Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Coffee? A Complete Guide

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Dutch Bros, the popular coffee chain, has captured the hearts of coffee lovers across the United States with its delicious drinks and friendly atmosphere. For some individuals, however, the search for the perfect cup of coffee involves finding a decaffeinated option that still offers the rich flavors they love. This begs the question: does Dutch Bros have decaf coffee? In this article, we’ll explore Dutch Bros’ decaf offerings, as well as some alternatives for those seeking a caffeine-free coffee experience.

Does Dutch Bros Have Decaf Coffee?

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Yes, Dutch Bros does offer decaf coffee! They provide a variety of decaf options to suit all tastes and preferences. Whether you’re in the mood for a simple black coffee or something more indulgent, Dutch Bros has you covered.

Types of Decaf Drinks Offered

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Here are some of their decaf offerings:

1. Decaf Americano

The Decaf Americano is a classic choice for those who enjoy a bold, robust flavor. It’s made by pouring hot water over a double shot of decaf espresso, resulting in a smooth and satisfying drink.

2. Decaf Lattes

If you prefer a creamier coffee, the Decaf Caffe Latte is perfect for you. This drink combines decaf espresso with steamed milk, creating a velvety, rich beverage.

3. Decaf Cold Brew

For those who enjoy a refreshing, chilled coffee experience, Dutch Bros offers Decaf Cold Brew. This drink is made by steeping coarsely ground decaf coffee beans in cold water for an extended period of time, producing a smooth, full-bodied flavor.

Quality of Dutch Bros Decaf Coffee

Dutch Bros uses high-quality beans and expert brewing methods to create a decaf coffee that doesn’t compromise on flavor. Their commitment to quality ensures that you’ll enjoy a delicious, satisfying coffee experience every time you visit.

Alternatives to Decaf Coffee at Dutch Bros

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A. Non-coffee Caffeine-free Options

If you’re looking for a caffeine-free beverage that isn’t coffee, Dutch Bros offers several alternatives:

1. Dutch Bros Teas

Dutch Bros has a selection of herbal teas that are naturally caffeine-free. Options include chamomile, peppermint, and various fruity blends.

2. Dutch Bros Smoothies

For a refreshing, fruity option, try one of Dutch Bros’ smoothies. They’re made with real fruit and are completely caffeine-free.

B. Coffee Alternatives with Low Caffeine Content

If you’re not quite ready to go fully caffeine-free, Dutch Bros also offers drinks with lower caffeine content:

1. Half-caff Drinks

You can customize any of Dutch Bros’ coffee drinks to be half-caff by asking the barista to use a mix of regular and decaf espresso. This will provide you with a drink that has a reduced caffeine content.

2. Light-roast Coffee

Light-roast coffee typically has slightly less caffeine than dark-roast coffee. Try a light-roast coffee at Dutch Bros for a more subtle caffeine kick.

Comparing Dutch Bros Decaf Coffee to Other Brands

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Let’s see how Dutch Bros’ decaf coffee stacks up against other popular coffee chains:

A. Starbucks

Starbucks offers a wide range of decaf options, including espresso drinks, brewed coffee, and cold brew. While the quality of Starbucks’ decaf coffee is generally high, some may argue that Dutch Bros offers a more unique and personalized experience.

B. Peet’s Coffee

Peet’s Coffee is known for its strong and bold flavors, and their decaf options are no exception. With a variety of decaf espresso drinks and brewed coffee available, Peet’s is a solid competitor to Dutch Bros. However, Dutch Bros may offer a more extensive menu and a friendlier atmosphere.

C. Dunkin’

Dunkin’ provides decaf coffee options, including brewed coffee and espresso-based drinks. While their decaf coffee is decent, Dutch Bros may have a slight edge in terms of quality and variety.

D. Tim Hortons

Tim Hortons, the popular Canadian coffee chain, also offers decaf coffee options, such as brewed coffee and espresso-based drinks. However, with a more limited menu compared to Dutch Bros, you may find more decaf variety at Dutch Bros.

E. Costa Coffee

Costa Coffee, a well-known UK coffee chain, has a selection of decaf coffee options as well. While their quality is generally high, Dutch Bros stands out with its unique atmosphere and a wider range of decaf drinks.


In conclusion, Dutch Bros does indeed offer decaf coffee, providing a variety of options to satisfy any coffee lover’s tastes. With its commitment to quality and a friendly atmosphere, Dutch Bros is an excellent choice for those seeking a caffeine-free coffee experience.

If decaf coffee isn’t quite what you’re looking for, Dutch Bros also offers alternatives like herbal teas and smoothies, as well as half-caff and light-roast coffee options. So whether you’re a die-hard decaf enthusiast or just looking to cut back on caffeine, Dutch Bros has something for everyone.

As the famous quote goes, “I never laugh until I’ve had my coffee” – Clark Gable. So, why not give Dutch Bros decaf coffee a try and find your new favorite caffeine-free beverage?

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Happy sipping!


How much caffeine is in Dutch Bros decaf coffee?

While decaf coffee isn’t completely caffeine-free, it contains significantly less caffeine than regular coffee. Dutch Bros’ decaf coffee typically contains around 2-5 mg of caffeine per 8-ounce serving, compared to 80-100 mg in a regular cup of coffee.

Is Dutch Bros decaf coffee suitable for pregnant women?

It’s always best to consult with your healthcare provider before consuming caffeine during pregnancy. However, decaf coffee, including Dutch Bros’ options, generally contains much less caffeine than regular coffee and may be a suitable alternative for some pregnant women.

Can I customize my decaf drink at Dutch Bros?

Absolutely! Dutch Bros allows you to customize any of their drinks to suit your personal preferences. Just let the barista know that you’d like your drink made with decaf espresso, and they’ll be happy to accommodate your request.

Do all Dutch Bros locations offer decaf coffee?

Yes, all Dutch Bros locations offer decaf coffee options. The specific offerings may vary slightly between locations, but you should have no trouble finding a decaf drink to enjoy at any Dutch Bros.

Can I make a decaf version of a Dutch Bros secret menu item?

Yes, you can! If you know the ingredients of a Dutch Bros secret menu item, simply ask the barista to make it with decaf espresso. They’ll be more than happy to create a decaf version of your favorite secret menu drink.

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