess. Just make sure you dust the tray with sufficient flour for a smooth operation.

Talk about a heavy-duty, efficient ravioli maker, the Eppicotispai is just that.

The molding tray is made of special Aluminum for food while the rolling pin is natural beechwood. 

Without any doubt, this duo is a healthy choice for a kitchen appliance.

The tray cuts and molds ravioli without any mess and with minimum wastage. The rolling pin is small and light and very easy to operate.

The only thing you may end up not liking is the size of the ravioli it produces. These are rather small and hence we don’t recommend it if you have jumbo dumplings in mind. 

This is a great recommendation for people who love their ravioli small sized. 

In short, this device has a small footprint, is hand-washable, and creates small squares with the ideal filling proportion. 

The build is heavy-duty and will last you almost forever. The word ‘flimsy’ doesn’t apply when it comes to the Eppicotispai 24-Hole Aluminum Square Ravioli Maker.


09. MASTER FENG Ravioli Stamp Set, Ravioli Maker Cutter Stamp

What’s in the Box?

  • 2 round and 1 square ravioli stamps
  • 1 cutter roll

Why We Recommend MASTER FENG Ravioli Stamp Set, Ravioli Maker Cutter Stamp:

Master Feng is our favorite ravioli stamp set. It comes with three different stamps and a cutter. One advantage of stamps over mold-trays is that you can curve your ravioli a variety of shapes. This makes the deal much more fun.

The frames are made of food-grade Aluminum, in case you were worried about food safety. 

These frames are lightweight, therefore, won’t cause you any fatigue. But this does not mean that these are flimsy. On the contrary, we found them to be quite sturdy and well made.

Coming to the cutter, the blades are made of high-quality stainless steel. Some users think that the cutters are not sharp enough, but we felt that this is sharp enough to cut through the dough and blunt enough to prevent any accidental injury.

The handles of this stamp set are made of wood. These are comfortable to grip and give you maximum control over your tools. Moreover, they give you a secure grip and protect your hands from getting tired.

The size of ravioli made using this ravioli making tools vary between 2-3 inches depending on the shape of the stamp that you choose. 

All in all, we think this is a handy tool-set designed to carve out endless batches of ravioli with beautiful edges. If ravioli stamps are on your mind then this is a must-have.


10. Nuvantee Ravioli Maker Attachment

What’s in the Box?

  • One Detachable Ravioli Cutter Attachment

Why We Recommend Nuvantee Ravioli Maker Attachment:

We are talking about an attachment here that easily teams up kitchen pasta makers and transforms it into a ravioli generator. 

The upsides of an attachment like this are plenty. Firstly, making ravioli with this is a lot less time consuming than crafting with a stamp or a cutter tray. 

Secondly, with a good quality press like this, the entire deal of making ravioli turns into a cakewalk. 

Nuvantee Ravioli Maker attachment has its own set of perks. It is easily assembled and fits into almost all kinds of 150 mm pasta makers. Just align the complementary parts and it will easily slide into its place.

The premium quality stainless steel build of this unit also deserves attention. You can trust it to have a long lifetime. 

It is fast and easy to use. Assembles easily, stores, and lasts long. 

The only thing users complain about is the size of the pockets. The ravioli pillows generated from this ravioli market are a bit small and shallow.


11. O’Creme Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • One cutting tray
  • One denting tray

Why We Recommend O’Creme Ravioli Maker:

If you fancy ravioli in the form of perfect ‘O’s, the O’Creme Ravioli maker is made for you. The bite-sized round pillows that it makes are simply adorable and we can’t imagine anyone not falling in love with them.

The surface is non-stick. Hence, pasta doesn’t adhere to the trays. This pretty much takes the mess out of ravioli making. Also, the non-skid feet allow you more control during the entire process.

On a single go, it makes 12 pieces of 2-inches ravioli pillows. This is an excellent size and we didn’t find anyone complaining that it’s too small or too big.

However, the thing that got us most excited is that THIS RAVIOLI MAKER IS DISHWASHER SAFE! Trust us when we say that this is a rarity in the world of ravioli tools.

Overall we liked working with it. This is a decent and simple tool for ‘O’ shaped ravioli.


12. Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker

What’s in the Box?

  • Metal Cutter
  • Plastic Denting tray

Why We Recommend Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker:

This is a very affordable ravioli maker that does an efficient job. Every time you run the roller on this tray you cut out 12 pieces of 1-inch ravioli. 

All the ravioli are uniformly shaped with a good proportion of stuffing inside. 

Using this unit is easy peasy. Just don’t forget to sprinkle some flour on the trays before you lay the dough over them. 

Washing needs to be done manually, but it’s not that complicated. So, there’s nothing to worry about there.

The unit is compact so you store it anywhere nearby without cluttering your countertop. 

The only catch is the absence of a rolling pin. But with so many ravioli trays coming without one, we can’t complain.

Overall, we think it is value-priced and carves out decent ravioli dumplings. 

Pro-tip: Add a few drops of oil to your Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker before getting started. It eases your job a thousand folds.


13. Weston 5-Piece Ravioli Maker Kit

What’s in the Box?

  • 5 different kinds of pasta molds

Why We Recommend Weston 5-Piece Ravioli Maker Kit:

“Cut, fill, and seal” – is the mantra of Weston 5 piece ravioli maker kit. Making ravioli cannot get simpler.

This is a set of multipurpose molds that not only makes ravioli but carves some decent delicacies including perogies and dumplings. 

The build material is non-stick plastic, so the dough won’t stick to it and easily detach from it. No oiling, no dusting involved.

All 5 molds are of different sizes. The smallest is 2.5 inches in diameter while the largest measures to 7 inches.

This is a ravioli maker with a minimum footprint. After use, you can simply keep the smaller unit into the immediate larger one until you pack four molds into the largest one.

Since it’s plastic, it’s easy to clean. 

The only trouble with this versatile multitasker is the time that it requires to make a bunch of ravioli. You carve one ravioli at a time, so you’ll have to invest more time.

In the category of molds though, the Weston 5-Piece Ravioli Maker Kit is so far the best.


14. Palmer Large Ravioli Mold

What’s in the Box?

  • One molding tray
  • One cutting frame

Why We Recommend Palmer Large Ravioli Mold:

Palmer ravioli maker is an uncomplicated ravioli cutting tray set. Made of premium grade Aluminum cast, it looks good, feels good, and promises you durability.

Using it is fairly simple. Just use it like the other trays mentioned above. However, one major difference with its contenders is the price point.

With its price tag, we expected it to come with a roller pin. There are units with similar features that come at a lower price. 

However, to be frank, we found it to be quite a functional unit and didn’t spot any flaw whatsoever. 

Cleaning this unit needs to be done manually but that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

You can surely give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.


Buying Guides: How to Get to the Best Ravioli Maker

With so many affordable yet amazing ravioli makers available in the market, naturally, you may find yourself torn between several choices. 

Let us make this easier for you. Here are the factors you must never overlook when you look for the best ravioli maker. 

The Type:

Over time, ravioli lovers and manufacturers have devised a variety of tools to craft holy ravioli. 

While an electric ravioli maker offers you maximum convenience, many ravioli aficionados including us believe that they take the fun away from ravioli making. 

Moreover, ravioli crafted exclusively by hands have a charm that the electrically made ones lack. 

This is where innovative tools like mold trays, stamps, and press attachments come into play. The trick to a wise purchase is to pick the type that suits you best.  

Individual molds like the Weston 5-Piece Ravioli Maker Kit allow you the freedom to carve ravioli of different shapes and sizes, but making ravioli this way is slow and time-consuming.

On the other hand, mold trays like the Imperia Pasta Machine with Ravioli Mold Set, Norpro 3 Piece Ravioli Maker and many others that we have reviewed here are easier to operate and make a minimum of 12 ravioli pillows in one go. These, therefore, save your time and energy. 

You should go for an attachment like the Nuvantee Ravioli Maker Attachment only if you already own a compatible pasta machine or are planning on buying one.

If you are a true fan of all kinds of Italian dishes, then we recommend you go for complete pasta sets such as the CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set.

Ease of Use:

Crafting ravioli should be fun, not tedious. Look for an item that is not too demanding and can be enjoyed by a beginner and a pro alike. 

Most of the pasta makers we highlighted here are fairly easy to use. We particularly found working with Marcato Design Atlas Tablet Pasta Maker, Russian Ravioli Maker Dumplings Mold and Bellemain Large Ravioli Maker is quite pleasing. 

Ease of Cleaning:

Working with dough can be a messy business. Cleaning afterward is messier. 

We suggest that you choose a unit that has fewer nooks and crannies and traps less flour and dough in it. 

Non-stick plastic trays are the best in this aspect. Another advantage of plastic units over metal ones is that these are dishwasher safe. We adore the O’Creme Ravioli Maker for this precise reason. 

Even if you go for metal trays, stamps, or attachments, make sure that cleaning is uncomplicated. 

Price Range:

There isn’t an ideal price range for any device. However, when it comes to ravioli makers, the idea is to NOT rob a bank. 

There are great budget options such as the Russian Ravioli Maker Dumplings Mold that are guaranteed to serve you well. You can also up your budget and go for devices like the CucinaPro Pasta Maker Deluxe Set.

A word of advice here: don’t settle for an overly cheap flimsy device. Your ravioli venture may turn into a nightmare.

Drowned in Questions? Here are Some Wholesome Answers for You

There are so many queries and confusions surrounding something as pleasurable as ravioli. These are the 5 commonest ravioli questions we are asked often. 

Check them out to see whether the same queries are bugging you. We tried to answer them in the most edible way we could master.

01. How to use a ravioli mold tray?

Using a ravioli mold is pretty straightforward. Here’s what you got to do.

Step 1: Roll out a sheet of dough and place it on the base.

Step 2:Make wells to accommodate the filler. Many trays come with a denting tray to create these dents or wells.

Step 3:Add your desired filling. 

Step 4:Cover it with another sheet. 

Step 5:The last step is to gently roll the pin over the cutter lid. 

Your perfectly cut ravioli dumplings should be ready.

02. Can I eat uncooked ravioli?

We advise against it. 

Uncooked ravioli may be contaminated with different harmful microbes. For starters, raw eggs used to make the dough may contain Salmonella, the cheese in the filling may contain Listeria and meat can carry all types of pathogens. 

Eating them raw exposes you to all these microbes. Ergo, ravioli is the best consumed when cooked. 

03. How long does cooked ravioli last?

If properly stored, cooked ravioli will remain unaltered inside the refrigerator for 3 to 5 days.to maximize refrigerator shelf life, keep them inside airtight containers or resealable plastic bags.

04. Do I have to boil ravioli before cooking?

Not really.

Freshly home-crafted ravioli dumplings don’t need to be boiled separately. You can cook them directly.

05. Which sides go best with ravioli?

You can serve a variety of sides with ravioli. Some popular choices are:

  • Easy Italian Bread.
  • Garlic Parmesan Green Beans
  • Spring Salad
  • Garlic Bread
  • Charred Sugar Snap Peas

Wrapping Up the Story of the Wraps

Ravioli is an Italian word (duh!) derived from the term “riavvolgere” which literally means “to wrap”. So we realized we are wrapping up the tale of the wrapped here. 

However, terms like wraps and dumplings are never enough to describe ravioli. There’s a genuine reason they are called “pillows of perfection”!

Clearly, perfecting the art of crafting these savory pieces of happiness demands the right tools. 

Just so that your experience aligns with ours, here, in this listicle, we showcased the top best ravioli makers up for sale in 2020.

Also, we slipped in a compact yet handy buyer’s guide to shed some light on your way. 

So, what are you waiting for?

Add the best ravioli maker to your cart and turn into an Italian capocuoco or capocuoca from the word go!

Until next time. Addio!

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