Mastering Air Fry Sesame Balls: A Culinary Journey!

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Ah, the Boat Basin Cafe, a culinary treasure nestled in the heart of Downtown New York. I remember my exhilarating days as a chef there, creating mouthwatering marvels under the iconic neo-classical rotunda overlooking the Hudson River. Among the delectable delights that drew food lovers far and wide, were the irresistibly crunchy, incredibly delicious sesame balls!

As time has passed and the beloved Boat Basin Cafe has closed its doors, my love for cooking these delightful morsels persisted. And hey, what’s cooking without a dose of innovation, right? Combining my fond memories with contemporary cooking techniques birthed today’s star recipe- the remarkable air fry sesame balls!

air fry sesame balls
Boat Basin Cafes Secrets Unveiled Your Guide to the Perfect Air Fry Sesame Balls

Merging Culinary Memories with Modern Cooking Techniques

Maintaining our food fresh, healthful, and flavorful was always our commitment at Boat Basin Cafe. Keeping in line with this, I decided to revisit our famous sesame ball recipe with a twist—air frying. If you haven’t already jumped on the air fryer bandwagon, trust me, you’re missing out! Air frying is a healthy, quick, and cleaner alternative to traditional frying, making it the perfect partner for our sesame balls.

The Beauty of Air Frying

Air frying has revolutionized modern kitchens. By employing super-heated air to cook food uniformly, it ensures a crispy exterior and juicy interior, all without the mess and calories of traditional frying. For dishes crispy on the outside yet soft within, like sesame balls, air frying achieves a wonderful balance. Mastering the air fryer settings for sesame balls can create an unmatched crunch that’ll leave you longing for more.

From Traditional Frying to Air Frying

Transitioning from traditional frying to air frying impacts the timeless sesame balls, both texturally and healthily. While traditionalists might scoff, the taste and texture of air-fried sesame balls are sure to change their minds. Let’s explore the core ingredients for sesame balls and see how the magic happens.

Must-haves for Perfect Air Fry Sesame Balls

Essential ingredients for our sesame balls include glutinous rice flour, brown sugar, and sesame seeds. The chewy mochi-like texture of glutinous rice flour, combined with brown sugar’s caramel sweetness and sesame seeds’ crunch, come together beautifully in the air fryer. The charm of our dish, however, lies in a special ingredient – the Boat Basin Cafe’s signature red bean paste.

Boat Basin Cafe’s Signature Add-ons

Mastering Air Fry Sesame Balls: A Culinary Journey! 1
red bean paste

The Boat Basin Cafe’s sesame balls were often referred to as ‘New York’s best-kept secret,’ largely owing to our signature add-ons. One such beloved addition was red bean paste. This sweet, slightly earthy paste was handmade from scratch, elevating the sesame balls to a unique culinary experience. Alternatively, health-centric individuals can opt for air fried sesame balls with fillings containing chia seeds or flaxseeds, providing extra crunch and nutritional benefits.

Step-by-Step Recipe for Boat Basin Cafe’s Iconic Air Fry Sesame Balls

Once your ingredients are in order, it’s time to create the Boat Basin Cafe’s iconic Air Fry Sesame Balls. Crafting these delights is just as enjoyable as relishing them, transporting you back in time to the bustling kitchens of the Boat Basin Cafe!

Crafting the Dough and Preparing Your Ingredients

Mastering Air Fry Sesame Balls: A Culinary Journey! 2
sesame balls

To start, prepare your red bean paste. With beans soaked overnight, cooked until soft, and blended into a smooth paste, the result is well worth the effort. Next comes mixing the core ingredients for sesame balls – glutinous rice flour, water, and brown sugar, until they come together as a dough.

Air Frying to Perfection

Mastering Air Fry Sesame Balls: A Culinary Journey! 3
air frying sesame balls

Once the dough is ready, roll it into balls, stuff them with our delectable red bean paste, and coat them in sesame seeds. These prepped sesame balls are now ready for the air fryer. Balance your air fryer settings for sesame balls so they turn out crispy without burning. A temperature of about 180°C for 15 minutes should do the trick!

Tips & Tricks from Boat Basin Cafe Days

If your sesame balls are cooking quicker on the outside than the inside, lower the temperature and increase the cooking time. Finding the best parameters for the most mouth-watering results adds to the joy of experimenting in the kitchen—the essence of the Boat Basin Cafe essence.

Serving Suggestions for Boat Basin Cafe’s Air Fry Sesame Balls

Presentation is key when it comes to serving your sesame balls. Deck out a simple yet elegant platter, garnish with some mint, and voila, you’ve got a table ready to impress. Pair your sesame balls with a hot cup of jasmine tea or a cool mango lassi. The contrast between the crunchy air-fried sesame treats and the smooth, creamy drink certainly packs a punch!

Reflecting on the Boat Basin Cafe Legacy

The Boat Basin Cafe may no longer dominate New York’s landscape, but its culinary delight lives on. This easy air fry sesame ball recipe combines traditional baking wisdom with modern-day cooking techniques, bringing a slice of New York’s iconic past into your kitchen.


By sharing this recipe with you, I aim to preserve the spirit of the Boat Basin Cafe. After all, the kitchen is a place where creativity and passion come alive. Here’s to creating iconic delights of your own! Until then, happy cooking and savouring some air fry sesame balls today!

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