Home Chef Review: Simplified Meal Kits for Food Lovers

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Ugh, the struggle of meal preparation while you juggle work, social life, and personal life. But, the good news is that it’s coming to an end! 

Considering the busy life of people, Home Chef has come forward to help you save time while enjoying real home cooking.

In this Home Chef review, you will see how efficiently the meal kit delivery service supplies well-proportioned recipes to your kitchen so that you can cook delicious meals swiftly and effortlessly!

Let Us Begin with What Home Chef Really is

The weekly subscription meal kit service delivers all the fresh ingredients and chefs design recipes every week so that you can make restaurant-quality meals at home. 

The service is an unparalleled mixture of creators, chefs, entrepreneurs and innovators. The team helps you to save the time of going to the grocery store, planning, finding new recipes and proportioning.

The meal delivery service provides everything you need to make delicious meals. It makes cooking at home very simple, spontaneous and inspirational.

It helps you to save time, reduce food wastage and bring your family together for the home-made meal!

How Home Chef Works

You need to sign up to select your weekly recipes depending on the number of meals and servings. You can select the product from lots of options depending on your priority or dietary restrictions. 

Besides, you can take suggestions from the kit as well! The service delivers all the ingredients to prepare a meal with a recipe so that customers can easily cook at home without any guesswork.

You can also customize your feature by upgrading, swapping or doubling up protein on selecting recipes.

The service delivers fresh and proportioned ingredients to your door so that you can easily cook delicious dishes by following step-by-step recipe cards.

You can pause or cancel your deliveries on your account via your ‘Upcoming Orders’ page. But you will have to skip or cancel the orders by 12PM CST on the Friday prior to the scheduled delivery date.

Home Chef rotates recipes weekly by considering the skill levels and dietary preferences. So there is a chance to select new and exciting recipes to cook every week!

Facts to Consider before Ordering

You can always discover new recipes since Home Chef comes up with a different menu each week. You just need to select your preferable orders by considering not only the dietary restrictions but also some methods.

Besides, you may not have much time to cook your meals. But the meal delivery service has all solutions for you. 

You will find tons of recipes that fit your changing schedule and tastes since the service has recipes from 5-minute meals to more than 30-minute meals. It also has options for vegetarian, without nuts, without soy, without wheat, seafood, dairy-free, low-calorie and low-carbohydrates meals and so much more! 

If you have some time to cook your meals, just select kits which provide easy recipes with balanced ingredients allowing you to cook tasty meals in about 15 to 30 minutes!

Meanwhile, you may not have any time for preparing food or cleaning up the mess. Don’t worry! Home Chef also offers food in an oven-safe tin! You simply need to place it in the oven to prepare a mouth-watering meal.

There are also ingredients ready to cook on a grill. The fresh and proportioned ingredients come in a grill-safe bag. Just place it on the grill and enjoy an aromatic meal without doing any other work!

You may have a special occasion or simple want to enjoy premium meals. The meal delivery service also has the special culinary facilities for you! Moreover, the service facilitates you to enjoy greens everyday.

Once you select your preferable ingredients, you can order them online or you can also find Home Chef products at a store near you!

Home Chef Recipe Categories

The chefs of the meal kit delivery service have designed a variety of delicious, healthy and nutritious recipes for its customers considering their priorities and dietary restrictions. To probe your curiosity, here is the link to their blog for recipes and how-to’s.

Let’s have a look at the chef-designed different categories of recipes.


This option is for vegetable lovers. The service offers at least three vegetarian options every week so that you can enjoy different meals every day.

Without Nuts:

If you want to avoid nuts, you may think that you will miss many delicious meals. But, No! Home Chef offers you recipes of delicious meals that exclude nuts.


The chefs have designed a huge number of recipes with chickens and Turkeys! You will be definitely surprised by seeing the wide range of chicken recipe variations of the affordable meal kit delivery service.

Without Soy:

The chefs have also thought about the soy-free customers and designed various great recipes!

Without Wheat:

If you want to avoid wheat products, Home Chef also has a wide range of options for you.


Anyone will be jealous after seeing the variety of the seafood options of the service. The seafood cuisine is not only delicious, but also very heart healthy and rich in omega-3 fatty acids. 


You will be really happy after enjoying lean pork meat since the ingredient is loaded with iron and potassium.

Carb Conscious & Calorie Conscious:

If you are conscious about consuming calories and carbohydrates, you can be rest assured since the meal delivery service has ingredients which are low in calories, but high in flavor. 

The chefs have designed delicious recipes for you! So enjoy delicious low-calorie and low-carb meals delivered to your door.

Staff Picks:

You can be a culinary master by tasting the favorite meals of the chefs of the service. Because they create, taste and revise recipes to make them perfect and include the recipes to the weekly menu.

Without Milk:

You may want to avoid lactose due to your dietary restrictions. And the recipes offered by Home Chef are very rich!

Equipping Your Kitchen

Although Home Chef has made your cooking works easier, some kitchen tools will make it effortless if you can select them wisely.

Large pans are perfect for frying large amounts of meat and vegetables and cooking entire chickens. Large and medium pans are very helpful for proteins and sauces. 

But medium size pans are really good since you can move these directly from stove-top to the oven. On the other hand, small pans are perfect for frying nuts and reducing glazes.

Cast-iron skillets are perfect for searing, sauteing, cooking and shifting the foods smoothly from stove to oven. Large pots are good for boiling foods like pasta. 

Medium pots are good for boiling green beans and asparagus while small ones are perfect for steaming rice and preparing sauces.

An all-purpose chef’s knife can make your kitchen work like daily chopping, slicing, dicing and mincing easier since it’s the most efficient tool in your kitchen. 

Paring knife is good for small and decisive tasks. Serrated knives are really excellent for cutting fresh baked bread and tomatoes.

Besides, you also need other kitchen tools like a cutting board, mixing bowls, baking sheet, meat tenderizer, potato masher, wire-mesh strainer, peeler, meat thermometer, kosher salt and cooking oil to make your work quicker and effortless.

In all, you can be assured that Home Chef will do its best to meet your culinary needs. 

Shipping & Delivery

The service delivers fresh and proportioned products. Besides, the insulated box with water soluble and cool gel packets are designed to keep your food fresh and refrigerated.

Home Chef authority will send you an email with the tracking number on your scheduled delivery day so that you can track the whereabouts of your order.

If you are not at home while the delivery arrives, the driver will leave the package at your door since no signature is required. The ingredients will remain fresh until you return home since these are packed in insulated liners and cold packs. Still you should refrigerate the ingredients immediately.

If you want to change the delivery address, you should do it before Friday 12PM CST deadline.

Home Chef authority uses packaging which is recyclable or reusable. Furthermore, it also keeps the food at a safe temperature while sending from the facility to the customer’s home.

For more details, visit their Help Center

Few Words of Encouragement

Now you know the numerous facilities of the meal kit delivery services to make your cooking experiences excellent.

In the Home Chef review, we have seen how easy cooking can be in our busy lives! Now you need not order restaurant meals due to lack of your time. 

Instead you can cook your meals at home on your busiest days.

So, enjoy delicious home-made meals!

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