The List of Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks

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Here’s a complete list of caffeine-free drinks you can order at Starbucks. Some are obvious and some might surprise you.

The Complete List of Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks
The Complete List of Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks

Grabbing a drink from Starbucks has become a routine for me. It is only after I grab a drink that I’m able to commence work. However, the caffeine in such drinks wasn’t something I was comfortable with.

That led to a search for caffeine free Starbucks drinks. Before I disclose my list, it is time to understand the benefits of living caffeine-free.

What are the health benefits of living caffeine-free?

Here are some benefits of doing so for those who are still in two minds regarding switching over to a caffeine-free lifestyle.

What are the health benefits of living caffeine-free?
What are the health benefits of living caffeine free

1. Improved sleep quality:

According to a study, consuming caffeine has a disruptive effect on our sleeping function. Once you consume caffeine, your alertness will increase, and you are likely to suffer from sleep deprivation. That is why the disruption will be eliminated when you switch to a caffeine-free lifestyle.

2. Better nutrient absorption:

There are studies that conclude that consumption of caffeine hampers the absorption of nutrients in the gut. According to some estimates, the absorption of nutrients like iron decreased by 39% after the consumption of coffee. Needless to say, once you stop this consumption, the nutrient absorption in your body can improve.

3. Improved bone health:

A study proves that caffeine decreases the absorption of vitamin D in the body. This results in lower bone growth and reduced bone density. That is because there is a close association of vitamin D with calcium, according to this report by archives of medical science.

Once you stop consuming caffeine, your body will absorb vitamin D regularly, improving bone density and overall bone health.

4. Reduces anxiety:

Oftentimes, people consume caffeine-based drinks because of the burst of energy that they provide. However, this burst of energy also results in higher anxiety levels, as articulated by this journal report.

The list below makes the switch easier by highlighting 25 of my favorite caffeine free Starbucks drinks. The Starbucks official menu has been used to source the ingredient and nutrition information mentioned below, though not every drink is available at your store.

Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks Full List

1cold drinksBlended Strawberry Lemonadecold
2cold drinksLemonadecold
3cold drinksIced Guava Passionfruit Drinkcold
4ice teas Iced Passion Tango Teacold
5hot teasComfort Brewed Wellness Teahot
6herbal teasMint Majestyhot
7herbal teasPeach Tranquilityhot
8hot drinksWhite Hot Chocolatehot
9hot drinksToasted White Hot Chocolatehot
10hot drinksPeppermint White Hot Chocolatehot
11hot drinksCaramel Apple Spicehot
12hot drinksSteamed Apple Juicehot
13hot drinksCinnamon Dolce Crèmehot
14hot drinksVanilla Crèmehot
15hot drinksChestnut Praline Crèmehot
16frappuccinoCaramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino Blended Beveragecold
17frappuccinoWhite Chocolate Crème Frappuccino Blended Beveragecold
18frappuccinoStrawberry Crème Frappuccino Blended Beveragecold
19frappuccino Eggnog Crème Frappuccinocold
20frappuccinoCaramel Brulee Crème Frappuccinocold
21frappuccinoPistachio Crème Frappuccinocold
22frappuccinoPineapple Coconut Green Smoothiecold

01. Blended Strawberry Lemonade

The best thing about this lemonade is the hint of strawberry. This ensures you still get the refreshing lemonade taste but with a unique strawberry flavor. The ice-cold temperature ensures that blended strawberry lemonade is perfectly chilled. Blended strawberry lemonade’s simplicity is why it is such a great alternative.

02. Lemonade

Sometimes the simplest drinks are the best ones to have. That is why you can go with lemonade when looking for a caffeine-free drink at Starbucks.

True to its name, it’s the classic lemonade with a tangy taste; therefore, there are no surprises here.

If you’re looking for a unique lemonade taste, you can go with Strawberry Acai Lemonade. It brings quite a few flavors together, like strawberry, passion fruit, and acai.

To provide some unique texture, it also consists of freeze-dried pieces of strawberry. Needless to say, it is devoid of caffeine.

Thus, if you’re looking for something simplistic, these Starbucks lemonade variants can serve you well.

03. Iced Guava Passionfruit Drink

 The blend of guava and passionfruit juice makes iced guava passion fruit drink unique.

Apart from that, it is hand shaken. However, these aren’t the only flavors in this drink.

Along with that, you have pineapple and ginger as well. The milk used is coconut milk. That is why; the taste of the milk in itself is unique. It is hand shaken along with ice to cool it down to the right temperature.

The result is a smooth and creamy iced guava passion fruit drink that is unique in every aspect.

04. Iced Passion Tango Tea

Iced passion tango tea is an excellent option for a healthier alternative to caffeine drinks, as it consists of 0 g of sugar and 0 g of fat. As for the ingredients, you have lemongrass, hibiscus, and apple juice which is shaken along with some ice.

To top it all, iced passion tango tea is infused with a slight tinge of passion fruit color. Combining all these ingredients gives you a vibrant drink that is refreshing in taste and completely healthy for you.

05. Comfort Brewed Wellness Tea

The comfort brewed wellness tea consists of numerous ingredients which make it special. Sometimes simple drinks are the best. Especially, when you’re looking for non-caffeinated drinks.

Mint certainly brings freshness to the tea. For example, it consists of lemon, fennel, licorice root, ginger, and even mint. The advantage of these ingredients is that they have multiple health benefits.

Even if you visit any other coffee house near you, it is difficult to find the blend consisting of such ingredients.

Additionally, if you’re looking for a drink that you can have regularly, this one meets your requirement. Couple that with the fact that it consists of 0 cal, zero fat, and zero sugar, and it is easy to understand why it is such a good choice.

06. Mint Majesty

Mint Majesty is a great option when looking for a simple drink. It consists of mint and lemon added to caffeine-free herbal tea. Since it does not contain fats or sugar, it is a drink you can regularly have without guilt.

07. Peach Tranquility

Next on my list is another healthier alternative to caffeine drinks. The ingredients of peach tranquility include candied pineapple, peach, chamomile blossoms, lemon, and rose hips. Along with that, an infusion of herbal tea further enhances this drink’s taste and nutrient value.

Similar to the Iced Passion Tango Tea, Peach Tranquility consists of 0 g of sugar and 0 g of fat despite the candied pineapple pieces. Thus, if you’re looking for a hot tea-based drink as an alternative to caffeine, Peach Tranquility is the perfect choice.

08. White Hot Chocolate

Most of the alternatives highlighted up until now consist of quite a few additives, syrups, and purees. Going with white hot chocolate is one of your best choices if you’re looking for something simplistic.

Needless to say, this drink consists of white chocolate sauce along with steamed milk. On top, you get a whipped cream dollop, making it even tastier. With ingredients like these, it will certainly satisfy your taste buds and your appetite.

09. Toasted White Hot Chocolate

Does white chocolate sound boring to you?

Then, a good option is toasted White hot chocolate. While it might seem that there is little difference between the two, you will find the stark difference when you go through the ingredient list and the preparation recipe.

White chocolate syrup is caramelized and added to the steamed milk. The caramelization makes the flavor unique. Apart from that, sugar sparkles, as well as crispy white balls, are added on top. Of course, there is whipped cream on top as well. These little additions certainly make it much better than traditional white chocolate.

10. Peppermint White Hot Chocolate

 Since I’m discussing white chocolate variants, let me add another one to the list.

The difference in this one is that it consists of white chocolate mocha sauce. Along with that, there is a dash of Peppermint flavored syrup. While these might be unique ingredients, the usual ones, like steamed milk and a topping of whipped cream, are present. Additionally, the dark chocolate curls on top certainly make it unique.

Thus, even with hot chocolate, Starbucks offers you quite a few variants without worrying about the caffeine content.

11. Caramel Apple Spice

Many of us love apple juice; however, we need some addition to the pure apple juice taste. If your opinion is the same, this drink will fulfill it.

It consists of steamed apple juice with whipped cream on top. Additionally, it consists of cinnamon syrup and caramel sauce on top.

Thus there is the right number of ingredients to break the monotony of apple juice.

12. Steamed Apple Juice

How about some hot steamed Apple juice?

Most consumers do not know that most Starbucks outlets offer 100% pure apple juice. This is not in the form of a concentrate or derived from any extract. It is freshly steamed.

Consequently; the taste is quite distinct and pure.

Apple juice has a soothing taste. That is why, if you’re looking for a simple drink that can uplift your spirits and does not consist of caffeine, go with steamed apple juice.

13. Cinnamon Dolce Crème

Cinnamon Dolce Crème consists of cinnamon Dolce syrup added to steamed milk. The texture is extremely creamy. On top, you get sweetened whipped cream along with the cinnamon topping. This one makes for a great drink when looking for a special treat.

14. Vanilla Crème

Sometimes, you just crave a heavy drink at Starbucks. Heavy isn’t synonymous with high caffeine content. Vanilla Crème is the perfect example of such a drink.

The creamy vanilla flavor and the hot temperature make it taste great. Couple that with the frothy texture, and it is easy to understand why this drink is so popular with regular Starbucks customers.

15. Chestnut Praline Crème

 This drink will often satisfy your taste buds when craving a unique flavor. The caramelized chestnut in this drink is certainly refreshing. Along with that, you will find a hint of spices which certainly breaks the monotony. All this added to the steamed milk makes for a great drink.

That is why, when you’re looking for an option to experiment with, go with this one. On top, you will get praline crumbs with whipped cream. That will satisfy your appetite in addition to your tast

16. Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino

 Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino consists of caramel syrup, providing a buttery texture. To add texture, there is a sprinkle of crunchy caramel on top. You get a creamy, rich drink when you mix this up with ice and water. While it might not be the healthiest alternative Starbucks offers, it is undoubtedly one of the tastiest.

Caramel Ribbon Crunch Crème Frappuccino tastes and looks delicious.

17. White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino

Starbucks offers many Crème based Frappuccinos. Most of them are an excellent alternative when looking for caffeine-free Starbucks drinks. The latest one to add to the list is White Chocolate Crème Frappuccino.

The drink consists of white chocolate sauce along with ice and milk. These are blended well together, along with a dollop of whipped cream on top.

While the ingredients might seem simple but the resultant drink is undoubtedly delicious. It might not be healthy, but it is certainly worth having once in a while.

18. Strawberry Crème Frappuccino

 Strawberry Crème Frappuccino is a rich blend of strawberry purée with milk and ice. On top, you get a thin layer of strawberry purée. Apart from that, the vanilla whipped cream on top certainly makes it delicious.

Of course, if you crave more strawberry flavor, you can add extra strawberry purée to the mix.

19. Eggnog Crème Frappuccino

Prefer a bit of protein in your drink?

If yes, you can go with this one. In a single serving, this drink offers you 7 g of protein. It is one of the few drinks offering you protein without caffeine. As for the texture, it has a creamy texture because of the eggnog in the drink. With subtle spices, milk, and ice mixed, this drink is full of flavors. The whipped cream on top and nutmeg powder make it a bouquet of flavors.

20. Caramel Brulee Crème Frappuccino

Caramel Brulee Crème Frappuccino offers a mix of caramel brulee sauce, milk, and ice. On top, you get whipped cream. While these ingredients provide great taste, some crunchy caramel is on top to break the monotony.

If you’re craving something delicious and do not mind extra calories, this drink is worth having.

21. Pistachio Crème Frappuccino

Pistachio Crème Frappuccino consists of sweet pistachio flavor. Of course, the base is milk and ice.

The highlight, however, is the salted brown butter topping on top. It is in great contrast with the whipped cream on top.

The smooth icy consistency and the creamy taste of this drink certainly help it stand out. Not only that, but with 360 cal, it is also immensely fulfilling.

22. Pineapple Coconut Green Smoothie

The best way to switch from caffeinated drinks is to go with entirely healthy drinks. This one consists of juicy pineapple along with kale and spinach. All these are blended together with toasted coconut. The milk used is coconut milk. Also, ice is blended to bring it to the right temperature.

If you wish to customize it, choose the milk of your choice. With multiple things blended together, you can be confident that it is one of the healthiest drinks Starbucks has on offer.

6 Amazing Facts About Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks

The List of Caffeine Free Starbucks Drinks 1
istambul turkey november 18 2021 papper cup starbucks coffee with logo

1. Decaf doesn’t mean no caffeine

While ordering non-caffeinated drinks, you shouldn’t go with decaf drinks. Decaf simply means that there is little caffeine in such drinks. It doesn’t mean that there is no caffeine in it.

For example, grande size decaf coffee consists of 25 mg of caffeine. That is certainly less than your usual brewed coffee, but it is still present.

2. Refreshers have caffeine

The usual perception is that refreshers do not consist of caffeine. However, some of them use green coffee extract. It means that caffeine is present in one form or the other. Take the example of a pink drink which consists of 35 mg of caffeine.

Rather than assuming that a particular drink doesn’t have caffeine, it is a good idea to stick to the 25 options highlighted to be doubly sure.

3. Chocolate also has caffeine

Caffeine is the base of many drinks offered by Starbucks. That is why many consumers think that after changing the base to chocolate they won’t have to worry about caffeine. However, in many cases, the chocolate used in such drinks can have caffeine as well. Sure enough, the amount of caffeine is less, but it is a good idea to double-check.

However, traditional hot chocolate drinks (click here for recipe) are an exception to this rule, and they do not contain caffeine.

4. Steamers have no caffeine

Steamers like Steamed milk, Vanilla crème are devoid of any caffeine. In fact, whichever drink you pick from this category, you won’t have to worry about caffeine.

5. Most crème frappuccinos have no caffeine

While there are frappuccinos that consist of caffeine, most of them do not. The exceptions to this tip include matcha-based frappuccinos.

6. Go with herbal teas

Most teas in Starbucks have a limited amount of caffeine. However, when herbal tea is the base of any drink, you need not worry about caffeine. The two prime examples include mint majesty and peach tranquility.


Your quest for caffeine free Starbucks drinks shouldn’t include trial and error. Simply follow my curated list above, and you shouldn’t have a problem spotting the strings on the Starbucks when pre-ordering them when heading to the store.


Can you get a refresher without caffeine?

Unfortunately not! The caffeine in the refreshers is added because of the syrup used. Since caffeine is an integral part of the refreshers, you cannot remove it. Separate coffee powder or coffee beans aren’t used.

Can you get decaf drinks at Starbucks?

Yes, you can get decaf espresso and decaf coffee at Starbucks. However, contrary to popular perception, they do consist of some amount of caffeine. The former consists of 12 mg of caffeine, and the latter consists of 25 mg of caffeine in the larger size.

Can you get Starbucks pink drink without caffeine?

While the Starbucks pink drink cannot be ordered without caffeine, a good alternative is strawberry crème Frappuccino. The core ingredient is strawberry and is the same in consistency as a milkshake. That is why it is certainly as tasty as the pink drink.

Does the Mango Dragon fruit have caffeine?

Yes, the Mango dragon fruit refresher does have some caffeine in it. As compared to your average glass of coffee, the quantity of caffeine is much less. For example, the caffeine content is 55 mg in the grande size.

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