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Best Coffee Percolators of 2020 – A Detailed Guide (Top 12)

Did you know that coffee percolators were called cowboy pots in the early days? It really shows that coffee percolators have been around for a long time.

So, a coffee percolator perhaps is just a name being passed around among the avid coffee lovers. And you’re probably more curious now to know about it?

Whether you need it or not, and what to look for in the best coffee percolator, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we will walk you through all the basics you need to know regarding coffee percolators, step by step.

What is a Coffee Percolator?

If we got a dollar each time someone asked us what a percolator is, we’d probably be a millionaire by now. But since that hasn’t been the case, we’ll go ahead and demonstrate the monstrous goodness a coffee percolator is to help take your coffee brewing game up a thousand notches.

So, what’s a coffee percolator you say?

Right off the bat, it’s not a drip coffee maker.

‘Percolate’, as the term suggests, means a liquid or gas to be gradually filtered by passing it through a penetrable surface repeatedly. Similarly, a coffee percolator ‘percolates’ coffee.

To put it simply, a coffee percolator is a coffee-making pot that brews coffee by continuously circulating boiling water through coffee grounds until the desired strength of the coffee is reached.

A coffee percolator usually consists of two layers. The bottom layer contains the water and the top layer contains the ground coffee, covered by a permeable filter paper.

Here you can see more about using a coffee percolator.

Classification Of Percolators

Percolators actually come in different versions and can have different brewing methods.

Different versions indicate the different types of heat sources required to make coffee in a percolator. There are three different versions of percolators available in the market these days.

  1. Stovetop or Manual Percolator
  2. Electronic or Automatic Percolator
  3. Microwaveable Percolator

Stovetop Coffee Percolator Reviews

  • Manual
  • Original

As the artist Flash Rosenberg says, “I believe humans get a lot done, not because we’re smart, but because we have thumbs so we can make coffee”. And making coffee is what we’ll do with stovetop percolators.

Stovetop or manual percolators obtain heat from an external source. The heat source for stovetop percolators can be campfires, grills, or simply, a stovetop.

Apart from having to remove the pot from the heat source once brewing is done, there’s really not much you have to do.

Stovetop percolators take around 5-8 minutes to brew coffee, this time varies depending on the percolation method (discussed below). Any time over 10 minutes on the stove will burn the brew and make the coffee taste bitter and dry.

Stovetop percolators are loved by campers and explorers of the wild. Primarily because they can be carried around on trips or on visits to campsites and can make a mean cup of coffee, withstanding the harsh environment.

But if you’re not an outdoor enthusiast and would rather not spend time, attention, and effort to indulge in a coffee brewing session, you can sit this one out.

Electric Coffee Percolator Reviews

  • Automatic
  • Modern

Electronic or automatic percolators don’t need an external heating source as they already contain an internal heating source. This heating source is electricity.

Electric percolators have more features than their stovetop counterparts and are more convenient to use. All you have to do is plug it in, add water and coffee grounds, then wait.

Perhaps read the newspaper while you’re at it?

Electric percolators usually take 7-10 minutes to brew coffee. Once it’s brewed, the percolators adjust the heat so that the coffee stays at a drinkable temperature.

However, one downside is that you cannot use electric percolators in the absence of a power supply, like when you’re out on camping.

Microwave Coffee Percolator Reviews

A microwave percolator brews coffee in a microwave. Just add the water and coffee grounds, then put it in the microwave.

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How is Coffee Brewed in a Percolator?

Percolators can brew coffee in two different ways-

  1. By gravity
  2. By pressure

Gravity Type Percolators

Gravity type percolators continuously circulate the boiling brew through the coffee grounds to reach the required strength of coffee. And they acquire this using gravity.

A gravity percolator’s composition consists of two layers and a vertical tube. The bottom layer holds the water and the top layer holds the coffee grounds.

The coffee grounds are covered with a permeable filter paper. The upright tube goes from the bottom of the pot to the top.

Brewing Method

First, the pot is filled up with water, such that the water level is below the base of the top layer. Then the pot is placed on a heat source.

The water gets carried by tube, over the grounds, to the top of the pot. The water then trickles through the grounds, leaving the top layer, and dropping back to the lower layer, forcing more water upward.

This process keeps on repeating itself until the temperature of the liquid reaches its boiling temperature. At this point, the perking stops and the coffee is ready to be drunk.

For a manual percolator, it is important to remove or reduce the heat source at this stage. As brewed coffee will have a bitter taste if it’s left on high heat for too long.

Pressure Type Percolators

Contrary to the gravity percolator, pressure percolators work by pressuring water to pass through coffee grounds. Such pressure is obtained by boiling the water to form steam.

The steam then creates a pressure that forces the water to penetrate through the coffee grounds, resulting in strong, concentrated coffee.

Components of a pressure percolator are usually made of metals and the pot includes a bottom layer to hold water, a middle layer to hold coffee grounds and an upper layer to hold the freshly brewed coffee.

Some pressure percolators don’t even have the upper layer. For those percolators, there’s a bent tube at the upper part that directly drips the coffee onto a cup.

Brewing Method

First, the pot is filled with water and placed on a heat source. As the water starts to boil, steam is generated.

The steam forces the water into the coffee grounds. The seeped coffee is then collected on the topmost layer.

Why Should You Buy a Percolator?

Now, we love to address ourselves as true coffee connoisseurs. And how do we dare say that if we haven’t given percolated coffee a try?

Agreed, percolated coffee has a more bitter taste than other coffee. But, as life passes, you learn to appreciate the bitterness.

Apart from appealing to only self-proclaimed coffee gourmets, a percolator is also a very useful tool for an average coffee drinker.

Lower Price Point

Compared to other coffee brewing machines, a percolator is cheaper. So, buying it leaves a small hole in your pocket.

Save Counter Space

A percolator is a compact device that takes up minimal space. A stovetop percolator is light,  small, and easy to store away. An electric percolator may not be as light but still is compact and has many features that promote hassle-free storage.

Nothing can stop your love for coffee now, not even low budget or limited storage space!

So, rediscover the robust aroma and taste of percolated coffee with our top choices below.

Our 13 Best Coffee Percolator Recommendations

With over thousands of percolators out there, finding the perfect coffee percolator for you can be difficult. To ease your search, we have narrowed down the best coffee percolators of 2020.

01. Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Stainless Steel Coffee Percolator – 8 Cup

Cup Capacity Per Batch:

  • 8 cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator: 

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel polished to give a mirror finishing

Whether you’re craving coffee by a campfire, by a grill in the backyard bbq party, or by a stove in a snug kitchen, Farberware 50124 should be your go-to pot.

Farberware 50124 is a manual percolator and is equipped with such features that it makes the manual coffee-making experience one of utmost convenience.

Farberware 50124 is not just the best stovetop coffee percolator or the best camp coffee percolator or simply the best stainless steel coffee percolator, it is the best percolator coffee maker overall.

With its heavy-duty stainless steel body, this percolator is sure to last for years.

The percolator is fitted with a well built, see-through knob which lets you see when the brewing of your coffee is done.

Moreover, the pot features a permanent filter basket so you don’t have to deal with several removable filters.

Not too keen on spending time cleaning? Farberware 50124 has got you covered. This pot is fully immersible and dishwasher safe. So, you can just pop it in the dishwasher and forget about it till the next use.

And it gets even better!

This classic coffee maker can make up to 8 cups of coffee each batch. It has water level marks on the inside of the pot to indicate the water level needed to make the desired number of cups of coffee.

Another version of this product is available that can make up to 12 cups.

Moreover, Its rustic look and nostalgic feel are all the more reasons we loved using this manual percolator.


  • Lifetime warranty
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Clear, see-through knob
  • Cheap


  • The handle may heat up when placed on intense fire
  • The knob is made of hard plastic

Why We Recommend It:

There’s something really different about a coffee made from a stovetop percolator. The coffee tastes richer, more fuller, and the essence it leaves is everlasting.

Farberware 50124 has all the features needed for you to experience that ideal stove-top coffee. Additionally, its polished mirror finishing gives the pot a classic look which will make it an instant addition to your kitchen.

So, go old-school and brew yourself the best percolator coffee you’ll ever have with Farberware 50124 Classic Yosemite Coffee Percolator.

02. Hamilton Beach 45 Cup Coffee Urn and Hot Beverage Dispenser, (40515R)

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 45 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Polished with aluminum and overall made of stainless steel

An affordable coffee making machine for an office, for a joint family, or simply for a coffeeholic is Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn. Dispensing up to 45 cups of coffee each batch, Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn is a perfect addition to your home or office.

And while fulfilling the demand of quantity, Hamilton Beach Coffee Urn never overlooks the quality of its brews. Taking 1 minute to brew 1 cup, Hamilton readily serves hot, fresh coffee.

Bored of hovering around the coffee pot looking like a loner? Well, this automatic percolator has indicator lights that let you know when your coffee is ready, so move around, have that chat, and let the pot brew.

With the twistable spout, this pot can dispense coffee in two ways. Whether you want to fill a single cup or a large jug, this pot does both.

Additionally, the urn’s interior has water level markings to remove the guesswork of how much water is needed for the required number of cups of coffee, making it easy to fill.

This machine also has a twist-lock lid that needs to be twisted to lock it in place so it doesn’t spill coffee everywhere.

What’s more?

The large and comfortable handles make the pot easy to be carried around when needed.

Both the brew basket and the lid of the pot are dishwasher safe so the machine is easy to clean and store.

To top it all off, the sleek design, the gleaming aluminum polishing, and the affordable price point of the percolator are all the more reasons why you shouldn’t hesitate overspending your dollars on it!


  • Ready-to-serve indicator lights
  • Two-way dispenser
  • Makes up to 45 cups of coffee
  • Speedy brew time
  • Water level indicators


  • No on/off button
  • Short cord

Why We Recommend It:

Our household is filled to the brim with coffee maniacs and this pot gives the perfect service for the days we’re too lazy to brew up coffee on the stove, which is basically every other day.

With a quality brew, cup after cup, we can count on this percolator to not only fulfill our demand for coffee but also to make it of utmost convenience for us.

03. Farberware 2-4-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP240

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 4 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Polished with stainless steel but overall material is plastic

Elegant enough for the kitchen and light enough to be carried around the house, this small automatic percolator is next in our list of best percolator coffee makers for 2020.

This stainless steel polished pot has a brewing speed of one cup per minute, so you don’t have to wait around for your coffee.

Besides, if you don’t feel like having your coffee instantly, there’s no need to worry. This machine has a keep-warm function that will keep the coffee warm for you after perking is done. And it automatically switches to this function after it’s done brewing.

To top that, this pot makes pouring a hot cup of coffee super safe and easy with the removable cord, the no-drip spout, and the cool-touch handle.

The coffee filter basket is made of stainless steel and works with different grinds. Although our recommendation is to use a coarse ground coffee, you are free to experiment with what you have.

With the FARBERWARE Stainless Steel Electric Percolator, you can save time and energy and treat yourself with a delicious cup of coffee.


  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Detachable cord
  • Takes 1 minute to brew 1 cup
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Protruded no-drip spout


  • Only brews up to 4 cups each batch.
  • No on/off switch

Why We Recommend It:

We love a hot, robust cup of aromatic coffee early in the morning, and throughout the day. And this percolator, without fail, deliver just that each and every time.

With its quick brewing process and easy pouring process, we don’t see why you wouldn’t get yourself a FARBERWARE Stainless Steel Electric Percolator!

04. Presto 02822 6-Cup Stainless-Steel Coffee Percolator

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 6 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

Fully made of stainless steel, Presto 02822 is our next best stainless steel coffee percolator after Farberware 50124.

With numerous user conveniences, this percolator brings joy in percolating!

The pot has a ready-to-serve indicator light that lets you know exactly when you can fetch your coffee, so no need to hover around it.

Moreover, if you plan to have your coffee later, this machine will keep the coffee warm for you with its automatic keep-warm function.

On the other hand, if you want to instantly move the percolator once the brewing is done, you don’t have to fuss about any burns while placing it on your countertop as it has a stay-cool bottom that will not heat up the surface it’s placed on.

You also don’t have to worry about burning your hand by the hot utensil or the hot coffee as the pot has a cool-touch knob and handle, to easily hold the hot percolator, and a drip-free spout to prevent the leakage of hot coffee while serving.

The percolator has a detachable cord that needs to be plugged in if you want to keep it working under the keep-warm function. However, you can remove the cord to easily pour your coffee and to store the percolator at your convenience.

This percolator also has an attractive warranty lasting for one year!


  • Indicator lights
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Stay-cool bottom
  • Cool-touch knob and handle
  • Drip-free spout
  • Detachable cord


  • No on/off switch

Why We Recommend It:

As we’ve already mentioned, we love to have a freshly perked hot coffee to start our day. It gets our motor running and our creativity going. And thanks to PRESTO 02822, we achieve just that in a matter of minutes!

On top of that, the pot’s compact, portable, and sleek design makes it a perfect addition to our kitchen and to our home.

So start your day with PRESTO 02822 COFFEE PERCOLATOR and get those gears running now!

05. Farberware 12-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP412

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 12 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Made of plastic material with a stainless steel exterior

Among the several brands we tried, Farberware seems to stick out as the best percolator coffee brand as it has made several attractive additions on our list.

Similar to its preceding models, Farberware FCP412 has all the functions you need to brew yourself a perfect cup of coffee.

The cup-a-minute function brews aromatic, tasty coffee at a rate of one cup per minute!

In addition to that, the automatic keep-warm function automatically switches on to gently heat the coffee after perking is done.

The cool-touch rounded knob on the lid lets you remove the hot lid easily. The pot also features a protruded no-drip spout, a cool-touch handle, and a detachable cord. And with these features, pouring that piping hot coffee couldn’t become simpler!


  • Takes 1 minute to brew 1 cup of coffee
  • Automatic Keep-Warm function
  • Detachable Cord
  • Cool-Touch Lid and Handle


  • No on/ off switch
  • No indicator light

Why We Recommend It:

Making up to 12 cups of coffee each batch, this percolator oozes of quality and comfort.

So, give a modern touch to the traditional coffee-making technique with this classic Farberware FCP412 by adding it to your kitchen now!

06. Hamilton Beach 12 Cup Electric Percolator, Stainless Steel, (40616)

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 12 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

The next pot in our list as one of the best percolator coffee makers is from another best percolator coffee brand, Hamilton Beach.

Hamilton Beach Electric Percolator Coffee Maker Quick Brew (40616) promotes ease-of-use and removes all the guesswork for you. So, the most you need to do is plug it in.

Having trouble measuring? The pot has measurement marks to show the water level on the inside for clear and easy filling.

Confused when the brewing will stop? The pot has indicator lights that will let you know exactly when the brewing is done. An added bonus is the pot will automatically switch to the keep-warm setting to keep the coffee hot, at just the right temperature.

Tired of waiting around? The pot brews one cup of coffee in less than a minute, killing the waiting time.

Hassle storing? The pot has a detachable cord to make storage unchallenging. The detachable cord also lets you serve the pot anywhere.

Trouble pouring? The pot has a cool-touch handle and a drip-free spout that makes pouring hot coffee trouble-free.

Difficulty cleaning? The pot has a dishwasher-safe stainless steel permanent filter basket for easy cleaning.

Ah, the perks of an electric percolator!


  • Water level measurement marks
  • Indicator lights
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Speedy brew
  • Detachable cord
  • Cool-touch handle
  • Drip-free spout


  • No on/off switch

Why We Recommend It:

For peak convenience, this percolator assures it has all the necessary functions needed by us to instantly brew a freshly perked coffee with a robust aroma.

Whenever we need a tasty percolated coffee to fire our gears, ignite our creativity and chase that sleep, we can easily count on Hamilton Beach Quick Brew (40616) to deliver. And so can you!

07. Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic 12-Cup Stainless-Steel Percolator

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 12 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

Next in our list of best coffee percolators stands Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Stainless-Steel Percolator. This 12-cup percolator has a modern design and all the features you need to get your coffee perking.

Designed for efficiency and comfort while using, this percolator has a comfortable handle with knuckle guards and a long, tapered no-drip spout so pouring hot coffee is as simple as it gets.

The percolator also has a detachable cord that lets you serve coffee anywhere and store the percolator anywhere.

Moreover, the removable stainless steel housing for the coffee grounds have markings on it so you can measure the amount of coffee grounds you need to make your coffee.

This percolator also has a ready-to-serve indicator light that shows when the coffee is ready to pour and a stay-cool bottom that lets you place the percolator on any surface without leaving any burn marks.

On top of that, this percolator keeps the coffee warm for a fair amount of time after it’s done brewing and it also has a transparent knob that lets you see the brew cycle of your coffee.


  • Clear glass knob
  • Detachable cord
  • No-drip spout
  • Stay-cool bottom
  • Indicator lights


  • No on/off switch
  • The knob has to be handled with care

Why We Recommend It:

This particular percolator has a slender, standard, and modern design that makes it a perfect addition to your home. The elongated spout lets you pour coffee gracefully and its all the other functions let you brew coffee efficiently.

And hey, to keep it real, we’re all caffeine lovers here! Anything that brews quality coffee to soothe us caffeine addicts gets instant approval from us.

So, calm your inner caffeine freak and buy a Cuisinart PRC-12 Classic Stainless-Steel Percolator!

08. Spectrum Brands Farberware 8-Cup Percolator, Stainless Steel, FCP280

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 8 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

This beautiful, stylish stainless steel coffee maker percolates coffee, creating the familiar perking sound we all love.

The no-drip spout and the cool-touch handle lets you pour the hot coffee easily to your cup.

Serving and storing is also easy with the detachable cord.

And if you wish to have your coffee later, the keep-warm function will keep the coffee warm for you. It will automatically do so once it’s plugged into the power supply!

The clear glass knob lets you peek into the brewing process, the cool-touch handle allows safe and easy grip while pouring coffee and a curved pouring spout for precise pouring.

And hold on, it gets better!

The pot not only has a ready-to-serve indicator light, but it also has a separate power indicator light. This percolator brews about one cup of coffee per minute, so there’s no waiting around for your delicious, robust, aromatic cuppa!


  • No-drip spout
  • Cool-to-touch handle
  • Detachable cord
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • Takes 1 minute to brew 1 cup of coffee


  • No on/off switch
  • No indicator light to let you know when coffee is done

Why We Recommend It:

Having tried and tested several percolated coffees, we can say the taste of coffee can really vary from one percolator to another. And this percolator does not disappoint with the taste and quality of its coffee.

Even with the cheapest coffee grounds in the market, the coffee still comes out tasting great and it does so in an instant! So, go ahead, grab your bucks and soothe your mind and soul with Spectrum Brands FCP280 Farberware Percolator’s coffee.

09. West Bend 54159 Stainless Steel Electric Coffee Percolator

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 12 Cup

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

With a stainless steel body and a stainless steel housing, this durable West Bend 54159 electric percolator has all the qualities an automatic percolator needs to make the percolating experience an easy one!

While the transparent cover knob reveals the progress of the brew cycle, the ready-to-serve indicator lights let you know exactly when your coffee is done perking.

And while the heat resistant handle and base let you pour or place your coffee conveniently, the detachable cord lets you serve your drink anywhere.

And to top that, the automatic warming mode of the percolator keeps your coffee warm at the perfect temperature, automatically!

For further ease of use, there is a water level indicator on the percolator’s stainless steel body that lets you see the water level for your required cups of coffee. And the permanent filter basket makes cleaning an easy task!


  • Clear knob on lid
  • Indicator lights
  • Heat resistant handle and base
  • Detachable cord
  • Automatic keep-warm mode
  • Water level gauge


  • No on/off switch
  • The first pour may be messy

Why We Recommend It:

So far, our experience with the West Bend percolator is a good one. It is easy to clean, easy to maintain, and durable. Although the percolator could use a few tweaks, overall, it is sleek, practical and ergonomic, and maintains this while staying on brand.

10. Maxi-Matic EC-120 12 Cup Percolator, StainlessSteel

Cup Capacity  Per Batch

  • 12 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Fairly coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

The Elite Cuisine Coffee Percolator gives the perfect modern touch to percolating. With a polished stainless steel finishing, this lightweight percolator has all the qualities needed for a good brew!

Instead of having a detachable cord, the percolator has a detachable base. The 360° swivel base lets you remove the percolator from the heating element at the base and serve coffee cord-free.

Additionally, the base of the pot also features cord storage. The base lets you wrap the cord around it and store the cord without any tangles.

The pot also has a removable stainless steel filter which is easy to wash!


  • Reay Indicator lights
  • Power indicator lights
  • Heat resistant handle
  • Transparent knob
  • Automatic keep-warm function
  • 360° swivel base


  • No on/off switch
  • Filter needs improvement

Why We Recommend It:

This product snatched a spot in our top ten because of its ultra-modern touch to such a traditional coffee-making technique!

With several user benefits, this product is easy to work with and easy to store. So if you’re all about ease of use, might as well consider buying the Elite Cuisine Coffee Percolator!

11. Coletti “Bozeman” 9 CUP Camping Coffee Percolator

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 9 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

This pot is a classic. Tried and tested to be resistant to harsh temperatures and climates, the portable Bozeman manual percolator lets you never miss your cup of coffee anywhere!

So, whether you’re brewing your coffee on the blazing campfire, on a fire pit in your backyard, or simply on your stove, you can count on Bozeman to deliver excellence every time!

With its durable design, Coletti “Bozeman” percolator has become a vital camping utensil.

Coletti “Bozeman” percolator is entirely made of stainless steel, with a heat-tempered glass knob. Therefore, there is no aluminum or plastic present in the composition of the percolator which ensures that no part of it will melt under high temperatures of a fire.

In addition to that, the handle of the percolator is made of rosewood which prevents burns on touching the hot percolator to pour coffee. And to top it all off, the entire pot is dishwasher safe!

Although unnecessary, Coletti “Bozeman” percolator still comes with 20 packs of filters. These filters are not needed in the operation of the percolator yet, they are added for the convenience of those who use finely ground coffee and don’t want the coffee grounds to fall through the percolator basket.

With Coletti “Bozeman” percolator, you can have the hottest coffee in the coldest environment.

As Coletti “Bozeman” percolator is a manual percolator, you get to experience the joy of brewing your own cup of coffee. So inhale, unwind, and indulge yourself in a coffee brewing process!


  • Dishwasher safe
  • Harsh environment resistant, stainless steel pot
  • Clear, heat resistant glass knob
  • Heat resistant rosewood handles
  • Extra filters


  • Coffee grounds get in the cup
  • The glass knob must be handled with care

Why We Recommend It:

With Coletti “Bozeman” percolator, you’re really in full control of how your coffee is made.

If you like hot, delicious coffee, and I mean burn-your-mouth hot, then get yourself this percolator! As mentioned, their perked coffee is hot and delish!

Due to the water level indicator on the outside of the flask,  it was easy for us to measure the number of cups of water to put and make our desired amount of piping hot coffee.

So, go back to basics, and enjoy more flavorful coffee with Coletti “Bozeman” manual percolator!

12. Euro Cuisine PER04 Electric Percolator 4 Cup Stainless Steel

Cup Capacity Per Batch

  • 4 Cups

Best Coffee Grind for Percolator

  • Coarse ground coffee


  • Stainless steel

Among the several products reviewed by us, PER04 made it to our list due to its quality, user comfort, and chic design.

This electric percolator is made of stainless steel with a copper finishing, both of which ensure durability. Additionally, the product has a warranty of 3 years so it’s sure to last long!

The coffee filter is dishwasher safe and easy to clean. Besides, the filter is permanent and also made of stainless steel.

The kettle’s lid has a clear glass knob which lets you peek into the brewing process. On top of that, the kettle is equipped with an indicator light that will inform you when the coffee is ready. So, you can start the machine and walk away!

Moreover, this machine has the automatic keep-warm function that keeps the coffee warm without over brewing it.

On the other hand, if you want to instantly move the percolator once the brewing is done, you can easily do so with the detachable cord. However, the percolator needs to be plugged in if you want to keep it working under the keep-warm function.

The percolator also has a stay-cool bottom that ensures no scarring marks are imprinted on the surface it’s placed on.

There are 3 versions available of this percolator. Each version can fit up to 4 cups, 8 cups, and 12 cups of water respectively.


  • Keep-warm function
  • Stay-cool function
  • Detachable cord
  • Dishwasher-safe permanent coffee filter
  • Clear glass knob
  • Indicator lights


  • Price point is way higher than other similar percolators.
  • The handle should be used gently

Why We Recommend It:

Although this product is a bit more expensive than the other ones we tried, which resulted in it dropping down a few notches in our list, the overall quality of the percolator’s coffee brewing left us impressed.

So, if you’re all about quality coffee, ease-of-use functions, and of course, adding a stylish finishing to your coffee brewing process, then get yourself a Euro Cuisine PER04 Electric Percolator!

Still Confused?

Looking through all these different options can be a bit overwhelming. Hence, for you, we have made a buying guide where we have jotted down a few requirements you can tick through before finalizing on a certain percolator.

What you need to look for:

Cup Capacity Per Batch

First and foremost, you need to settle on the quantity of brewed coffee you need per batch.

So, how much coffee consumption are we talking about? Are you a casual drinker? Or a coffeeholic? Perhaps, you’re someone who frequently holds social gatherings? Or, you’re looking for a percolator for a workplace?

Based on the quantity, you can choose your ideal percolator from our given range.

If you’re riding solo and you’re a casual drinker, you can opt for the 2-4 cups percolator. But if you have a family of coffee drinkers, then choose one based on the numbers of family members being served.

Additionally, if you’re looking for one to serve the employees at an office, get one that can pump out large quantities of coffee per batch.

To name some of our suggested percolators and their capacity:

Automatic or Manual

While you could enjoy the process of brewing coffee with a stovetop (manual) percolator, you might also want to opt for a more easy-to-use electric (automatic) percolator.

You have to weigh the pros and cons of each type here. You can take a manual percolator with you while you go camping. Whereas, if your day-to-day life is hectic, the automatic percolator will give the fresh taste of percolated coffee on just a plug-in.

Our mighty suggestion? Get one of both!


A stainless steel percolator is the way to go! Stainless steel percolators are easy to clean and are durable.

Although almost all of our suggested products were made of stainless steel, some had plastic interiors and other metals like aluminum. Plastic coming in contact with coffee might give the coffee a tacky taste and plastic can also melt under high heat.

Aluminum models also tend to change the taste of the coffee, and they do so over time.

As an example, Euro Cuisine PER04 Electric Percolator 4 Cup Stainless Steel Coffee Pot Maker is completely stainless steel.


How much are you willing to invest in a percolator?

A percolator with absolute basic functions will cost less than one with more advanced functions.

Overall, stovetop ones are cheaper than electric ones, for obvious reasons. Electric percolators have more user conveniences and therefore, cost more money.

Still Have Questions?

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about coffee percolators.

Which Brand Is The Best Coffee Brand For Percolator?

Although we can’t announce a certain brand as the best, we sure can applaud the machines of Hamilton Beach and Farberware. Both these brands have made several additions in our list, that too for good reasons.

What Is The Best Coffee For Percolator?

For percolators, the best coffee is one with a coarse grind. Coarse ground coffee beans are big enough to stay on top of the filter basket and flavorful enough to give the rich taste of percolated coffee.

If you grind your beans too fine then it will fall through the filter basket and get in your coffee. Whereas, if you use whole beans, the percolator won’t be able to extract its rich flavor and you’ll end up with a bland coffee.

In the case of the type of roast, a medium roast is the best choice for percolator coffee. There are numerous varieties of roast coffee available in the market. They range from light roast to dark roast and the other degrees of roasts in between.

A dark roast will make the coffee bitter and give it a sort of burnt taste. Whereas, the delicacy of a light roast will be lost in the process of percolation.

Which Is The Best Percolator Coffee Maker?

Are we talking automatic or manual?

Overall, considering both types, our most favorite coffee maker is manual Farberware 50124. It is cheap, classic and the coffee it makes is delish!

However, if you’re looking for the best electric percolator coffee maker. You can refer to our recommendations above to find the right automatic percolator for you.

What Should I Look For In The Best Electric Percolator?

Electric percolators are equipped with several user conveniences to make the percolating experience super easy. In order to find the best electric percolator for you, choose one that meets the demand of coffee you have each day i.e the cup capacity at an affordable price.

A good idea while selecting an electric type percolator is to buy one with the keep-warm feature and with an indicator light which lets you know when your beverage is ready to be served.

Which Percolator Is The Best Camping Coffee Percolator?

Best camping coffee percolators are manual percolators, as automatic ones need to be plugged into a power supply to work.

A manual percolator without any plastic parts and with a body that can withstand intense fire is best for camping. For us, Coletti “Bozeman” percolator is the best coffee percolator for camping.

What Is The Difference Between A Coffee Maker And A Percolator?

A coffee maker uses a newer method to make coffee. Percolators use gravity or pressure to push steam through the coffee grounds, while drip coffee just uses boiling water to do the job.

Percolators let the coffee grounds come in contact with the water/brew several times, giving the coffee a bit of a rougher taste than that of drip coffee, which makes the coffee in one chamber and keeps the finished product in another.

What Is The Difference Between A Percolator And An Espresso Maker?

Percolator coffee has two different methods of brewing and the brewed coffee usually goes through multiple cycles, whereas espresso coffee only goes through the coffee beans once.

Espresso makers just use pressure to make coffee, whereas a percolator may use pressure or gravity.

How Do I Make The Best Percolator Coffee?

Here’s a step by step guide to help you make the best percolator coffee:

Step 1) Fill the percolator with water for the required number of cups.

Step 2) Place coarse ground coffee in the coffee basket.

The ratio of coffee grinds to water is 1 tbsp: 1 cup. Once you get the hang of using the percolator, experiment with the ratio to make your required strength of coffee.

Step 3) Place the percolator in the heat source and let it perk. For manual percolators, place it on a stove whereas for electric percolators, just plug it in.

Step 4) You can watch the process of percolation through the clear glass knob to see how strong your coffee is getting. A darker color of liquid means stronger coffee.

Step 5) Remove the pot once the coffee is done brewing. For a stovetop percolator, a perking period within 5-8 minutes is optimal, this period varies depending on the method of percolation used. For an electric percolator, the manual of the machine usually states the brew time.

If you keep a manual percolator on the stove for too long, the coffee will be over-brewed and taste bitter. Whereas, an automatic percolator will automatically reduce the heat at the end of the brewing phase to keep the coffee at drinking temperature.

Step 6) Pour your coffee in a cup and enjoy!

How Do I Assemble My Stovetop Percolator While Making Coffee?

To know the overall assembly of a percolator, we suggest you go through the product manual. Below you’ll find a general step-by-step guide for the assembly of a percolator:

Step 1) Remove the lid, the coffee basket, and the stem.
Step 2) Fill the pot with the required amount of cold water.
Step 3) Reassemble the percolator by first replacing the stem and then the basket.
Step 4) Add the required amount of ground coffee.
Step 5) Seal the pot by placing the lid.

Can I Only Make Coffee With A Percolator?

Actually, percolators are not limited to making coffee only. They offer versatility and let you make any hot beverage that needs a coarse grind solute and a liquid solvent.

You can make hot cocoa, tea, or simply warm milk with a percolator.

Before You Go

Although coffee percolators have lost customer traffic due to the introduction of drip coffee makers, they’ve been recently making a comeback with their traditional coffee-making techniques.

Hence, we are here to give you a head start to get your percolating game going!

As seen in our coffee percolator reviews, there are automatic and electric percolators available. So, maybe you can add a little retro flavor to your life, step out of your comfort zone and try a stovetop percolator or you can add a modern touch and enjoy the taste of percolated coffee with an electric percolator, which is equally good!

So before you go, don’t forget to share which is the best coffee percolator for you with us in the comment section below!

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