Dexter Knife Review: Does Quality and Affordability Go Hand in Hand?

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When you’re looking for a new knife, it’s important to find one that is high quality and affordable. That can be a challenge, but not with the Dexter knife. This blade is perfect for anyone on a budget, without sacrificing quality. Keep reading to learn more about the Dexter knife and why it might be the right choice for you.

This is undoubtedly a basic table cutlery. However, this is one of the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment man has so far invented!

Be it chopping, cubing, slicing, or dicing, the first thing your hands will reach out for is the cook’s knife. 

Ergo if this little thing is sharp, your food crafting skills shine bright, irrespective of whether you are a professional or a home cook. 

If the opposite is true, then we don’t know how you are coping up with the everyday kitchen chores. But we highly suggest you stop struggling and get some good old Dexter knives.

Why Dexter, you ask?

Let us tell you precisely that! 

We started this tale with the chef’s knife or the cook’s knife. So we will stick to the category today and tell you all there is to know about the Dexter Russel P94802 Basics 10″ Cooks Knife. 

So, let’s not make this chit chat too wordy. It’s time for our Dexter Knives Review.

Dexter Russel P94802 Basics 10″ Cooks Knife Reviewed! 

The P94802 is a 10-inch multi-purpose kitchen knife. 

Designed to suit both the professional and the home setting, this cooking knife comes with a razor-sharp blade and an attractive white handle. 

Most of us are aware of the Dexter Russell brand assurance, but that didn’t make us go easy on this fine piece of cutlery. After all, when you put something to test, you gotta do it fair and square, right? 

Moreover, this is a lower-end Dexter Russell chef knife. So we had to make sure that the manufacturer did not compromise with the quality. 

The Specifications:

  • Length: 10 inches
  • Material: High carbon steel
  • Dimensions: 17.3 x 3.6 x 1.1 inches
  • Weight: 7.2 ounces
  • Sharpness Level: Sharp out of the box
  • Color: White
  • Brand: Dexter Russell Cutlery

The Details:

During our test run, we used the Dexter Cooks knife for practically all our cutting needs. Dicing onions and celery in bulk amounts, mincing garlic, and slicing steaks gave us clarity and insight about this item.  

Putting our experience together, here’s what we think about the 10-inch basic cooks’ knife from Dexter Russell. 


Dexter brand knives are manufactured using high carbon steel

This is a very tough material. It can withstand significant force before finally giving up and deforming. 

Hence, knives made of high carbon steel are great at retaining their shape no matter how thin their blades are. 

The Sani Safe P94802  blade is only 1.1 inches wide, allowing you to make precise cuts. And while you are at it, this cooking knife protects itself from abrasion and stands tall. 

Another advantage of this blade material is that it’s also easy to resharpen. 

Having said that, hard metal alloys are more prone to being brittle. So, make sure you don’t put your knife under too much tensile force. 

The Sani Safe handle is made of slip-resistant polypropylene. This material can also withstand high and low temperatures.

Sani Safe Dexter Russell Knives are comfortable to hold. On top of that, the non-slip material is a lifesaver. 

Hands are bound to get sweaty and slippery. The textured handle has got you covered. 

Score: 9/10

The Design:

Dexter Russel 10″ Cooks Knife is ergonomically designed for the long and demanding hours of food preparation.

Ideally, a chef’s knife or cook’s knife measures between 8-12 inches in length. 

If a knife is on the shorter end of this spectrum, it means that the user enjoys more control but a limited range of movement. As the blade length increases, the range of movement of the knife increases, sacrificing the grip or control in the process.

This Dexter knife comes with a 10 inches long blade, which means it’s neither too short nor too long. This gives you a generous range of movement without restricting your sense of control. 

Dexter Russell knives reviews also praise this kitchen gear for its perfectly curved shape. 

The nicely curved blade allows you to work with a smooth and rocking motion. While you work, the blade cuts through solid pieces effortlessly.

This unit also comes with a hollow blade edge. Knives with such edges give you precise cuts and are easier to resharpen. 

In addition to the favorable length and shape, the textured non-slip handle plays a crucial role in shaping your SaniSafe experience. This soft-grip Sani Safe handle is molded to complement your palms. 

Furthermore, the center of gravity of this knife is placed on a favorable spot, giving it a balanced shape. Making your experience even more effortless. 

All these prevent the early onset of fatigue. 

When it comes to appearance, this is one of the basic dexter kitchen knives in the market; not exquisite, but certainly essential. 

Score: 9.5/10


Dexter knives are known for their longevity. Often, they last a lifetime. 

Dexter Russell Sani Safe knives are full tang. Hence, these knives can work through considerable resistance

We already discussed the toughness of the high carbon steel blade, so that also earns a point when it comes to durability. 

The overall built of this unit is quite sturdy. We expected otherwise considering the comparatively cheap price point. Contrary to our assumptions, this knife turned out to be well made.

The only hitch is that high carbon steel blades are less flexible and more prone to chipping. Make sure you don’t apply too much pressure while working with the Dexter Chef Knives set.

With that having been taken care of, you can expect your Dexter Basic Cooks Knife to last for years.

Score: 9/10 

Ease of Cleaning and Maintenance:

If you are a lazy bee like us, good news! Dexter Basics 10″ Cooks Knife is dishwashable!

However, if you wish to keep your knife in perfect condition, it’s always a good idea to keep it away from the dishwasher. Handwash your knife, it’s better.

Dexter knives are pretty sharp but with prolonged use, the microscopic teeth on the blade edge, known as feathers, tend to bend down. 

This is when you may have to resharpen your Dexter cutlery. Resharpening a Dexter knife is easy. A few strokes over the Dexter Russell knife sharpener should get your knife up and running. 

Here’s how you do it:

That’s about all the maintenance your Dexter Cooks knife needs. 

Score: 8.5/10

Pros of Dexter 10-Inch Basic Cooks Knife:

  • Premium 404 high carbon steel construction
  • Balanced weight
  • Ergonomic design
  • Comfortable slip-resistant grip
  • Allows for demanding chores without letting fatigue setting in
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Easy to resharpen
  • Great brand reputation
  • Reasonable price point

Cons of Dexter 10-Inch Basic Cooks Knife:

  • High carbon steel blade material is slightly prone to chipping

Buying the Dexter Knife: What You Need to Know

Is Dexter a perfect match for the chef in you? 

Skimming through this section can give you a clearer insight. 

Sani Safe Dexter Russell Knife is NSF Certified: What Does This Mean?:

The NSF or National Sanitation Foundation is a non-profit entity whose job is to make sure that your foodservice product is free from harmful chemicals.

Dexter Russell Cutlery is NSF certified, meaning that all the raw materials used to manufacture your Sani Safe knife are FDA approved and free of anything that has the potential to harm public health.

Ergo, when you are shopping for a cooking knife, it’s important to look for that NSF seal if you want to keep harmful chemicals at bay. 

The Brand Reputation: “Why Dexter?”:

When it comes to investing in something, a good brand reputation counts as a big plus.

Dexter Russell is the largest American manufacturer of professional cutlery and has been serving us with quality knives since 1818.

The master crafters, Harrington Cutlery and John Russell Cutlery joined hands to become what we now know as the Dexter Russell.

All Dexter knife are produced in the USA and every piece goes through an extensive quality check before reaching your doorsteps.

“Why Dexter”, you ask? We say, “why not”? 

Where to Buy Your New Dexter Knife?

If you have made your mind about bringing the Dexter Basic 10’’ Cooks knife home, you can purchase it from Amazon, right here! 

Your very own Dexter Cooks Knife is nearer than you think. It’s just a few clicks and one delivery away! 

Got Some More Questions?: Dexter Russell and Chef’s Knife FAQs SOLVED!

Below you’ll find answers to questions we get asked the most about Dexter Knife and Chef’s knives in general. 

Check to find if these are the precise queries that are bugging you right now.

01. Where are Dexter Russell Knives Made?

Dexter Russell is the largest US-based manufacturer of professional cutlery. 

All Dexter knives are made in their own facility located in Southbridge, MA. It also happens to be the oldest cutlery manufacturer in the USA.   

02. Are Dexter Russell Knives Any Good?

Dexter Russell is reputed for producing a range of heavy-duty knives. 

They offer a wide range of professional knives tailored for an array of kitchen work including butchering, boning, chopping, slicing, dicing, and whatnot. 

Dexter Russell knives are pretty highly rated. 

03. Can I Put My Dexter Knife inside the Dishwasher?

You can, but we suggest you don’t.

When you place your knife inside a dishwasher, the blade edge gets dulled due to the constant rubbing and friction. Also, caustic detergents may stain and pit the blade.

If you want longevity, it’s best to hand wash your Dexter knives. 

04. How Do I Clean My Dexter Cooks Knife?

Cleaning your Dexter Cooks Knife is easy.

Simply handwash your Dexter with mild or medium strength detergent and towel dry. Cleaning your Dexter knife this way ensures maximum longevity. 

05. What Can I Do to Protect My Knife from Rusting?

Never soak your knife if you want it to remain rust-free. 

Knives made of high carbon steel tend to rust if you leave it soaked or let drops of water remain on the surface after every wash.

Wipe your knife dry immediately after every wash to prevent rusting. 

The Final Verdict 

Overall Score: 9/10

When we sum up this dexter knife review, the 10-inch cooks’ knife does seem to be a pretty decent purchase. 

The price point is agreeable and there is little to no maintenance involved. So, rest assured, you won’t have to break the bank for a basic kitchen knife. 

The knife performs well. The balanced weight and favorable length give you good control while also allowing you a generous range of movement. The blade is thin enough to delight the food crafter in you.

The Sani Safe handle provides a comfortable grip and delays the onset of fatigue. 

This knife is sturdy and well made. The materials are food-safe and FDA approved. 

If cared for, a Dexter Russell knife could last you for a lifetime.

So our final verdict is:


We think you should totally go for it!

What do you think? How did your Sani Safe experience go? Let us know!

Till then, au revoir!

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